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Top 12 Technical Writing Courses in Patna with Placements

Technology progresses in leaps and bounds through studies, innovations, and revisions.  It is necessary to simplify complex technical information to a language used by non-professionals. This task is a need for organizations belonging to different fields such as engineering, electronics, aeronautics, medical, IT, biotechnology, finance, and more.

So, now these organizations consider the role of a technical writer not as an option but as indispensable. Now is the time to consider a career in highly promising technical writing. In the following article, we discuss some of the most prominent technical writing courses in Patna.


Technical writing courses in Patna


Technical Writing: An Explanation


Technical writing is the written expression of technical communication in diverse fields such as engineering, medicine, aeronautics, biotechnology, etc.  According to the Society for Technical Communication, the three criteria which mark a communication as a technical communication are:


  1. Communicating about specialized topics
  2. Communicating with the help of technology
  3. Giving instructions to do a particular technical task


Today, the technical writing formats are not limited to user manuals but include emails, reports, briefs, policy, and press releases. Technical writing, if done correctly, addresses a target audience and clearly instructs them to follow some actions to meet a particular goal.


Common Types of Technical Writing:


Some of the most common forms of technical writing are:


  • Scientific and medical paper
  • User manuals/ Assistance guide
  • Technical books and guides
  • Assembly Manuals
  • Technical reviews and reports
  • White papers
  • Technical descriptions
  • Reports
  • Proposals
  • Product recall
  • Postures and visual communications
  • News releases
  • Executive summaries
  • Feasibility studies and corporate reports
  • Policies
  • Business plans
  • Case studies
  • Literature reviews etc.


Technical Writers: What Do They Do?


A technical writer is responsible for making the user experience as simple as possible through crisp documentation. Typically technical writers can hold degrees in diverse fields and have a few years of work experience in their particular field. They should have excellent communication skills in writing as they are required to create error-free and professional documentation that sounds credible to the audience.


They should communicate with people from a technical background and the general public. Technical writers also take up the responsibility of editing and revising the content, and hence they should have some knowledge of technical platforms and languages. A technical writer’s skill requirements do not end with excellent communication.


They often have to do extensive research on specific topics.  Technical writers should also analyze the audience correctly to determine the most appropriate tone for the documents. The technical writers are also responsible for the document layout. They should be excellent team players as technical writers often collaborate with other teams and departments such as content managers, editors, graphic designers, illustrators, etc.


Read on to get familiar with our curated list of top technical writing courses in Patna.




IIM SKILLS is a leading institute in professional courses worldwide. Industry experts lead the live classes and guide you through hands-on assignments to prepare you for globally recognized certificates. With lifetime access to LMS, a student always gets updated content.


The students also receive placement assistance as a part of the training programs at the institute. IIM SKILLS is a good option for someone looking for technical writing training in Patna, which will give you subject matter expertise. The following are the course details:


Course details:


Name of the program: Technical Writing Master Course

Duration: 5 weeks + guaranteed internship for one month


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  1. Introduction
  2. How to write
  3. Creating your content
  4. Technical reports
  5. White papers/ Journals
  6. DDLC and versioning
  7. Conversational writing
  8. Reviewing and publishing
  9. API documentation using XML
  10. Datasheets, User Manuals & application notes
  11. Effective writing
  12. Medical writing
  13. Case study


As a part of the Technical Writing Course, one learns to write in different forms of technical communications. These include a technical report, white papers, medical writing, API documentation, peer-reviewed papers on scientific research, etc.


A student learns to use a conversational tone to convey technical information without compromising the formatting, design elements, documentation rules, and reader experience. Throughout the program, one gains expertise in technical writing tools like MS Visio, MS Project, Git, Scribus, Word, Robohelp, XML, DITA, and the like.


To conclude, the technical writing course by IIM SKILLS, which teaches one to present technical concepts precisely using the best technical writing skills and after a thorough audience analysis, is one of the most comprehensive technical writing courses in Patna.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

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2.    Oregon State University


Professional and Continuing Education by Oregon State University conducts one of the best online courses in the world. The university also facilitates professional development experiences by conducting workforce training in companies, non-profit organizations, and agencies. The technical writing certificate course by Oregon State University is a series of short programs focusing on the sharpening of specific skill sets.


