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Top 11 Must-Known Performance Marketing Agencies

Modern marketing is successful due to highly creative and inventive marketing and advertising services. Innovative advertising methods are used for better sales performance in businesses therefore performance marketing agencies are booming in the service sector. Performance marketing is an ideal form of marketing for firms that primarily use digital platforms to contact their clients. In this format of marketing, advertisers deliver payment only after achieving the desired results by performance marketing agencies.

List of best performance marketing agencies

The agencies offer services with highly creative and experienced performance-based marketing experts on board, they can guarantee their clients concrete financial returns from the campaigns. Let’s read further to know the top 11 performance marketing agencies for startups or running businesses.

First Learn about What is Performance Marketing?

Top 11 Performance Marketing Agencies

1. UnFoldMart

UnFoldMart is a performance-steering agency that prioritizes its clients’ vision and makes them profitable. The agency’s staff consists of individuals with unique skill sets; and emphasizes engaging with this target audience with the right approach.

The marketing team has a strong desire to express themselves in the most personal way possible. The agency employs a group of youthful minds with ever-changing Gen-Z enthusiasm.

They use performance marketing tactics and analytics to maximize client ROI through focused digital marketing campaigns and ad spending. It offers services in branding & positioning, social media advertising, digital strategy, website creation, SEO, content strategy, E-commerce, and other online advertising.

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2. Brand Buzzar

Brand Buzzar is a Vadodara-based performance marketing agency that serves as a one-stop source for all of the internet service requirements for your business. This agency provides SEO, web building, design and development, marketing Analysis, and social media marketing.

Additionally, they also provide services in email marketing, video editing, and content strategy and writing. With a team of professionals agency works to obtain more leads and traffic for every business type.

The agency’s detailed monthly analysis helps to track approach success, resulting in successful performance marketing for customer acquisition.

They also cherish long-term connections and mutual development. Even if you are establishing a new firm, the organization ensures that you understand its feasibility and accomplish the intended business outcome.

The work has been done nicely by the brand buzzer. It is Best company in Gujarat which offers performance marketing and other marketing services. Brand Buzzar’s digital marketing services in Vadodara, Gujarat are highly recommended.

 3. Social Panga

Social Panga is an award-winning innovative marketing and advertising agency. They develop, curate, and implement marketing strategies to engage potential customers’ target audiences, all while integrating their brand into the digital world.

They capture ideas and create memorable moments for interesting clients. social Panga, client satisfaction is important to them, and they strive for nothing less than creative perfection. Here you can find a few wise goals that were created and successfully achieved.

The agency ‘Social Panga’ works with businesses to get them into higher positions with full potential by developing an authentic and reflective brand identity.

The agency understands that each brand has its issues requiring expertise. You can collaborate with the agency as growth partners to focus on generating a powerful performance for your business.

The agency offers a wide range of services in performance marketing such as:

  • Creative and research strategy

The agency offers solutions that are most suited to every business objective by combining creativity and research.

  • Branding & marketing communications

This performance marketing agency offers voice to every potential brand with its versatile, omnipotent, Impressive, captivating, and empowered approach to branding and communication.


  • Media planning and buying

With the best media planning and buying knowledge, the agency can help businesses define their marketing goals profitably.

  • Analytics & SEO

The performance marketing agency ‘Social Panga’ provides relevant insights to improve businesses with the help of an SEO and analytics team.

  • Influencer Management

To bring every business’s vision to life, the agency researches through a pool of talent and identifies the best influencer for the job.

  • Video Production

The agency completes the service with the appropriate assistance in video production from the ideal perspective.

  • Consulting Services

The agency conducts extensive research and combines industry knowledge with internet trends to provide businesses with the best guidance.

  • Technical Services

The agency provides unrealistic technical assistance in regular business life using the best technology and tools.

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4. Revex Media

Revex Media is one of the fastest-growing comprehensive digital agencies, helping flourishing companies scale their digital presence and top-line revenues through data-driven, innovative marketing and sales strategies.

Revex focuses on expanding businesses and establishing brands through digital channels and marketing intelligence. The agency has worked on over 100 projects and handled the marketing and sales operations for 50+ brands.

With its proficient team of 35+ performers and creators dedicated to helping brands reach their full potential through innovative marketing solutions, advanced technology, and deep consumer insights.

Revex Media is more than just a typical digital marketing agency; it is a business growth partner that offers core services in performance marketing for organizations. They are not like other agencies that only provide commodity-based social media services or pay-per-click management; rather, they focus on scaling the business by becoming digital growth partners.


They assist clients with a variety of services, including inbound marketing, PPC marketing, social media management, digital transformation services (for companies who have been conducting business offline and wish to move online), and many more.

They focus on how they can improve their companies’ existing digital initiatives to make them more effective since they seek to create a growth ecosystem.

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5. Bharat mavens

Bharat Mavens is a prominent Performance Marketing Agency with a team of ROI-driven marketers who help businesses thrive through Internet advertising. An experienced team that has worked with some of the industry’s major players and delivered excellent results.

The agency has a proven track record of assisting e-commerce enterprises of all sizes in meeting their paid advertising goals and increasing revenue on websites and marketplaces.

