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GST Certification Course by the Government

In this modern era where technology is taking place day by day in the market, opting for government courses brings a golden opportunity. It not only provides a job opportunity but also gives you high income, good career growth, and opportunities. One of the courses is the GST Course by the government.

Boost Your Career Doing GST Certification Course By The Government

Let’s study in detail what lies in the GST certification course by the government and how it is different from other courses.

Why you should do a government course?

Everyone aims to earn money once he/she is graduated, but not all get the job directly. Some people start searching for jobs, some take on further studies or some even start their own business. There are 3 things which everyone is worried about for their career i.e., Money, Security, and stability. These 3 things are important for everyone whether they are doing Job, further studies, or owning a business.


Considering all the above things there is one job which will give you all the above as well as it solves many problems like family life, life after retirement, house, etc. That is a government job that fulfills all your needs.


Getting a government job is not at all easy as it requires lots of dedication, discipline, punctuality, knowledge, etc. If you are ready to give your time for the exams then the result will be fruitful. But if you are not ready to pay for this then there are also some government courses which will give a boost to your career and give you a good opportunity.


Some people consider courses as putting a lot of money but government courses are not expensive and it is affordable for all. Let’s see the government courses regarding GST.


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What is GST?

GST is Goods and Services Tax which is an indirect tax that is levied on the supply of goods and services. This tax was passed in parliament on 29th Mar 2017 and came into effect on 01st Jul 2017.

GST is a big game changer and tax reforming for the country. The main journey of GST began in the year 2000 and committee boards were set up to prepare preliminary law which took almost 17 years to develop.

The goods and services tax under one roof as you get every detail.

Before going into the details for GST, let’s go through the types of taxes.

There is two types of taxes i.e., Direct and Indirect tax. Direct tax refers to the tax applied on the income of an individual directly. Indirect tax is the tax applied on goods and services which maximize the cost and increase the retail price.

The main issue of the previous tax was the amount varies accordingly i.e., the state has their own tax and central have their own tax.

The GST introduced just to simplify all these types of taxes and create one nation one tax.


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What are the types of GST?

The GST brings about a major change in the indirect tax system. The government levied different tax rates for different types which are applicable for payment of taxes. There are 3 types of GST. The below are the details of all the 3 GST applicable.


The CGST means Central Goods and Service Tax under GST law. This tax is collected by Central Government and particularly for the intra-state transactions of goods and services. The taxes which are collected will be an income for the central government. The examples for CGST are excise duty, Sales tax, service tax, etc.


The SGST is a type of tax that is applicable within the state. Both the central and state collect the same amount of tax imposed on the intra-state goods and services.


E.g., If the person is situated in Delhi and sells the products in Maharashtra for the cost of around 10 lakhs then an equal amount of GST will be collected by State and Central government.


The IGST known as Integrated Goods and Service Tax is levied when there is the transfer of goods and services inter-state. This is a concept of one nation one tax. The IGST is equal to the Central Government service tax plus the state government service tax. This tax is between 2 different states or state and union territories which is called interstate. E.g., If a person is located in Uttar Pradesh and orders the product from Maharashtra then he/she has to pay IGST.


Why GST is important?

There are multiple reasons why GST is important in India as it plays a very important role. It is a big main roof under which there are multiple things covered. The GST has let the tax simplified and has many advantages which are really important for the country and its development. Let us go through the below points for why GST is important for the country.

1) Competition globally

As GST is known as one nation one tax, it helps India to improve the level of competition in the global market. GST helps in minimizing the multiple taxes approach which helps to prevent the causes of inflation.


2) Payment of taxes online

People are now moving and doing everything online and paperless which helps to save trees and also leads to saving the important data securely. The payment of GST, filing, registration is made online which will help to keep the record track and ease in maintaining the data securely and get it handy.


3) Control of black money

GST is maintained and collected in the proper manner. There were multiple taxes previously due to which the chances of black money were more. After GST, every transaction is recorded and maintained online due to which there are fewer frauds. Hence, it has lessened black money.


4) Removal of multiple taxes

Before GST there were multiple taxes as per state which was very tedious and difficult to understand. The GST was introduced to remove all the other taxes and imply one nation one tax policy. This helps in maintaining and understanding the taxes for everyone.


5) Managing the consumption and supply

The GST is applicable to both consumption of goods and the supply of services. It helps in managing both the consumption and supply as previously wholesalers and retailers were escaping the tax liability.


Lets look at the Government Certification Course on GST as well as the private institutes that provide GST Training. 

There are GST courses that are taken by the government as well as from private institutes. The below details give an explanation regarding the courses on GST.

