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Top 7 SEO Courses in Trivandrum With Placements

Looking for the best SEO course to learn from Trivandrum, then go through this article ‘Top 7 SEO courses in Trivandrum’ to find the best SEO courses available in the city.


SEO courses in Trivandrum


Before getting into the list of courses, let’s get to know what is SEO and the key elements of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program.


As a content writer, everyone wants their article to rank high in the search results. But have you ever wondered how these articles are ranked as 1st, 2nd, and so on? Here is where the role of SEO jumps in; the search engine optimization program is an algorithm that goes through each article relevant to the subject searched by the user. While performing this search, SEO finds the web page or article that has optimized content. 


The result we find in the search engine is the outcome of this optimized content search. Now the basic question that arises is how the SEO finds optimized content? There are few criteria or elements based on which the program ensures the content is qualitative or optimized.


Learn to create and curate SEO-optimized content with the Best Content Writing Course


Thus, learning these criteria or elements in SEO will guide you to create optimized content and gain your article a good ranking. As the ranking gets improved the viewer traffic increases, hence your revenue and brand get promoted automatically. Hence learning the search engine optimization program is highly necessary for a content writer.


India as a nation is growing every day in the digital world. Metropolitan cities are highly exposed to digital learning, online jobs, freelance work, online marketing, etc. This effective growth has made the people learn the digital skills which would improve their business marketing, available employment opportunities, entrepreneurship, and other things. However, the growth is found widely in all the parts of the nation.


The article specifically concentrated on the courses available in Trivandrum, because targeting a specific audience will be more useful rather than creating a general listing. Trivandrum, the IT hub of Kerala is already booming in this digital era. Thus learning SEO would improve your profile, open up wide opportunities, and start freelancing, etc.


Now let’s learn the factors that are considered by SEO to rank the article.




The keyword is the basic tool that determines whether your article is relevant to the user’s search. For example, when the user searches for ‘milkshake recipe’, the algorithm only searches for the recipe articles and not the restaurants that deliver them.


Thus, the article must have the appropriate keyword that matches the user’s search. But remember it is not effective to fill the article with keywords repeatedly, such phenomena will affect the article’s quality. Use the keywords only in appropriate places where they are needed, don’t force it.


There are two basic types of keywords which are short and long-tail keywords. ‘Milkshake recipe’ is a short tail keyword whereas ‘top 5 milkshake recipes’ and ‘low-fat milkshake recipes’ are few examples of long-tail keywords.


Make the long tail keyword your main heading and create your article or content based on the long tail keyword. They can highly improve your content quality.


Search engine platforms lend you few options through which you can find the keyword related to your content. Since today the wide range of search engines used by people is ‘Google’. I would suggest to you the tools like ‘Keyword planner’ and ‘Answer the public’, these tools are related to google search history.


Here is the list of Keyword Research Tools for you to check out.


Bounded Links:


Create external links in your article, so that the viewer can reach the source information directly from your web page. Redirecting your audience to these source pages or official web pages will gain a good review. Similarly, create inbuilt links, like links to your previous article that are relevant to the content.


Try to establish these hyperlinks in the article headings, so that the SEO could find the bounded links in your article instantly. Thus, making your article a quality one.


Here, you may be interested to learn about the latest SEO trends to ace SERP rankings


On-page and Off-page SEO:


There are two major types of SEO, based on which all the content or articles of the search engine are ranked.


On-page SEO is dependent on the content quality, keyword density, bounded links, etc. This type of SEO studies the internal characters of your article.


In off-page SEO the algorithm looks for the customer or viewer support provided from the website, which is through email, chatbox, etc. Thus maintaining a good relationship with your audience can gain you a good ranking.


 White and Black Hat SEO:


The above two terms are used in the online medium to differentiate qualitative SEO content and improper SEO content.


White hat SEO is where your content gets ranked based on your quality content, keyword density, bounded links, viewer response, etc. In simple terms, white hat ranks the article based on all your formal and effective ways.


Whereas in black hat, you try to trespass the regulations in the SEO algorithm. Like repeating the keywords inappropriately, including a large number of unauthorized bound links, etc.


These unfair treatments can lend you a high ranking in a short period. But in the long run, the search engine will find the techniques you followed to obtain the ranking and removes your article from the listing.


