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Digital Marketing Salary And Pay Scale In India

The most trending trend of today’s uncertain time is going digital. And it’s just the beginning. This digitalization has compelled everyone to have a digital presence, be it business owners or any company- irrespective of its size and location. That’s where digital marketing comes in. A career in Digital Marketing looks to be one of the most promising options, owing to the fact that India is finally becoming a digital nation. Before you take up digital marketing as a career option, how about having a glance at the latest Digital Marketing Salary and Payscale in India.=

Digital Marketing Salary And Pay Scale In India

Adversity is the mother of invention.

Haven’t we heard that? This pandemic has pushed the traditional marketing strategies behind to create a clear space for digital strategies for business growth.

In today’s uncertain times of pandemic, where a massive country India is compelled to not just stay at home, but also to work from home, digitalization seems to be the only way out. This is the new normal across the globe. While the trend of getting digital was opinionated by the Modi government, the real push to getting digitized was given by the small but arguably the most powerful virus of all time! 

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A time like this has enormously increased the spectrum of career options of digital marketing, which was never heard of a few years ago. The real need of the hour is to have a skill that matches with the over-rising demand of digital marketing professionals who would help a business house to navigate through the newly developing business arenas for sustainability and business growth.

Let’s go step by step to help you grow into this profession to soar to greater heights if you are thinking of having a career in this field.

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Why Digital Marketing?

Let’s put it clearly if a business wants to make its mark or survive this cut-throat competition, being digital is the only way out in today’s time. Here digital marketing comes into the picture. Now you know why there is a growth in demand for a digital marketing professional.

Such is the wave of digital marketing that it is deemed to be a list of the Top 10 in-demand jobs by none other than LinkedIn.

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With the growing trend, there is a huge demand for skilled digital marketing professionals resulting in many top colleges like IIMs and IITs including digital marketing in their curriculum. Now, the very first question that will pop up in your mind is how much will a digital marketing professional make. After all, that is the main motive right now. Isn’t it?

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Read till the end to have a clear idea about the Digital Marketing salary and pay scale in India.

Digital Marketing Manager

The role of a digital marketing manager is to manage the digital marketing strategy of a company for its digital growth. He has to manage the day-to-day activities of projects of the company. The responsibilities include:

  • Manage the organization’s website
  • Planning campaign 
  • Promote the products and services of the organization
  • Fix any kind of errors on web contents
  • Enhance brand awareness 
  • Manage the post on social media handles like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc
  • Manages and maintain content calendars 

Payscale of a Digital Marketing Manager

The average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager vary by is experience:

  • As a fresher, digital marketing fresher with experience of less than one 1 year can expect to be around ₹3,00000
  • With an experience of 1-4 years, the salary could easily rise to ₹7lacs annually 
  • A senior DM in this category could easily expect a salary ranging from ₹7 lakhs to ₹8 lakhs with experience of 5-9 years here in India.

Pay Per Click Analyst

 A PPC analyst or an SEM analyst is one of the most interesting job profiles for digital Marketing. His job evolves enhancing and building the visibility of a company. This job is suitable for people with a strong analytical mind with technical skills. His responsibility as an Analyst involves 

  • Manage paid Ad Campaigns on Ad networks like Google Ads and bing
  • Implying Keywords Correctly
  • Monitor regular budgets
  • Understand the working of Google Analytics 
  • Keeping a check on the budget of a paid campaign 
  • Optimizing and implementing all digital campaigns
  • Peripheral viewing of graphic design for all campaigns
  • Manage Ad campaign on social media networks like Quora, Medium, Facebook, etc

Pay-Scale of a Pay Per Click Analyst 

The average salary of a PPC Analyst varies by his experience:

  • Freshers can expect a salary of ₹ 3lakhs per annum
  • A PPC analyst with experience of more than 2 years can earn in India an average of ₹4-5 lakhs

Here again, experience is a key deciding factor to access an average salary or the pay scale for a PPC analyst in India

Search Engine Optimisation Specialist 

Search Engine Optimisation is the ultimate way to pull in long-term sustainable traffic for a company. An SEO specialist should have a thorough knowledge of online research methods which can benefit the clients. This is one of the most interesting job profiles when it comes to digital marketing.

