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6 Best GST Certification Courses In Cochin With Placements

GST is a new indirect tax structure that was implemented in India in July 2017. It was implemented as a reform to simplify and standardize the tax system by eliminating different central and state taxes and combining them into a single national tax system.


GST certification courses in Cochi


Comprehensive, because it has incorporated almost all indirect taxes, except for a few state taxes. Multi-stage as it is levied at every stage of the manufacturing process but is supposed to be refunded to all parties at different stages of production, rather than the final customer, and as a destination-based tax, it is collected from the point of consumption and not from the point of origin, as in the case of previous taxes.



GST Courses in Cochin and everywhere else are designed to provide basic and advanced practical knowledge of the different perspectives of Goods and Services Tax, including the fundamentals of taxation, registration, administration, filing, returns, and in-depth accounting and documentation of transactions, GST-related legislation.


Below are some of the best GST certification courses in Cochin:



IIM SKILLS is one of the most eminent online training providers with years of experience in the teaching domain. The GST course is a comprehensive program spanning 1 month of live intensive training. It has 16 hours of lectures and practical hands-on assignments for a better understanding of GST and its different concepts.


The Institute offers you the opportunity to explore freelance opportunities or take up jobs as GST practitioners for diverse organizations. The GST Course Fee is Rs 2900 plus taxes.



  • Fundamentals of GST 
  • Prominent features of GST 
  • GST Invoicing Terms, and Conditions 
  • Payment Voucher 
  • Debit and Credit Note 
  • Taxable Event in GST 
  • Online Registration 
  • Amendments, And Surrender of GST 
  • GST Returns Filing 
  • Input Tax Credit 
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism 
  • Composition Scheme under GST


The course has an immersive learning process that is provided by expert faculty members through practical assignments and case studies. You get a theoretical and practical understanding of applying the goods and services tax in your business. 


The learning management system houses all the recording sessions that help you to revisit the classes if you have any doubts. You can also attend these lectures in case you are unable to attend the live sessions. The LMS is updated regularly with every development, and amendment happening in the GST domain.


Download IIM SKILLS GST Course Brochure



Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


2. The Institute of Accountants (TIA)



The Institute of Accountants was founded with the primary objective of offering practical training in professional accounting. It provides one of the best GST certification courses in Cochin and offers a variety of courses exploring the need for jobs in today’s accounting industries for each young aspiring student. They are a licensed institution under CEST Dept., Ministry of Finance, and Government of India


Their courses include computerized accounting, where basic courses on topics such as tax practitioners, certified professional accountants, certified financial accountants, and certified business accountants are presented. All these courses train and assist the students to make them industry-ready and to meet the job sector’s current demands.


Learn more about GST courses by Government from our article GST Certification Course by the Government.



1 year PG Diploma in Professional Accounting & Taxation (Tax Practitioner Course)


Program Modules include:

  1. Financial Accounting (Manual)
  2. Management Accounting
  3. Company Accounts
  4. Branch Accounts
  5. Import & Export
  6. Ms. Excel: Statements Preparation
  7. Computerized Accounting -Tally 9 ERP
  8. Tax Planning and Tax Computation
  9. Income Tax & TDS
  10. Service Tax, VAT & GST
  11. E – Filing, Interview Training
  12. ESI, EPF & Audit Training (6 Month Internship)

Qualification- Degree in any discipline (B.Com Preferred)


Certified Financial Accountant (CFA)

Program Modules include:

  1. Financial Accounting (Manual)-
  2. Branch Accounts
  3. Computerized Accounting – Tally 9 ERP
  4. Tax Planning & Tax Computation
  5. Income Tax & TDS
  6. Service Tax, VAT & GST
  7. ESI, EPF
  8. Interview Training


Qualification- +2 and above

Duration- 3 Months


Certified Commercial Accountant (CCA)

Program Modules include:

  1. Financial Accounting (Manual)-
  2. Computerized Accounting – Tally 9 ERP
  3. Tax Planning & Tax Computation
  4. Income Tax & TDS
  5. Service Tax, VAT & GST
  6. Interview Training


Qualification- + 2 and above

Duration- 2 Months


If you are interested in a course from ICAI, you may wish to read our article GST Certification Course by ICAI: A comprehensive Guide.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


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3. Easy GST Academy


The Easy GST Academy is located in Cochin, Kerala, and the southernmost state of India. Easy GST Academy is an accredited SAP Partner Institution in Ernakulam, recognized as the largest accounting institution in Southern India.


The Easy GST Academy is an accredited center of the National Jobs and Education Centre. It conducts a GST certification course which is a six months program, to empower unemployed youth to deal with tax compliance issues such as invoice making. This is one of the well-known GST certification courses in Cochin.


