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6 Best SEO Training in Patna With 100% Practical Training

Did you know that implementing proper SEO techniques can boost your site traffic substantially? However, my initiation into SEO was not a success and so is the case for most beginners. This article provides a compilation of the institutes that provide the best SEO training in Patna.


SEO training in Patna


What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the bunch of techniques that are practiced to improve a site’s ranking and visibility. Anyone can grow website traffic organically with SEO. Whether it be small start-ups or thriving large-scale businesses, SEO is the silver bullet to drive sales.


Singling out small businesses, SEO is possibly the only option that could help without spending much money. Meanwhile, SEO is not a single thing that can be mastered instantly. It is a set of strategies that can be perfected with constant practice and application. SEO techniques apply to technical writing just as they apply to content writing.


Search Engines


Before diving deeper into SEO, it is essential to understand how search engines work as SEO is all about optimizing search engines. Nowadays, people use Google to look up almost everything. Every user neither has the same question nor wants the same answer. The questions are diversified but the answers have to be so much specific that they help solve the problems.


Here comes the role of keywords in presenting the appropriate search results i.e., relevant websites. Website content writers incorporate popular or most searched keywords into articles and blogs. Doing this increases the chances of Google ranking websites when something related to the page or website is searched.


Similarly, when users search for a topic, they tend to use words that are similar to keywords. Thus, Google search results come up with a bunch of websites that are likely to offer solutions. These search results show up as a result of crawling. This way Google acts as a reliable medium to access published data and solutions.


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  • When applied correctly SEO is inclined to increase website visibility. Being readily visible means prospects will visit the site. Visiting the site could exponentially increase the chances of driving sales. Ranking in the top 10 is significant to improve visibility because most users do not even read the second page of search results.
  • SEO assists in gaining web traffic. The higher the web traffic the more is the probability of selling products and services.
  • Link structure is vital when it comes to rankings. Bots won’t crawl websites that have improper link structures. Using search engine optimization this can be tackled smartly.
  • SEO can be of help to reduce website bounce rates. Bounce rates affect user experience directly.
  • Domain authority of 60 and above is considered healthy. Search engine optimization elevates domain scores.
  • Almost every SEO course in Patna covers all the important aspects of SEO training. Content writing and technical writing are majorly for creative people. Anyway, knowing several technical terms is obligatory to learn the basics of SEO. You will find some complicated terms broken down in the ensuing paragraphs.


SEO Glossary


As someone who started content writing as a muggle, I understand the initial struggles in the content writing industry. Majority of the people who choose content writing to have a knack for writing. Beginners are led to believe that content writing is all about cranking up well-written articles. It is not wrong that they are inspired to apply for jobs at firms that have writer openings. But only later do they realize the challenging part- SEO.


Nowadays companies are not only looking for writers but also writers who are SEO experts or SEO specialists. SEO and all the other complicated concepts are the reason why beginners tend to dabble in the industry. I have tried my best to simplify the basic website concepts for you.


Keywords – these are search terms which the users are likely to type in when they look for something on the internet. Example: Which institute offers the best SEO training in Patna?

Backlinks – backlinks are just like hyperlinks. It is more like a citation or reference. A backlink connects a web page to another web page’s content.

Domain Authority – A site’s domain authority lies between 0 and 100. Domain authority is like the quality of the website to rank for any given term. The higher the domain authority the better the website performance.

Meta Tags – Meta tags are little blurbs visible in HTML code that give a piece of overall information about a page’s content. Meta tags are usually not present on the web page.

SEO Traffic – SEO traffic is the visits that you get from search engines. Organic traffic refers to those visitors who find a website from unpaid sources.

Black Hat SEO – Black hat SEO refers to the practices which fail to adhere to the webmaster guidelines. Keyword stuffing is the best example of black hat SEO.


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SEO Expert


SEO is a great career as it opens up several avenues to earn money and grow. It is always better to have at least certain basic knowledge about SEO to run a website. However good the content may be without SEO it is futile on the internet. So, most companies readily hire SEO experts and writers who know their way around search engine optimization. SEO specialists who have more experience in the field earn 1000000 INR approximately per annum while freshers can expect to earn anywhere between 2,75,000 and 4,50,000 INR per annum.


Although you can read up almost everything about SEO on the internet, it is always better to back up your knowledge with certificates. Various institutes both online and offline give SEO training in Patna. As a bonus, I have included a few free SEO courses in Patna that are worth a try. With businesses and firms growing rapidly, SEO is a never-dying career opportunity.



Free SEO Tools

Google Keyword Planner – Google keyword planner is a go-to free tool by Google that gives you amazing keyword ideas. You can also paste your competitor’s website to locate the keywords they have used in their web page.

Ubersuggest – This free tool by Neil Patel is sheer magic as it can do wonders. It is way too better when compared with Google Keyword Planner. Offering tons of insights and keyword ideas, this tool is incredible.

Google Analytics – Yet another free tool from Google that is extremely handy. Google Analytics can be used with ease to garner data in terms of session duration, bounce rate etc., When a user types something in a website search bar, Google analytics collects that data and stores it. You can easily access that data to find out what your customers are looking for and cater to their needs.

