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Top 8 GST Certification Courses in Goa

Since the introduction of the single taxation system in India, GST has been used as the single tax for all the businesses for their goods and services. With the need for GST fundamental knowledge and understanding of the GST principles, all businesses need a GST expert in their organization. Many GST professional jobs have flooded the market since the understanding of the GST taxation importance for their economic growth. Hence, many businesses are readily looking for certified GST practitioners to look after their finance and accounts. Hence, GST certification course importance has never been felt as now.

GST certification courses in Goa


There are many GST certification courses in goa to actually help to learn about the different GST taxation principles. There are many professions one can choose with the GST certification course. They are-


1. Taxation Manager


Every company needs a tax manager to manage the taxes of their company. How small or big maybe a company, they need tax managers to take care of the complex tax issues. Some big companies often have separate managers for both direct and indirect tax. With the introduction of a single tax system, the tax manager role became very important for the companies.


2. Taxation Research Analyst


Taxation Research Analysts are often hired by the big companies in the market. They need someone to look after the tax issues related to the contracts and tenders they often sign. Hence, a tax research analyst makes sure the contract actually benefits the company without any loopholes to avoid legal issues and losses to the company.


3. GST department


GST department has a heavy responsibility of collecting taxes. They need efficient people to collect the correct amount of taxes. Hence, they need well-trained staff to look after the litigation from the various interpretations.


4. GST Trainer


GST fundamentals have been included in many universities and they need highly professional experts to train the students and people. Hence, universities are ready to hire GST trainers to teach the fundamentals and concepts of GST. This led to the opening of new areas, and GST training is one of the best careers they can choose.


5. GST consultancy practice


Corporates involve in a huge number of transactions daily. They need to look after the legal aspects of various transactions. This needs a deeper level of knowledge about GST law and other related laws. Hence, as a GST-certified professional, you can set up a consultancy practice to look after the transactions for the corporates.


The following GST courses will help you to become a certified GST practitioner. 



IIM SKILLS has been one of the most authoritative institutes in India. Founded by Vaibhav Kakkar, IIM SKILLS have helped many professionals in developing their skills and landing high pay premium jobs. Many courses professionals skills are trained in IIM SKILLS like content writing master courses, Technical writing courses, Digital marketing courses, and more.


And GST certification course at IIM SKILLS is one of the best GST certification courses in Goa. They offer an extensive learning curriculum on GST and its components. The wide-encompassing modules of the course are what make it stand out from the rest of the courses on GST certification in India.


course fee: 2900/- (plus GST)

Duration: 4 weeks


Download IIM SKILLS GST Course Brochure


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The curriculum drives you in a moderate-paced learning program where you are taught the fundamental basics about GST and their recent updates along with their practical uses.




  1. You can become a certified GST practitioner anywhere in India
  2. You will be clearly explained about the different aspects of GST and their influence and their intensive framework.
  3. You can learn all the practical aspects of GST like TDS compliance, filing of returns, registration process, and many more
  4. You can learn about the influence of GST on businesses which will help you to restrategize your marketing plans and the price fluctuations according to GST


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Though the above topics can be explained by any other institute, IIM SKILLS has been the best among them undoubtedly for the following salient features of their curriculum-


  1. Personalized trainers with deeper expertise in the field
  2. 24/7 guidance and support from the institute
  3. Well-researched resource material with comprehensive theoretical and practical application
  4. pre-recorded sessions are available anytime and lifetime access to the material
  5. free GST invoicing tools that makes your work easy with your clients


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Origin of GST with a conceptual understanding of GST and its influence on the businesses

Module 2: Comprehensive framework of GST and its structure

Module 3: The authentic process and process for the registration under GST is explained in a detailed way.

Module 4: Invoicing rules and regulations of GST

Module 5: The filling process of GST returns

Module 6: GST composition scheme

Module 7: (Reverse Charge Mechanism)RCM of GST

Module 8: The process of e-way billing

Module 9: Payment and ITC (input tax credit) in GST


Other courses

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]



The Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India is one of the renowned chartered Accountants training institutes of India. ICAI is known for its contribution to the financial in amending and drafting the indirect tax law. ICAI is providing a GST certification course for Chartered Accountants who wish to expand their knowledge on GST taxation and its practical applications. ICAI  is known for being one of the best GST certification courses in goa out there for chartered accountants.


