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Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Surat

Our world has witnessed technological advances happening in leaps and bounds. Tech services like online shopping, chatbots, interactive kiosks, cloud computing, and virtual reality transform our everyday lives drastically. But we would not have leveraged these technologies well without technical writing.


Technical writing in the forms of instructions, user guides, and more assist our operations of these tech services, making it a valuable skill to possess in today’s world. This article discusses the best seven technical writing courses in Surat to help you choose the most suitable one for you.


Top technical writing courses in Surat


What is technical writing?


The Society for Technical Communication defines any communication on a technical subject instructing a technical task through technology as technical communication. Technical writing is the foremost and the largest among the subdivisions of technical communication. It is the documentation of complex technical information in simple language for the comprehension of the target audience to help them perform specific tasks to reach a particular result. Thus, technical writing is an audience-centered communication comprising explanations, instructions, and directions. Since almost all fields rely on technology these days, technical writing has become ubiquitous. So, today, technical writing is no longer limited to lengthy user manuals.


Types of technical writing:


We all come across different kinds of technical writing in our day-to-day life. Technical writing has different niches of its own. Broadly technical documentations fall into three categories: traditional technical writing, end-user documentation, and technical marketing content. The various additions under each of these categories are:


  • User manuals
  • Assistance guides
  • Product manuals
  • Assembly guidelines
  • Books by technical writers
  • White papers
  • Scientific and medical papers
  • API documentation
  • Press release
  • Memos
  • Reports
  • Datasheets
  • Product descriptions
  • Sales pitches
  • Case studies
  • Promotional brochures


What does a technical writer do?


A technical writer transforms complex and technically complicated documents into clear and concise writings for the target audience.   The technical documents the technical writer prepares should be free from error and sound professional to the audience to gain their confidence.  In addition to good language and communication skills, a technical writer should also excel in researching a given topic.   Technical writers are responsible for gathering and organizing technical information for the document.     Here, the writers collaborate with other technical writers and subject matter experts to ensure precision.    Some of the job roles held by technical writers are:


  • Content developers
  • Content writers
  • Documentation specialists
  • Information designers
  • Information developers
  • Manual writers
  • Policy writers
  • Technical communications specialists
  • Technical communicators
  • Technical illustrators
  • Technical trainers
  • Web writers etc.


Now you have a basic knowledge about different kinds of technical writing, the main traits of technical writing, and the roles and responsibilities of a technical writer.   Please continue reading about some of the best technical writing courses in Surat.




IIM SKILLS is an institute that provides one of the best online education services worldwide.  The institute has trained more than fifteen thousand students, entrepreneurs, and professionals for skill development in over thirty-five counties globally.  Industry experts lead the professional certification courses at IIM SKILLS, which takes the form of on-the-job skill training. 


IIM SKILLS tries to identify relevant skill development training programs and coordinate them with excellence at reasonable pricing.  Their online and self-paced live training began with the Content Writing Master Course, which reformed the whole content education industry.  Today, IIM SKILLS provides exemplary technical writing training in Surat, whose course details are as follows:



Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


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    1. Introduction
    2. How to Write
    3. Creating Your Content
    4. Technical Reports 
    5. White Papers or Journals
    6. DDLC and Versioning
    7. Conversational Writing
    8. Reviewing and Publishing
    9. API Documentation Using XML
    10. Data Sheets, User Manuals, and Application Notes
    11. Effective Writing 
    12. Medical Writing
    13. Case Study

Salient features of the training program:

    • Online training sessions over Zoom
    • Flexible scheduling for working professionals
    • Instructors who are certified professionals with abundant experience
    • User-friendly LMS with updated courseware and session recordings which are available to you round the clock
    • The Master certification of IIM SKILLS is shareable, and you can showcase it with your portfolio, resume, and LinkedIn profile
    • The internship solidifies your actionable skills and gives you the feel of professional life as a technical writer. 
    • Comprehensive courseware covering all critical aspects like topic research, audience analysis, content creation, designing, formatting for each type of technical document
    • Mastering of most relevant software tools in technical writing
    • Excellent post-training support like career counseling, resume preparation, interview grooming, and job referrals


At IIM SKILLS, you master complex concepts through bite-sized learning.  This method makes the concepts understandable to learners of all levels of expertise.  The technical writing courseware comprises twenty hours of lectures, over sixty hours of practical assignments, and one month of guaranteed internship.  As a part of the course program, you will publish your first scholarly article, white paper, and technical blog with the Times of India blog. 


MS Visio, MS Project, Git, and Scribus are some of the technical writing tools you will master in the training program.   You will learn to write formal technical reports, white papers, journals, medical and scientific research papers, API documentation, and to use a conversational tone in technical documentation. 


