Digital Marketing Specialist – Roles and Responsibilities

Digital Market Specialist plays various important roles in the world of Digital Marketing. Before knowing the role of the specialist, we should get knowledge of various marketing platforms commonly categorized as Traditional marketing and digital marketing.


The image outlines the roles of digital marketing specialist


Marketing, as it suggests, is promoting a product or a service to a buyer or a consumer.  In Traditional Marketing, specialists use magazines, newspapers, and other printed material like pamphlets, manuals, etc, to promote or to provide information about a product or service to their users. The reach of printed material is confined to an area or group of people. But Digital Marketing is limitless.


Internet marketing works as a sub-category of digital marketing. Internet marketing and Digital marketing uses similar kinds of content like in traditional marketing but on the digitalized platform.


Digital marketing is promoting a product through the help of the internet. This kind of promoting took over a very large number of marketing platforms in very little time as a result of the advancement of the Internet and its easy excess. 


Digital marketing includes search result advertisements, e-mailers, and promoted replies- anything that represents customer feedback on marketing.


Nowadays, Internet services are available at an affordable price, so the marketing agency took it as an opportunity and started promoting their products using internet services. They moved their marketing content digitally so they can reach people worldwide from the comfort of their homes.


In a nutshell, it is ‘expanding the market using the Internet through various channels like mobile services, social media sites, and various search engines to elevate organic traffic. Marketing experts consider digital marketing could be used as a new scheme to approach consumers. They address it as a new way to understand the behavior of the consumer.


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Digital Marketing Specialist


When digitalization and marketing got combined, it expanded and created the need for its experts. Soon it fostered the new field and increased the demand for its specialists. And digital marketing became a new career. Its demand increased when the growth of online marketing took place.


 In Digital Marketing, Digital Marketers play an important role. Their role can vary levels. That requires from a deep and comprehensive knowledge to less critical and easy to pick up skills. Basically, this role depends on the project and its audience.


To achieve success as a marketing specialist in this digital world, one needs to be aware of new and available internet technology, consumer requirement, etc. In short, they should well versed with the present-day needs of the companies along with the consumers.


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Digital Marketing Specialists are required


These days’ digital marketing experts are required by almost every organization big or small, Government organizations or privately-owned organizations. Digital Marketing experts work as a cohesive bond and build a strong two-way interaction between the company and the customer.


Digital Marketing Ace is required in various organizations like –


Healthcare Providers

Automobile Companies

Entertainment Industry

Mover and Packers

Travel and Tourism

Shopping Website


Clothing Websites


Nowadays, almost everything can be promoted digitally. And the pandemic has given the freedom to promote any to everything on the online platform increasing the need for digital marketing experts. Secure digital marketing has made shopping, learning, and banking very comfortable and safe for the users bring more visits and sales through the website. 


Skills of Digital Marketing Expert


Digital Marketing Ace should possess a diverse range of skills including both hard and soft skills. 

Hard Skills include the core knowledge of its marketing tools like SEO and SEM, Social Media Marketing and Advertising, and Email Marketing.

Soft Skills and transferable skills like excellence in leadership along with strong writing capabilities.

Digital Marketing ace should possess celerity of Digital Marketing fundaments also like analytical vision, identification of related keywords, and ability to analyze competitors’ SEO.

One of the most important skills is to work within deadline pressure and to manage various projects across multiple lines of business.


Digital Marketing Tools for Digital Marketing Expert  


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Native Advertising
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Online PR
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Sponsored Content


With the growth and awareness of digitalization, digital marketing is in great demand. Many organizations privately owned or affiliated with the government are providing various courses in the field of digital marketing. These courses are introduced to raise and improve the skills of the pursuer. 


These courses will help individuals to choose the best among various options available within digital marketing courses. Professionals and beginners can learn and upgrade their skills with help of digital marketing courses available online or offline at affordable prices.


A career in Digital Marketing

If you aim to have a fulfilling career in Digital Marketing, then you should be ready with your –


Digital Marketing Portfolio – That shows the hirer your projects and their outcomes. Your work process should be narrated in a way displaying your effective teamwork, planning, and strategic thinking.

Marketing Resume – In your resume, the highlighted points should be your marketing skills and experience. Every experience matters, so include every marketing experience.

Network Skills – You should attend networking events for Digital Marketers both conducted online and offline. These events will help you in creating your own database. Creating connections at the events can prove fruitful in developing a great career in Digital Marketing as a Digital Marketing expert.


Digital Marketing Roles

  •  Digital Media Managers
  • Pay-Per-Click Managers
  • SEO’s
  • Visual Designers
  • E-commerce Experts


Qualities of a good Digital Marketing Expert


  • Passionate and Patience
  • Creative and Analytical
  • Innovative and Goal Oriented
  • Goal-oriented and Objective Thinker
  • Interested in solving issues
  • Interested in learning something new
  • Knowledge of social Media
  • Fast-paced


The Digital Marketing Specialist’s Role and Responsibilities


The Digital Marketing Expert’s most important role is to ensure that the website is easily found by the target audience. How Digital Marketing Expert does it depends on various skills mentioned above. 


Digital Marketing Expert roles and responsibilities are –


Designing – Designing requires perfect and in-depth knowledge of products and market goals. Complete knowledge will provide fewer chances of failure. Digital Marketing aces will work closely with web developers and web designers. All the process has to be coordinated to bring functionality to the company’s website.

