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Top 10 Careers For Highest Paying Jobs In India (Updated)

Here are the highest paying jobs in India that pay well and offer you job satisfaction so that you can work to the most of your potential without feeling stuck or bored. 


highest paying job

  • Content Writer

Not many of you know but content writing is one of the highest paying jobs in India. Not only it is lucrative from the point of money, but the flexibility allowed to work from home or any corner of the world for that matter is also a factor that makes it one of the most competitive yet rewarding types of work in present times.


More than 50% of the world population is online today. Gone are the days when people could be manipulated into purchasing goods and services. Today’s consumer is empowered by the internet to make a well-rounded and calculated purchase. Firstly, exhaustive research about the products and services is made by the buyers with the help of search engines.


The type of online content available about the brand including its reviews, usefulness and other important details like price, warranty make a huge impact in convincing the buyers if the brand is worth their money, time and attention. Today, no place is as good as a marketplace like the Internet.


Every brand is moving towards e-commerce and the only type of marketing that seems to work in such a scenario is content marketing. The objective of content marketing is to put up relevant, high-quality, optimized and engaging content about a brand on websites, blogs, social media platforms. It can be safely stated that the popularity and hence, the revenue of a brand is heavily dependent on how strong is its online presence. To build this online presence, content writers are heavily in demand. Every brand on this planet, big or small recruits content writers to develop quality content for their websites, blogs, and social media handles.


Content writers also craft engaging content for video testimonials that air on television and get posted on social media platforms. Content writing is regarded as one of the highest paying jobs in India because there is a huge demand for content writers in the industry but the supply of really skilled writers is really less. The pay of content writers depends on their skills to keep crafting epic content for the huge online audience. Anyone with good writing skills and knowledge of certain skills like SEO can become a content writer. However, an official certification in content writing increases the chances of getting hired.



Being one of the highest paying jobs in India, content writers earn between 2 lac to 3 lac per annum, The chances of almost quadrupling this annual pay to 12 lac to 15 lac per annum, dramatically increase with increasing precision and quality of work. Sign up for the best  Content Writing Course  offered by  IIM SKILLS


  • Digital marketers


Digital marketing is again one of the highest paying jobs in India. Digital marketing is all about using digital technologies, channels, and tactics to market products and services to a relevant audience. Digital marketing traces its origin and evolution to the pre-digital era marketing tactics and its recent embracement with technology.


A digital marketer tries to understand the behavioral patterns of the target audience using his/her domain knowledge by synthesizing analytics and effectively communicating with the clients. In general, marketing is about connecting with the target audience in the right place and at the right time. Today, when more than 50% of the world population is online, no place is as relevant to meet prospective customers as the internet is.


Everything from content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging fall under the tactics used to market products and services using digital tactics.


The main objective of a digital marketer is to create brand awareness and convert content developed as a part of content marketing ritual to sales using Search Engine Optimization and various other relevant digital technologies. Anyone can become a good fit for the role of a digital marketer with the right kind of certification course or a postgraduate diploma. Digital marketing is a lucrative option for people with relevant interests.


Digital marketing is by means one of the highest paying jobs in India.  The average annual pay for a beginner digital marketer is somewhere around 5 lac per, which doubles and triples with increasing quality of work and experience. Learn Digital Marketing Course at IIM SKILLS.


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Data science is one of the most popular and highest-paying jobs in India.


Conventionally, whatever data we had in the pre-digital era was mostly structured but the randomness in this structure has touched new heights with the advent of the internet. The density of unstructured data is only going to increase with time. The source of these data ranges from financial records, text documents, multimedia content, sensors, and instruments.


The importance of analyzing past data cannot be emphasized more. Properly analyzing data helps us give meaningful insight that can be used for various purposes. However, analyzing these types of data requires complex, advanced analytical tools, and algorithms. There are various types of fields that require individuals who have an inside-out knowledge of data science. These people are called data scientists. Data science has applications in almost every sector, ranging from marketing, sales, social media, to the automobile industry, healthcare, travel, and even credit and insurance.


For instance, data science can be used to understand the needs and behavioral patterns of customers from the existing data; past browsing history, purchase history, age, income, and location. By gaining valuable insight from this type of data, more relevant products and services can be recommended to the customers. This, in, turn will bring more revenue and popularity to a brand. Data science can also be used for risk assessment by modeling future predictions quantitatively and qualitatively. Data science combines domain knowledge, programming skills, math, statistics to get the work done.


It is all about connecting dots between a business and its relevant data to understand past patterns and predict the future for more reliable decision-making. To become a data scientist, it is crucial to major in subjects like math, statistics, economics, natural and physical sciences, engineering. Many data scientists have at least a master’s or PhD in quantitative subjects. Other than this, they also have good business sense and communication skills. More people are getting attracted to data science because it is for obvious reasons one of the highest paying jobs in India. The average annual pay of data scientists in India is around 7 lac per annum.  The chances of doubling or tripling this income increases with years of expertise.