The technical writing program of IIM SKILLS introduces you to different forms of technical communication and trains you to select the most suitable format for your work.  You learn to write engaging and concise technical documents with your polished skills while adhering to the best practices in documentation and designing.  To conclude, the Technical Writing Master Course by IIM SKILLS is one of the best technical writing courses in Surat and elsewhere.


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IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

  1. Confai


Confai is a top-notch organization of editors, domain experts, and technical writers.   The institute has several years of experience in Technical writing training in different parts of the world.   It conducts both online, onsite, and customized training programs.    The following are the course details of the three instructor-led live online programs of technical writing training in Surat  by Confai:


  • Course: Technical Writing Certification Course
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Level: Beginners
  • Fee: ₹ 20,000/-



    1. Introduction to Technical Writing
    2. Document development life cycle
    3. Technical Writing – Style Issues
    4. Presentation & Drawing Tools
    5. Authoring Tools
  • Course: Certificate Course in DITA/XML
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Level: Beginners
  • Fee: ₹ 9000/-



    1. Introduction to DITA
    2. Understanding XML
    3. DITA Fundamentals
    4. Introduction to Topics
    5. The Base Types of Topics
    6. Maps
    7. Linking
  • Course: Certificate Course in API Documentation
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Level: Beginners
  • Fee: ₹ 9000/-



    1. Understanding API
    2. Understanding API Documentation
    3. Acquiring API Knowledge
    4. Planning API Documentation
    5. Creating and Reviewing API Documentation


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3. Udemy


Udemy is a global destination for online education, where people connect to learn or share knowledge. At present, Udemy has over forty-nine million learners and sixty-four thousand instructors. The educational platform offers more than eighteen thousand and five hundred courses in seventy-five languages.


Udemy hosts some of the best technical writing courses in Surat. The top-rated course programs are as follows:


  1. Professional Technical Writing by Ugur Akinci
  2. Business Writing and Technical Writing by Paul Siegel
  3. Technical Writing by Joseph Pillips


DITA technical writing courses in Surat by Udemy:


  1. How to Write Using DITA XML
  2. Quick Start to Technical Writing with DITA


API technical writing courses in Surat by Udemy:


  1. Learn API Technical Writing by Peter Gruenbaum
  2. Learn API Technical Writing 2 by Peter Gruenbaum


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4. Education and Career Times


Education and Career Times is a content writing training institute determined to amend knowledge transmission in India. At present, it offers training in Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Communication Skills, and Personality Development. ECT also provides one of the most professional technical writing courses in Surat. The course details are as follows:


  • Course Name: Technical Writing Course
  • Duration: 3-6 Months
  • Fee: INR 39,999



    1. Introduction to Technical Writing
    2. Grammar & Styling in Technical Writing
    3. Information Architecture
    4. Master a Markdown Language
    5. Learn XML (Extensible Markup Language)
    6. Learn JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
    7. Learn DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)
    8. Document Authoring Tool – Oxygen XML Editor
    9. Technical Authoring Tool – MadCap Flare
    10. API Documentation
    11. Agile Documentation Strategy
    12. Careers in Technical Writing
    13. Contributing to Open Source Projects
    14. Other Useful & Beginner Friendly Tools
    15. Introduction to Web Development Fundamentals
    16. Setting Up Dev Environment
    17. Elements & Structure
    18. Learn HTML – Tables
    19. HTML Forms
    20. Semantic HTML
    21. Learn CSS
    22. Introduction to JavaScript
    23. Learn JavaScript Conditionals
    24. Learn JavaScript Functions
    25. Learn JavaScript Scope
    26. Learn JavaScript Arrays
    27. Learn JavaScript Loops
    28. Learn JavaScript Objects
    29. Learn JavaScript Iterators
    30. Learn JavaScript Class
    31. Learn JavaScript Modules
    32. Errors & Debugging in JavaScript
    33. Concept of DOM
    34. DOM Events with JavaScript
    35. Building Interactive Website with JavaScript
    36. Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests


This technical writing training in Surat by ECT offers two options for students. They can choose to do the foundational technical writing course or the foundational course with programming languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Those looking to begin technical writing can choose the former option, while those who want to work in top-notch companies can choose the latter option.  


The comprehensive technical writing course by ECT has ninety-six hours of live training and hundred hours of e-learning videos. It includes eighteen assignments, eighteen live projects, thirty-six quizzes, and four certifications. For these reasons, the technical writing course by ECT is one of the best technical writing courses in Surat.


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5. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning


Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, the largest and most-sought-after self-governing distance learning institution in India, offers certificates, diplomas, and postgraduate diplomas.   These are  Entrepreneurship Development, Business Management, Information Technology, Banking and Finance, International Business, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Insurance Management, Corporate Law, and Education Management. 


