Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Randburg With Placements

How to become a digital marketer? Before knowing about the courses first understand digital marketing is the type of marketing that helps the marketer and customers to connect promptly with the help of the internet. It requires the help of search engines, mobile, social media, and websites. Digital marketing is used to place an advertisement on a website which is less expensive than traditional marketing. This is the basic definition of digital marketing. It has different types and techniques. To become a digital marketer definition is not enough, it requires hardcore skills. To learn this you have to choose the digital marketing institute. Here you can find the list of best digital marketing courses in Randburg.


Top Digital Marketing Courses In Randburg


Top 8 Digital Marketing Courses in Randburg: 

1. Digital Marketing courses in Randburg – IIM Skills

Rating – 9.9 stars out of 10

IIM SKILLS is a promising institute that provides many online certificate courses in India and all over the world online. They are government recognized institute located in New Delhi, India. Their professionals are experts and have more than 15 years of experience in the digital marketing field. Their way of teaching makes them one of the promising and top digital marketing institutes. They not only provide you with an exhaustive curriculum but conduct special classes as well to make sure that your understanding of the core concepts of internet marketing is crystal-clear.


Their course content is unique, they will teach the content from basic to advanced levels which requires no eligibility to learn this course. They are offering more courses on various topics, their Master Digital Marketing Course and Content Writing Master Course are immensely popular among the students. They trained many students who are working on different MNCs. They assist the student to start a digital marketing agency. They will provide lifetime assistance to resolve queries on digital marketing. The other courses offered are in the domains of technical writing, GST, Search ENgine Optimization (advanced), Business Accounting and Taxation, and Financial Modeling. They also offer focussed CAT training to help you crack one of the toughest competitive exams. 

  • Course Name: Master Digital Marketing Course
  • Course Fee: 7620.51 ZAR plus taxes.
  • Course Duration: five-month which includes both training and two months of paid digital marketing internship
  • Mode of Learning: online

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Module 1: Integrated Digital Marketing Techniques and Strategies
  • Module 1: Media Buying and Planning
  • Module 1: Affiliate Marketing with Blogging
  • Module 1: Video Marketing on YouTube  
  • Module 2: WordPress and Website Development
  • Module 3: Inbound Marketing
  • Module 3: ORM- Online Reputation Management
  • Module 3: Content Writing and Management and Advanced Blogging
  • Module 4: SEO- Search Engine Optimization
  • Module 4: SEM- Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
  • Module 4: Email Marketing and Campaigns
  • Module 4: Web or Google Analytics
  • Module 5 and 6: Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) 

All the modules are comprehensive, they start the course from basics and they will not clutter the subjects together, their teaching provides you with the path to get insights on digital marketing. These modules give you knowledge that provides you with the confidence to compete in the business.

Tools You Will Learn in the Digital Marketing Course:

  • Mailchimp
  • Semrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • WordPress 
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Woo Commerce
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Ahrefs

Assignments to Polish the Theoretical Concepts:

Duration: 120 Hours

  • Web Development- 15 hours
  • Social Media Marketing- 15 hours
  • Micro Video Marketing- 10 hours
  • Affiliate Marketing- 10 hours
  • Google Adwords (Search Engine Marketing)- 10 hours
  • Email Marketing- 15 hours
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO)- 25 hours
  • Content Writing and Marketing- 30 hours

How to Start a Digital Marketing Career in IIM Skills:

  • Registration for the digital marketing course.
  • Selection of the batch.
  • 70% attendance.
  • Examination to obtain the certificates.
  • Internship.
  • Freelancing.
  • Placement Support.
  • Happy Graduation.

Why Do You Choose Them?

  • 5-month comprehensive instructor-led training.
  • 17,167.55 ZAR INR worth of tools.
  • 2-month guaranteed paid internship.
  • 100% placement assistance.
  • You can learn more than 10 case studies and are offered to work on more than 15 projects.
  • After course completion, you are awarded IIM SKILL certificates and 13 other certificates from Google, Facebook, and Hubspot.
  • They will help you to launch your digital marketing agency.
  • Launch your podcast and start affiliate marketing.
  • Start writing your first blog in the Times of India.