A career in Merchant Navy is again one of the highest paying jobs in India.


Shipping industries are involved in the transportation of goods and services from one port to another. Merchant navy is a term used to encompass all ships around the world involved in such transportations of goods. These goods can be of any types and are referred to as cargo. Type of cargo ranges from wood, grain, oil, chemicals, gases to cars, heavy machinery, electronic goods, and cattle. More than 90% of cargo transportation of all types between different continents and countries is aided by shipping industries.


For that reason, Merchant Navy contributes hugely to the smooth functioning of international export and import. Shipping industries employ workers, marine engineers, and other maritime professionals. A career in the merchant navy perfectly suits people who love oceans, seas and travelling. People employed in this sector get to visit different exotic locations in the world. The job profiles of the merchant navy mainly include posts of Deck officer, Electro-technical officer, Engineers, skilled seafarers, catering and hospitality crew. To get a job in the merchant navy, you need to essentially have Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics at +2 level and then crack the entrance test of a maritime institute.


Other than educational eligibility, you need to be extremely physically fit. According to data, the salary of an individual in the merchant navy can vary anywhere between 12,000 per month to 8 lac INR per month. The salary depends on the rank and responsibility assigned. Of course, it is one of the highest paying jobs in India do


keep in mind the challenges and limitations posed in this profession, before deciding to pursue a relevant maritime degree.



Computer Engineering has become a sort of an evergreen branch of specialization in the last few decades. The reason behind most people wanting to pursue a degree in computer science roots in the fact that almost every aspect of our life has been digitized and also because it is one of the highest paying jobs in India.


Digitalization has taken place because of the advancement and application of computer science technologies and there seems to be no stop ahead. Even the future holds bright scope for computer engineers.


Computer engineers are mostly of two types; computer hardware engineers and computer software engineers. Computer hardware engineers are hired to look into the hardware aspects of electronic gadgets. Their main job is to research, design, test, manufacture and installs computer hardware like chips, circuit boards, and related equipment. Computer software engineers are expected to be excellent programmers.


They are hired to design, develop and improve software mainly including the operating system. Software engineers are further hired to develop Android or iOS mobile applications for various purposes. Software engineers also develop a variety of software that makes our day to day life really easy.


Human civilization has become so computer-driven that the scope of job prospects for a computer engineer is really broad. Every other sector today has an information technology department that employs people having an inside out knowledge of computer functioning, manufacturing, designing, and applications. Hence, Information technology professionals are the backbone of everything to do with every aspect of our life becoming digitalized.


The average annual pay of computer engineers in India is around 5 lac INR.  Again, these pay scales increase dramatically as one sharpens their skills and therefore Computer engineering proves to be one of the highest paying jobs in India.



The designation of a chartered accountant is recognized worldwide. A chartered accountant or simply called a CA is a professional accountant who earns the required qualifications to make decisions and act on them within the realm of accountancy. It is also one of the highest paying jobs in India.


The work of a chartered accountant mainly involves auditing financial statements, filing of corporate tax returns. They are also heavily demanded in the field of financial consulting. A Chartered accountant mainly specializes in one of these areas; taxation, financial accounting, and reporting applied finance and management accounting.


The specialization which a chartered accountant chooses to work on decides which realm of accountancy he/she will work for. The reason why chartered accountants are so much in demand in the industry lies in the fact that every business organization wants such highly knowledgeable professionals who can handle their highly sensitive financial and accounting matters making all efforts to avoid any legal issues related to the same.


Chartered accountants generally have the choice to work in a variety of environments like a public or private practice firm as well as other not-for-profit organization as well. Chartered accountants can also work as management professionals. They are also highly preferred by heavily paying investment banking firms. More or less, Chartered accountancy is such a vast and diverse field that enlisting the functions of a chartered accountant in such a precise manner is not possible.


General fluctuations in the economy of a country place great responsibilities on the shoulders of chartered accountants. For obvious reasons, it is again one of the highest paying jobs in India. Many professionals also choose to open their own consultancy firm. The average annual income of a chartered accountant in India is around 7.5 lac INR which increases manifolds with experience and expertise.

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  • Corporate Lawyers


The scope of corporate law has been ever increasing since liberalization. They are one of the highest paying jobs in India. 

Corporate lawyers generally get assigned the posts of legal officer, legal advisor and legal associate in big corporate businesses. A corporate lawyer is mainly responsible for making sure that the corporation is functioning smoothly under the rules imposed by the constitution of a country on big business organizations.


He/she is responsible for giving legal advice, insights and letting the corporation know the consequences of their deals, actions and purchase and sale. Corporate lawyers precisely are involved in assisting the board members of an organization regarding merger and acquisitions. They provide valuable insights to raise funds legally for the brand and also accommodate it in the market under the governing rules and regulations. In case of involvement of overseas organization, a corporate lawyer is also expected to take into consideration the laws of that country and provide valuable suggestions for the smooth functioning of trade. Corporate lawyers also look after the intellectual properties of a corporation.


