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A Complete Guide to Technical Business Writing

Technical business writers are information designers. This type of writing is used to inform, instruct, or direct a specific audience through maximum clarity and precision with a goal in mind, for example- an Instruction manual for a shared copy machine in an office.   

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#1 What is Technical Business Writing?


Any sort of writing which is required in business, technology-centered filed, Emergency manuals, etc., is known as technical writing. In short, when you come across a manual that explains “how to get things done, any lab reports or research articles are called technical writing examples. Business writing is used in the professional field to write and deliver client proposals, presentations, reports, memos, and emails.


Technical business writing should be:


  1. Clear, specific, and direct.
  2. Action-oriented.
  3. Must have efficiency.
  4. Highly Audience specific.
  5. Precise. To the point. Should reach from pt. A to pt. directly. Without any misinterpretation.


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#2 What are the examples of Technical Business writing?

Technical writing examples include:


  1.  Traditional: research papers, manuals, medical study & reports.

These are informative writing examples, which educate, and inform by maintaining a record of the findings and researches done.

  1.  End-user documentation:  All electronic manual guides, any other product description, and user manual.

These are instructional writing examples (user manual): where you guide your user into doing a certain action with the help of the given steps in your writing

  1.  Technical marketing content: press releases, sales emails, white papers, proposals, pitches, etc.

These are Persuasive and transactional writing examples, which help to promote, develop client relationships, official announcements, etc.


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#3 How is technical business writing similar yet different from other types?   


  1. The pre-writing process in this type is similar to that of all the other types of writing.
  2. Following are the steps to be considered before and while writing a technical business document:
  3. Research: the method and the outcome from this step helps to create better and efficient writing material.
  4. Writing process: Brainstorming, drafting, revision, editing, proofreading, submission, or uploading.
  5. Time and effort put in are similar.
  6. Use of strong language skills. Grammar: e.g., Punctuations matter the most. Because one wrong punctuation can change the entire meaning of the sentence especially in an instruction document and end-user documentation. E.g.: how to install a certain product.
  7. Technical writing has its own set of rules which are too followed.


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Let’s talk about how this type of writing is different. As mentioned earlier- here are some examples:


  1. Audience: These documents are highly user-specific.
  2. Presentation: Unlike other write-ups, here the presentation is vital because it makes it easily readable for the audience, which helps them to understand the activity efficiently.
  3. Visuals: The use of visuals/images instructing and guiding a particular step can help in explaining the context clearly without any misinterpretations.
  4. Knowledge: The information you have as a technical writer must be 100% factual, true, and accurate. It should not be ambiguous. Also, emotions and opinions are strongly discouraged.
  5. Language: The language is highly specialized in the said field of writing e.g: technology and must be jargon-heavy.
  6. Tone: The tone while writing is formal, specific, precise, and direct. Fillers are not allowed/advisable.  


These were some ways in which they are similar yet different in some matters. It is a strong opinion that technical writing is easy as compared to other types of writing, it might be, but becoming a good technical writer requires a lot of knowledge in the said field of choice and also the use of correct language. Few rules should be followed to become a good technical writer.


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#4 What are the Rules of this type of Writing


1. Purpose: Be direct about the purpose of the final document, and keeping this in mind- write the entire document.

  • Understand that the document you write has a goal to achieve.
  • The goal can be: Instructing, Persuading, Informing, or proposing.


2. Writing style: Write clearly and the writing should use simple English, avoid using complex English when and where it is possible.

  • Use jargon. Use active voice while writing. Make it as cohesive as you can.
  • Be consistent about the sentence length you use.
  • Do not use any vague language.
  • Do not write in the future tense.
  • Use short and simple sentences which are easily understood by any layperson or specific language which is directed towards a specific group of people.


3. Consistency: Be consistent about the style of writing. Use the same words, do not confuse the reader by using similar words for the same word.

  • Use a style sheet, if your company has one. Choose a typical format and work in the same format.


4. Readability: The font, white space, and the choice of visuals/images are very important when writing an instructional manual; keep these things in mind.

  • No chance of misinterpretation must be given.
  • These are few rules which are necessary to be considered while writing any technical document. This makes the document more efficient and makes you a better technical writer.


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#5 What makes this type of writing good?


  1. Often the documents written are important, provide security knowledge, make life simpler, and for sale.
  2. It is comprehensive
  3. It lays more emphasis on the topic and purpose.
  4. This quality of writing makes it understandable, readable, and better in conveying things logically and technically.
  5. It is not hard as compared to other writings if you know and have an interest in it.
  6. These types of writers know exactly who they are targeting while writing a certain document, so the language, ideas, instruction, and suggestions are conveyed correctly and properly.
  7. There is no tension for achieving a word count because the simpler and shorter your words and sentences are, the better it becomes to read, understand and be precise. It is not judged on the word count you have.
  8. This type of writing is done for the audience which is specific and to achieve a certain goal, so it becomes easy for the writer to target all his efforts to address a specific reader.