Course curriculum


  1. Fundamentals of GST
  2. Definitions and concepts of GST
  3. Input Tax Credit
  4. (ITC) under GST
  5. Penalities and payments under GST
  6. Transitional issues and refunds and returns
  7. Time and supply -Levy scale
  8. Compensation Cess to States Act
  9. Custom duty and FTP
  10. Offenses and Assessments
  11. Other related topics
  12. Exemption list of services and goods


Course fee:

a) (14,oo0/- + taxes)


Duration: 10 days with two batches, weekdays and weekends.


However, this course is only for chartered accountants who have passed the final CA exam.


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3. CAclubindia


Led by CA Arjun Chhajer, CAclubindia is one of the renowned GST certification courses in goa. CAclubindia’s GST certification course helps you gain practical knowledge on the applications of GST with their comprehensive live classes. Their 65-hour program is sectioned into 4 modules for an easy and effective understanding of GST in both theoretical and practical applications.


Duration: Approximately 1 month.

Course fee: 8850/- including the taxes.


course curriculum 


Module A- Basic to advanced GST fundamentals (25 live hours)

Module B- GST Practical return filling, Return and IMPORT/EXPORT (12 live hours)

Module C- GST Litigations & Drafting reply GST Appeals (8 live hours)

Module D- Case study (20 recorded hours)


Salient features 


  1. Free ebook with access to classes
  2. Detailed analysis of logistics, and real estate which includes GTA contract
  3. Live updates with the latest trends on amendments to the GST taxation system.


Certification procedure-


Upon completion of the live classes, an exam is conducted after one week of the last class. The exam will be conducted online and you will receive the certificate within 15 days from the MSME PPDC. The pass percentage would be 50%


4. Udemy


Udemy is one of the best-known platforms on the internet for online training of various skills. GST certification courses from Udemy are one of the authoritative GST certification courses in goa. Clear Tax Learning course under Udemy, the top online teaching educational site in India, provides the GST certification course.


Duration: 42-hour self-paced video lectures

Course fees: 4800/-


course curriculum 


  1. Basic fundamentals of GST
  2. GST registration and Input Tax Credit
  3. Composition scheme and Transitional provisions
  4. Webinars and value of supply
  5. Place of supply and Time of supply
  6. Offenses and Penalties in GST
  7. GST rates and payments of new council meetings


It is a 42-hour video course and full-time access to the course material which often includes 29 articles.


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5. Vskills


Vskills is one of the best GST certification courses in goa. Vskills provides guidance in demonstrating and understanding the various concepts of good and service tax.


Course duration: 28 hours

Course fees: 4,999/- including taxes


course curriculum 


  1. Taxation and GST Basics
  2. GST Administration
  3. GST Registration
  4. GST Payment
  5. GST Accounting or Record Keeping
  6. GST and Law
  7. IGST
  8. GST in Other countries


Covering the above-mentioned concepts Vskills will guide you throughout the journey of your learning. The benefits of the course are-


  1. Government certification
  2. Certification valid for life
  3. Lifelong e-learning access
  4. Learning Hours: 28 hrs


Certification process


You need to select the GST certification course on their website which is certified GST professional and register for it. Upon registering you will be provided with online e-learning access to the course and a hard copy of the study material.


You can take the exam anywhere ie, the exam mode is online and the best part is that you are eligible to take the exam at any time, depending upon your convenience. You will be a certified GST professional if you pass the exam. with their convenience in the teaching, Vskills is one of the best GST certification courses in goa.


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6. ISEL global


ISEL is one of the top institutes to provide GST certification courses in India. The institute is known for its collaboration with the MSME ministry of the government of India, where they provide comprehensive guidance on GST fundamentals and concepts.


Trained by industry experts with around 25 years of experience, students will be given a deep comprehensive guide to the GST taxation regulations. The classes will be conducted on Sundays exclusively which also includes a question and answer session between the faculty and the students.


