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Top 9 Technical Writing Courses in Cochi

Technical writing is gaining more and more prominence with time. The reason being we are ruled by technology today. Technology has become a synonym for survival; therefore, people feel an undeniable urge to know the techniques hidden in technology and science. We need communicators to reach technical and scientific information to people. Hence this field of technical writing is constantly broadening its horizons to accommodate more learners in the technical communication community. So the search for technical writing courses in Cochi is an obvious consequence of being a part of the technological culture.


Technical writing courses in Cochi


Suppose you search for technical writing courses in Cochi and find this line- ”technical writing is precision, conciseness, accuracy, and clarity”. Now, did you get any clarity? No right! You are probably more confused and maybe about to end your search for technical writing courses in Cochi. But, Stop! Technical writing is all about understanding techniques and communicating the same to people.


Why is this field gaining prominence? The reason is the audiences, who are hungry for receiving information that has an approach hidden in it. The task of a technical writer is to learn the technical definitions. Dig deep into technical content to extract the gist, and translate the same in the layman’s language without altering the meaning of the primary data.


Did you find the explanation mind-boggling? Then let’s take a bunch of general questions till this confusion settles in your mind.


Is technical writing a tough job?


It is a tough job till you understand the crux of it. Once you decode the meaning of technical writing, translating information and writing would be challenging yet fun.

What are the types of technical writing?


The first thing that must have popped into your head is writing a user manual. Yes, it is a type. But other than that writing,


  • Science and medical papers and blogs
  • Professional reports
  • Assembly guidelines
  • Technical books
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Proposals

Are also the defined types of technical writing.


What are the skills needed for technical writing?


Some of the skills that a technical writer should have are as follows-

  • Having effective communication skills
  • Good with project management
  • Programming languages
  • Marketing
  • Audience Analysis
  • Content management
  • Use of tools
  • Proof-reading
  • Content reviewing
  • Grasp over technical vocabulary
  • Information architecture
  • Typography
  • Conflict resolution skills

Therefore from the never-ending list of skills, these are shortlisted abilities that a technical writer should possess.


Do technical writers need to be decent in Mathematics?


Absolutely No! Technical writers need to be open to learning scientific concepts and technology. You see, the primary work is to explain technical and scientific information to the masses. Because a technical writer is a technical communicator, knowing or not knowing mathematics does not affect the work of a technical writer.


What are the assignments of a technical writer?


The possible assignments that a content writer receives are as follows-

  • Study product samples and coordinate with designers.
  • Revising content for products
  • Writing how-to-guides
  • Journal articles
  • Going through user feedback for improving content
  • Managing product development and marketing departments
  • Standardizing content across the various platforms


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Which is the most sought course for technical writing?


The most sought course on technical writing will be the one that can enhance your expertise in technical writing. Therefore, this article will assist you in exploring the 9 best technical writing courses in Cochi so that your search can be more hassle-free.



The technical writing master course offered by IIM SKILLS is considered one of India’s best technical writing courses because of its comprehensive approach. It is a mastery-level course that covers all the pertinent facets of technical writing. At the same time, internships, case studies, and weekly assignments polish your practical skills.


  • Course Name: Technical Writing Master Course
  • Course Duration: 5 weeks + Assured Internship
  • Course Fees: Rs. 14,900+18% GST


The syllabus of the Technical Writing Course looks like this- 

  • Role of a technical writer
  • Writing a document after a crisp audience analysis and topic research
  • Mind mapping the content
  • Writing technical reports with different styling techniques
  • Learning tools to develop content
  • Writing technical articles (such as whitepapers and journals.)
  • Learning about versioning tools and documents
  • What are micro-content and conversational writing?
  • The stages of reviewing and publishing
  • API documentation 
  • Essentials of XML
  • Grammar guidelines for effective writing
  • Writing medical blogs


Next will be the technical writing tools that you will learn in the process. The tools are as follows-

  • MS Visio
  • MS Project
  • Git
  • Scribus
  • Canva
  • PowerPoint


Now, are you wondering, what are the advantages of taking this course?

The benefits of the technical writing masterclass are as follows-

  • Technical is not just penning user manuals, and you will therefore get introduced to various styles of writing
  • Learn to write whitepapers that can impact the psyche of the target audience or readers
  • Learn to write peer-reviewed scientific research papers
  • Learning to incorporate a conversational tone in writing to sound more engaging to the audience.