Whether a firm is just getting started or wanting to strengthen their present efforts and redefine tactics, the agency is ready to help with services such as:

  • Google Ads Strategy, Execution and Management
  • Facebook Ads Strategy, Execution and Management
  • Full-funnel Creative strategy development for brands
  • Retention Marketing via Email
  • Create high-converting advertising creatives.

Bharat Mavens does not act as a regular agency; it is a network of growth partners who offer value to their products and services.

The firm is dedicated to achieving all company objectives with its seasoned staff, fresh thinking, data-driven culture, and innovation. They operate under an in-house agency business model, thus their services are not limited.

People employ this agency because they trust its marketing skills or do not want to risk missing out on prospective marketing opportunities.

They have many clients and dedicated personnel who work on a certain client. They use a 1:1:1 method for multiple clients, with each person managing one channel for one client. This technique enables enormous growth because it allows for more concentrated work based on the client’s needs.

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6. Mediasparkk

Mediasparkk is an agency that services performance marketing as a driving force to every business’s digital journey. The firm is more than just a digital solutions provider; Mediasparkk’s purpose is to improve digital presence in all industries.

Mediasparkk prioritizes conversions and efficiency, rather than focusing on views and clicks. Everything it does is recorded which implies that it is perfectly positioned to maximize its cooperation with partners, assisting in marketing each brand to the appropriate demographic. Not only does it use data-driven decision-making, but it also prioritizes brand safety and compliance, and it will never sacrifice brands for performance.


The firm collaborates to ignite success in the ever-changing digital landscape

At Mediasparkk, it is believed that excellence is a need in the digital age. According to the agency the way the business displays itself, its brand, and services online may make a huge difference.

The Internet is the new marketplace, and becoming a big player in this space necessitates techniques, innovation, and a dedicated team of professionals. That is where the agency comes in.

The agency’s purpose is simple yet ambitious: to raise its digital presence, transforming each organization into a standout force in its field. The agency’s concept is that every firm is unique, and solutions should be adapted to each particular need.

7. Clickstoppers

Clickstoppers a prominent digital/performance marketing agency, located in Ghaziabad India, provides specialized solutions to improve online visibility and promote success. The expertise of the agency includes website construction, SEO tactics, pay-per-click administration, and more.

With a focus on innovation and client pleasure, Clickstoppers improves businesses by increasing impact, loyalty, and online engagement. Businesses can trust this agency to manage the digital terrain and move their companies ahead. You can discover limitless possibilities with Clickstoppers for your business, where tactics meet success.

Clickstoppers is one of the best performance marketing agencies that soaring. It has been in business for almost a decade and uses an award-winning proprietary digital marketing forecasting technology to assist clients reach their objectives.

Clickstoppers provides the following key services:

  • SEO
  • International Search Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Public Relations, Reporting, and Analytics

Clickstoppers generate leads through advertising. It used Ignite Visibility to launch lead-generation efforts. The agency employed PPC advertising, and the project is still ongoing. Clickstoppers collaborates with performance marketing partners to provide excellent results. It highlights the agency’s promptness and capacity to respond to questions beyond its scope.

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8. Social Beat

Social Beat builds brands with an agile and insight-driven approach. The agency offers services in e-commerce, FMCG & Retail, consumer Apps, healthcare, education, and real estate.

The service ranges from social media, multi-lingual, influencer marketing, programmatic solutions, video creation & marketing, and other marketing strategies. The agency is working to develop a high-growth, integrated communications program and has created several brands from scratch.

After developing strategic brands for both market-leading and emerging enterprises, the agency is thrilled to see several of its partners join the prestigious Unicorn Club. The agency Social Beat works with dynamic action, and justified value, and ultimately offers measurable results.

Since its inception, the agency has focused on being a forward-thinking brand. This performance marketing business is always expanding, intending to become a full-service communication organization with technology at its foundation.

The agency is building strong performance marketing and an end-to-end comms-tech firm that houses different communication ventures, spanning from traditional PR to cutting-edge new communications tools to democratize the communications process and give unmatched visibility to all users.

The Social Beats offers communications and services in Investor relations, social media, public relations, content marketing, and Influencer marketing for various industries.

9. Socio Labs

Socio Labs is one of the successful working performance marketing agencies that specializes in performance marketing. The company’s goal is to create compelling social media storylines that will enhance conversion rates and provide affiliated companies with more worldwide visibility and coverage, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

Socio Labs specializes in creating captivating ad campaigns that boost conversion rates and help sustain diminishing ROIs.

The organization has an outstanding work portfolio that spans five nations, serving over 140 customers and producing some of the top ad campaigns to enhance ROI and income via social media marketing.

Socio Labs’ excellent R&D brings up modern business concepts that increase business leads and persuade users to invest their equity in the greatest method feasible. The firm provides high-quality performance marketing services.

With a large staff of pros, they support advertisers at every stage of lead generation. When a company’s sole purpose is to achieve great customer satisfaction, there is no room for error. Socio Labs is driven to get you to where you want to be.

