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List of Content Writing Tools Every Content Writer Must Use

Every content writer needs to know how to use the following content writing tools to their advantage to meet the objective of their work:

List of Content Writing Tools

#1. Content Writing Tools – Grammarly

It is an online grammar checking software. Compared to other software present in the market, Grammarly is comparatively faster and non-buggy. The effectiveness of this online grammar checker lies in its accuracy and smooth amalgamation with words and online text boxes. Whether it is a post you are about to update on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Grammarly has your back by pointing out your mistakes.

It recognizes your errors and also provides good suggestions to fix them. Grammarly is not just a safety net but an automated teacher which explains the mistakes and helps you to avoid them in future. It is like a cherry on the cake for an already efficient writer who has a good command of the English language. It takes care of even the small details from missed punctuation marks to repetitive words to the incorrect usage of grammatical principles. It is also a spell and phrase checker.

Grammarly is compatible with windows, android and iOS.

#2. Content Writing Tools – Plagiarism Checker

Originality is a trait that is a deal-breaker in the world of content publishing on electronic and print media. Plagiarism is a serious offence that lands people in legal trouble. Uniqueness in ideas, style and presentation of a write-up is a quality that makes writers worth the money they get paid.

The reason why it is very crucial to use such a detector before publishing any content is that Google does not accept plagiarized content. Such content can harm the website and bring down the rank of your website in the search engine results. There are many plagiarism checkers online to check the originality of content. A write-up can be checked for plagiarism by just copy-pasting the content or by uploading files that have that content. The checker scans the written material and gives you verdicts accordingly.

#3. Content Writing Tools – Keyword Research Tool

Every online content creator, marketer or owner of a business wants more traffic on their webpage and convince the audience by the help of engaging content to buy their products and services. Attracting more people on a webpage requires knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.

Keywords and Key phrases are the words and phrases people use to get results on a subject they want to know about.  It is very important to have proper knowledge of keywords and key phrases relevant to a  subject on which content is created. Also, the strategic placement of these words and phrases throughout the write-up plays a very crucial role in placing higher ranks of the webpage in a search engine result.

The keyword tool is a free online keyword research instrument that makes use of Google autocomplete to generate numerous relevant keywords and key phrases for any subject.

#4. Content Writing Tools – Yoast SEO for WordPress

Yoast SEO is one of the most valuable tools to have when you are working with a self-hosted WordPress site. Yoast SEO is a very popular WordPress plugin. It is a very powerful tool to use as a content writer to make your webpage compatible with the search engine. It can be easily installed. The best part is that it is free. You can also buy the premium Yoast SEO extension for extra benefits. Yoast SEO helps you to manage keyword density and control titles, meta description, manage sitemaps and numerous other SEO related activities.

#5. Content Writing Tools- Canva (For creating graphics)

The job of a content writer is to create content that is engaging, relevant and valuable for its target audience. Matter of fact is, the addition of relevant graphics to a written content helps in catching the attention of readers and keep them on the webpage for a longer time. Not only does it make the presentation of the content look impressive, but it also overshadows the intimidating nature of the text wall.

For the same purpose, Canva is your way to go. It is a truly amazing image creation tool with a lot of option of customizing these images according to the need of your content.

You can use Canva on Windows, iOS and Android.

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#6. Content Writing Tools – Reddit

Reddit is regarded as the front page of the internet. Rightfully so, it is the 18th most popular website worldwide. It is a gigantic collection of forums, where people share news, post ideas, opinions, stories and views on a plethora of subjects. It is a great source of knowledge about the current burning issues. It helps a content writer get updated with the recent trends in the market. They also acknowledge the behaviour of their target audience on the common subjects. This helps the content writer to develop content in accordance with recent trends and also with the point of view of the needs of the readers.

Quora, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are other social media platforms that serve more or less the same purpose.

#7. Content Writing Tools – Hubspot’s Blog Idea Generator

By entering up to five nouns for topics on which content needs to be created and simply clicking “Give me blog ideas”, this free online tool generates a week’s or even a year’s worth of blog ideas. It also provides insights to modernize SEO strategy. These blog ideas never get shared with any other user of this tool and are unique to the blog idea topics submitted by a user in the tool. The only way others can access these ideas is if this user incorporates those ideas in his/her blog post.

#8. Content Writing Tools- Google Search Console

This is a free service offered by Google for webmasters. It enables a webmaster who can be a content writer to look at real-time statistics of various parameters of search engine crawling and eventually help them to optimize the content of a webpage for maximum visibility in the search engine results. It also lets the content developers submit, check and look for errors with their site map. Google Search Console essentially gives reports about the behaviour of the Googlebot. These reports can be analysed and the webpage can be improved and optimized to get the required results.

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9. Google Analytics

Every Content writer should know how to link their pages to google analytics and use its reports to monitor the growth, outreach and impact of their content. Google Analytics provides real-time data on the number of people who are on the webpage, their location and the source through which these people reached the webpage.  These reports are a true manifestation of the quality of the content. It should be taken as constructive feedback by the content writers to level up their work every time.

Proper knowledge of these tools and their applications can help content writers to achieve their objective. Proper expert guidance in this direction can be of tremendous help to eventually become an effective content writer. IIM Skills provides a four-week online training to master writing skills to the point that you can start making money fresh out of this internationally accredited certification course! Above all, it will help you immensely to sharpen your writing abilities and direct your career in whatever direction you please.

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Q2. Are these tools free?

Well yes, some of the listed tools are available for free access. Some are chargeable. Select whichever serves best for you.

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