Are you are someone who can analyze, envision, explain and create visually pleasing documents? Then let me tell you that your search for technical writing courses in Cochi can be stopped at this very point because you have landed at the right destination.

Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


2.    Coursera (Moscow Institute of Physics and technology)


In the course details, we will understand why this course is apt for your search for technical writing courses in Cochi. Furthermore, how this course will assist in bridging the two junctions, information and communication. Which is otherwise a mammoth task when technical writing is concerned.

This course will take you into the dark trench zone of technical writing, where you will understand the factors that tell the degree of technicality present in the language of any data.


Course Name: Technical Writing

Course Duration: 5-weeks

Course Fees: Rs.3, 999(if finished in one month)


 The course modules are as follows-

  • The Know-how of technical writing
  • How to measure excellence in technical documents?
  • How to approach content?
  • Knowing the audience and their purpose
  • Learning about collaborative writing
  • Curating and penning for multiple audiences
  • Extracting information from visuals
  • Mechanism Description
  • Planning Stage
  • Structure of a report
  • Academic research
  • Workplace research
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Writing laboratory reports
  • Checklist for writing technical reports
  • The various styles of writing
  • Web of science
  • Derwent innovation index


 This course, with its simplicity, acts as a fascinating gateway to the realm of technical writing.


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3.    Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning 


The importance of technical writing gets captured by the entire world. And that is why you are curiously looking for technical writing courses in Cochi. However, many steps back from exploring this domain for the complexity faced in communicating information.

Furthermore, because of the long duration of the study, technical writing shifts from being a skill to a habit for the learners. The Symbiosis Centre of Distancing learning has developed a course that combines theoretical and practical knowledge.


Course Name: PG Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management

Course Duration: 2 years

Course Fees: Rs.50, 000


The syllabus of the course somewhat looks like this-

  • Technical Communication
  • Information development life cycles
  • Technical Writing styles
  • Basics of English grammar and editing
  • Software tools for technical communication
  • Technical communication for project management
  • Practices of management
  • Business Communication
  • Learning Instructional Design for Business Communication
  • Creative writing in business communication
  • The various types of documentation
  • Advanced technical writing tools
  • Research methodologies.



E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +91-20-6621 1000


4.    Udemy


Technical writing is a profitable and reliable career option. This idea must have intrigued you to search for technical writing courses in Cochi. This course will assist you in adapting to the technical communication world. Following which getting more assignments related to technical writing is evident.


Course Name: Technical Writing: Master your writing career

Course Duration: Self-paced

Course Fees: Rs. 490


 The course structure is as follows- 

  • Definition of Technical Writing
  • Reviewing the writing goals and learning the readers’ expectations
  • Goals of technical writing
  • Knowing who is your audience
  • Writing styles
  • Realistic writing schedule
  • Tips for creating good writing
  • Leveraging technology for successful writing
  • Editing a technical manuscript
  • Writing for blogs
  • Marketing


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5.    JP Docu Schools 

This course curated by the JPDocu Schools of Technical Writing is known as the best-seller course because it covers the basic principles of technical writing. When looking for technical writing courses in Cochi. You must want to get access to a course that assists you in trying out the tools with the assistance of which you may immediately start writing.


Let’s glance through the course structure to predict the efficiency of the classes.


Course Name: Technical Writing: How to write software documentation

Course Duration: Self-paced

Course Fees: Rs.490


 The course curriculum includes- 

  • Meaning of technical writing
  • The job of a technical writer
  • The various types of documentation
  • Functional and task-oriented documentation
  • Technical writers in the software development world
  • The real purpose of technical writing
  • The technical writing process
  • Using GitHub to write documentation
  • Know-how of GitHub?
  • What is the need for writing in GitHub?
  • Style guide and its uses
  • The standards in writing
  • The structure of writing
  • Verb choice
  • Terminologies
  • Intuitive and obvious user experience
  • Writing for multiple audiences
  • What is DITA?
  • Who defines DITA?
  • Oxygen XML author
  • Use of graphics in software documentation
  • Structured writing in MS-word
  • Principles of technical writing
  • Rules for creating graphics for technical writing
  • Infographics
  • Information Architecture
  • What is metadata?
  • Taxonomies
  • Content Management System(CMS)
  • Writing guidelines


I am sure you must be thinking about what a specific course this is! However, this is the level of specificity you need to develop expertise in technical writing. This course is self-paced. Therefore you have complete control over your learning journey.