The white hat may take a long period to gain ranking but it is an effective method for establishing quality content.


These are the few important elements of SEO, it is essential to hold the knowledge about these factors. So that when you look at the syllabus of the training centers it will be easy to understand what they cover and teach in their program.


Remember SEO is not like advertisement marketing you can’t pay and raise your article or webpage’s ranking. High research work, interesting content creation, positive feedback, etc. are the factors that determine your SEO ranking.


Thus, you have to understand the algorithm and stay calm until you attain the destination. Remember SEO is a slow and steady race.


Now let’s end the introduction part and start exploring the SEO courses in Trivandrum.


Top 7 SEO Courses in Trivandrum:



On the top of the list of the best SEO Courses in Trivandrum, we have IIM SKILLS SEO Course. IIM SKILLS is a reputed name in online learning platforms. The institute provides courses and training in varied domains throughout the world, which has accumulated global recognition.


The SEO Training at IIM SKILLS is a one-month live course with two months of paid internship. The four weeks program divides into 16 hours of exhaustive interactive learning sessions. Designed by the experts, the course curriculum is as follows:


  • Fundamentals of SEO
  • Setting up the Niche
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Reporting in SEO
  • Bonus module


Besides this comprehensive courseware, the course includes free tools worth 20K. Other than that, the mentors align you with relevant subjects from research to link building covering every aspect of the SEO world. Once, you accomplish the course program, you can opt for the paid internship program that provides you hands-on learning experience with a fixed stipend.


With all these useful benefits and resources with practical exposure, the SEO course tops the list of the best SEO Courses in Trivandrum.


Course Fees: INR 14,900

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IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


2. Simplilearn:


Simplilearn offers an Advanced Search Engine Optimization Program where you will learn the subjects like keyword research, SEO technical, link binding, analytics tools handling, etc. All these skills will highly guide you in creating optimized SEO content.


Here is the sequential order in which the lessons are placed in this course curriculum.


  • Introduction
  • SEO working
  • SEO types
  • Keyword research and competitive insights
  • On and Off-page SEO
  • Content duplication
  • Architecture and Design
  • Localized SEO creation


The course teaches you a set of SEO tools handling, which are Majestic, Moz, Semrush, and Spyfu. Simplilearn’s course assigns several industrial projects for the students by which you highly learn the performance of SEO analytics through these hands-on assignments.


Owing to all these valuable resources available in this course it has ranked in the second position in this SEO courses in Trivandrum listing.


The Firm Has Two Types of SEO Training Programs which are:


  • Self-Paced Learning (Pre-established teaching contents) – Rs.15999
  • Online Boot camp (Live online classes on weekends) – Rs.20,99




The Indian Institute of Digital Education’s Online SEO certification course teaches you all the essential skills required to become an SEO expert. The 7 hours of online teaching are combined with 6 hours of live sessions and 1 hour of pre-recorded video sessions.


This SEO technical coaching has a wide range of syllabi in its curriculum, which are

  • Fundamentals of SEO concept
  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO
  • SEO techniques to optimize website traffic
  • Off-page SEO
  • Analytical tools handling
  • Effects of Blackhat techniques


You will also get mastered in several online SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Moz, etc. The IIDE’s SEO certification has industrial authorization. Thus, obtaining this certification will improve your value in this competitive world.


IIDE is a highly recognized online teaching firm, especially in the digital marketing field. You can find the students’ reviews about the web platform which will give you a detailed view regarding their teaching and certification value. The great experience and reputation have highly ranked the IIDE course in this SEO courses in Trivandrum listing.


Course Fare: Rs.6355




The SEO training course offered by Udemy teaches you all the essential topics from beginner to advanced level. The program is compiled with 10 hours of pre-recorded classes, 9 articles, and 6 downloadable resources. All these elements can be accessed lifelong.


The Topics:

  • Basics and Importance of SEO
  • How to set up your website affiliated with the SEO concept
  • Keyword research
  • Technical factors required for page optimization
  • Tools handling
  • Link building
  • SEO auditing


The certification offered by Udemy is a valuable one since the web firm is a highly experienced online teaching platform. Udemy is teaching more than 1 lakh courses for various students internationally. These positives and high review ratings made me rank the web platform third in these SEO courses in Trivandrum listing.