Creating – Creating requires expertise in graphics, web advertising, social media, and web development. While creating a web site’s content, correct strategies are implemented to ensure the online objectives of the website are met.


Delivering marketing programs – It requires awareness of a wide range of field practices, current concepts, and procedures. Digital Marketing expert’s judgment, planning, and expertise together help in accomplishing goals. And help in the expansion and growth of the company’s services and products. 


The Digital Marketing Expert’s responsible for creating various content using digital platforms are 


Applying SEO and SEM – Digital Marketing expert is responsible for ensuring that the website is easily reachable by the targeted ideal audience. By optimizing website structure and content for search engines, SEO and SEM (paid online advertising) are two ways in which digital marketing helps to bring in relevant traffic to their website.

Extending E-Commerce – Digital marketing masters are responsible for converting website visits into possible sales. A digital marketing genius can introduce beautifully designed and easy-to-use new offers or special deals in a way that attracts more sales.

Promoting on Social Networking sites – Digital marketing experts may also be responsible to increase online presence and managing the brand of a company online. By using Social networking tools, promotions can be done to increase visits along with sales.

Creating Blog posts – Digital marketing genius is responsible for creating and updating blog posts to attract website visits by using keyword strategies.

Creating Infographics – Infographics is sharing information with the help of graphs. They are simple to understand by the majority of the audience.

Uploading Short videos – Short videos can be shared to increase audience by uploading them on various websites used for sharing videos.

EBooks –EBooks are reliably more comprehensive than a blog post or Infographics.

Testimonials –They work like tests for websites to keep a check on the content that interest users are providing.


The Digital Marketing geniuses’ responsibilities also include creating and maintaining:


Research Reports 

Online Webinars 

Case Studies

Digital Strategy and Planning

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Content and Inbound Marketing

Search Engine Optimization


Preparing Layouts of communications such as:



Event support materials

 Research Papers

 Product or Travel Brochures


Qualification required becoming a Digital Marketing Expert


Minimum Qualifications 

Bachelor’s degree

Diploma in Graphics related field

Digital marketing course

Content writing course 

Marketing Skills

Management Skills 

Excellent communication Skills


An in-depth understanding of these will prove helpful

Digital marketing

Digital production

Digital campaigns

Digital assets

Web metrics

Digital analytics


Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Framemaker, DreamWeaver, HTML, HTML 5, CSS will also be helpful to have a flourishing career as Digital Marketing Genius.




Salaries of a digital marketing specialist depend on the client portfolio, location, project size, level of seniority, and surely experience.

A professional that is employed in a company might earn more than a freelancer. But this is not the possibility all the time. It depends on the skills and the amount of new and ongoing projects available to the digital marketing genius.

As a freelancer, the amount of money you earn will directly depend on how many hours you’re willing to put in a day and on the experience.

The standard salary of a digital marketing expert at the Executive level can be between INR 2, 50,000 – 5, 00,000 annually. And the standard salary of a digital marketing expert at a manager level can be between INR 8, 00,000 to 10, 00,000 annually.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What does a digital marketing specialist do?

 The primary aim of digital marketing specialists is to manage the marketing campaigns, increase sales, making the particular brand reach a larger audience.


What is the salary of a digital marketing specialist?

A digital marketing specialist can earn almost 24 Lakhs to 55 Lakhs in a year, depending upon the company the individual is working for.


Does digital marketing is good for earning?

Digital marketing is in high demand these days. If you learn well and become a digital marketing specialist, you can earn up to 55 Lakhs in a year.




To conclude roles and responsibilities of digital marketing specialists are innumerable. As their vision, content, knowledge and creative skills can bring a lot of difference to a boring, less attractive website or any other digital platform.


Their role doesn’t end till the point results are generated. They work as a common point of contact between a product and its sale. Every point that is portrayed or mentioned on the company’s digital website in the form of an email, promotion flyer, eBook, Infographics, blog post, press release, testimonies or e-mailers, etc- digital marketing experts is responsible.


Not only for above mentioned but for the revenue generation also. Digital Marketing experts’ major goal is to build out a strong online presence beneficial virtually in any field, but particularly in digital marketing.


The Digital Marketing specialist can take up their career as a freelancer or as a full-time employee of a company. It totally depends on the personal choice of the genius. In both, the case expert has to work for the results. Results can be optimized by bringing relevant traffic to the website with the help of SEO and SEM.


The specialist is to constantly work on effective use of content marketing to drive traffic, optimizing the use of technology to build more efficient and impactful results and create the best-personalized content to obtain the platform tactfully, when it appears.


The qualifications and skills of Digital Marketing specialists are similar to any other marketing experts but with additional digital qualifications. These skills of Digital Marketing specialists fall into three categories. First is marketing skills that include software skills and other technical skills. Second, are the transferable skills that include skills like sales, designing, and excellent writing skills and the third skill is adaptable skills that include leadership and problem-solving skill. 


The most important aspect to be considered before applying for Digital Marketing experts is a creative resume. Your resume should mention first your marketing skills. More effective marketing skills, more are the chances of getting a dream job. 


Transferable and adaptive skills can then be creatively mentioned at the end. Every minute detail of any project completed should be mentioned in your resume. To cut short the role of Digital Marketers, it will be ‘an innovative mind that works to generate, analyze and interpret the data to bring organic traffic and increase the digital appearance of a particular product or range of products.


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