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#6 Here are some tips to be better at this type of writing:


1. Grammar:


  • Open sentences with short and concrete subjects.
  • Choose specific verbs. Get to the main verb quickly in a sentence.
  • Be concise.
  • Use affirmative sentences.
  • Control sprawl
  • Use parallel structure while writing different documents.
  • Use adjectives correctly


2. Design:

  • Create user-centered design/visuals
  • Accurately make the most use of visuals to avoid any confusion.
  • Write in bullet points and leave white space. Make it presentable and readable to the eye.
  • Avoid overcrowding of words and images/graphics.
  1. Use layouts
  2. Be open to feedback
  3. Revise and proofread
  4. Study the writing structures and create a structured language for the readers.
  5. Be careful about the resources you choose while researching for your project.
  6. Be updated about the changes and revisions in the law and other things related to your niche.
  7. Explain concepts by giving contextual examples. Also, avoid having a theoretical approach only.
  8. Be definitive about the product, project or goal established.


If you are interested in learning it, here are some best places where you can achieve and improve your technical business writing skills. 


#7 Where can you learn technical business writing?


Here are some online courses which will help you master this kind of writing.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the leading online training institutes which offer various courses. It has trained over 6000 students in various fields. The founder Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar is a digital entrepreneur and highly reputed in his field.


This group of talented and professional mentors helps you achieve theoretical and practical knowledge. As you are aware- that any type of writing needs a clear understanding of the craft, you can achieve this goal by enrolling yourself in this course. You can learn technical writing and start exploring this field in your said niche.


To learn more about this course- check out their website.

Duration: 4 weeks of training.

Certification course.

Nature of program: Live classes. Assignment.


Learn technical business writing with the best Technical Writing Course


Technical business writing IIMSkills demo invite


  1. Udemy


Udemy offers a series of technical business writing courses which are helpful for you if you are looking for something specific.


These courses help you with your business writing language, conducting your professionally, and much more.

  • Master business writing and editing
  • Better business writing skills
  • Business writing &technical writing immersion
  • Professional technical writing: Advance your writing skills
  • Business & technical writing impression


You can check out their website for more details on the given courses.

Duration: Specified Hours.

Certification course.

Nature of program: Study at your own pace using pre-recorded sessions.


  1. LinkedIn Learning


LinkedIn offers a series of technical business writing courses. You automatically get access provided that you have a premium account. They are pre-recorded sessions, and they also have some assignments which you can complete. You are offered a certification on completion of these courses.



Duration: Specified Hours

Certification course.

Nature of program: Study at your own pace. Pre-recorded sessions.


  1. Coursera


There are several courses here, but this course helps you understand the basics of business writing and help you understand the principles of good business writing. You will understand the dos and don’ts of business writing.


  • Business Writing Certification by University of Colorado Boulder
  • Effective communication: writing, design, and presentation (business writing)
  • High impact business writing
  • Business writing for non-native speakers


Duration: Specified


Certification course.

Nature of program: Study at your own pace. Pre-recorded sessions.


  1. Emphasis


Offers a variety of specialist business writing courses that help you learn and understand the basics of business writing. The courses are highly educational.


  • High impact business writing
  • Business report writing course
  • Proofreading and professional document course


  1. edX


These courses help you write effective business-related documents and help you boost your professional career and confidence.

  • Berkeley’s Business writing professional certificate


Technical business writing IIMSkills demo invite


  1. Instructional solutions


They offer business writing courses for groups and individuals. Online and on-site.


  • Effective business writing techniques
  • Proposal writing course
  • Advanced business writing course + coaching
  • Technical report writing course


  1. Skillshare


There are series of courses to choose from, but the one by alan shape is educational, direct, and exceeds your expectations. It is pre-recorded course. It has 7 modules in which he explains and teaches the basics of writing to the editing of your business documents.


  • The business writing course
  • Business writing 101


There are several other courses as well, which skillshare has which are self-paced and are free.

Duration: Specified


Certification course.

Nature of program: Study at your own pace. Pre-recorded sessions.


  1. Technical writer HQ


This is a dedicated online training institute that offers technical writing courses for people who want to choose technical writing as a career.

It teaches you the fundamentals and foundation of technical writing.

  • One-week technical writing certification course. 


  1. TechWriter


They provide certification courses that are taught by industry experts in the tech field.


  • Basics in Technical Writing
  • Writers at Work Program


Basics in Technical Writing How do you choose a particular course?


Tips for you to choose a course which works best your you.

  • Research about these courses, and choose which helps you with certification and job opportunities. Check what all study material is provided.
  • Flexibility in class timings
  • Prefer live classes, as you can clear your doubts then and there.
  • Mentor– Look for your trainer’s professional background to choose wisely.
  • Value for money




Technical business writing is in demand as long as there are people involved in the transaction of information through writing. This skill is important to create a strong profile and to go ahead in your career.


Several institutes are offering these courses for free or even paid, consider all the factors before choosing because theory and practical knowledge both are important to write effectively.

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