Course Fare: Rs.499




The SEO specialization course offered by Coursera is a beginner level one. It may take approximately five months to learn the whole curriculum. However, you may even learn it quickly if you possess great interest since the course is a pre-established one.


The Syllabus Included In The Course Curriculum Is:


  • Introduction
  • SEO fundamentals
  • Website Optimization
  • Techniques involved in optimization
  • Capstone project


Capstone projects define the hand on projects given to the aspirants. So that they can learn the SEO optimization work in the real digital era. This project learning is a valuable one because learning the techniques from the lively field is always unique and knowledgeable. Based on these program highlights the Coursera is included in the SEO courses in the Trivandrum listing.


Course Fare: Free


E-marketing Institute:


The E-marketing institute’s SEO certification course is available in an E-book version, where you will find the learning elements within this established e-book version.


I have enclosed this web firm in the ‘SEO courses in Trivandrum’ listing because of its unique self-learning method. A wider section of Indians is still interested in this model of learning because they believe these source materials can guide them throughout life.


The Syllabus Covered By This Beginner-Level SEO E-book Are:


  • Introduction to SEO
  • Understanding the working of SEO
  • How to create a website in favor of the SEO regulations.
  • Fundamentals of SEO
  • Importance of Keyword research
  • Establishing Links
  • Ranking methods of Google SEO
  • SEO tools handling
  • Steps to optimize your website


Once you complete the course learning you have to undergo a multiple-choice question test that consists of 50 choice questions. Clearing the exam will gain you the verified certification in SEO.


E-marketing institute is a Denmark-based firm which is offering several digital marketing courses 100% free of cost. More than 2,30,000 students have joined the firm from various countries to learn several diversified digital courses.


Course Fare: Free


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


 Hubspot Academy:


The SEO course offered by the Hubspot web firm is highly effective for marketers, content creators, and others interested in SEO.


Key Elements You Learn In This Course Are:


  • How to review and improve your SEO content.
  • How to build backlinks to your website which will improvise the quality of the content.
  • Keyword research planning.


The Subjects Available In This Course Curriculum:


  • Basic concepts of SEO
  • On and off-page technical factors
  • Keyword planning
  • Inbound and outbound linking
  • Optimizing your website
  • SEO report learning


All the subjects are taught through pre-recorded videos. Your queries will be cleared through their online assistance program like chat and e-mail. Despite several free SEO courses available in the digital platform the Hubspot’s great brand name and popularity had made me include this free course in the SEO courses in Trivandrum listing.


Course Fare: Free


Apart from the above-listed web platforms, various other firms teach this SEO as a section in their digital marketing course. Learning the digital marketing course will be more beneficial if you looking for a career in this online marketing field.


IIM SKILLS is one such platform with great experience and reputation. Get to know the elements taught by their program and sign up for a FREE demo class at Digital Marketing Course 


Frequently Asked Questions:


1) What are some free SEO courses that offer certification?

Coursera, Hubspot, and E-marketing are few highly experienced firms that offer free coaching with certification.


2) Are there any Udemy SEO courses?

Yes, there is an Udemy SEO course that is available at the cost of RS.499 only.


3) What is your recommended Course on SEO digital Marketing?

IIM Skills is one perfect web platform to learn SEO digital marketing. Find more about the course on their webpage Digital Marketing Course.




Various web pages teach you the SEO concept in a general manner where you can just read or watch videos to learn the SEO working. But holding a professional and authorized certification will lend you a unique profile.


If you are a working aspirant the certification will highly contribute to your career growth. Thus, these reputed teaching platforms imparting SEO courses in Trivandrum can provide you the requisite authorized certification.


You may learn all the techniques involved in SEO but always remember the result of your web page ranking highly relies on your content. Your content is the soul of your article or web page, thus high research will make your content unique, which in turn increases the traffic. Quality content with enriched SEO is the perfect way to gain a high ranking in the search engine algorithm.


Always keep updating your article with the current trend, do the appropriate rewritings so that the content reflects the latest information. Following that, it is also essential to hold the knowledge about your competitors.


The knowledge could answer your questions like, why the concerned article is highly ranked, what is so unique about it? How your article can differ from the rest of the players? What is the additional information you can bring up? Finding the answers to these questions will give you the insights to create unique content.


