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Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Surat With Placements

GST or Goods and Services Tax is an important and essential component in the indirect tax system of the country. Even with debates about the working efficiency of the tax system, the GST has already become a turning point in the indirect taxing system. the increasing usage of the GST has already shown that the taxing system is better accessible and simple to use. This article explains GST and institutes offering GST Certification Courses in Surat.

GST certification courses in Surat

GST – A Brief View


The process of taxing a product has always been tedious in the indirect taxing system due to the presence of various taxes and the necessary taxes to be implemented were known by a certain number of professionals. The GST has broken this barrier by providing access to more people and only requires limited exposure to finance and training to make the taxing system work.


So with this type of simplification of the process, the taxing system has had a farther reach than the older taxing systems. GST subsumed these taxes and has brought them all under a single and simplified roof. The professionals for GST practice also need only a limited amount of training and with enough amount of training the individual can become proficient in the practice of GST.


With this type of leniency, the need for GST professionals is rising at a higher amount and the jobs are being taken by professionals with the certification of the GST. The certification for GST practice is issued after taking a course of a certain period. The course is usually taken by professionals from tax and finance backgrounds but in recent times many people from other domains are also showing a significant amount of interest in the course.


This increasing interest in the course has certainly increased the exposure to the taxing system. Also with the more number of, course providers for the course the certification is pursued more than before. The increase in the pursuers of the course is mainly because it has also become a skill-based course that provides jobs for people interested in the tax field. Other than that the people trying to process and evaluate their taxes on their own has also increased the number of people trying to get certified in GST handling.


The other important factor for the increased popularity and exposure to the course is the syllabus and the period of the course. The syllabus of the course is simple and needs more practical experience rather than rigorous reading.


You may be curious to know about the Top GST Certification Courses in India


Tax Changes by GST 


The GST as said earlier subsumed many taxes that were in effect before the implementation of it. These taxes were in more numbers and also took more time for the calculation. So the GST brought a clearer and simpler picture of the indirect taxing system than its predecessor.


The old taxing systems also needed more advanced skills and deeper knowledge about the indirect taxing systems. This necessity of the more advanced skills is reduced under the GST. The taxes that are subsumed under GST are,


Some of the Central taxes subsumed under GST are:

  • Central excise duty
  • Additional excise duties
  • Service tax
  • Surcharges
  • Cesses
  • Special additional duty of customs (SAD)
  • Additional customs duty (CVD)


Some of the state taxes subsumed under GST are:


  • State VAT
  • Sales tax
  • Luxury tax
  • Entry tax
  • Taxes on lotteries, betting, and gambling
  • Entertainment tax ( except levied by the local bodies)
  • State surcharges and cesses so far as they relate to supply of goods and taxes


These are some of the taxes subsumed under the GST and thus became a single tax instead of complicated many taxes. These subsumed taxes are easier to identify and implement thus making the GST provide more ease and comfort. Some taxes are not subsumed under GST. Some of them are Alcohol and petrol, diesel. They have the taxing procedures of the old taxing system.


The GST also has made some significant advantages over the last taxing system in many aspects. One of these aspects and also a significant one would be the reduction or removal of the cascading effect of the taxes. The taxes in the previous system would always result in the cascading of the taxes of an individual product or taxes.


This happens because the taxing is involved in each stage of the production and it would add up to the previous one in the next stage starting from the initial stage to the end stage or selling of the product. This made the prices of the product go up in a significant amount. This increased cost of the product is reduced in the GST taxing system by bringing down the cascading effect of the taxes in a very significant way. This is a major change brought down by the GST implementation.


Even with the subsumed taxes, there are also a few skills needed for the better calculation and implementation of the GST. These skills can now easily attained by the certification courses available at an abundant rate and also at affordable prices. So more about the certification courses are discussed further in the article along with the better institutes for GST certification courses in Surat.


GST Software


The most important feature of the GST would also be the pertinent and most exciting one that is the software usage included in the GST process. The GST is implemented to bring every tax in the indirect taxing system under a single tax system. Even with the simplification of the indirect taxing system, the taxing system would need to be simple enough with a user-friendly experience and ease of comfort.


This type of easy experience of the GST taxing system can be obtained by the GST software used. This would make the taxing system compliant for the modern day with the combined usage of the taxing system with the technology. This would make the record-keeping and taxing system simple with less effort. They also make the taxing system compliant for every user irrespective of their domains or expertise.


GST Certification Course


The GST certification course is always been the popular one in the indirect tax system since it has been introduced and implemented. The course is provided by many institutes and can be pursued through various learning modes. The availability of many course providers is due to the employable skills of the GST and also the need for GST skills. The skills are mainly used by people from almost all the domains and this popularity gives the need for many GST skilled persons also leading to many course providers.


The GST certification courses are usually short-term ones and there are also long-term courses that will provide GST courses along with any big courses. The courses are also available in regular mode and online mode. So the course can be taken by any mode which provides more ease and comfort.