The technical writing training by SCDL tries to develop capable technical communicators who would turn out to be ardent and responsible for working at all professional levels.    This course program is one of the technical writing courses in Surat in the extensive format of a Post Graduate Diploma.   The following are the course details of the Technical writing training in Surat by SCDL:


  • Course: Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing
  • Duration: Two years
  • Fee: ₹ 50,000/-




Semester 1


    1. English Grammar
    2. Introduction to Technical Communication
    3. Technical Writing Style and Editing
    4. Information Development Life Cycle I
    5. Information Development Life Cycle II


Semester 2


    1. Technical Communication Software Tools
    2. Advanced Concepts in Technical Communication
    3. Technical Communication Project Management
    4. Principles and Practices of Management


Semester 3


    1. Business Communication
    2. Instructional Design for Business Communication
    3. Introduction to Creative Writing in Business Communication
    4. Advanced Documentation Types and Processes


Semester 4


    1. Advanced Technical Writing Tools
    2. Research Methodology
    3. Project


This training program is one of the technical writing courses in Surat that aims at enlightening and qualifying the learners with practical and theoretical aspects of Technical Writing.   This program even addresses developing creativity, thoroughness, and work efficiency among the students.   You can pay the program fee, excluding the exam and project fee, either as a one-time payment or in two installments. 


The technical writing course by SCDL opens several career opportunities like those of online technical writers, business writers, technical web writers, usability testers, and information designers.   Thus we can conclude that the Post Graduate Diploma program by SCDL is one of the best technical writing courses in Surat on technical writing in business management.


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6. Technical writing by Google Developers


Google Developers provides one of the best free online technical writing courses in Surat for professional software engineers, those working in engineering adjacent roles, and students of Computer Science.   This technical writing course is not on English language writing or business writing.   Those taking the course program should possess basic language proficiency in English and some background in coding.


There are two parts to the technical writing courses by Google Developers, and each part consists of pre-class lessons and in-class lessons.   The pre-class study materials offer firm educational training, which the in-class materials complement.   However,  the pre-class lessons are still valuable on their own.   The following are the course details of this technical writing training in Surat:


  • Course Name: Technical Writing One
  • Duration: 2 hours for pre-class learning and 2 to 2.5 hours for in-class learning
  • Fee: Free


Course Objectives of Technical Writing One:


This course explains the fundamentals of technical writing.   On completing this part, you would know to perform the following: 


  • Use terminology like acronyms and abbreviations consistently, and identify ambiguous pronouns.
  • Recognize active voice from passive voice, and convert sentences from passive voice to active voice. 
  • Strategies to make sentences engaging, clear, and crisp 
  • Creating helpful bulleted and numbered lists. 
  • Creating paragraphs focused on a single topic with effective lead sentences 
  • Identify and revise Idioms.
  • State significant points at the beginning of each document. 
  • Stating the document’s scope and target audience 
  • Identifying and analyzing the target audience
  • Break lengthy topics into convenient sections
  • Using punctuations properly
  • Beginner expertise in Markdown


  • Course Name: Technical Writing Two
  • Duration: 1 hour for pre-class learning and 2 to 2.5 hours for in-class learning
  • Fee: Free


Course Objectives of Technical Writing Two:


This course explains four intermediate topics in technical writing.   It is advisable to learn the two parts of the course program in the given order.    On completing the second part, you would know to perform the following:


  • Choose among tactics to write first, second, and third drafts 
  • Use different techniques to identify mistakes in your writing.
  • Identify different document types, organize large documents, introduce their scopes and prerequisites.
  • Choose the appropriate information density in technical graphics to grasp the reader’s attention.
  • Effectively revising technical illustrations
  • Create concise, valuable, definite, well-commented, and reusable sample code that shows a range of complexity.
  • Identify with a beginner audience and write tutorials for them.


7. Henry Harvin:


Henry Harvin is a global edtech company with a customer base in more than ninety-seven countries that offers reskilling and upskilling programs.   Their business verticals include College Programs, Corporate Programs, Public Programs, Skill Development Programs, Consulting Services, Assessments, and Books. 


Henry Harvin tries to reform progress in individuals and organizations worldwide by providing the finest training and services through standardized content, resources, and the latest technology.    The following are the course details of the innovative technical writing training in Surat by Henry Harvin:


  • Course Name: Technical Writing Course 
  • Duration: 32 Hours
  • Fee: ₹ 15000/-



    1. Introduction to Technical Writing
    2. Documentation Process
    3. Technical Writing Process
    4. Grammar and Editing
    5. Technical Writing Software Tools
    6. Components of a Technical Document
    7. Technical Writing Techniques
    8. How to create a Technical Document Template
    9. Overview of formats of Technical Documents
    10. Advanced Technical Writing tools
    11. Soft Skills Development
    12. Resume Writing

Salient features of the training program:

    • Certified Technical Writing Course by Henry Harvin ranked among the top five technical writing courses in India by India Today. 
    • Courseware consists of training, projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning, boot camps, hackathons, and a gold membership
    • Industry experts designed the curriculum to make students industry-ready in the global job market.
    • Lifetime support includes live projects, guaranteed internships, weekly job support, recorded videos, monthly brush-up sessions, interview skills, and career services.
    • Experiential learning with projects
    • Alumni status by joining over eighteen thousand Henry Harvin alumni


Some technical writing software tools you master as part of the training program are tools for authoring, screen capture, image editing, spell-check, etc.   You also learn ethics in scientific communication, research papers, thesis, research proposals, etc.   Through the course program, you master English expressions and the creation of perfect citations using free software. 