6.    Alison


Simplifying the complexities is one of the characteristics of technical writing. Therefore, it becomes imperative to know the essentials of technical writing to control the clarity and readability of a technical piece


Course Name: Technical Writing Essentials

Course Duration: Self-paced

Course Fees: Free


Alison has consequently created a certificate course that covers topics such as –

  • The basics of technical writing and communication
  • The meaning of a rhetorical situation
  • Technical report to persuade the audience
  • Professional styles to communicate with precision
  • Document designing
  • Styling tips to enhance readability
  • Research methodologies
  • How to define the scope of any project?
  • Common Document types
  • Technical definitions


So if you are looking for a technical writing course in Cochi. Furthermore, you want to get the know-how of technical writing before beginning any availing any course. Then Alison can be your solution. To know more, you can click on the below link-


7. ECT


When peeping into the eye-hole of technical writing courses in Cochi, ECT, a government-recognized institute can be a lucrative course offer for you. Why? Because ECT offers two technical writing courses to help learners build a high-paying career.

So if you are searching for a technical writing course in Cochi, ECT can be the choicest fit for your search. The reason is the comprehensive course on technical writing.


Course Name: Technical Writing Course

Course Duration: 3 months

Course Fees: Rs.19, 999


The syllabus covers topics such as-

  • Everything about the job of a technical writer
  • Life Cycle of a document
  • The various types of documentation
  • Strengthening the Grammar Skills
  • Learning styling in Technical Writing
  • Definition of Information Architecture
  • Principles of Information Architecture
  • Learning about Markdown
  • Understanding GitHub
  • Using GitHub Wiki for software documentation
  • Know-how of XML
  • Use of XML in software documentation
  • JavaScript Object Notation(JSON)
  • Use of JSON in software documentation
  • JSON vs. XML
  • What is structured writing
  • DITA(Darwin Information Typing Architecture)
  • The DITA tools
  • Everything about Oxygen XML Editor
  • Using the technical authoring tool- Adobe Frame Maker
  • API documentation
  • Learning about REST documentation
  • Strategies for agile documentation
  • Technical Writing Jobs
  • What are open-source projects
  • Beginner-friendly tools for technical writing


 Now that you have noted down the syllabus, you must have understood that ECT creates power-pack courses for the learners. As a technical writer, you will meet all your needs through this course.


Contact –

Tel: +91-7827916060

E-mail: [email protected]


8.    ECT


Course Name: Technical Writing Course + (HTML+CSS+JavaScript)

Course Duration: 3-6 months

Course Fees: Rs.39, 999


The course shared above is suitable for entry-level or middle-level technical writing jobs. But if you want to be a part of the top tech companies like Amazon or Google. Furthermore, with a high perspective, you are searching for top technical writing courses in Cochi. Then this course on technical writing will broaden your horizon as a writer and provide you with functional knowledge of HTML and programming language such as Java.


The syllabus of the course is as follows-

  • All the modules covered in the first course of ECT
  • Learning about web development
  • Understanding command lines
  • Learning how to run Java on the Machine
  • Everything about HTML
  • The HTML web page structure
  • The nuances of the HTML table
  • The various aspects of HTML forms and validations
  • Semantic HTML
  • The basics of CSS
  • Learning JavaScript to start with a JavaScript project
  • JavaScript functions and conditionals
  • JavaScript array and loops
  • Knowing about the errors and debugging in Java
  • Understanding Document Object Model(DOM)
  • What are Async Java and HTTPS requests


 So if you want to avail of this course that can assist you in getting a better average salary, then contact ECT at-

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +91-7827916060


9. Henry Harvin

Transforming data and information into a technical document is not a cakewalk. Therefore, Henry Harvin, with utmost precision, has curated a syllabus for technical writers to strengthen the learner’s writing prowess. You can consider this course a relevant result for your search for technical writing courses in Cochi.