See the course details below:


Course details:


Name of the program: Technical writing certificate

Duration: 5 short programs each of four weeks


The short courses included in the technical writing certificate are as follows:


  1. Free introduction to technical writing
  2. Manuals: Introductions & overview
  3. Technical editing & report writing
  4. Single sourcing & methodology
  5. Usability & user-centered design
  6. Portfolio creation



The self-paced introduction to the technical writing training in Patna gives a beginner a strong foundation on the subject. In the following courses, a student would use the best technical writing conventions in style, design, and layout that enhance the end-user experience. Each class teaches one to learn the target audience and create technical writing documents focusing on UX design.


The portfolio course aids students in building their portfolios using the already created technical documents by showcasing them on a WordPress site. The technical writing certificate course by OSU is one of the few technical writing courses in Patna which can either be done as one program or in parts as per one’s skill requirements.


3.     Communicaid


Communicaid aims to solve communication problems in organizations among the global workforce. The training programs at Communicaid develop international competence in individuals, organizations, divisions, and teams through coaching and consultancy. The institute provides one of the leading technical writing training in Patna and elsewhere. The course details are as follows:


Course details:

Name of the program: Technical writing course

Duration: one or two days



  1. Audience analysis
  2. Planning techniques
  3. Layout and structure
  4. Signposting to support your reader
  5. Methods for presenting complex ideas & concepts simply & clearly
  6. Presenting numbers, charts, and graphics
  7. Highlighting benefits
  8. Appropriate use of jargon
  9. Editing and improving readability


The technical writing course helps you analyze your audience and create documents comprehensible for expert and non-expert readers using practical tools. The course program develops one’s editing and proofreading skills.


It also emphasizes the visual design of documents. To conclude, the technical writing course by Communicaid is one of the technical writing courses in Patna teaching to create planned and well-structured technical documents.


4.     Society for Technical Communication


Society for Technical Communication is the world’s oldest professional organization working to bring progress in technical communication. The society needs special mention among institutes that provide training for technical writing in Patna for its award-winning publications and the annual conference, one of the most-attended technical communication events. The society offers three certifications in technical writing for foundation, professional and expert levels. The course details are as follows:


Course details of the three-tiered certification program:


Name of the program:


  1. Certified Professional Technical Communicator (Foundation)
  2. Certified Professional Technical Communicator (Practitioner)
  3. Certified Professional Technical Communicator (Expert)


The fact that this association laid the foundation of professional training in technical writing makes the certification programs by STC one of the most trustworthy technical writing courses in Patna.


5.     Udemy


Udemy is indeed a big name in the field of online learning. They have an organized collection of business and technical courses which help organizations make progress irrespective of their type or level of popularity. Someone looking for good Technical writing training in Patna has several options on Udemy. Here we discuss one of the highly-rated technical writing courses in Udemy.


Course details:

Name of the Program: Professional Technical Writing

Duration: 6 hours




  1. Introduction to technical writing
  2. Components of technical documents
  3. Technical writing techniques
  4. Technical editing techniques
  5. How to create a technical document template
  6. Creating an index
  7. Variables in technical writing
  8. Graphs and charts in technical writing
  9. Tables in technical writing
  10. Images in technical writing
  11. Flowcharts in technical writing
  12. Conclusion
  13. Student final assignment
  14. Updates
  15. Audience analysis
  16. RoboHelp 2015
  17. How to find a technical writing job
  18. Bonus videos


This technical writing course which gives a student lifetime access to enrolment has a large number of downloadable resources. Professional technical writing is well-applauded for how it helps in mastering the principles of technical writing under the guidance of expert instructors.

Quizzes, exercise sheets, and assignments are other highlights of the course, which also award one with a certificate of completion. This program which facilitates one to create their first user guide is one of the best technical writing courses in Patna for beginners.


6.     Google Technical Writing


Technical Writing is a free course designed by Google developers for engineers. This program is best suited for professional software engineers, computer science students, and engineering-related roles. The course program is one of the best technical writing training in Patna for one with some background in coding. The course details are as follows:


Course details:

Name of the program: Technical Writing one and Technical Writing two

Duration:  8 – 8.5 hours


Each part of the course consists of a pre-class session and an online live session. The pre-class sessions are self-paced and prepare one for the following live sessions. A student has to log in using a Google account and use Google Docs and Google Meet.


There is also a train the trainer session which trains one on how to lead the course. Thus Technical Writing by Google is on the top among technical writing courses in Patna, which are equally beneficial for students and trainers.


7.     Emphasis


Emphasis is a collective organization of English language teachers, writers, editors, publishers, and journalists. Even though the faculty consists of business writing experts, they still undergo training to make the services and courses offered by Emphasis impeccable.