Answer the Public – Web content should bear some relevance to what people are searching for. Are you having trouble finding out what people are searching for? This can be difficult but Answer the Public has made this process a lot simpler. When a search query is entered, this tool comes up with a bunch of questions that people ask on the internet.

Keyword Density Checker – Keyword Density Checker is a readily available tool where you can copy and paste your content and check for keyword density. Website URLs can also be pasted to know the keyword density.


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Best SEO Training In Patna

The growth of new businesses in Patna has led to an increase in competition and competitors. As a fallout, businesses are required to have an online presence to stay in the game. So, most companies have websites of their own. The problem does not end here as running a website is also equally competitive. So, SEO gives businesses an edge over other businesses. Following SEO can bring long-term as well as short-term benefits to businesses.


As we have already seen about the growing demand for SEO specialists, we will now look at a list best places to undergo SEO training in Patna.




The first course in our list of best SEO training in Patna is an SEO course by IIM SKILLS. Best known for their extraordinary feat in a Content writing course, IIM SKILLS provides various other premium courses in the field of marketing, writing, and taxation.


SEO is more about practice and IIM SKILLS seems to have got this pretty well. This course comes with a 2-month paid internship. The course duration is 1 month which means you can kick start your career as an SEO expert in just 30 days. The fee structure for this course is 14,900 INR.


Catering to the needs of both newbies and working professionals, the course is well-structured and well-defined. To cap it all, the course can be taken by homemakers, retired people, college dropouts, graduates, working professionals, and anyone wanting to restart their career.


What makes it the best among the masses is the hands-on practice with quick assignments in between the class, and the internship program. The internship gives you first-hand experience and adds up to your experience bucket. Below is a sneak-peak of what the course entails, do check out.

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More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

2)   NIIT 


Full Stack Digital Marketing Programme by NIIT deserves a special mention in the list of SEO training in Patna. It is a beginner-friendly course but equips students with advanced skills. This SEO course in Patna is 20-week long and prepares students to become professionals. Students holding any graduate degree can take this course which assures placement. Promising a minimum salary of 3 lakhs per annum this course has more to offer.


The course trains students to ace some other worthwhile certified courses including Facebook’s digital marketing associate course, Facebook’s media planning professional course, Google Digital Garage, Google Ads, etc., This course is specially designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, graduates, etc., This course is priced at 70000 INR.


This course covers

  • Paid marketing in Google
  • Website designing
  • Search engine optimization
  • E-commerce Channels
  • Tools
  • YouTube analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Ads
  • Hootsuite
  • SimilarWeb
  • Facebook Insights
  • SEMrush
  • Google Ads manager


NIIT has a slew of other courses such as

  • Digital Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Data Analytics
  • Banking and Finance
  • Data science
  • Game development
  • JAVA


3)   Hubspot Academy


Think about learning SEO from a well-known American software company. These are the free bonus courses I mentioned earlier. This SEO certification course is tailored for content creators, marketers who are ready to upskill. This SEO course in Patna has covered everything from the basics to the advanced level. Yes, it is impossible to miss HubSpot’s free SEO certification course in the list of best SEO training in Patna. This is an online course and lessons are in the form of 24 videos.


This course covers

  • Basics of Search engine optimization
  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO reporting
  • Website SEO
  • Backlinks
  • Increasing visibility
  • Keyword Research


Some of the other courses at HubSpot Academy are

  • Digital Marketing Certification Course
  • WordPress Training Course
  • Paid Media Strategy Course
  • Business Writing Course
  • Email Marketing Certification Course
  • Design Certification Course

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4)   E-marketing Institute


Who does not love free stuff? This institute was founded in Copenhagen; Denmark is known are the free courses it offers. E-marketing institute has students from over 100 countries from across the world. In the SEO Certification course by E-marketing Institute, students receive learning materials in the form of a downloadable PDF.


This SEO course provides an in-depth understanding of SEO without using many complicated terms. The simplified language makes comprehending concepts effortless. Another attractive feature is the absence of time duration. All the courses at the E-marketing institute come with no time duration. All these distinguishing features make this course one of the best SEO courses in Patna.


This course covers

  • Basics of SEO
  • Meta Tags
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Panda
  • Google Rankings
  • Link Building
  • Search Engine Tools
  • Website optimization
  • Site Design
  • Site Development
  • Search Engines


Some of the other free courses to try at E-marketing Institute are

  • E-Commerce Certification
  • Affiliate Marketing Certification
  • Search Engine Marketing Certification
  • Online Marketing Fundamentals
  • Content Marketing Certification


5)   Simplilearn 


Another known name in the list of best SEO training in Patna is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course by Simplilearn. This advances SEO course is suggested for graduates who are seeking an alternative career option, small entrepreneurs, etc., The course is 100% online with live classes. This course is open to anyone willing to learn about SEO applications and practices. The course gives two different training options – self-paced learning at 15999 INR and online boot camp at 20999 INR.