Other Courses:

  • GST Practitioner Course
  • Content Writing Master Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • BAT- Business Accounting and Taxation Course
  • Financial Modeling Course and
  • Advanced SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Course

Contact Details:

  • Phone: 9911839503

Download IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course Brochure



More Courses 

Advanced SEO Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Course

Content Writing Course

Financial Modeling Course

Business Accounting And Taxation Course

2. Digital Marketing Courses in Randburg – Digital School of Marketing (South Africa)

Digital School of Marketing is South Africa’s accredited institute which provides marketing insights with the help of seven digital marketing courses and many other courses. This institution is accredited by Media, Information, and Communication Technologies, Sector Education and Training Authority, which makes the institute unique and different from other South Indian institutes. They are providing five digital marketing courses in Randburg.

Basic Digital Marketing Course

  • Course Name: Basic Digital Marketing Course
  • Course Fee: 4500 ZAR
  • Course Duration: 2 months
  • Mode of Learning: online

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Module 2: Introduction to WordPress (Domain and Hosting)
  • Module 3: SEO and Web Analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Module 4: Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Module 5: Content Writing and Copywriting (Content Management)
  • Module 6: Advertising (paid) and Marketing
  • Module 7: usage of Social Media Platforms for Advertisement
  • Module 8: Email Marketing
  • Module 9: Mobile Marketing (Digitally connect with customers)

Course Features:

  • Unlimited access to lectures.
  • Two evening lectures of two hours per week.
  • They will conduct 96 hours of learning over six months.
  • Interaction with industry experts.
  • This course helps you to build communication skills and encourages networking with classmates.

Intermediate Digital Marketing Course

  • Course Name: Intermediate Digital Marketing Course
  • Course Fee: 5750 ZAR
  • Course Duration: 3 to 4 months
  • Mode of Learning: online

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1:Introduction to understand the basics of Digital Marketing
  • Module 2: WordPress (Understanding hosting and domain)
  • Module 3: Marketing Communication and its concepts
  • Module 4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Analytics
  • Module 5: Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Module 6: Content Writing and Digital Copywriting (Content Management)
  • Module 7: Writing Advertising Copy
  • Module 8: Paid Advertising and Marketing
  • Module 9: Creation of Advertisement on the Social Media Platforms
  • Module 10: Email Marketing
  • Module 11: Mobile Marketing

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

  • Course Name: Advanced Digital Marketing Course
  • Course Fee: 8250 ZAR
  • Course Duration: 5 to 8 months
  • Mode of Learning: online

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Introduction to creating a basic understanding of Digital Marketing
  • Module 2: Introduction to WordPress
  • Module 3: Digital Marketing and its Strategies
  • Module 4: Content Writing and Content Marketing
  • Module 5: Digital Copywriting
  • Module 6: Targeting Audience with Persuasive Content
  • Module 7: Practicing to Write Advertisement Copy
  • Module 8: Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Module 9: Management of Social Media and its Community
  • Module 10: Online Public Relations (Online Reputation Management)
  • Module 11: Marketing Communication and its Concepts
  • Module 12: Brand Contact
  • Module 13: Brand Positioning
  • Module 14: Supervising the Project Team (Planning, execution, monitoring, and controlling of project and its members)
  • Module 15: Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics (Digital Analytics)
  • Module 16: Cookies and Tracking in Analytics
  • Module 17: Email Marketing and its Strategies 
  • Module 18: Mobile Marketing and its channels 
  • Module 19: Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising and Digital (Web Analytics)

  • Course Name: Paid Advertising and Web Analytics
  • Course Fee: 4750 ZAR
  • Course Duration: No Information
  • Mode of Learning: online

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Introduction to understanding the basics of Paid Advertising
  • Module 2: Planning Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Module 3: Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Module 4: Search Engine Advertising
  • Module 5: Display Advertising
  • Module 6: Web Analytics which covers cookies, tracking, and social media tools

Comprehensive Web Analyst and Paid Advertising Specialist is the role that you can get after the completion of this course.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Analytics

  • Course Name: SEO and Web Analytics
  • Course Fee: 4500 ZAR
  • Course Duration: three months
  • Mode of Learning: online

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Introduction to WordPress (Domain, hosting, and plugins)
  • Module 2: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (History of internet and usage intent)
  • Module 3: Fundamentals and strategies of SEO
  • Module 4: SEO for the User
  • Module 5: Labeling the Website and its Techniques
  • Module 6: Identification of Website Problems
  • Module 7: SEO Content
  • Module 8: Link Creation (Link Building and its Strategies)
  • Module 9: Web Analytics (Google Analytics)

Comprehensive SEO and Web Analytics specialist is the role that you get after completing the above course.