Course Name: Technical Writing course with Gold Membership

Course Duration: 32 hours


The modules in the course are as follows- 

  • The definition and goal of technical writing
  • Business Writing
  • Knowing the target audience
  • Garnering and organizing data
  • The process of technical writing
  • The process of developing a document
  • Information architecture
  • Styling elements
  • Task analysis
  • How to select tools
  • Editorial reviews
  • Publishing the content
  • MS Styles guides
  • English Grammar and proof-reading
  • Tools for technical writing (Such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Frame Maker, Visio, PowerPoint)
  • Documentation plan
  • Eliminating variance and anthropomorphism
  • Not using noun trains
  • Process of creating a technical document
  • The various formats of technical document
  • Advanced technical writing tools
  • DITA(Darwin Typing Information Architecture
  • XML(extensive mark-up language)
  • API (application programming interface)
  • Soft Skills


Now, let us jump into the technical writing tools that you will learn in the process-


Authoring tools-

  • MS word
  • Notepad++
  • Google Docs

Screen Capture tools

  • Snipping tool
  • Techsmith Snagit
  • FireShot
  • Greenshot
  • Lightshot

Image Editing Tools

  • Paint
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Snagit

Spell Check Tools

  • Grammarly
  • Languagetool.org

Technical Writing Software Tools

  • Microsoft Word
  • Macromedia RoboHelp
  • Adobe Frame Maker
  • Snag IT
  • MS Visio
  • PowerPoint
  • Photoshop
  • Overview of DITA Tool
  • Overview of API Documentation
  • Overview of XML



Tel: 9891953953


Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ’s)


1. What are the qualifications needed to be a technical writer?

A bachelor’s degree in communications, computer and information technology, journalism, or English is preferred for a technical writing job. Other than this doing a certification course is a plus.


2. Do you require a degree to become a technical writer?

When searching for technical writing courses in Cochi, this is a general question that pops in countless minds. Suppose you have a consistent portfolio for technical writing and enough practical knowledge in the field. In that case, you can get considered for a job without a degree.


3. Do technical writers work from home?

The majority of the work for a writer comes from various online platforms. Therefore, as a technical writer, you can surely get opportunities to work from home.


4. Is technical writing a promising career?

Technical writing is a satisfying career because of the monetary reward. But many people perceive technical writing as a complex job because of their superficial knowledge. Today, the world is techno-centric, and technical communicators are in demand. The average pay for technical writers in India is near about 6 lakhs. Therefore, technical writing is a terrific career option for today’s time and age.


5. Which are the high-paying places for technical writers across the globe?

Technical writers can receive a handsome salary in places like Massachusetts, California. If India, it can be Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Noida.




Technical writers are all-rounders because there is undoubtedly a tint of creativity in writing but no room for imagination. Curating simplified yet crisp reports requires extensive study. Furthermore, to accomplish the two critical jobs, translation and communication, technical communicators gulp every possible skill to complete the task.


The complexities of technical writing will get simplified on taking a course. Therefore, research technical writing courses in Cochi and just take a plunge. Commence your journey by melting the misconceptions around technical writing. And see it for yourself why technical writing is such a demanding career.

  • Hello , my father operates a store. I want to help our shop expand by generating high-quality material that will get our clients’ interest. My plan is to publish articles and blogs on the products from our business. Simple writing courses available online will not meet my requirements. I read your article, and the technical writing courses in cochin appear to be just what I’m looking for. But, aside from technical language, I’d like to know what else would be addressed in the course. I’d also like to know what other subjects will be covered , as my goal is to write for our shop.

  • I am a mechanical engineer and have been recently promoted within my organization. My job requires me to over look the work of many new candidates most of whom learn the work on the job. Since my work requires me to deal with heavy machinery I was thinking of launching a manual for my team mates on how to go about handling the equipment. I hence wanted to enrol in a part time course and was directed to look at Technical writing courses in Cochin. Please guide me a to an academy that will provide good part time training for the same .

  • Even though I’ve been writing content for over a year, I was unaware of the technical writing niche and the opportunities it offers. Kudos! Ishani, you’ve put technical writing into the simpler term. As you mentioned, this field has a lot of growth potential. And certification is necessary to obtain a good designation. Could you please tell me which of the mentioned organizations, is the most widely recognized for technical writing courses in Cochi?

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