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Top Travelling Jobs In India For a Great Career

The travel industry hopes to create 46 million opportunities for travelling jobs in India. by 2025. The travelling jobs in India are presumed to be the most sought-after job due to the Government of India’s initiation to develop tourism in the country. The government has already signed several MOU’s on tourism projects. One such MOU is the development of cruise terminals at various port locations in India. India ranked 34 in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019 published by the World Economic Forum.

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Indian Brand Equity Forum states the total contribution by the travel and tourism sector to India’s GDP is expected to increase from Rs. 15.24 lakh crore (US$ 234.03 billion) in 2017 to Rs. 32.05 lakh crore (US$ 492.21 billion) in 2028. Total earnings from the sector in India is targeted to reach US$ 50 billion by 2022. Under the Swadesh Darshan scheme, 77 projects have been sanctioned worth Rs. 6,035.70 crore (US$ 863.60 million). In Union Budget 2020-21, the Government has allotted Rs. 1,200 crores (US$ 171.70 million) for the development of tourist circuits under Swadesh Darshan for Northeast.


Several other initiatives by the Government of India include SAATHI (System for awareness, assessment & training, for the hospitality industry), DEKHO APNA DESH (webinar scheme) &TRT (tax refund for tourists).


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Talks are going on to introduce an e-visa scheme for tourists which should increase the footfall of tourists in the country.


A traveller is the most sought-after person when it comes to knowing the world, as the Arabian proverb says, “it is better to see something than to hear about it a thousand times”. Corporate lifestyles are treacherous with no room for error and strictly erratic. Travellers who want to turn their passion into a full-time rewarding job both financially and passionately need to contemplate this idea. The corporate pay package may be fat but not enough in terms of self-indulgence to fulfill your desires to travel to the far-far west. 


Travelling jobs in India allows you to explore the territory not many people get to experience. Be it the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, the wildlife of Kaziranga in Assam, the Taj Mahal in the Uttar Pradesh, the cultural heritage of the forts in Rajasthan, the Ziro Valley in Arunachal, or the spiritual journey to Ajmer in India, India offers a variety of destinations for the man, common and the affluent – young and old.


Pic Source: Pixabay

Travelling extensively allows one to accumulate rich experience of the culture and lifestyle of the inhabitant. India is such a diverse country; no two places are the same. Travelling jobs allows one to greatly explore the people, language, culture, landscape, weather, flora, and fauna. 


Travelling jobs in India has many facets to it. One can harness various job roles and to name a few, one can become a consultant or a guide, share travel experiences using various mass media, become a travel writer for the print media, create a picture blog, spread knowledge, become a travel agent. People who want to take up photography can use this platform to its greatest advantage. This industry is highly dependent on human resources and initially, it was supposed to be the job of the urban Indian but now since the remote parts of India are spreading their arms welcoming tourist from far and wide who wants to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city crowds, this job is no longer confined to the urban clans.


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Considering travelling jobs in India to be a full-time job there are various options as below:-


Travel Blogger


Travelling jobs

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Travel blogging is not only a job, it is slowly becoming a way of life for travellers in India. For people wanting to earn extra income travelling, they can write a blog on the destinations they visit. Most blogs are personal blogs where the passionate traveller writes a daily log of events and sightseeing adventures. No wonder blogging is an art to master, and one needs to develop the skills gradually to encounter decent traffic on their blogs.


This is the most widespread medium where people opting for travelling jobs in India can influence others with their work. Travel blogs acts are guidebooks to travellers. They allow travellers on sightseeing destinations, places to books tickets, modes of transport available to reach the destination, best months to visit, provide climatology information amongst other information. Blogs also provide discounts on flights, trains, road transport, and hotels due to their partnership with service providers. The finest travel blogs are the ones that have great photos as they appeal a lot to the audience. One may find the finest travel blogs in India which you should follow, and this keeps updating with the latest ones.

Travel bloggers make decent money by advertising, sponsored events, partnership with marketing firms, and others. 


There are various types of travelling bloggers some of them are: –

1. Holiday bloggers – Well planned travellers who have the know-how of the destination they intend to travel to. They plan their budget well and study the place where they intend to travel well in advance. 


2. Professional travel bloggers – These are the travel bloggers who are always on the go. They travel places where many will not and are the first ones to visit a place of interest upon discovery of the same. As mentioned, they are always on the go, they hardly spend time at one place once they have fulfilled their visit criteria.


3. Temporary travel bloggers – These bloggers are blogging while they are in search of something be it a job or love. Starting as amateur bloggers, blogging only for family and friends, they generally advance into serious blogging as time fades. These are bloggers who influence the majority of people to travel. Their blogging style is very basic with no fancy language or style and hence it gives the reader great appeal in the country on which the blog is written. 