The courses are also taught with a specially designed curriculum to get a better learning experience. The prerequisites qualification for the course are also very average and would require less experience about the indirect tax system. with these increased advantages and fewer requirements to learn, the GST certification course is simply becoming one of the highly pursued short term and employable courses.


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Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Surat


Surat is a prominent city located in the state of Gujarat. The city is famous for the silk weaving industry and is also a recognizable city known for the fabric and textile markets. The city being busy and industrial there are a number of enterprises. The city also has many numbers of institutes that offer many courses.


The GST certification courses in Surat are provided by many institutes. The institutes provide the course with their own and better curriculum. The course providers also combine the GST courses with other courses or individually designed courses with GST alone. Some of the institutes that provide GST certification courses in Surat are,




IIM SKILLS is one of the top-rated online training providers with exemplary courses in the domain of content writing, digital marketing, CAT coaching, and GST.


The GST course is 4 weeks of virtual classroom training with 16 hours of lecture. You have several assignments, and hands-on learning during the duration of the course. The Institute offers access to free eBooks, and invoicing tools, software, applications. After the completion of the course, you get a Master GST certification from the institute.


Course Name- GST Certification Course


The course fee is INR 2900+taxes.


Download IIM SKILLS GST Course Brochure


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  • Impact of GST on Businesses 
  • Introduction to GST 
  • Types of GST 
  • Features and Structure of GST 
  • Time. Place. and Valuation of Supply 
  • e-way Bill 
  • Input Tax Credit 
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism 
  • Composition Scheme 
  • GST Returns Filing 
  • GST Invoicing
  • Step by Step Process of Registration under GST


You get an overview of the goods and services tax and different components related to the GST act including its inception, implementation, and execution. Many live assignments help you to put your knowledge into practical work.


The learning management system is for lifetime access to students. You get a recorded session of the classes along with study materials and updated content on GST.


Other Courses offered by IIM Skills:

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


2. Tally Institute Of Learning


Tally institute of learning is one of the leading institutes to provide GST certification courses in Surat to learn GST. The institute has professionals from IT and tax domains for providing better quality customer needs. The institute also provides better education in the GST training courses. The institute is also a certified Tally partner. The institute is also one of the oldest training centers.




  • The institute provides simple solutions for training.
  • They also feature the Tally software for better and simplified working procedures.
  • They also have more experienced professionals for training.
  • They also have more customized learning techniques.


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3. ICA Surat


The ICA Surat is one of the best institutes for GST certification courses in Surat. They have branches all over the country and are also a leading one in the accounts and finance domain. They provide more employability courses at affordable prices for lowering the unemployability rate. They also provide long-term courses along with other short-term courses. They are a better and best choice when it comes to GST certification courses in the tax and finance domain.




  • They are one of the award-winning institutes in the country.
  • They have more centers pan India.
  • They also provide a job guarantee with the courses.
  • They provide practical training with updated software.


4. Brain-Point Computer Education


Brain-Point computer education institute is one of the multiple course providers that also provide GST certification courses in Surat. They are also an authorized learning center for TALLY and a NIELIT training center. They also provide specialized courseware for better training and they also provide certified courses. They also provide employable courses and help students get jobs in the best enterprises.




  • They provide well-designed courseware for better education techniques.
  • They also provide internships and jobs after finishing the courses.
  • They also provide a pre-defined curriculum to meet the industry standards.
  • The course is also updated with the latest standards.


5. Compusoft Computer Education


This is also one of the recognized institutes for learning Tally with GST. They are also a multiple-course provider offering courses from other domains. The institute also provides practical training on all the courses with more exposure and experience towards the courses as they begin their training. The institute also provides more concentrated learning techniques for each student for better and efficient training. This is also a better institute for GST certification courses in Surat.




  • The courses come with placement assistance.
  • The students also get E-course materials for student reference.
  • They also assist in every step of learning the courses.
  • The courses also come with more efficient and better timing


These are some of the institutes that provide the GST certification courses in Surat. These GST certification courses in Surat can be pursued by the people also by the online mode of the course providers. The online courses are provided by the offline institutes as well as by the institutes that provide the courses exclusively in online mode.


These exclusive online mode GST certification course-providing institutes are usually the most popular among the people from most parts of the country since they would provide the course at the ease of the pursuing person irrespective of the geological position. They also provide flexible timing of the courses to make the program available for all working and non-working or studying people.


The people trying to pursue the GST Certification Courses in Surat can also take the online mode classes too to get their course certification at the ease of their comfort without altering their daily routine or work timings. So the online option should also be considered always while picking out the course providers for the certification programs.