This technical writing training in Patna includes high-quality business writing courses which focus on good presentation skills, writing for the web, effective email writing and bid writing. The course details of the technical writing course by Emphasis is as follows:


Course details:


Name of the program: Technical Writing Course

Duration: One day




  1. Why clear technical writing is essential
  2. Producing user-centered documents
  3. Planning your technical document
  4. Planning each component
  5. Making your writing work for readers & users
  6. Feedback on writing samples
  7. Practical session
  8. Laying out documents effectively
  9. Using correct punctuation and grammar


Individuals enrolling for the course will get a year’s access to e-learning of business writing. One should take a writing analysis before joining the course program.  The program teaches one to do good audience analysis and present complex technical ideas clearly and confidently in grammatically correct sentences. Thus Technical Writing course by Emphasis is one of the best technical writing courses in Patna, which helps one to build credibility and authority through writing.


8.     Tech Writer Certification


The technical writing courses at Tech Writer Certification intend to make students meet marketplace demands. Presently, this technical writing training in Patna includes six certificate programs in technical writing.


They are:


  1. Basic Certificate In Technical Writing
  2. Comprehensive Career Builder Certificate in Technical Writing
  3. The Certificate In Professional Technical Communication
  4. Certificate Course in Structured Writing for the Technical Documentation
  5. Writers At Work Certificate Program


The course details of the professional technical communication certificate course are as follows:


Name of the course program: Certificate in Professional Technical Communication

Duration:140 hours




  1. Getting started with professional technical communication projects
  2. Write a proposal
  3. Write a data report
  4. Write a research paper
  5. Write a how-to guide
  6. Plan a large writing project
  7. Describe a user interface
  8. Write instructional material
  9. Write magazine articles


As a part of the program, one learns to work with subject matter experts to strategize content. One also learns to incorporate case studies into their documents. Students also learn to integrate anecdotal accounts and general facts as they practice easy-to-read storytelling. Certificate in Professional Technical Communication is one of the few technical writing courses in Patna that require students to finish the course in a time-bound manner.


9. Learning Tree


Learning Tree is a trusted partner for many organizations and provides training in many fields backed by the experience of more than fifteen years. The learning ecosystem at the institute helps develop both individuals and organizations. The course programs inculcate the best learning techniques to aid the organizational outcomes.


The design of these programs meet both technological advancements and individual needs. This technical writing training in Patna is a foundation-level course that intends to train writing audience-oriented technical documents. See the course details below:


Course details:

Name of the program: Technical writing training

Duration: 4 days




  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. The Writing Process
  3. Ensuring Clarity and Readability
  4. The Mechanics of Writing
  5. Structuring Information for Understanding
  6. Designing Your Document
  7. Developing the Look of Your Document


This technical writing course by Learning Tree teaches one to plan, edit and write technical documents while incorporating a user-friendly document layout. As a part of the program, one learns to write documents, manuals, and white papers.


The course program also teaches to use graphical elements such as charts, tables, and diagrams effectively. This program is one of the technical writing courses in Patna which offer added benefits with the course program, such as professional development units and post-course computing sandbox.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


10. Technical Writer HQ


The technical writing course by Technical Writer HQ is a technical writing training in Patna, which is equally suitable for a complete beginner and one with some prior knowledge of the subject. The course trains students in in-demand strategies, technical writing skills, and general communication skills.


The different sections in the course program intend to meet the specific learning needs of students. Quizzes that challenge one’s knowledge is another attraction of this technical writing course by Technical Writer HQ.


Course details:

Name of the program: Technical Writer HQ Training

Duration: 1 week




  1. Introduction to technical writing
  2. Writing great technical documentation
  3. Formatting your technical documentation
  4. Editing and readability
  5. Editing and proofreading
  6. Technical verification
  7. Interviews
  8. Technical writer certification exam


The technical writing course by Technical Writer HQ includes over fifty lectures. As a part of this Technical writing training in Patna, one can download more than five technical writing templates used by professionals.


The course familiarises one with the responsibilities of a technical writer. The program deals with the proper documentation techniques such as assessing the scope and purpose, doing research, conducting user interviews and using good documentation layouts.


The course also introduces students to the most popular technical writing tools and discusses common questions in technical writer interviews. The course program, which prepares one for interviews at companies like Oracle, Airbnb, Playstation, and Spotify, is one of the best technical writing courses in Patna.