1) GST training accreditation program

After the assent given by the honorable President of India to the Constitution Amendment Bill on Goods and Service Tax, GST is proposed to roll out by 01st Apr 2017. On this decision, there was a need to plan for training for trade and other state holders. For this important task, it was decided to involve the good training institutes and professional bodies of repute in this further process.


According to the Government of India’s program, the NACEN i.e., the National Academy of Customs Excise and Narcotics which is the uppermost indirect tax training institute of the Government of India invites the Expression of Interest from training institutes and professional bodies who desire of imparting training to the industry, trade, and stakeholders. It will be called ‘Approved Training Partners under the GST training Accreditation Programme’ of the National Academy of Customs Excise and Narcotics.

There are multiple institutes called for the training such as.

  • Amity University
  • NIIT limited
  • Laghu Udyog Bharti
  • Marathwada Mitra Mandal Institute of Management Education Research & Training
  • Siddaganga Institute of Tech
  • CII
  • Siva Sivani Institute of Mgmt

Eligibility Criteria

The training/ professional institutes and bodies that are having experience in fiscal and indirect tax training and who are having the desire to provide knowledge of the GST training to the industry and in this process the trade and other stakeholders would be eligible to apply for this program.


2) Certificate course in GST by ICSI

ICSI which is the Institute of Company Secretaries of India is with the mission to provide company secretaries the necessary skills which help to develop their competencies in GST. It has signed an MoU (memorandum of understanding) with BSE Institute Limited which is a wholly subsidiary of BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). This will offer a GST certificate course.

The main aim is to provide knowledge of the principles of GST and the new indirect tax regime.

This course comes with a very nominal fee which is around 7500/- and the course will be of 5 weeks in duration. The class is on every weekend i.e., Saturday and Sunday.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the course are ICSI members and the Professional Programme will be able to apply.


3) GST practitioner certification course

The GST practitioner is a person who is approved by the Central and State Governments and performs the activities on behalf of the person who is taxable. The below list comprises the list of activities that need to perform.

  • For a fresh registration file an application
  • Filing application in case of amendment or cancellation of the application
  • Provide the details of inward and outward supplies
  • Provide the final GST returns for monthly, quarterly, and annually
  • File a refund claim
  • Present yourself as an authorized representative in front of any officer from the department
  • Manage credit payments like tax payment, interest, fees, penalty, etc.


Eligibility Criteria

  • You should be a citizen of India
  • The mind should be sound enough
  • You should not be declared insolvent
  • There should not be a history of imprisonment for more than 2 year


Educational Criteria

The below are the educational criteria options.

1) You have to be a graduate or complete your postgraduate degree in the field of Commerce, Law, Banking with auditing, Business Administration or Business Management from Indian University which is established by law OR

2) You should pass any degree of an Indian or Foreign university which should be recognized by Indian University OR

3) Retired officer of CTD (Commercial Tax Department) of any State Government or Central Board of Excise and Customs who is having work experience which is not below the Group-B gazetted office. The period should not be less than 2 years.


4) GST and Indirect tax by ICAI

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is established by the act of parliament i.e., The Chartered accountant act, 1949 (Act No. XXXVIII of 1949). The course is organized by GST and Indirect Taxes Committee.

This course is useful for members in Practice, performing services, and auditors. The course is for 10 days with the fees of 14000/- plus taxes.

The course aims to provide specialization and improvised knowledge in GST and enhance the problem solving as well as analytical skills for making the correct decision.

Eligibility Criteria

The members of ICAI which mean the chartered accountant under the Act 1949.


5) MSME GST certification course

The course for MSME (The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises) is for the CA who is wishing to learn the concept of GST and this really helps them to develop complete GST knowledge.

This course gets complete in a minimum of 3 days and the maximum depends on the institute as per their guidelines. The cost for the course between 7000/- to 10000/-.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility is you should be a CA student of a CA fresher to apply for this course.

Below are some institutes which provide the GST course.

  • National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • ISEL global
  • Tax Guru
  • CA Club India


6) GST Centre – The GST certification course and training

The GST center is the best for learning GST. This course is made in collaboration with multiple specialists who are certified in giving quality training on GST. The course is for everyone who wants to learn and know about GST. There are multiple courses and diplomas in GST in the GST center.

They provide direct leaning, distance learning, on-campus training programs, corporate workshops, etc.

  • The features are listed below.
  • They are promoted by the CA (Chartered Accountant)
  • The best and expertise management and faculties.
  • Provide placements for students
  • They are accredited with the National and international certification
  • Provides customized GST courses and are supported with trademarks and copyrights
  • The fees of the course are around 6000/- with the learning kit. You can visit the GST center website for admission.