Intellectual properties mainly involve trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Such type of lawyers is called intellectual property attorney. Lawyers working in a corporate setup are expected to also help in running the business smoothly by considering the applicable laws by filing tax returns. All matters related to tax are handled by such lawyers who also provide suggestions about valid deductions, exemptions, credits to lighten the tax burden on an organization.


A corporate lawyer is specifically hired by big business corporations to manage the private equity of the fund and overall look after the corporate finance from a legal point of view. The job of a corporate lawyer is one of the highest paying jobs in India. The average annual income of a lawyer in a corporate setup is around 7 lac INR. Clearly, they are one of the highest paying jobs in India because this income further increases with years of experience and quality of work delivered.


  • Commercial Pilot


A commercial pilot is a highly skilled individual hired by airlines to navigate aeroplanes, helicopters and other types of aircraft mainly for transportation of cargo and passengers under a fixed time span. People generally pursue this course out if love for flying and also because it is one of the highest paying jobs in India.

Commercial pilots also fly aircraft for other purposes like rescue operations, fire fighting and aerial photography for scientific objectives. The duties of a commercial pilot mainly include checking the functioning and condition of aircraft before and after the flight. They also make sure that the weight of the aircraft is balanced and enough fuel is available for the commute. They study the weather conditions and access if they are suitable for the flight.


They are expected to stay in constant touch with air traffic control through the inbuilt aircraft radio system. Commercial pilots also monitor engines and fuel consumption, further taking necessary actions in case of an emergency. They are trained to effectively navigate an aircraft using cockpit instruments.


Generally, two pilots are assigned the task to navigate a flight smoothly; one is called a captain who has more experience and the other co-pilot is called the first officer who assists the captain in transporting cargo and people through the air. Older planes generally require a third pilot called a flight engineer who is assigned the task of monitoring instruments and operating controls. Commercial pilots are also expected to have great teamwork and leadership skills to manage other aircraft professionals for effective navigation.


Some pilots are also required to handle customer complaints. Takeoffs and landings are the most challenging parts of the job of a commercial pilot which require coordination, and experience. To become a commercial pilot, one needs to take the official pilot training. The profession is one of the highest paying jobs in the country with the annual average income of around 24 lac INR.



A degree in business studies is one of the most sought after, professional courses in India because it is one of the highest paying jobs in India. A management professional has the liberty to work in absolutely any type of sector. The reason behind this diversity is attributed to the need for an effective management body to run an organization. People having a business degree hold position of responsibilities depending on the field they have specialized in.

A management professional is required to look after the hiring process of an organization and also maintain the right kind of environment for the working force. Such a management professional is called human resource managers who are also responsible for looking after the overall well being of the employees by protecting their rights. Management professionals who manage the whole marketing process of products and services of an organization are called marketing managers.


Management professionals who look into and manage the financial matters of an organization are called finance managers. Other professionals specialize in operation, supply chain management, and logistics. Overall, for the effective functioning of a business corporation, a pool of well-trained and experienced management professionals is needed. People having relevant management and leadership skills are heavily in demand in almost every type of industry.


Such skilled professionals with experience become part of the top management body who make major decisions for the growth and well-being of a business corporation. With the right kind of decision making and leadership quality, a management professional holds the power to uplift an organization to the peak of unimaginable success and fame. Management jobs are also one of the highest paying jobs in India with an annual average income of INR 9 lac which by all means increases with time and expertise.


  • Indian Foreign services


Indian candidates who qualify for the civil services examination conducted by the union public service commission with a good rank can choose Indian foreign services. After undergoing an almost year-long training, candidates are generally deployed to one of the Indian embassies that are present all over the world. Indian Foreign Service officers are the individuals in the government responsible for managing external affairs of the country and also maintaining diplomatic relationships with the various nations worldwide.


They are also expected to work to manage trade and cultural relations between India and various nations. Indian foreign service officers also get home posting. Depending on whether they are posted abroad or in India, their position of responsibility varies. On foreign assignments, an Indian foreign service officer is expected to represent India in various countries and international forums. They work to protect India’s interest in matters ranging from trade, investment to economic and political issues on an international level. They rigorously work to also promote healthy relationships between foreign countries and India through a variety of cultural activities, meets, and fairs. Indian Foreign Service officers are the same people who speak for India in the United Nations meet.


They are also assigned the task of providing relevant support and facilities to non-resident Indians. On home postings, these government officials work to frame and implement policies that will affect India’s relations with other countries. They are also expected to manage international diplomatic protocol when foreign dignitaries visit India. They are also responsible to manage legal disputes, protocol issues and interaction with the publicity and press on a central level. Indian foreign services can be safely regarded as one of the highest paying jobs in India under the government sector. On foreign postings, they get a special allowance, hiking their salaries to about 2.5 lac INR per month.


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