The company uses the traditional digital marketing funnel, but they also use current ideas to attract more of the correct customers to their clients. The Socio Labs team excels at planning, implementation, and analytics, all of which are critical components of successful campaigns.

10. Young Media

Young Media offers performance marketing services with its integrated approach to displaying campaigns. The agency works to establish lead generation funnels by enhancing brand presence, integrating social media marketing, and SEM to increase conversion rates.

They flawlessly implement landing pages and social media pages for brand recognition, maximizing the return on investment. As a performance marketing agency in India, Young Media believes that every business must thoroughly target its market before launching a campaign. A deep understanding allows us to invest your campaign cash effectively.

Young Media’s staff specializes in building and executing highly efficient Google Ads campaigns to assist businesses in enhancing brand visibility and reaching a larger audience. The seasoned team of specialists is running effective campaigns in a wide range of sectors and business sizes.

With years of experience in Google Ads, the agency has handled successful performance marketing for a variety of companies. As a result, the firm believes that having this competence will allow them to easily manage new and existing projects.

The rapidly expanding performance marketing agency has served organizations in a variety of industries, including health care, E-commerce, real estate, automotive, education, skin care, FMCG, retail, finance, and 15 others, globally.


11. Sq root

Sq root is a Mumbai-based creative & digital growth agency that focuses on the entire user journey from awareness to consideration to decision. It uses the latest tools and technology for tracking, nurturing & optimizing the results of our online campaigns. Marketing Automation is something to take very seriously at Sqroot.

The firm takes a unique approach by operating as a client partner rather than a traditional agency. Sq root prioritizes collaboration, believing that investing their efforts would result in higher results for both sides.

The agency expertly heads all parts of (SEM)Search Engine Marketing for its users, including Google and Bing ads, Google Shopping, programmatic, re-advertising management, and YouTube.

The agency integrates all services and provides a holistic experience to all clients. The creative performance marketing team becomes one POC for all digital requirements of a business. This means that the media strategy the agency creates is always in line with the business direction and creative direction to set out.

Sq Root understands the core business model and believes that digital marketing services are essential with customized ambitions to deliver successful business.

For businesses, the success of any digital campaign begins with a solid strategy, which is then refined and implemented in collaboration.

The organization provides firms with a comprehensive array of digital marketing solutions. The test model for online business branding by agency strikes the ideal blend of originality, sustainability, and explicit online and offline communication. It implies an integrated performance marketing approach to provide businesses with the agility they need to thrive in today’s competitive internet marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the FAQs related to performance marketing agencies

Question 1) Is partnering with a performance marketing agency beneficial?

Answer: Performance marketing agencies can be beneficial for businesses in many ways such as saving time and money, delivering quantifiable results, improving return on investment, and helping to stay relevant in the industry. Businesses may affordably and swiftly produce the necessary outcomes with the assistance of the best-performing marketing firm.

Because they obtain a whole team of performance marketing consultants for one charge, firms can save more money over time by hiring a specialized internal marketing team. A performance marketing company will produce quantifiable outcomes and statistics that provide extensive information on how performance marketing initiatives are performing, places for improvement, and the use of social media, as well as how it all connects to firms’ performance marketing goals.

A performance marketing firm can assist firms in determining which media types to use for their advertising in order to increase views and convert customers later. This increased ROI will ultimately benefit advertising and app enterprises. A performance agency may help an agency update its marketing techniques by utilizing cutting-edge platforms and technology to reach a larger audience.

An agency will constantly monitor media and marketing trends to determine the best way to increase app user numbers. They will be aware of the most cutting-edge ways to support all apps and ensure that the performance marketing plan does not slip.

Question 2) How to choose an effective Performance Marketing agency?

Answer: An ideal Performance Marketing Agency will provide your company with periodic goals that are properly matched with KPIs and ROI in the long run. You may even track the overall performance of the marketing campaign by reviewing the timely reports. They would even highlight the tactics they use to achieve their aims.

Another area of competence for Performance Marketing Agencies is identifying target audiences. They will customize your website’s landing pages for traffic while keeping conversion rates in mind. These agencies prioritize ROI and sales, thus they do not rely solely on impressions and clicks.

The Performance Marketing agencies have a comprehensive understanding of the seasonality of your products or services, your competitors’ approaches, and your most recent campaigns. The professionals working for these agencies can predict when you can expect great results from your efforts. The prior performance of your marketing helps them create realistic expectations. It is quite useful in creating critical factors in your business, such as trust and credibility.

Question 3) What work/services do performance marketing agencies provide?

Answer: Performance marketing agencies provide a variety of services for businesses, including:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Display advertisements.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Closure of the article “Top 11 Performance Marketing Agencies”

In today’s digital-centric environment, finding the correct performance marketing agencies is critical for Indian businesses. These top 11 performance marketing agencies in India provide a wide range of services, industry experience, and a track record of achieving outstanding outcomes. These companies have the skills and experience in SEO social media marketing content marketing and influencer marketing to help businesses thrive in the online world.

Remember that performance marketing is a constantly evolving profession, and being current with the newest trends, techniques, and technologies is critical for long-term success. Embrace the power of performance marketing, select the best digital marketing firm in India, and seize the chances that the internet world provides.

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