Easy GST Academy is dedicated to delivering high-quality, affordable, and accessible education services that serve the needs of business, industry, and works to build general public awareness with an objective of financial inclusion and skill growth.



Diploma in Professional Corporate Accounting & GST

Program Modules include:


  1. Fundamentals of Accounting- Introduction to accounting, the definition of accounting, basic accounting terminology, voucher, journal, ledger, cashbook forms, purchase book, sales book, return book, BR & BP books
  2. Income Tax- Introduction, important definitions, residential status, incomes exempt from tax, Income from salary, Income from Business and Profession, Income from capital Gaines and other sources
  3. Goods & Service Tax- Goods and Service Tax (GST), introduction, special provisions, taxes which have been subsumed under GST, taxes not likely to be subsumed in GST, types of GST to be implemented, GST on exports and import, Officers under GST, powers, reverse charge, classification of goods and services under GST’s
  4. Computerized Accounting and Practical- Introduction of Accounting, Inventory creations, Cost centre categories, Bill wise details, Voucher class, multiple currencies, Bank reconciliation, Interest calculations


Qualification- +2 or equivalent

Duration- 6 Months

 SAP Module FICO (Finance and Controls)

An overview of the Program Modules:

  1. General Ledger
  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Cash Management
  4. Budgeting & Monitoring
  5. Asset Accounting
  6. Accounting
  7. Profit Centre Accounting
  8. Profit Analysis


 SAP Module MM (Material Management)

Program Modules include:

  1. Introduction to MM
  2. Master Data
  3. Purchasing Procurement Payment Process
  4. Release Procedure for Purchasing Document
  5. Automatic Account Determination
  6. Condition for Pricing Procedure For Price Determination
  7. Output Determination
  8. Inventory Management
  9. Physical Inventory
  10. Valuation and Account Determination
  11. Invoice Verification
  12. CIN
  13. Material requirement planning
  14. Integration with other modules


Qualification- B.com, BBA, M.com, MBA, B.Tech, BCA, MCA

Duration- Fast track 100 hours as per candidate’s convenience, Regular track 40 days – 120 hours.


SAP Module SD (Sales & Distribution)

Program Modules include:

  1. Sales Order
  2. Shipping
  3. Invoice
  4. Pricing
  5. Discounts
  6. Statutory Requirements

Qualification required – B.com, BBA, B.Tech, BCA, MCA, M.com, MBA,


  • The fast track includes 100 hours at par with the candidate’s convenience
  • The regular track includes 40 days-120 hours.


SAP Module PP (Production Planning)

 Program Modules include:

  1. Production version – Lot sizes
  2. Production orders – Types
  3. Material availability – Rules
  4. Capacity check – Categories
  5. Scheduling – Types
  6. Costing – Formulas
  7. Releasing – Reservations
  8. Goods issue – Material docs
  9. Confirmation – Variance
  10. Goods receipt – Inventory
  11. Settlement – Actuals
  12. Technical completion
  13. Automate release process
  14. Automate GR process


Qualification- B.com, BBA, M.com, MBA, B.Tech, BCA, MCA

Duration- Fast track 100 hours as per candidate’s convenience, Regular track 40 days-120 hours


SAP PP Qualification is mainly suitable to-

  1. Project team members
  2. Managerial staff in the department of production
  3. Purchasing trainer
  4. Business analysts
  5. IT staff
  6. Consultants
  7. Inventory Managers


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4. GST Centre


GST Centre provides one of the best GST certification courses in Cochin. Their vision is to be a student-centered, dynamic, and revolutionary, world-class Online and Direct Training Institute that promotes excellence in various fields of accounting, tax, finance, software, and management and generates globally competitive lifelong learners.


Its mission is to be the leading educational institution in delivering high-quality, affordable, and accessible educational programs that serve enterprise, industry, and diverse campus community’s needs and promote their students, partners, faculty, and employee’s personal and professional growth.


With an outstanding support team, they are committed to anticipate and provide industry-relevant training programs and certifications that meet the evolving requirements of clients worldwide.



Diploma in GCC VAT ( DGCC)

Program Modules Include:

  1. GCC VAT Introduction
  2. Understanding VAT
  3. Supplies under UAE VAT
  4. Registration
  5. Tax Liability
  6. Create Company, Activate GCC VAT
  7. Creating Masters and Set GCC VAT Rates
  8. Creating and Updating Party Ledgers
  9. GCC VAT Purchases
  10. GCC VAT Sales

Suitable for students, workers looking for jobs in GCC countries, VAT consultants, and business owners.


