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15 Reasons To Choose Digital Marketing Career For Success

Before we try to understand if a digital marketing career is good or not, we need to learn what it means. So in very simple words, digital marketing is a marketing strategy that is carried out through digital media.It still holds a lot of space and capacity for newcomers but is crowded with highly competent people and organizations with heavy potential.

Reasons To Choose Digital Marketing Career


Digital marketing as a career option requires extremely professional skills and abilities, as it is one of those mainstream professions which started during the era of booming internet and by this time, it has become the spine of every industry irrespective of genre.

Advertising And Marketing

Now the primary focus is on the term “Marketing”. Usually, people think marketing is the same as advertising, which is wrong. Advertising is one of many marketing strategies.

Advertising is making people aware of a particular product or service whereas marketing is the technique of converting these ads into actual leads.

Convincing people with strategies to do any targeted action, like purchasing a product or using a service, is the basic idea behind marketing.

In the past couple of years, big companies were spending nearly 20% of their revenue on marketing and most of which was through digital media.

Companies frame budgets for their marketing expenses, which proves how important it is for a brand to market itself.

Now that we know how important it is for brands to market themselves, this leads to the fact that there is enough work opportunity in the marketing industry for newcomers and also for those who are willing to begin their careers in marketing.

To run a fruitful business, digital marketing is a basic necessity.

Performing required digital marketing strategies could actually, boost a business.

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Rise of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is itself a gigantic industry and for now, is the most consumed form of marketing. Digital marketing is usually considered as just promoting on social media and running ads, but it is a lot more than that.

Digital marketing covers a lot of aspects in terms of marketing.

Email marketing, Referral Marketing, Content marketing, Search engine marketing, Influencer marketing, viral marketing and a lot many types of marketing are there.

All these types of digital marketing techniques are developed for different purposes and based on their purpose the strategies used also, vary.

The prime purpose of digital marketing is to create awareness about a brand or product or any service among the people.

At this point, there are some 4billion internet users around the world, which exponentially multiplies the chances of being seen on the internet.

What makes it more interesting is, with such a huge, audience, the content uploaded on the internet is relatively massive. Now that it has become easy to appear on the internet, digital marketing commands and influences the appearance of any entity on the internet such that it reaches the maximum number of people.

In the past 30 years, the very evident growth that the entire internet industry has gone through seems more like a miracle. It didn’t take much time for smart businesses to realize that they could connect to consumers by just being on the internet.

Education Required For Career In Digital Marketing

It has not been very long since digital marketing evolved. This is because in the first few years after the evolution of the internet, it was difficult to access it and not many people were on the internet. Therefore, the education system has no recognized degree for this stream.

But some institutes provide certified digital marketing courses which can help one build a career in digital marketing.

Still, having an educational background in the commerce stream would help one grab good opportunities in their digital marketing career.

Hopefully, in the next few years, Universities and institutions will be offering recognized degrees and master degrees in digital marketing.

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Career In Digital Marketing

A digital marketing career is opportunistic but comes with challenges also.

It is something that requires a defined set of skills in handling the online content and manipulating it in ways that can bring the audience, influence them, convert leads, increase sales and a lot more.

Depending upon the purpose, industries demand various skills.  

It also needs good research and communication skills. The digital marketing industry is not as crowded as others, but every single person in this industry is equally competent and therefore there is heavy competition even if it is less crowded.

A person without a good hold on the internet tactics and knowledge about marketing things digitally can never sustain in this industry.

It is highly recommended to learn from various courses for digital marketing offered by institutions across the country.

Apart from these challenges,  the industry has good opportunities for those who are willing to be marketers and have a thorough knowledge of connecting the audience through digital media.

Unlike content writing and freelancing, it needs many more factors to achieve its purpose. 

Offering marketing services individually as a digital marketer is not as rewarding as offering services as a digital marketing agency.

It is usually a team consisting of people with different skillsets and abilities in marketing that operate the content in various terms before it appears on the internet.

For example, a blog article promoting a business requires a content writer, SEO, and SEM professional and digital marketer. This is because, only marketing practices doesn’t help in influencing people, good content and better rankings on search engines are also required.

Still, digital marketers are demanded to a whole, another level and usually digital marketers are recruited by digital marketing agencies.

It as a profession is highly rewarding if pursued with proper understanding and patience.

So here are

15 Reasons To Choose Digital Marketing As A Career

1. No Specific Education required

As mentioned earlier, there is no specific educational degree as a requirement to pursue digital marketing as a career.