Let’s discuss a few of the responsibilities of an SEO Specialist: 

  • Well versed with On-page and Of-page optimization
  • Optimizing landing pages for SEO
  • Work following the allotted budget for the company’s campaign 
  • Work on strategies to increase inbound links 
  • Create and effectuate link building strategy
  • Explore and scrutinize competitor advertising link 
  • Explore and execute SEO recommendations                              

In short, an SEO Specialist has to work for a company’s website with respect to linking, content, and other elements with the view to improve SEO positions for the targeted keywords. With the help of a skillful SEO strategy, the specialist aims to rank and acquire organic traffic for the client’s website.

Payscale of an SEO Specialist 

The average salary of a professional being an SEO Specialist is roughly around ₹240000+.

  • Freshers who are SEO Specialists with no experience to a year of experience can earn up to ₹1 lakhs per year 
  • With the experience of 1-4 years in this field, an SEO Specialist can easily expect a salary over and above ₹2lakhs annually 
  • With an experience of around 5-9years, an SEO specialist could easily capitalize his experience to earn over and above ₹4.8 lakhs per year.

Here again, it should be noted that the average salary is affected by other factors like location and experience.

Social Media Managers 

As a Social Media Manager, you have to plan a social media strategy for a company and also manage its social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, etc, to name a few. He acts as the voice of the company, he epitomizes the effects of the company’s campaign by reviewing engagement metrics such as no. of views, clicks, likes, and share.

Responsibilities of a Social media Manager

  •   Brand Development
  •   Identifying targeted Customers
  •   Create unique contents
  •   Website development and its visual design
  •   Work on promotion strategy
  •   Work on Engagement Strategy
  •   Measure and analyze to develop ROI

Payscale of a Social Media Manager

The average salary of a social media managers can go up to ₹3.5 lakhs annually depending on many factors like experience in the field:

  • A fresher with an experience of 0-1 year can expect a salary of ₹1.85 lakhs annually
  • While a senior social media marketing manager can expect a salary of ₹3.75 lakhs annually with an experience of 4-9yrs 
  • This salary can rise to ₹6 lakhs annually with an experience of 10-15 yrs 

The demand for a social media manager is on a rise with each passing year.

Content Marketing Managers

We all know content is the king when it comes to establishing an organization’s social media presence. And for this reason, any organization never hesitates to hire a content marketing manager. He works to promote the business or product through stories and engaging content.

Responsibilities of a Content Marketing Manager

  •   Creating a marketing plan
  •   Analyzing the competitors’ presence in the field
  •   Creating editorial calendars
  •   Understanding basic SEO techniques
  •   Structuring Content
  •   Proofreading content
  •   Examining content marketing results
  •   Forecasting content performance

This one job is for one who has a niche to create a beautiful story or content for a company.

Payscale of a Content Manager 

 The average digital marketing salary in India of a Content marketing manager is around ₹5.0 lakhs annually. However, it all depends on experience and location among other factors that result in the difference in the pay scale of a content marketing manager:

  • As a fresher, with an experience between 0-1 year, you can expect to earn around ₹4.7 lakhs annually 
  • As your experience increases, you may expect to annually earn ₹5.05 lakhs with 1-4 years in this role
  • A senior marketing manager, who has 5-9 years of experience in the role may well earn ₹8.7 lakhs annually.

With the rise in digitization, Content marketing managers are here to stay. The need for content marketing managers is increasing manifold as businesses realize the need and importance of an online presence for their growth.

Data Analyst

Data Analysts are professionals who study the provided datasets to understand trends and patterns for an organization’s growth. His job is to extract information statistics from a huge volume of open-ended data. He creates reports, graphs, and statistics to submit the data to a company in a readable format.