11. Education and Career times


Education and Career Times is a premier training institute that the government of India recognized as a startup. ECT offers courses in content writing, digital marketing, technical writing, and personality development and communication skills. This Technical writing training in Patna gives personalized attention and internship opportunities. The course details are as follows:


Course details:

 Name of the program: Technical writing course

Duration: 3 months




  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. Grammar & Styling in Technical Writing
  3. Information Architecture
  4. Master a Markdown Language
  5. Learn XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  6. Learn JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  7. Learn DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)
  8. Document Authoring Tool – Oxygen XML Editor
  9. Technical Authoring Tool – Adobe FrameMaker
  10. API Documentation
  11. Agile Documentation Strategy
  12. Careers in Technical Writing
  13. Contributing to Open Source Projects
  14. Other Useful & Beginner Friendly Tools


Students have two options to choose from while enrolling in the course. They can either do the course program exclusively or opt for add-on modules on programming languages such as HTML, Java, and CSS. This course program is one of the best technical writing courses in Patna, which provides training through live projects and assignments. The quizzes, live training, and e-learning videos are other highlights of this course.


12. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one of the top 100 ed-tech companies in India. Presently the company organizes college programs, public programs, skill development programs, and corporate programs.  Academic experts plan the curriculum and boot camps for the various training programs at this online university. The institute is worth mentioning for its excellent technical writing training in Patna. The following are the course details:


Course details:


Name of the program: Technical writing course

Duration: 32 hours




  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. Documentation Process
  3. Technical Writing Process
  4. Grammar and Editing
  5. Technical Writing Software Tools
  6. Components of a Technical Document
  7. Technical Writing Techniques
  8. How to create Technical Document Template
  9. Overview of formats of Technical Documents
  10. Advanced Technical Writing tool


In addition to these, students also get two complementary modules on soft skill development and resume writing. The program also gives one opportunity for guaranteed internship and complete job support.


The hands-on assignments familiarise one with the documentation process and technical writing software tools. Thus, the technical writing course by Henry Harvin is one of the best technical writing courses in Patna for the well-structured manner in which it teaches one to do ethically bound scientific communication.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What are the job opportunities after completing a course in technical writing?

After completing a course in technical writing, one can work in organizations under different sectors. Some of the job roles include documentation specialist, policy writer, research writer, etc.

2.     What is the minimum qualification to join a course in technical writing?

Any aspirant should have a degree and a good command of the English language. However, an educational background in technical fields would be an added advantage.

3.     What skills should a technical writer have?

Writing skill is of utmost importance. However, a technical writer should also have good research skills, organizational skills, exploration skills, and designing skills.

4.     How is technical writing different from content writing?

Both technical writing and content writing focuses on the audience. Technical writing other than content writing requires a deeper understanding of one’s niche.




One of the major attractions of a career in technical writing is the equal opportunity it holds for aspirants from different educational backgrounds.  One of the prerequisites for the job is a good command of the English language.


If one has that, one can acquire the necessary technical know-how through a well-structured technical writing course. So wait no further. Join one of the above-mentioned technical writing courses to begin a promising career in technical writing.

  • Your essay caught my attention right away while I was reading it. There are a few work alternatives offered after the training is finished. Will all of the vocations listed in your article be available to me if I take Technical writing courses in Patna , or will I need to specialise in a certain field to find employment? I’ve been searching for alternative courses to enrol in because I need to enrol in a post-graduate course. Please let me know. I’m also curious about the beginning salary for a technical writer and whether any prior writing experience is necessary.

  • I have immense experience in the field of aviation and I recently retired from that industry. I want to share my experience with aspiring airline candidates by creating a user friendly manual and training . Although I have the required knowledge I find it a challenge to put together my ideas in a proper manner. I was looking for a course that will help me do the same. I looked at quite a few courses available online and also attended a day writing workshop . But I honestly feel I need more training to channelize my work professionally. Will Technical writing courses in Patna be a good option for me ?

  • hey, I am a recent graduate, preparing for a competitive exam and taking a year gap for that. also, I am also looking for a new skill to learn in the meantime, content writing is one of the courses I am considering. which of the above-mentioned technical writing course is best in Patna?

  • I used to work in a publishing house and have retired a year ago . I want to generate some income as a technical content writer. Is there any prior requirement before joining the Technical writing courses in Patna? Like do we have to know any form of coding or new age tools as I have absolutely no knowledge of that. Also please direct me to a good institute that will offer quality training as I do not wish to waste my time and money on an institute giving false promises . it would be nice to have a demo session before I make up mind to join a course although it does look very appealing .

  • I’m a freelance technical writer who isn’t well-compensated, so I’m looking for a course to improve my skills. I’ve been looking for a course for a while, but the sheer number of options available on the internet makes it difficult to choose one. This article, Top technical writing course in Patna is very useful because it compares the various courses available here and allows me to choose one that is both comprehensive and affordable.

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