Digital marketing has its terms and rules which are either taught by institutes that have come up across the country in recent years otherwise, the internet is a good source to understand the basics of digital marketing.

These courses could help one boost their digital marketing career as there are many vital strategies and tactics developed after great research and studies on various cases and these are not available on the internet.

Since there is no recognized educational degree for digital marketing, it allows people from other streams to pursue it

Though there is no specified educational degree for a career in digital marketing, having a bachelor’s degree in commerce stream could help one grab good opportunities in digital marketing

So, for a smooth and steady career in internet marketing, it is highly recommended to join courses for digital marketing offered by institutes across the country.

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2. Exposure

Digital marketing is very much an interesting career. As mentioned before, it is the spine of every industry irrespective of genre.

This is because; every business wants an online presence because of the huge audience there.

To reach a targeted audience to convey any detail so that few of those audiences convert into actual leads, digital marketing is required.

Now that we know digital marketing has demand in every industry which means digital marketers get clients from every industry. This helps digital marketers learn more about other industries.

It allows cross-learning for both clients and marketers which makes it a very interesting profession.

An internet marketing career, allows a variety of clients, it is good for building relationships with businesses. Building a relationship with more businesses allows consistency in projects.

It is, therefore, a very interesting profession.

So, one of the key reasons to pursue a digital marketing career is that the marketer gets clients from many other industries and building relationships with businesses allows consistency in projects.


3. Fast Growing

Digital marketing career has grown at an exponential rate since the internet was evolving.

The internet expects 4-5 million people in the coming 3 years, which means more businesses on the internet.

It’s the most effective period in a digital marketing career when the flow of clients and projects will increase multiple times.

Now that we have landed in an era of booming internet, more business and individuals as well want their online presence such that their product or service is purchased.

With the fast-developing internet, a digital marketing career is also changing in terms of strategies and tactics. People who are willing to start their careers are advised to stay updated with the changing trends.

As the old strategies go out of trend, people who possess skills that are appropriate for the new and effective strategies are heavily demanded.

Staying updated with the new strategies can help one boost their career and find more opportunities.

4. Decent Income Opportunities

It opens the door for decent income opportunities.

As mentioned earlier businesses frame budgets to be spent on digital marketing. Big businesses are reported to spend nearly 10% of their annual revenue on digital marketing.

Digital marketing career holds a huge amount of money as businesses these days are working smartly by investing in digital marketing which indicates good money making opportunities for digital marketers.

A digital marketing career is one of the highly paid professions. The bigger the requirements, the more is the amount paid.

Every industry, company, a business wants to reach as many people as possible for digital marketing is the best option.

A digital marketing career has a risk of failing as much as any other industry, but practising the right strategies could help one earn really good money.

An experienced and popular digital marketer is reported to have an average annual income of more than 20lakhs.

The money factor is also a very important part of any career and therefore digital marketing career can opt as it holds a lot of opportunity and money as well.

5. Less Crowded

A digital marketing career could be seen as a potential career option because the digital marketing industry is less crowded.

Not many people consider this as an option for the mainstream profession because of the uncertainty and risks of failure. Many also skip this without even knowing about it to its depth.

A digital marketing career is highly competent as a profession because not everyone chooses this career and those who choose it are as good or bad as any other in the industry. After all, those who plan to sustain a digital marketing career must have gone through the learning of how this industry works.

Therefore digital marketing being less crowded open opportunities for newcomers as well as offers tough competition amongst digital marketers.

Now that we know this industry holds a lot of capacity for newcomers, it means that there is consistency in the flow of new projects, clients and opportunities.

So, a digital marketing career can be seen as a potential career option for being less crowded. 

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6. Freelance Opportunities

Another reason to pursue a digital marketing career as a mainstream profession is that it allows one to work as a freelancer offering digital marketing services.

A digital marketing career doesn’t offer jobs only, but one can start freelancing as their digital marketing career also.

People can work individually as digital marketers and offer digital marketing services. Freelance digital marketers are paid well depending upon the type of tasks they do.

A digital marketing career is something that one can pursue at home. These services, definitely need no particular office space, rather working in a comfortable and focused environment could be helpful.

A digital marketing career doesn’t demand anything more than a laptop and an active internet connection.

Pursuing a digital marketing career as a freelancer could be quite unstable because of the inconsistent flow of opportunities, but as compared to other careers, a digital marketing career has relatively more opportunities in freelancing.