This course covers

  • URL Management
  • Web Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Management
  • Keyword Management
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO and social media
  • SEO Tools
  • Local Searches
  • Local SEO


Some of the other courses at Simplilearn are

  • Cyber Security
  • Software Development
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Big Data
  • Data Science
  • Business Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Business and Leadership


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


6)   Coursera


Coursera ranks among the best places which provide SEO training in Patna. Increase SEO Traffic with WordPress is an advanced-level course that can be learned online. Familiarity with WordPress is one of the requirements of this free course. Flexible timings are one of the advantages of this course.


This course covers

  • Web Development
  • Analytics
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • ALT text
  • Tags
  • Permalinks
  • Blog headings
  • Internal links
  • Site visibility

Some of the other SEO courses to look upon Coursera are

  • Google SEO fundamentals by Davis
  • Search engine optimization by Coursera Project Network


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Which degree is preferred to become an SEO specialist?

Anyone interested in learning search engine optimization can become an SEO specialist. There is no specific degree for SEO. Holding certifications from top institutes which offer top-class SEO training in Patna can increase your chances of becoming an SEO expert. Usually, content writers, technical writers, entrepreneurs, and graduates learn SEO for various reasons. Apart from paid courses, there are several learning materials on platforms like Google, YouTube, Instagram etc.


  1. What are a few SEO courses for beginners?

Most of the SEO courses are beginner-friendly. I have mentioned a couple of beginner-friendly courses in this article. Neil Patel’s SEO unlocked is an absolute beginner-friendly course and it is available on YouTube. He takes us through the whole process of SEO in his videos. This course also makes available a lot of learning materials and personal worksheets. Personally, this course has instilled tons of confidence in me and helped me know more about SEO. Neil Patel breaks down every process quickly. He backs up everything with course materials. And SEO Unlocked is free of cost. Daragh Walsh’s SEO course for beginners on Udemy is another course to learn the basics of SEO. There are numerous free materials for beginners on the internet.


  1. Can I become a self-taught SEO expert?

Yes, you can start working your way toward becoming a self-taught SEO expert. The first place, to begin with, is to search for free study materials online. After gaining some information about SEO, you can look for free SEO courses in Patna online. Internships are a great way to get to know about SEO. As mentioned earlier, there is an extensive range of unpaid courses online. Although, getting proper training from any of the institutes which give SEO training in Patna is highly recommended. Being a self-taught expert is cool but certificated are proof of your skills.



The need for SEO in businesses is growing rapidly. However, many writers do not seem to be familiar with SEO when they first enter the content writing field. Some writers have the perfect writing style but they struggle with SEO. The complete ignorance about SEO makes it difficult for beginners to land their first gig. As a result, they start dabbling in content writing without understanding SEO. Therefore, choosing the right institute to learn SEO will sink all the problems of starting as a beginner.

  • In the field of online writing, I’m looking for a career. I’m a student who will shortly graduate from college and begin looking for work in this industry. I hope to be able to write for some well-known companies and blogs because doing so will provide me a lot of exposure to different tools and experience in the content writing field. I’m looking for SEO training in Patna so I can further my understanding that SEO is one of the key skill sets a content writer possesses. As soon as you can give me any information about the courses, I plan to enrol in your institute.

  • I’m seeking for a course that will teach me how to use the right tools and approaches to take my business online. I run a thriving clothes store in my neighbourhood. Now I want to extend my business online as well, and I need to master SEO to do so. These institutes that you have listed for SEO training in Patna appear to be quite great. I’d like to enrol in your course. What’s the best way for me to sign up? Do you provide this education to business people like myself? Please provide me the course specifics so that I can read them thoroughly.

  • I am looking for a career for myself in the online writing domain. I am a BA student and soon I’ll be finishing college and start pursuing a career in this field. I want to be able to write for some popular blogs and businesses that will provide me with great exposure to various tools and experience in the content writing industry. As I understand SEO is one of the main skillsets that a content writer possesses so I am looking for SEO training in Patna that I can pursue. I am looking toward enrolling in your institute as soon as you can provide me with some course details.
    Thank You.

  • Hi, I was looking for best courses that provide seo training in patna. Then i read this article and it has been very helpful. I would like to take the IIMSkills course. Please share the details. And share the price as well. I wuold love to know more about seo and its functionalities. I want to know how it can help with a small business such as mine and make its presence online. I have read a little about it from the internet and thought it would be better to learn from a professional on the subject. Thank you very mch.

  • Hi , I do part time blogging in Patna about the tourism here . I am also studying on the side . I was interested to get a SEO training in Patna as I want to be a professional blogger. I want to know the general charges of the course . I also want to know what are the career options I can look at after completing this course . Most options I am looking at are work from home jobs . Please also tell me which among the listed course is the best according to your opinion . Kindly refer a course you have personal experience with as that will be more helpful.

  • I was searching for SEO training in Patna and your name came up and so I did some research on google and found out that your courses are worth it. No doubt that you know about this skill and your post on the topic is also highlighting your expertise in the subject. I have a little bit of a doubt about the placement though as I’ve seen much fraud occurring online. I would love to know more about the course. This course would enhance my resume and I want to earn international clients for my freelancing services so learning SEO is a big part of it.

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