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Top 10 Investment Banking Jobs in Bangalore – Roles, Salary, And More

Bangalore City needs easy access to capital and present-day economic tools to promote business expansion and create global unicorns. With the arrival of several multinational corporations and startups, this dynamic city has turned out to be a hub for job opportunities in lots of industries. One such industry that has skilled rapid growth in recent years is investment banking. In this post, we’ll look at the elements that caused Bangalore to turn into a famous business travel destination. Next, we’ll look at the different roles in investment banking, their salaries, and job descriptions. We invite you to read our article, “Top Investment Banking Jobs in Bangalore-The Ever-Growing Industry Hub,” which covers all of this.


There are numerous reasons for Bangalore’s rise to prominence as a commercial business hub. First of all, innovation and entrepreneurship are the lifeblood of the city’s dynamic ecosystem. Bangalore attracts pinnacle talent and a wealth of seasoned professionals because it’s home to numerous academic institutions of the highest calibre. By providing companies with access to a trained workforce with a wide range of expertise, this talent pool acts as a catalyst.

Bangalore also profits from a good enterprise environment. To boost entrepreneurship and accelerate the industrial boom, the local government has put regulations and policies into place. Bangalore is a perfect business destination because of its well-set up and effective infrastructure, which includes connectivity and transportation. Furthermore, the city is extensively diagnosed for encouraging a cooperative atmosphere that makes it less difficult for companies to network and prosper.

A vital part of the financial services sector, investment banking has seen a visible rise in pastime in Bangalore recently. This industry’s main targets are to help mergers and acquisitions, raise money through initial public offerings (IPOs), provide financial advising services, and manage risk for both companies and investors. The increasing wide kind of startups in the city, the expansion plans of well-established companies, and the influx of foreign direct investment have all contributed to a regular rise in the demand for investment banking services.

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What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is an economic service that enables corporations, governments, and different entities to raise capital and make economic decisions. It includes activities like underwriting, mergers and acquisitions advisory, corporate finance, asset management, buying and selling, and research. Investment banks act as intermediaries between organizations looking for funds and investors, facilitating financial transactions and imparting guidance for strategic planning and investment management.

Raising capital for businesses, governments, and different organizations is the primary activity of investment banking.

One aspect of investment banking entails the underwriting of the latest debt and equity securities for companies of all stripes.

Investment banks may also assist with reorganizations, broker trades for institutions and individual traders, and mergers and acquisitions.


Why Does a Career in Investment Banking Deliver Such Prestige?

Investment banking is prestigious due to its function in the finance world, working with major companies, understanding stock markets, and making predictions. These experts can significantly increase client wealth and influence global economies, making it a highly rewarding and influential position in the corporate world.

Top 10 Investment Banking Jobs in Bangalore:

Bangalore is home to numerous domestic and international investment banks offering services such as mergers, acquisitions, equity and debt capital markets, financial advisory, and risk management.

Bangalore, India provides a variety of investment banking jobs. Bangalore’s leading investment banks that offer employment in this industry consist of some of the following:

  1. J.P. Morgan
  2. Goldman Sachs
  3. The Barclays
  4. The Citigroup
  5. Wall Street Morgan Stanley
  6. The Deutsche Bank
  7. Credit Suisse
  8. Bank of America
  9. Standard Chartered
  10. UBS

These banks offer investment banking transactions, capital raising, and strategic advisory services to both domestic and international clients.

Bangalore’s investment banking sector, alongside large multinational banks, has strengthened the city’s financial hub status in India, creating employment opportunities for finance professionals and contributing to the overall economic growth of the city.

Investment banking analysts, associates, and vice presidents are just a few of the roles for which these banks frequently hire new employees. Deal structuring, client management, due diligence, and financial modelling are frequently included in these positions.

Furthermore, job opportunities in investment banking are provided by Bangalore-based boutique investment banks and financial services companies. Axis Capital, Kotak Investment Banking, and ICICI Securities are a few of the regional investment banks in Bangalore.

The career sections of these banks’ websites, job portals such as Indeed, Naukri, and LinkedIn, or recruitment firms that specialize in banking and finance positions are all good places to look for investment banking jobs in Bangalore. Opportunities for employment in investment banking in Bangalore can also be found by networking and going to industry events.

Bangalore offers quite a few profiles and roles for the ones looking for work in investment banking.