Initially, the possibility of getting projects and clients would be quite low but along with time and growing experience one could manage to find decent opportunities in freelancing as a digital marketer as well.

7. Flexibility

One of the many reasons to choose a digital marketing career is that it allows flexibility in work.

A digital marketing career could be really helpful for those who work while they travel and do other work according to their suitable timings.

The hustle in a digital marketing career is as much as any other career, but a digital marketing career allows one to hustle beyond the regular 9-5 timings which means this kind of work needs no particular time slot as working hours.

Usually, these kinds of jobs have project deadlines and therefore one could devote desired hours of work at any time of the day.

Even digital marketers in digital marketing agencies do not have to work 9-5. They can work from home, office or anywhere they find comfortable to work with focus.

A digital marketing career is, therefore, a very smooth and comfortable profession that could be pursued if one is passionate about it.

Flexibility in working hours and working place makes digital marketing the best career & potential option for career-making.


8. Creative Industry

As mentioned earlier a digital marketing career holds opportunities in every industry because of the large audience it connects to those industries.

But the major portions of clients are from creative industries. Most bloggers, video content creators, producers, and influencers require digital marketing.

Therefore digital marketing career itself involves a lot of creativity.

A digital marketing career opens opportunities to work with many other creative industries, and the reason creative industries clients are more because of more competitors amongst them.

A digital marketing career finds opportunities in almost every industry, but marketing for businesses that are not based online is quite easier as compared to online businesses.

For example marketing, a bakery is quite easier than marketing a blog article.

This is because offline businesses have lower competition and needs a local audience which is why it is relatively easier to reach fewer people.

But for businesses that are based online and need to reach a global audience the competition is quite high.

So, this is the reason online-based businesses mostly creative ones need digital marketing services and hence increases the involvement of creativity in digital marketing.


9. Entrepreneurship

A digital marketing career not only has job opportunities but also finds space in entrepreneurship zones as well.

This means that one can also be an entrepreneur being a digital marketer.

How this works is, one can start his digital marketing agency.

A digital marketing career as mentioned provides many opportunities. One of the many opportunities that digital marketing as a career offers is entrepreneurship.

There are numerous entrepreneurial opportunities like starting a digital marketing agency, digital solutions, content solutions or advertising companies.

These start-ups could be profitable if one has a thorough knowledge of a digital marketing career.

Having a good understanding of digital marketing and an entrepreneurial mindset could help one start a business in the digital marketing stream and make good money as well.

So, a digital marketing career can also, lead one to start their own marketing business and therefore this becomes another reason to choose a digital marketing career as a potential option for a career.



10. Hired by Business Owners

People lack knowledge in digital marketing which is why anyone starting or running a business requires a digital marketer to handle marketing their services.

Even SEO is a marketing strategy and many businesses these days require an SEO writer to manage their rankings on the search engine.

A digital marketing career has a consistent flow of clients and projects because of the internet and more people trying to start an online business.

Business owners especially people from the mid-1970s and The ’80s barely had access to the internet, and even if they had the transition of modernization of the internet was so fast that they couldn’t keep up.

So, did not have enough opportunity to explore the internet. So, these people require someone to maintain the online presence of their business, hence, creating opportunities for digital marketers. Usually, every business requires a person who supports its online presence.

11. Number Of Roles

Another reason to choose a digital marketing career is that it provides numerous roles.

A digital marketing career with many opportunities offers many roles to work on as well.

A digital marketing career as mentioned above has various marketing techniques and strategies depending upon the purpose and requirements of the client.

The various marketing techniques in a digital marketing career is email marketing, Referral Marketing, Content marketing, Search engine marketing, Influencer marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and a lot more.

Now that a digital marketing career has these many roles it increases the possibility of one being a digital marketer in any of these skills.

All these marketing techniques are equally demanded and therefore the digital marketing career with these many roles is one of the highly opportunistic career options for now.

So, a digital marketing career provides space and multiple options for newcomers and those who are willing to pursue a career in digital marketing.

12. Master A Skill

Skills like content writing, SEO writing, video making, business communication, and many other skills are required for a digital marketing career.

But these skills are required for specified purposes. Mastering any of these skills would allow one to pursue a career other than digital marketing also.

Because these same sets of skills are required for content writers, bloggers, journalists, copywriters, and other professionals.

In digital marketing career marketing, skills would help one expertise in a particular marketing technique.

People also work for various roles by mastering multiple skills. Mastering multiple numbers skills allow one to earn from multiple streams and jobs.