The need and importance of SEO are growing each day in this digital era, which invariably has increased the job opportunities for SEO experts. Just Google the employment availability for SEO experts then you will come to know the market value and need for these experts today.


Hence if you hold the required interest and capability to learn this valuable course, choose your favorable online coaching institute from the aforementioned ‘SEO courses in Trivandrum’ listing and join today to start your dream career with great pay.


However, there are few real-time SEO courses in Trivandrum where you need to be present physically. But most people today are unwilling to attend classes in a new environment owing to this pandemic situation.


Also, we are highly exposed to this online teaching today on account of the lockdown. Thus I have predominantly included the online teaching firms in this “Top 7 SEO courses in Trivandrum” article.

  • I’ve spent the last seven years working as an IT professional . I’ve learned during the past two years that I am not suited for an IT position, thus I’m actively looking for employment in my field of passion, writing. Since I can work from home and take classes in the same location after reading your article about SEO course in Trivandrum , it has made my job easier. I’m interested in signing up for your SEO Course, but I have some questions, such what the course’s schedule is. Will it be possible for me to take this course on the side as I also have a job? thanks.

  • Out of all the practices for increasing online sales I find seo to be the most useful. I have been using it to gain some attention for my blogs and also for my business. I had started learning from seo courses in Trivandrum and I had no idea of this topic. After I started implementing it on my own and had gained some working knowledge on the subject I knew it would become a useful tool for my online business activities. To this date I am using seo and keeping up to date with the newest SEO practices in the market as it is a very demanding but fruitful tool.

  • All of the courses were presented incredibly effectively in your article, with clear explanations for both students and working professionals. I have a master’s degree in marketing and am convinced that because this course is comparable to what I do at work, I will be able to understand it better. I used to work for a marketing agency, and I was curious to learn more about the new digital marketing tools that are released every day. Enrolling in a SEO course in Trivandrum would be excellent for me if I wanted to learn more and keep ahead of the game. I’m planning on enrolling as soon as feasible.

  • I am searching for some SEO courses in Trivandrum to join in. Plz suggest to me some. I am a Commerce graduate. I have an interest in digital business. Me and some of my friends have a plan for online business and we have experience in running a business as well. But I need to learn something extra for a successful business online. On google, many articles have given seo the highest priority in creating a successful business online whatever the type of business may be. So a nice course in seo would help me very much. Thank You.

  • I’ve recently launched a home-made pickle business, and I want it to succeed. My friend who works in the digital marketing field advised me to enrol in a SEO course in Trivandrum so that my work will rank first. So I did a little more research on SEO and decided to enrol in a decent academy that will teach me not only the theory but also the actual applications of this course. I’m also curious if all of the institutes listed in your article will provide coverage for the topics specified in your course highlight overview. I will also be interested in taking a demo class to know the quality of training.

  • Do you guys provide placements in good institutions. I am asking cause I started a job as an engineer but didn’t find it to be the best option for my career and myself. However, I do have an interest in blogging and a little bit of experience on my own blog. And SEO courses in trivandrum sounds like a better option for my career. Cause seo will help my blogs get recognised as i’ve seen it work for my friend who is a content writer and writes for blogs and stuff. Also I would like to learn other courses as well related to blogging so please direct me to them. thank yiu.

  • We own a small café in SEO course in Trivandrum and business is still to pick up after the pandemic. I was looking for ways to get more customers and we have tried the traditional method of paper pamphlets. This honestly did not work and I am desperately looking for ways to revive our café again . I hence spend a lot of my time trying to research new ways and that’s how I came across your article on SEO course in Trivandrum. This is a completely new concept for me and I read more about it to have a better understanding . I still do have a few doubts and I wish for my questions to be cleared through a demo class. Kindly suggest which of the above courses provides the same ?

  • Hi, I am a Beauty Blogger from Trivandrum. I want to start my own website that can help the customers get a better understanding of my services. So I searched and found IIM skills. This article about seo courses in trivandrum is very comprehensive and very useful and makes a lot of points clear. I now understand that the IIM Skills course is very promising, but I need more information from them so please share so that I can confirm at the earliest. Like does IIM skills course fulfill all the requirements that I would need for my website.

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