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Now Let’s Examine the Numerous Critical Roles and Their Venture Descriptions:

Corporate Finance Analyst:

Corporate finance analysts support companies in identifying growth possibilities, analyzing financial performance, and assessing investment projects. They carry out due diligence, create monetary style models, and provide suggestions to pinnacle management.

Investment banking positions in Bangalore are diagnosed for providing appealing compensation packages in terms of salary. Salaries for entry-level jobs, in conjunction with investment banking analysts, can range from INR 6 to 10 lakhs ($8,000 to $13,000) each year, with bonuses and incentives boosting the overall pay. Depending on their degree of experience and seniority, professionals with a range of INR 15 to 30 lakhs ($20,000 to $40,000) or more annually may be discovered working as investment bankers and risk managers.

Research Analyst:

Research analysts are professionals at analyzing economic facts, conducting in-depth market research, and comparing investment opportunities. By providing thorough reviews and projections, they help clients in making practical investment alternatives.

Investment bankers and analysts are in charge of performing economic analyses, writing opinions, and making recommendations to customers. They collaborate carefully with clients to assist with acquisitions, mergers, capital raising, and other economic dealings.

Risk Manager:

The primary obligation of risk managers is to apprehend and oversee customers’ economic risks. They create plans for risk control, position controls in place, and make certain regulations that are accompanied. To find out and reduce feasible risks, they collaborate cautiously with clients

Requirements of Investment Banking Jobs in Bangalore:

In the economic services area, funding banking is a specialized vicinity that deals with supplying financial services and advice to businesses, governments, and wealthy people. Investment bankers are critical to the successful execution of complicated financial transactions, capital raising through the issuance of bonds and stocks, and mergers and acquisitions.

Profile: Those with splendid analytical, communication, and problem-solving abilities are in high demand for investment banking jobs in Bangalore. In addition to having a robust quantitative background in mathematics or engineering, applicants with a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or an associated field are also highly sought after. One can substantially improve their possibilities of being hired if they have prior experience in a related field, like corporate finance or equity research.

Investment banking specialists in Bangalore should have a strong grasp of laws, rules of the market, and industry developments. Success in this fast-paced industry calls for the potential to work under pressure, manipulate several projects right away, and cling to tight deadlines.

Investment Banking Jobs in Bangalore for Freshers:

Fresh graduates seeking investment banking jobs in Bangalore need to have a stable academic foundation, robust analytical skills, knowledge of financial modelling, and effective communication skills. Pay is competitive, and for folks who work hard and carry out well, there are lots of opportunities for development in the field.

Freshers in Bangalore normally need to have positive skill sets and a solid educational background to get employment in investment banking. Employers in investment banking typically look for the subsequent qualifications and abilities:

Strong academic background like minimum 10+2 or else graduation or post-graduation from accounting, finance, banking, business administration or more.

Strong Analytical Skills –

Investment bankers require strong analytical capabilities to assess financial statistics, conduct industry research, and become aware of investment banking opportunities, and proficiency in Excel and other financial software tools is critical.

Strong Communication Skills-

Investment banking professionals are liable for effectively communicating complex financial concepts to customers, team members, and specific stakeholders.

Finance Modelling-

Attention to detail- Accuracy is paramount in investment banking, and freshers must own meticulous interest in detail to ensure the accuracy of financial statements, critiques, and presentations.

Presentation Skill-

Effective presentation abilities and the potential to offer concise financial statistics are vital for fresher to retain their job.

Networking Abilities-

Strong networking and relationship-building capabilities are essential for success in investment banking, giving freshers a competitive advantage.

Teamwork and Time Management Teamwork, tight deadlines, and simultaneous task management are vital for freshers in the fast-paced investment banking environment.

Investment Banking Jobs in Bangalore for Experienced:

Bangalore provides skilled professionals pretty numerous investment banking job opportunities. Bangalore’s main financial institutions and investment banks encompass the following:

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Citibank
  • Barclays
  • Nomura
  • RBS (The Royal Bank of Scotland)
  • Standard Chartered Bank

Professionals with experience can find many opportunities in the finance sector with investment banking jobs in Bangalore. Due to the presence of numerous multinational corporations and a thriving start-up ecosystem, Bangalore, also referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, has become a hub for financial services. For seasoned workers, the following are important features of investment banking positions in Bangalore:

Investment Banking Job Roles in Bangalore Include:

  • Investment Bankers,
    Equity Research Analysts,
    Financial Analysts,
    Risk Managers,
    Fund Managers.