Course duration: 35 hours with a 3-month course kit

Course fees: 7600/- including taxes


Course curriculum 


  1. GST Concepts and basics
  2. GST Registration
  3. GST Invoicing
  4. GST Returns
  5. Input Tax Credit
  6. GST Valuation
  7. GST legal provisions
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. GST Practitioner Certification Examination




  1. In-depth analytical understanding of GST provisions
  2. Ability to analyze and comprehend the various GST compliance requirements
  3. Impact of GST
  4. Practical exposure to GST registration, certification, and similar issues with reasoning.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite




It is a 101 fundamental course for accounting and finance students to understand the basics of GST and its influence on the taxation system in India. This is a good option in GST Certification Courses in goa because of their deeper level of comprehension of the subject.


The course is dealt with by industry experts who have a deeper level of experience on the subject, and who guide their students with their practical applications of GST taxation and its concepts.


Course duration: 20 hours


Course curriculum 


  • GST Concepts
  • Supply related
  • Invoicing and input credit Mechanism
  • Tax-related
  • Input related




  1. A deeper understanding of GST concepts
  2. Mastering the Invoicing and inputting credit
  3. Learning about the Tax structure and refund
  4. Awareness about GSTN and GSP.


Hence, with their master course of Introduction to GST, NIIT can be one of the best top GST certification courses in goa.


8. Vedaysys


Vedaysys is one of the leading GST certification courses in goa. Vedaysys faculty will help you in learning the GST fundamental concepts and basics with their expertise.


Course curriculum 


  1. Basis of accounting Tally
  2. Inventory Accounts creation and alteration
  3. Goods and Services Tax accounting
  4. RCM or Reverse Charge Mechanism
  5. Data security and backups
  6. Vouchers (Inventory, order, manufacturing)
  7. TDS
  8. Payrolls
  9. Bank Reconciliation


The best thing about this course is that it is available in many languages for the easy understanding of the local people in different states in India which made it one of the reputable institutes among others. Upon the successful completion of the exam, you will be rewarded with a widely accepted GST certification.


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Frequently Asked Questions 


1. What is the use of GST certification?

Since the introduction of a new and single tax system across India in 2017, GST has become an important part of the financial department of a business. So, it is very important for any organization to have GST taxation proficiency within their organization to improve its economic efficiency. Hence, a certified get practitioner is very important to handle such operations. And for any GST practitioner to practice, government-approved GST certification is essential. However, any accountant or any finance student would be highly benefited from this course.


2. What is the career of a GST practitioner?

There are numerous career opportunities for a GST practitioner in India. With the introduction of the new taxation system, all businesses need GST practitioners in their offices to actually look into the different aspects of their finance. This can be a new stream in the field of finance and accounting.


3. What salary a GST practitioner can expect?

According to the ambition box survey on a few GST practitioner accountants, the average salary of a GST practitioner with an experience from 0 to 4 years is around 2.2 lakh per annum. Accountant GST practitioner salary ranges between 1.4 lakh per annum to 2.5 lakh per annum. GST consultant salary in India is around 3.4 lakh per annum. The average salary for an accounts manager in GST practitioner is around 4.9 lakh per annum to 6.4 lakh per annum.




Despite the above-mentioned best GST certification courses in goa, the results totally depend on you as a learner. You need to follow the curriculum and keep up with the trends and updates in the industry to reap the best out of any GST certification course. Practical application of the theoretical concepts is very important to fully comprehend the concepts. Hence, the above-mentioned best GST certification courses in goa would help you to become a certified GST practitioner anywhere in the country.

  • Hello, I’m interested in taking a GST certification course, but first I’d like to see a demo and find out the class times. Can I finish this course while still pursuing my academics in college? as I intend to find work after graduating, will this certification will help me in that?

  • I’m a Goa-based undergrad student looking for certification to improve my CV that I can balance with my studies.GST consultant is one of those courses that I can do while still studying. Your article on the top GST certification course in goa assisted me in selecting the right course to improve my skills and network in the industry, all while paying a reasonable price and taking advantage of the convenient online classes.

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