In digital marketing, depending upon the level of expertise of any particular skill, a person can work for other profiles that require the same skillsets for the job.

Therefore, another reason to pursue a it is that it opens the door for numerous other career opportunities.

13. Work With Reputed Brands

It allows the flow of new clients and projects is the reason one gets a chance to work with many reputed brands.

Working with reputed brands is itself a promotion being the reason people start to trust a particular marketing agency or any marketer.

It as it offers many services, chances of getting clients to increase. Working with reputed brands can add weight to the profile.

It makes the system more authentic and trustable allowing more clients and new projects.          

Working with reputed brands also increases career remarks, and because of one bigger brand, many small brands communicate for digital marketing services.

Usually, these are content-producing companies or companies from the fashion industry.  

So, another reason to pursue a digital marketing career is that it allows one to work with reputed brands which clearly states that it has enough potential to be seen as a career choice for newcomers and for those who are willing to start their career in the digital marketing industry.

14. Ever-expanding Industry

Digital marketing is an ever-expanding industry.

As mentioned above, it has been a few decades only since the internet started functioning actively among people.

So, in a way, we can say that this is just the beginning of the internet. No, as long as the internet is there, people will continue to build businesses, blogs, websites, journals, and a lot more.

The prime purpose of these blogs and websites is to reach the public. Behind any work that goes under the public domain, it is very clear that the prime purpose is to reach people either with a message or a detail.

So, this directly or indirectly indicates that as long as there is the internet, the digital marketing industry will continue to expand.

It will allow as many people as possible who are passionate about marketing.

Digital marketing itself is such a massive industry that, the number of digital marketers present and not even half of what it could hold.

So, another reason to pursue it is that it is an ever-expanding industry that holds enough potential to be seen as a career choice for newcomers and those who are willing to start their careers in digital marketing.

15. Do it With Your Job

In the very beginning stage, one doesn’t have to quit their job unless they are sure about choosing a web marketing career as their profession.

If not taken fully, could be done along with the existing job as well. While one continues to work regularly, they can do this after working hours or in their free time.

This doesn’t require too much effort and in the beginning, it’s even less. It is more strategies and tactics than any other work.  So it could easily be devoted 2 hours a day in the beginning for someone who has not opted for digital marketing as a full-time career.

So, another reason to pursue digital marketing as a career is that it is not time-consuming and could be done during flexible hours.

Is Digital Marketing A Good Career?

Yes, it is. It is a good career option and has the potential enough to find good money-making opportunities in the form of projects.

Marketing has changed a lot over time. A lot of marketing principles went outdated as soon as marketing on the internet started. In the end, marketing breaks down to its basic purpose of making a sale.

The ratio of an average article to the number of people who are likely to read it is 1:7. It becomes way difficult for the 2 million posts that are uploaded every day on the internet to rank on Google. Especially with a similar niche, it becomes very hard.

That is where exactly digital marketing is required. The better strategies one uses are the chances of ranking better and reaching more people.

Digital marketing requires a lot of research because many people with the same niche trying to market their product digitally using the same tactics would probably create very little difference.

Therefore market research is very important to study market response to that particular niche-based article and perform marketing practices accordingly.

Digital marketing is this one easy tool that could be used to reach more audiences. But behind this tool, there is an entire industry that works to make that happen.

It is a very smart process of manipulating content in ways such that it gets maximum public reach.

No doubt it could be very uncertain as a career option but along with experience, it starts to become more stable.

The risks of failure and hustle, both are as much as any other profession.

It requires a lot of patience, but once it finds a stable position one can start to see results and new projects coming in daily.

A career in internet marketing is a very opportunistic industry that comes with a different set of challenges. It requires one to be highly professional and learn its technicalities.    

As digital marketing as a career generally deals with the growth of other businesses, one has to be very careful before making commitments.            

Several times, the market priorities change which is why people pursuing it should stay up to date with the market, audience response to certain things and changes in the field of the internet.

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Overall digital marketing is a nice career that requires a lot of hustle and hard work. This career is only for those who are passionate about digital marketing things. It is recommended to learn marketing practices through certification courses offered by various institutes across the country which would help in grabbing opportunities.

Manish Kumar is a writer by Passion and Profession. Over the years he wrote for many projects, blogs and websites which actually pushed him through a phase of learning. With his excellence in other domains, he is now a day exploring depths of content marketing. As a thought leader in Content Domain, Manish understand the scope of Content Marketing Industry & wants to reach out to the world with his thoughts.

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