Responsibilities of a Data Analyst

  • Acquisition and interpretation of data
  • Execute data mining from the various data source and converting them into a readable format
  • Analyzing result
  • Study Patterns and trends in the datasets
  • Prepare statistics, charts, and graphs to easily communicate the insights acquired from these data.

Payscale of data analyst

The average digital marketing salary of a data analyst is around ₹6.9 lakhs annually. Due to the high demand for Data Analysts, their salary in India is one of the highest.

  • Within the first year of entry into the profession, a fresher can expect to earn around ₹500000 per annum.
  • As the experience increases, he can surely earn around ₹6.1 lakhs per annum with 1-4 years in this profession 
  • A senior-level Data Analyst can make around ₹10,04000 per annum.
  • A top-level Data Analyst scientist who has experience of 5-9 years can see tremendous growth with a salary going up to ₹17 lakhs annually. 

The demand for Data Analysts is huge in major metros like Mumbai and Delhi-NCR and also in smart cities like Bangalore and Pune.

Web developer 

As the name suggests, a Web Developer is the one who creates a website for its clients. He works to design and maintain the websites of clients. 

Responsibilities of a Web developer

  • Designing, building, and maintaining the website
  • Regularly updating the website
  • Working as a team with web content writers 
  • Editing websites content
  • Monitor website traffic 
  • Learn and assess new frameworks, technologies, and language
  • Maintain and develop databases

Payscale of a Web Developer in India

On average, the digital Marketing Salary of a Web developer is around ₹ 3 lakhs per annum. This salary could differ depending upon certain factors like experience, location, and added skills.

  • A fresher can earn around ₹2.3 lakhs annually at the entry-level
  • With an experience of around 1-4 years, it is possible to easily earn around ₹5.9 lakhs annually
  • A senior web designer could easily reach a mark of ₹ 10lakhs when he has experience of 5-9 years

I hope that reading the above article about responsibilities and the digital marketing salary must have given you a clear picture about the essence of digital marketing and which job to choose from the options above that suits you the best. 

It should be noted that there are a few factors that will determine your digital marketing salary.

What factors determine the digital marketing Salary?


If you working for clients located in metro cities of India like Mumbai Delhi (NCR) Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, etc, one can expect to earn a higher digital marketing salary compared to working for clients from 2 tier or 3 tier cities.


Now, that’s no rocket science here. A fresher with no experience to less than an experience of 1 year will have to settle with less salary than experienced professionals in this field.


Your employer’s company profile will play a huge role in determining your digital marketing salary. The bigger that company or the brand you work in, the higher the pay scale would be. Albeit, as a fresher it would be advisable to work for smaller brands. They may not provide you with a higher salary they will be instrumental in making you learn things better at times. 


Now, skills here not only mean how your resume looks, but your soft skills like communication skills and attitudes also play an equal role in determining your salary. A person with good soft skills is always an added advantage in any kind of role that you play in today’s world where you have to deal with a variety of people.

Now, we have seen the digital marketing salaries, and it’s determinants, let’s go through some of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question-  Is digital marketing a good career? 

Yes, the world is getting digital, and so is the format of business. Organizations now desire to have a digital presence to sustain the cut-throat competition. Owing to this fact, the need for digital marketing professionals is felt like never before! Organizations are ready to hire digital marketing professionals for business growth.

Question- What are the factors that affect the digital marketing salary?

 Experience, location, work ethics, employers, etc are some of the major factors which influence the digital marketing salary.

Question- Can we expect to earn a decent digital marketing salary working from home?

Yes, most tasks as a digital marketing professional can be completed online. So, companies don’t mind hiring digital marketers who work from home.


Digital Marketing is one of the most promising career options that can help you grow as your experiences grow. The best part about this career option is that you get paid even while working from home and earn a salary equivalent to an employee working in an office. The added perk is the digital marketing salary which is an attractive career option!

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