Income Tax for Business Management (ITBM)

Program Modules Include:

  1. Tax Deducted at Source
  2. Payment of certain sums
  3. Salary and other payments to employees
  4. Rent
  5. Immovable Property
  6. Interest
  7. Advance Tax, TCS, and Self-Assessment Tax
  8. Deductions Allowable
  9. Restrictions on Deductions
  10. Accounts and Audit
  11. Tax Payments and Returns
  12. Interest & Penalties


The Income Tax Course will allow you to understand the fundamental principles of Income Tax and to understand the different provisions relating to “Profits and Gains from Business or Professions.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


5. ProHub Learning


 A vertical of ProHub Process Management Pvt Ltd. is ProHub Learning is the finishing school for future business professionals, located in the business capital of Kerala, Cochin. Their team of corporate and commercial experts has been unavoidable contributors to their customer’s business strategy and support services since 2014.


Firstly, under the Learning Vertical, they excel in minimizing the capability gaps and ensuring that BCom & MCom streams bring new resources to the industry by qualifying them to meet dynamic consumer, regulatory, accounting and finance, and business knowledge requirements.


At ProHub Learning, in line with their untiring efforts to provide students with a strong theoretical base and to wish each of their students a successful career, they provide the inevitable second step in creating a professional career for each student. This endeavor makes them one of the best providers of GST certification courses in Cochin.



Diploma- Executive Accountant Program

 Program Modules Include:


  1. Core Accounting Practices
  2. Taxation Compliances (GST, TDS, PF, ESI)



  1. Accounting Software
  2. Reporting
  3. HR & Administration



  1. Business Communication and Etiquettes
  2. MS office
  3. Soft Skills
  4. Interview Preparation


Qualification- B.Com/M.Com/BBA/MBA

Duration- 3 Months


PG Diploma- Professional Accounts Manager Program

Program Modules Include:



  1. Core accounting practices
  2. Taxation Compliances (GST,TDS,PF,ESI)
  3. Corporate Affairs | Audit & Auditor



  1. Reporting & Presentation Accounting Software
  2. Operation & Marketing
  3. HR and Administration
  4. Inventory and Logistics
  5. Financial Services


  1. MS Office
  2. Soft Skill Business Communication and Etiquettes
  3. Interview Preparation
  4. Hardware & Networking
  5. Team Building and Leadership


Qualification- B.Com/M.Com/BBA/MBA

Duration- 6 Months.


SAP FI – Power User Program

Program Modules Include:


  1. SAP Financial Accounting (FI)
  2. SAP Controlling (CO)
  3. SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)
  4. SAP Production Planning (PP)
  5. SAP Materials Management (MM)
  6. SAP Quality Management (QM)


Qualification- B.Com/M.Com/BBA/MBA

Duration- 2 Months


Basic Corporate Accountant

Program Modules Include:

  1. Corporate Accounting
  2. Book Finalization GST Concept & Simulation
  3. TDS-Concept
  4. TDS Deduction & Payment
  5. TDS Pre-Filing
  6. GST Return Filing
  7. GST Annual Return
  8. Audit
  9. Basic Business Communication


Qualification- B.Com/M.Com/BBA/MBA


  • Offline classroom training is for 15 days
  • Online instructor-led training is of 10 days


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6. Brainz Academy


Brainz Academy is the leading financial and accounting institution in India and provides one of the best GST Certification courses in Cochin. They offer the best training for all those who aspire to become successful in a career in finance. Knowing this value, we educate our students according to the demands of the industry and are molded according to the job market’s technical advances.


Their mission is to establish and incorporate the best teaching practices and to encourage student’s academic and creative activity during their transition to a professional one. Their vision is to be, by the design of teaching, the most favored and trusted accounting institution. In this area, they offer to set a standard of excellence.



Diploma in Professional Accounting ( DPA)

Program Modules Include:

  1. Professional Accounting
  2. Accounts Management – Bank Management & Cash Management
  3. Professional Corporate Accounting
  4. Management Accounting – Introduction
  5. Management Information Systems (MIS)
  6. Income Tax – Accountants’ Perspective
  7. Goods and Services Tax (GST) – Accountants’ Perspective
  8. Statutory Compliances & Return Filing
  9. Import & Export – Mechanics
  10. Audits & Assessments
  11. Computerized Accounting
  12. SAP


Qualification- B.Com/BBA (Commerce background is necessary)

Duration- 6 Months


Certified Corporate Accountant (CCA)

Program Modules Include:

  1. Professional Accounting
  2. Financial Reporting – Preparation of Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, and Balance Sheet
  3. Professional Corporate Accounting
  4. Management Accounting
  5. Management Information Systems (MIS)
  6. Income Tax – Accountants’ Perspective
  7. Goods and Services Tax (GST) – Accountants’ Perspective
  8. Statutory Compliances & Return Filing
  9. Computerized Accounting


Qualification- B.Com/BBA

Duration- 3 Months

Professional Income Tax Practitioner

Program Modules Include:

  1. Basics of Income Tax
  2. Heads of Income – Tax Perspective
  3. Taxation of Individuals
  4. Business Taxation
  5. House Property & Capital Gains – Practitioner’s Perspective
  6. Income Tax – Accountants’ Perspective
  7. Return Filing – Advanced Study
  8. Statutory Compliances & Return Filing
  9. Assessments & Appeals


Qualification- B.COM/BBA

Duration- 3 Months

Certified GST Practitioner

Program Modules Include:

  1. Basics of Indirect Taxation
  2. GST – Practitioner’s Perspective
  3. Concepts for Practitioners
  4. Introduction to Goods Tariffs & Services Rates
  5. Working Knowledge of GST
  6. Registration under GST
  7. Monthly & Quarterly Returns
  8. Annual Returns
  9. GST Audit
  10. Assessment & Appeals – Introduction
  11. Case Studies


Qualification- B.COM/BBA

Duration- 2 Months


SAP Training

Program Modules Include:



Qualification- B.COM/BBA

Duration- 3 Months


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


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Benefits of Learning GST Certification Course

If you want to be a tax accountant or want to start your career in business and finance, you will benefit from the GST certification courses in Cochin. The course allows you to receive the new tax schemes, whether you are a chartered accountant or a financial and tax specialist. Later, with an improvement in the experience in your chosen area, you can perform more effectively.


Not only does the Goods and Services Tax hones your ability to measure and analyze taxes, but it also gives you the self-esteem you lack. Therefore, during the course, you can learn from basic to advanced GST concepts, and apply as tax consultants to reputed industries and companies. In empowering the ability and depth in tax processing and analysis, the course will hone your tax ability.

As a tax consultant/agent/professional in the tax and finance department, you will carry out your job duty precisely in maintaining the new tax regime (levied by the Indian Government since July 2017). Learning the GST certification courses in Cochin will encourage you to practice:


  • If you are already affiliated with a tax firm and work as a tax consultant, you will experience a shocking development in your career.
  • You can apply to organizations that are looking for GST tax consultants that are accredited.
  • After completion of the GST course, you can ask for a better salary package.



1. What is the criteria for becoming a GST Practitioner?

Some of the conditions to fulfill to become a GST Practitioner are that you have to be a citizen of India, you have to be a graduate or postgraduate preferably in accounts and finance, you should possess a sound mind, and should not have been convicted of a felony.


2. What should be my educational qualifications for applying for a GST Practitioner job?

You have to complete graduation or postgraduation in Commerce, banking, law, business administration, finance from a recognized university.


3. How much remuneration can a GST practitioner expect? 

A GST Practitioner can earn anywhere from 3lacs- 5.5lacs per annum. With expertise and experience, you can expect to get even higher salaries and better career growth.



The Goods & Service Tax Training Program gives your career a boost when you think about working in a company as a tax consultant or accountant. These GST certification courses in Cochin will provide you with a range of tax-related problems to solve.


It is time to shape your dream to become a tax advisor when taking and opting for the best GST certification courses in Cochin. The course will provide you with the confidence and courage to become a professional tax consultant and to also achieve prosperity.

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  • Hi. I am Kaushik. I am a travel agent and will soon be launching another business. I want to understand GST by myself. What are the requirements for joining these courses? I have done my graduation in Arts. Does having a finance background immportant?

  • IIM Skills is my personal favourite that I would like to recommend to all the finance enthusiasts out there. Of course, there are several other institutes too but this institute met my basic learning needs. Quality study material, Reliable & Experienced Trainers and immense opportunities are what the world is waiting to explore.

  • Thanks, I read some free courses, suggested by IIM Skills, on GST, which were very fruitful. I am looking for a certification course now. I am thinking to go with the IIM Skills course. Can you please share more info and how we can proceed further. A demo class would be perfect 🙂

  • Hi, I am Madhvi. And I want to ask if these courses are full in-detail courses or crash courses. I am looking for a crash course, so I get some basic information about running a business. I run a solo startup, and managing taxes have been very cumbersome. Please suggest some basic courses that one can do in Cocin. That would be very helpful.

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  • Hi, This is Kamala. I am a tax consultant but I find it better if I pursue this course for my enhancement in knowledge. Let me know whether this is offline or online and what is the fee structure

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  • hey, I have been looking for a good GST certification course in cochin to start my career as a GST practitioner but was unable to choose one because of the number of options available. and checking each one-course structure, duration, and fee is tedious work. but this article does that for me. I especially loved the ‘course structure’ part of the article, as side by side comparison helped me in shortlisting the course. so just wanna say thank you to Ankita for this article

  • Hello, I’ve taken few free GST lessons. To work in this sector, though, I need a certificate. What are the objectives and course outline for these GST Certification training programs in cochin? Do these courses include the aspects of freelancing as well?

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