7) The GST certification course by V Skill

The V Skill is a certified government body, but more than that this institute provides you the quality knowledge and detailed information on GST. The main purpose is to develop the skills and knowledge of finance, accounting, etc to make you GST-ready.

Eligibility Criteria

This course is for Accounting professionals, tax consultants, students who are pursuing studies in finance and accounting.

The course fees are very minimal which is around Rs. 4999/- and you can do it online. The course provides lots of benefits like Government certification which is valid for a lifetime, free practice tests, e-learning access for lifelong, etc.


8) GST certification course by Udemy

If you are finding a course which you can do as per your time and gain good knowledge about GST then you can enroll one on Udemy. The course contains lifetime access to the videos, a certificate of completion, and access to wherever you require.

Eligibility Criteria

This course is for the students who have completed BCom, Master of Commerce, CA, CS, CMS, Tally, and also everyone who aspire to get knowledge of GST.

The fees in Udemy always differ as you can get discounts as per the coupons and enrolments.


9) GST course by Tax Guru

Tax guru provides the online self-learning course in GST. It self paced, and is available in 2 languages i.e., English and Hindi. The course comprises the basic and advanced knowledge of GST. They have trained more than 30000 people in India and also provide workshops on GST.

The access for this course is valid for up to 2.5 months and the duration is 40 hours. The course fees are Rs. 10000/-.

Eligibility Criteria

CA, CS, Business head, CEO, CFO, Financial Directors, Analyst, SMEs, Traders, tax officials, GST practitioners, Finance and Accounting officers, lawyers who deal in tax can do this course.


10) GST certification course by NIFM

If you are looking for a professional GST course and get complete insights and knowledge of GST then enroll in NIFM (National Institute of Financial Market) which is a center of financial experts. They provide the real knowledge and training on GST which prepares you for new challenges and success. This course will help you to build the foundation of GST and help to build technical and interpersonal skills.

Features of the course are as below.

  • The course will provide GST accounting training with Tally ERP9 software
  • The course curriculum comprises 80% practical knowledge and 20% theory
  • It will provide you unlimited access to practical hours and clear, you doubt in a timely manner as they give attention individually
  • They provide 100% placement assistance
  • The availability of the batches is provided on weekends too and also the management is supportive.
  • They will provide a free demo so if you want to check before enrolling then you can check the details.
  • The duration of the course is 2 months and the fee for the program is Rs. 25000/- plus GST.

Eligibility Criteria

There is no constraint for joining this course as every professional and nonprofessional who is wishing to get knowledge in GST can join and upgrade themselves.


11) GST certification course by NIIT

NIIT already having its own good place in the market and also provide a placement guarantee. They have come up with the GST certification course which gives you an understanding of the concepts and good knowledge.

The course is specially designed for the students of commerce and is based on the introduction to GST.

The duration of the course is 20 hours and provides intensive learning with good industry-driven faculties.

Eligibility Criteria

The course is for the student of BCom, undertaking the Commerce class till 12th and should know about taxation system.


12) GST Executive course by GST India Expert 

The GST India Expert has introduced a GST Executive course which will provide the deep and practical knowledge for a student that will help them to take on a successful career and lead to a better future.

Along with the knowledge of GST, they also provide training and knowledge of Excel, Tally, and accounting too.

The duration of the course is 60 hours and classes will be held on weekdays as well as on weekends across various centers.

There are 3 types available i.e., GST Executive, GST Executive Plus, and GST Professional in the GST courses from which you can choose according to your requirement.


Advantages of the GST Certification course

The GST brings lots of opportunities for the people who want to learn and grow their careers. The below mention points provide the details of the benefits of learning the GST certification course.

  • GST certification course opens the door for a number of job opportunities
  • After doing the course one can plan to open their own firm
  • The course helps to develop many skills in the taxation and finance
  • The certificate can help to get raise in the salary
  • Gives you an understanding of the GST provision



Jobs you get after completing the course

The GST has opened new paths for career growth in the world of tax. Previously there were not many opportunities and the tax calculations were a little tedious. But after introducing GST to the country, the job opportunities have increased.

The average income for GST practitioners is around 600K per annum and it can vary in different companies. The important is now there are more opportunities for the people who are in finance and commerce.

Due to GST, there is an increase in the demand for the specialist from the fields like taxation, finance, accounts, audit, and analyst.

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The course is really the best for the people who are looking for a good opportunity. The GST is booming in the market and there is a requirement for qualified people to work upon it. Hence, getting enrolled in the course is the first step towards getting ahead.


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