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Advantages of the GST certification courses


The GST certification courses bring out many advantages along the way in both the working and entrepreneurial sectors. The advantages of the certification courses are usually varied according to the type of the application of the GST skill like making contract work or employed under a taxing company etc. so in the type of the application the GST skills are advantageous and some of these advantages are,


1. Affordability of the course


The most important and pertinent advantage of the GST certification courses is the cost affordability of the course. The course is one of the low-cost employable programs available In the country. So the course provides a great advantage to the people trying to begin a career in the taxation domain with this cost affordable course.


They are also short-termed courses and thus time affordable one. They require hours today duration to learn the course according to the course provider. The course duration may also vary according to the syllabus of the course and the level of depth the course involves. These are the cost and time advantages of the course.


2. Increased average salary


Another important reason or advantage to pursue the course would be the salary increase followed by acquiring the course certification. GST skills are always needed in the tax domain and when an individual working in this domain acquires a GST certification they would normally get an increased salary at a significant rate.


The average salary increase may also follow a better working environment like reduced timing and a higher level of position in the line of work. The increased salary may amount to the qualification of the individual as well as the course certification.


3. Increased Employability opportunities


The course also has more employability opportunities that provide more jobs in the taxation domain. The job opportunities are usually tied up with the type of courses taken the certification received in the GST domain. There are various job opportunities to pursue in the domain with the certification type awarded. For example, the course with other tools and skills of taxation along with the GST may fetch a better job than others.


The job may also vary according to the place of the employment like freelancing or working full time with the employer. The GST industry has job opportunities to pursue once the certification for the course is attained.


4. Business and Entrepreneurship opportunities


The course along with job opportunities also brings up the business and entrepreneurship opportunities to interested individuals. The individuals who pursued the course along with the certification may start their own consultancy or firm for dealing with the client’s GST needs and procedures. The individuals can also start freelancing the skill with more number of customers in fulfilling their taxation works.


The business opportunities of the GST certification course may even lead to starting up their own applications and software for performing the GST transactions with more ease and comfort. So they can also give more IT-related exposure to the business and would make it a better and booming one.


5. Skill Development


The GST certification course is also a skill development program for professionals who are already in the taxation industry. This will bring their skill level higher and would also give them added advantage of the GST practices. The need for another individual for the GST practices can also be reduced.


This reduction can also mean less cost to the company and also a higher salary to the one who is additionally trained in the GST practices. So this would mean advantageous to both the company and the individual. The GST certification course is also mandatory for some taxation professionals rather than being a value-added course. So in this case the GST certification course becomes a compulsory and unavoidable program for the individual.


These are some of the advantages of the GST certification courses. The advantages of the course are in higher numbers than most of the courses that offer short-term duration with increased employability skills. However, the advantage of the course according to every individual can only be calculated after weighing their own needs and results.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


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Is GST Certification Course valuable?


Even with the advantages and the features of the GST explained, the question about the value of the certification course may always be there. They will always be the most important criteria when considering a course between any two courses. This question of whether the GST certification course is valuable or not can only be answered by the individual rather than by collective or common answer.


What is explained here is even with the common answer of whether they are valuable or not, the individual review of the course and their necessity of the course should be researched carefully and considered with utmost accuracy to find if the course certification is really valuable or not to them. For example, if an individual is working in the taxation profession and has to do some works involving GST practices then they should learn the course irrespective of other things because the course is a mandatory one for him rather than being a value-added course.


In this way, the GST certification courses are considered whether they are valuable or not. If the common opinion of the course value is to be considered then the course is much valuable than other courses in the same price range and time duration. The GST certification course is also a valuable one to pursue if the taxation professional is considering a value-added course to pursue.



  • Q. Why is GST certification important today?

After the implementation of GST, all business organizations and corporate firms have to comply with the GST laws to be able to get the benefits. Now, GST and its topics are jargon-laden and require someone with expertise in these topics to be able to handle the GST calculations, registration, and implementation of GST rules. Hence, it is so important and relevant today.

  • Q  How to study for the GST exam?

You have to be well versed with the topics and then devote a certain time every day to be able to understand the complex matters well. Sincerity and discipline is the key to cracking the GST exam successfully. Also, read up blogs, and materials on GST from the vast repertoire of information on the internet about GST and its relevance..

  • Q. Is it advisable to take up an online GST certification course?

Yes, you can take up a GST certification course online in Surat to be able to study whenever you want without having to think about course timing and commute.




So, in conclusion, the GST certification courses are quite valuable and they are a must-have program to have if the individual is a taxation professional involved with the indirect tax regime. The GST certification courses are pursued all over the country for many reasons like mandatory for better professional expertise or to increase the professional stature of the professional.


These are some of the information about the institutes providing GST Certification Courses in Surat. Whatever the reason may be the course is a must to have for taxation professionals and an added advantage to the individuals trying to learn more about the indirect taxation system of the country.

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  • Are GST courses, in general, helpful for someone who wants to study the subject in general? One of our professors introduced us to the growing demand for this profession. I have some knowledge about this profession and have some interest in it too. Could you please give more information regarding this?

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