4. Long time travel blogger – These are generally ‘long time at one place’ travellers. They are either for work at the place or are on a volunteering mission amongst various other reasons for the visit. They live as if the destination is their country. Once the tenure is over, they move over to another place for another tenure.


5. Speed travel bloggers – These types of bloggers are the ones who will visit several destinations in a short period. They will capture whatever comes that way into their blog. Usually, on a tour for definite days or months, these bloggers write memoirs of their travel.


Travel guides 

A travel guide is another job category under travelling jobs in India where people can use their knowledge and experience to share valuable information with the tourists. These are a network of local people who are well versed and have a thorough knowledge of a place.


International passengers arriving always require travel guides. However easy it may appear; one has to understand many languages to be able to communicate effectively to the tourists. Many guides can understand and speak several languages and such people are always a top priority for companies hiring guides. It is fascinating to know that a guide acts as a mediator between the tourists and the destination and to make the tour exciting, memorable, and enchanting. 


Travel Agent

Travel agents are another group of people or organizations who are required to have a thorough knowledge of the special destination’s tourists frequent. Travel agents across the globe offer a wide variety of services for the traveller be it business travellers, tourists, backpackers, weekend travellers, or cross-country travellers.


Travel agents need to be abreast of the knowledge around the world and can offer various services such as Visa service, passport delivery, bookings of hotel rooms, inter-city transfers, booking of meeting or conference rooms for business travellers and other services as requested by the tourist. Travel agents are always the first to be contacted whenever there are trade shows or industrial trade fairs organized in a country. 


Customer service is the most important duty of the travel agent as his business revolves around providing quality services to its customers. Any lapse and his business may be affected which involves loss of revenue or reputation or both. Therefore, a travel agent is always striving to deliver class service to its customers.


Travel agents have evolved themselves over the years and are providing for destinations in a package deal. They are now providing end to end deals and have various customization plans which cater to tourists of every age and pocket size.


Working on a cruise ship

Travelling jobs 2

Pic Source: Unspash

Working on a cruise ship is another category of travelling jobs in India. This caters to the hospitality sector onboard cruise ships although cruise ships offer various other positions such as photographers, bartenders, musicians, etc. However easy it may seem; it is a highly demanding job with strict hours of work and rest and fixed tenures onboard the ships.


Most cruise ships’ routes are fixed as early as a year or two in advance and they offer vide varieties of destinations catering to different types of tourists both young and old. Tourists can choose accordingly and are allotted ships as per their choice of destination. The voyage details etc are all provided along with the facilities that are available on board well in advance. The period of stay in a port for these ships is fixed and therefore the tourist has limited hours only to visit a place. All destinations are pre-fixed with fixed turnaround time.


Scuba Instructor for Travelling Jobs In India

Travelling jobs 3

Pic Source: Unspash

If one is a trained scuba diving professional, one can use the expertise to earn a living. When passion becomes a profession – it is rarely a job. Tourists venture to scuba diving locations to experience great underwater corals and marine ecosystems around the earth. An experienced scuba diver is a much sought-after person whenever the tourist season starts. If you love marine life you may opt for this profession and there is hardly much competition here. The worldwide scuba diving industry is fast developing, and scuba divers are always in demand. SCUBA is an acronym for “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”.


There are various types of scuba divers: –

  1. Recreational diving: This type uses SCUBA equipment in recreational diving for leisure and enjoyment.
  2. Technical diving: This type of diving required advanced certifications. Usually required after a wreck or to go deep or to enter an underwater narrow cave.
  3. Commercial diving: Commercial divers are divers who dive for a living. Usually employed by the oil and gas industry. They dive to install underwater machines or to weld joints underwater. They have specialization certification and are usually approved by various organizations before they are employed by any organization.
  4. Public safety divers: These divers are employed by the public safety department such as the fire department or at beaches or pools to ensure the safety of the people.


Divers are remunerated quite well due to their expertise in the field. Normally divers are required to travel and this altogether makes it a great travelling job in India.


Merchant Navy

Merchant navy is a lucrative profession that allows one to travel around the world. No matter how adventurous it may seem, it is a very difficult profession and requires very strict discipline. Life is monotonous with very stringent control on work and rest. Port stays are very tight on timelines.


For people working on tankers, port stays are generally far from the city. From the outside, it may seem that the seafarers do get to visit the world around – which is true – but hardly do these folks get time to visit places. With the advanced industrialization, ships enter and leave port in less than 24 hours, seafarers hardly get the time, and if they do get it would be to the closest malls or shopping centers or downtown. Nevertheless, the tranquillity and the serene atmosphere which the sea provides – many would love never to get back ashore. 