The Certified Technical Writing certification by Henry Harvin is a global credential, and you can also feature it on your resume and LinkedIn profile.   In conclusion, we can say that Henry Harvin provides one of the most professional technical writing courses in Surat.  


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Is technical writing a great career?


For anyone adaptable to the requirements of a fast-evolving career, Technical writing is an invaluable opportunity where you can earn well by using your writing skills.   Statistics project growth of 12% in Technical writing job opportunities in just ten years from 2020 to 2030.    It also expects an average of over five thousand vacancies each year in the decade. 


  1. What are technical writer job qualifications?


Typical educational qualifications for technical writers are bachelor’s Degrees in Science, Engineering, English, Journalism, or Communication. A further qualification would be a certification or degree in technical writing. A good curriculum for a technical writing course discusses the best and latest methods in the industry and introduces you to relevant tools. 


  1. How to improve technical writing skills?


These are a few steps you can follow to make your technical writing more efficient:


  1. Learn your target audience well. 
  2. Be knowledgeable about the product or subject you write about to be able to explain complex concepts in simple terms.
  3. Structure your document to help readers find exact information with ease.
  4. Use a layout to make your content more understandable and easy to look through.
  5. Use visual elements like diagrams, tables, charts, and screenshots to balance the content. 
  6. Use examples to demonstrate theories in your document.
  7. Use a table of contents and a glossary to improve searchability. 
  8. Use conversational style in your content to help users understand technology. 
  9. Edit your documents several times to avoid spelling and grammatical errors, inconsistencies, gaps, and redundancies.  
  10. Get feedback




A technical writer is responsible for turning complex information more accessible and beneficial through simple language. It is important for you, as a technical writer, to know enough about your topic to be able to discern what is a relevant and useful piece of information. 


The topics for technical documents could be as complex as finance or software technology. You see the relevance of a technical writer certification while trying to work for top-notch industries.  They prove that you have had the correct training to write any kind of technical document.


Moreover, a certification is a great way to widen your expertise and opens avenues for many specializations. In this article, you went through some of the best technical writing courses in Surat. Did we forget to mention any remarkable courses? Do let us know through your comments. We wish you all the best for a prospering career in technical writing.

  • I recently introduced a line of homemade beauty range. . These are sensitive solutions for particular skin types that require a step-by-step application process. I wish to enrol in a Technical writing courses in Surat for this reason so that I may create concise instruction booklets for my clients. This course claims to aid in the creation of technical material. I also want to know if all of the institutes cover the same subject matter in their training. Additionally, whatever institution offers recorded classes so I can complete the programme at my convenience. Thanks

  • I read your essay and found it to be extremely interesting. However, I have some reservations. Following the completion of the course, there are a few employment options provided. If I follow Technical writing courses in Surat, will all of the professions stated in your article be open to me, or will I have to specialise in a specific subject to secure a job? Please let me know because I need to enrol in a post-graduate course and have been looking for different courses to enrol in once I finish my studies . I’m also curious about the starting compensation for a technical writer, as well as whether or not I’ll require any prior writing experience.

  • Hello, I’m a recent graduate working as an accountant for a Surat-based digital marketing agency, and I’d like to learn a new skill. Your essay on the top technical writing courses is well-written and thorough. Is there, however, any precondition for this course, given that I have no prior experience with technical writing?

  • My father is a cloth merchant and is pursuing me to join his business . I am more interested in content writing and am looking for ways to be a part of my fathers business through content . Your article and the things mentioned in it is worth a read as I feel I can use tech writing to improve our sales and come up with innovative ways to make our business more visible on the internet . I also have a few doubts and I wanted to know how exactly can Technical writing courses in Surat can be of more use to a business owner so that I have a variety of reasons to take up this course .

  • I’ve been wanting to learn technical writing as a new skill for a long time, but the sheer number of options available is overwhelming. Because not all courses are worthwhile, picking the right one is an important part of learning a skill. Aside from that, as a working professional, I require a course that is flexible enough to accommodate my current schedule. This article about the best technical writing courses in Surat not only narrows down the options but also provides information about courses available in both offline and online formats in Surat

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