These roles comprise investment advisory, transaction control, financial analysis, and client relationship management. The city’s thriving financial system and supportive industrial business environment offer growth opportunities for experienced professionals. Bangalore’s emphasis on technology and innovation, including artificial intelligence, data analytics, and blockchain technology, provides a unique dimension to investment banking jobs. The strong network of professionals allows for collaboration and expertise sharing. Bangalore’s pleasant climate, vibrant culture, and recreational abilities contribute to a balanced manner of lifestyle. Compliance and risk management are critical for easy operations.

Investment Banker Salary in Bangalore:

Investment banking salaries in Bangalore, India, range based totally on experience, abilities, and organization. Analysts can anticipate salaries ranging from INR 6 to 10 lakhs per annum, while associates can earn INR 12 to 20 lakhs. Vice presidents can earn INR 25 to 40 lakhs consistent with the annum, at the same time as administrators and those dealing with directors can earn over INR 50 lakhs in line with the annum. These salaries are aggressive and attractive; however, the workload and process needs may be disturbing, with prolonged operating hours and excessive-strain conditions.

Mnc Investment Banking Jobs in Bangalore:

Bangalore, known as the “Silicon Valley of India,” is attracting multinational investment banks to its financial hub. MNC investment banking jobs in Bangalore offer attractive compensation packages and lucrative opportunities for bold professionals. Successful candidates need robust analytical, economic, and communication abilities, often with a background in economics or finance. Advanced degrees like MBA or CFA can enhance their prospects. The incredibly competitive industry requires prolonged working hours, tight project deadlines, and high-pressure conditions. Bangalore’s financial hub status and vibrant work culture make it an appealing destination for investment banking professionals.

Investment Banking Analyst jobs in Bangalore:

The average annual salary for an Investment Banking Analyst in Bangalore, India is ₹1,173,296, with an extra pay of ₹197,572 per annum, including cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit sharing, in the 25th and 75th percentile of all pay data.

For an Investment Banking Analyst in Bangalore, India

The following job titles are related to this one:

Investment-Banker Salaries with an average pay of ₹92,330,

Job description- Investment Bankers manage investment portfolios, offer advice, and design financial portfolios based totally on customers’ desires and risk tolerance, approving loans and large transactions for a firm’s private and business clients.

Financial Advisor Salaries with a median pay of ₹922,526,

Job description- Financial advisors provide economic advice, guidance, and investment recommendations to customers, supporting them in creating, tracking, and controlling their financial plans; and

Equity Research Analyst Salaries with a median pay of ₹1,195,000,

Job description- Equity researchers analyze stocks to help portfolio managers in informed investment decisions, using problem-solving skills, data interpretation, and tools to predict security behavior, expand investment models, and identify trading strategies.

The One-of-a-kind Corporation Pay Scale for the Post of Investment Banking Analyst in Bangalore is as follows:

  • Goldman Sachs—INR 1,750,000/year
  • HSBC—INR 1,746,605/ year
  • Accenture—INR 800,000/ year
  • Tata Consultancy Services—INR 400,000/ year
  • JP Morgan—INR 787,500/ year
  • JP Morgan Chase& Co—INR 1,037,862/ year

It is anticipated that demand for jobs in accounting and finance will remain high, with employment growth correlated with the state of the overall economy. Although the pay for these positions will remain above average, entry into the field typically requires a higher degree or certification. It is anticipated that automation will replace a large number of routine tasks, but it will not lessen the need for these workers; rather, it will free them up to concentrate on critical soft skills like trend analysis and client advice.

Investment Banking Analyst salaries in Bangalore, India range from ₹1,173,296 to ₹2,160,000, with the highest at ₹2,160,000 and the lowest at ₹515,000. These analysts are well-compensated, often earning six-figure salaries, year-end bonuses, and travel and meal costs.

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Investment Banking Associate Jobs in Bangalore:

The average annual revenue for an Investment Banking Associate in Bangalore is ₹14,00,000, with an average additional cash compensation of ₹3,00,000, starting from ₹47,000 to ₹16,50,000.

The following job titles are associated with this such as:

Investment-Analyst Salaries-INR 6,50,000 per year

Job description- Investment analysts acquire data, conduct research, and examine belongings like stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities, frequently focusing on particular niches to become experts in their selected fields.