Merchant navy aspirants have several options to get into this dream job. Most people join in as deck cadet and pass on their exams and stipulated training to eventually become the Captain of the ship. This normally takes around 15 years and depends on how early the required sea service is completed post which one is eligible to sit for exams. Next level certification is issued only after passing the exams and clearing the interview.


The next option is to join in as a TME (trainee marine engineer). These can get promoted to Chief engineer after successful completion of the required propulsion time and clearing of exams. The third discipline is to get into this field as a rating that supports the officers and engineers in their duty. All exams are conducted by the Director-General of Shipping. One has to continually upgrade oneself throughout his or her career to be abreast of the fast-changing maritime world. 


Flight Attendant for Travelling jobs in India 

If becoming a pilot sounds too cumbersome due to its technicalities, one can always opt for becoming a flight attendant. Many of us have seen flight attendants welcoming us with a smile inside the aircraft and helping us with seats. This is also a lucrative profession when it comes to considering travelling jobs in India. With the opening up of the aviation sector in the country, several players are making an entry into this domain, and due to which there is always a huge requirement of flight attendants.


Apart from getting to see great destinations, they always get to stay in places with deluxe amenities. Despite being a lucrative profession, it has its drawbacks. This requires long hours of standing and catering to passengers on the call. They also have to deal with difficult or fussy passengers as this requires your direct involvement with the passengers. There is a lot of personal grooming and training which is required to get into this job. This profession can indeed take you places. 



Photography is an art and if it’s your hobby then you can always turn it into your profession with a little training. There are lots of free classes where you can learn the art. Photography is now a great career choice amongst all age groups. Photographers are always on the run, experiencing, and capturing vivid locations.


It might sound like photography to be very easy as all you need is a camera and just aim and click, the truth is never that simple. Photography is a very competitive field with many building this up from passion to a serious full-time profession. Any photographer will be able to tell the requirements of talent, skills, marketing acumen, and discipline to cement your foot as a professional photographer. It requires long hours hoping to capture the right shot. There are various types of photographers, for instance, if you love wildlife you can opt for wildlife photography or if you are a peoples’ man then portraits can be your field of choice.\


1.Wildlife Photographers: These photographers are always found in or around jungles or wildlife reserves as this genre focuses on animals. Always sitting in knee-deep trenches or swamp trying to get the right shot. Patience is the key here. Be it night or day, they are always on the lookout for the perfect shot.


2. Fashion Photographers: These are the sophisticated ones. They capture models in glamorous lights who display clothes, shoes, or jewelry in glamorous lights. This type of photography is conducted mostly for adverts and fashion journals.


3. Wedding Photographers: It is said that all photographers start their journey by practicing wedding photography. This type requires great editing skills to give that wow effect to the pictures. 


4. Mobile Photographers: This genre of photography came into existence when cameras were first integrated into mobile phones. Today it is one of the most popular types of photography especially because mobile phone cameras today offer the precision and clarity of professional equipment.


5. Travel Photographers: These types of photographers are generally used their photographers to showcase people, places, and culture at different locations they travel. 


6. Nature Photographers: This genre captures images of nature as viewed from the photographers’ viewfinder. It includes all outdoor aspects of the location and is never restricted to any particular idea. It can include trees, plants, waterfalls, locations, and others that fall within the purview of the locating identity. 


7. Food Photographers: Food photographers click images of various food items in a manner that makes them immediately appealing to the viewers. They need to pay attention not only to the proper arrangement of the food but also the context in which it is to be presented to get the best shots.


Culinary Expert

We have all seen the Rocky & Mayur show on Zee TV. Now even chefs and foodies are going places for their passion. They have turned their passion into a full-time job. They review food junctions, local cuisine, and street foods of the places they visit.


They express their views on the food and the ambiance of that place providing their expert opinion. This creates a great impact on the audience as it becomes an advertising medium too. There are several videos on Youtube, where you can find videos on street food or places where good food is served. If food is your passion and you are a complete foodie, you may start a YouTube channel, wherein you can showcase the food and culture of the places you visit. This genre is gaining popularity and is slowly becoming one of the sought-after travelling jobs in India. 


Concluding thoughts on Travelling Jobs In India 


There are several options to choose from if you are an ardent explorer. All you need to do is to ask a few questions to yourself about what you want to do. If travelling is your calling, choose an option that best suits your needs and demands. Consider all the aspects, the pros & cons before embarking on this journey. No matter what you choose, be the best. 


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