Investment Banker-INR 92,330 per annum

Job description- Investment Bankers perform numerous obligations along with meeting potential clients, reviewing financial reports, completing transactions, and imparting portfolio growth presentations.

Investment Associate-INR 20,50,000 per year

Job description- An investment associate evaluates an employer’s financial information, recommends investment techniques, manages inventory distribution, and calculates potential merger risks.

Trader-INR 80,000 per annum

Job description- This role entails buying and promoting financial instruments on behalf of clients, preparing trading plans, and undertaking monetary analyses to identify profitable trade opportunities.

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Investment Banking Vice-President Jobs in Bangalore:

Investment Banking Vice-President Jobs in Bangalore:

The average annual salary for a Vice President at Goldman Sachs is ₹4,650,000, with a base pay of ₹3,841,431 and an additional pay of ₹808,569, primarily based on revenue records from customers.

In Bangalore, India, the average yearly salary for a Vice President is ₹5,041,938, which is 8% more than the ₹4,650,000 average salary for the same role at Goldman Sachs.

Job description- The Investment Banking Vice President’s duties consist of contacting potential clients, organizing and delivering business presentations, and leading transaction implementation throughout various industry groups. The majority of a vice president’s time and effort is devoted to the servicing and acquiring process takes up more of a VP’s time than an MD’s, at the senior VP level, VP duties start to resemble MD duties.

VPs are responsible for finding new clients and servicing existing ones, managing associates and analysts, and pitchbook creation. They focus on tasks like communicating with Directors, dividing work between associates and analysts, resolving conflicts, checking work products, speaking with clients, and developing relationships with new clients. As VPs become more senior, they may occasionally edit presentations, but only for important deals or pitches.

Investment Banking Managing Director’s Jobs in Bangalore:

J.P. Morgan Executive Directors earn an average annual salary of ₹7,000,000, with a range of ₹5,100,000-10,000,000, and an average total pay of ₹8,350,000, including bonuses and additional compensation.

The average annual salary for an Executive Director in Bangalore, India is ₹7,200,000, 2% higher than the J.P. Morgan salary of ₹7,000,000.

Job description- Managing Directors (MDs) are responsible for winning deals, and clients, and developing relationships in banks. They are responsible for most M&A, capital markets, and restructuring offers, generating investment banking revenue. MDs spend less time on project management than VPs and handle tasks like meeting with new corporations, and existing clients, pitching companies, discussing portfolio companies with private equity firms, and meeting with VPs and SVPs.

Companies are constantly attempting to find approaches to collaborate on projects or make wise investments because of growing global integration. Investment banking is a famous career choice in Bangalore considering its professionals are knowledgeable in business investments, mergers & acquisitions, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How do I get equipped to work in investment banking?

The 7-step procedure for breaking into investment banking.

Get “Steppingstone” internships or jobs

Write Your Narrative.

Finance Your CV/Resume.

Make Connections to Land Interviews and Offers.

Get ready for the investment banking interview process.

Reach the Final Round of Investment Banking Interviews and Receive Offers.

Q2. Why is it so difficult to find employment in investment banking?

You should make every effort to stand out during the recruitment process because it’s a very competitive process for investment banking positions. Banks consider the calibre of your work history, the calibre of the schools you attended, and the amount of effort you put into networking or “hustling” for the position.

Q3. Which Microsoft Excel skills are necessary for investment banking?

The 8 Most Effective Excel Skills for Finance are:

Newbie: Formatting Spreadsheets.

Excel Aggregation Functions for Beginners.

Novice in Data Visualization and Charting.

Intermediate: Formulas related to finance (NPV, IRR, PMT, XNPV, etc.)

Intermediate: Lookup Formulas (Index Match, XLOOKUP, and VLOOKUP)

Pivot Tables: Advanced.


Let’s sum up by saying that Bangalore has a lot of investment banking jobs because it is a booming business hub. For businesses looking for investment banking services, it’s the perfect place to be because of its excellent business climate, highly qualified workforce, and cooperative ecosystem. Investment banking professionals are drawn to Bangalore due to the city’s competitive salaries and wide range of job profiles. These prospects are anticipated to increase as the city develops and flourishes, solidifying Bangalore’s standing as a leading hub for investment banking in India.

Investment banking careers, similar to the stock market, can be rewarding with the right training and skills, offering a promising career trajectory with growth potential.


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