Other Courses which help Digital Marketing

Basics of Social Media Course

  • Course Name: Basics of Social Media Marketing
  • Course Fee: 4500 ZAR
  • Course Duration: two months
  • Mode of Learning: online

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Basics of Social Media Marketing and Brand Development
  • Module 2: Social Media and Content Strategies
  • Module 3: Content Creation and uploading in Different Social Media Platforms
  • Module 4: Creation of Persuasive Content to engage the Audience
  • Module 5: Managing Social Media Community and Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Module 6: Advertising on Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Instagram)
  • Module 7: Brand Identification on Various Social media Platforms
  • Module 8: Performance Gauging as well as Optimization
  • Module 9: Strategy Planning and Implementation (SWOT Analysis)

Complete the Social Media Course from the Digital School of Marketing and get a job as Social Media Marketer.

Intermediate Social Media Marketing Course

  • Course Name: Intermediate Social Media Marketing
  • Course Fee: 5000 ZAR
  • Course Duration: twelve weeks
  • Mode of Learning: online

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Social Media and Brand Management
  • Module 2: Marketing Communication and its Concepts
  • Module 3: Social Media and Content Strategies
  • Module 4: Content Creation for Different Social Media Platforms
  • Module 5: Creation of Persuasive Content to Engage the Audience
  • Module 6: Writing Advertising Copy
  • Module 7: Management of Social Media Communities
  • Module 8: Advertising of Social Media Platforms
  • Module 9: Brand Identification on Different Social Media Channels
  • Module 10: Performance Gauging and Optimization
  • Module 11: Digital Marketing Strategies Planning for the Business

Contact Details:

  • Phone: 0861 428 710

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3.  Digital Marketing Courses in Randburg – IIDE

IIDE is one of the best digital marketing institutes in India. They are offering one online digital marketing course and 13 short certificate courses throughout the world which helps Randburg students to learn digital marketing from the best institute. It is not only one of the top institutes in India but has garnered global recognition owing to its industry-relevant curriculum, mentor assistance, and insight into the world of digital marketing.

  • Course Name: Online Digital Marketing Course
  • Course Fee: 19,336. 97 ZAR
  • Course Duration: 4 months
  • Mode of Learning: online

Course Curriculum:

Term 1:

  • Introduction
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Performance Gauging
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
  • Campaign Planning
  • Presentation
  • E-commerce
  • Project on Search Marketing

Term 2:

  • Content Writing and Strategies
  • Copywriting
  • Canva
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter)
  • ORM- Online Reputation Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Project on Social Media and Content Strategy

Term 3:

Tools, They Will Teach You:

  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Google Analytics
  • Buffer
  • Yoast
  • Hootsuite
  • Google Search Console
  • Grammarly
  • Google Adsense
  • Ubersuggest
  • Amazon Seller Control
  • Mailchimp
  • SpyFu
  • Similar Web

Why Do You Choose Them?

  • Technical mentors and experts.
  • 100% placement assistance.
  • Flexible timings.
  • One-on-one mentoring.
  • More than 70 hours of learning
  • Eight brand projects
  • Course completion certificate

Other Short Digital Marketing Courses in Randburg:

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Google Ads.
  • E-commerce Management.
  • Copywriting.
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM).
  • Google Analytics.
  • Content Marketing and Strategies.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Media Planning.
  • WordPress- Website Development.
  • Ad Designing.
  • App store optimization.

All the above courses are one-week courses containing six to twelve hours of learning. After completing the above courses you will be awarded a course completion certificate.

This course is suitable for working professionals and traditional marketers who have sufficient knowledge. This course helps them to polish their skills.

Contact Details:

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4. Digital Marketing Courses in Randburg – Digital Vidya

Digital marketing techniques are highly welcomed in all the departments of the organization. Digital Vidhya institute provides online digital marketing training in Randburg, which offers benefits like career upskill, business promotion, business management, career enhancement, freelancing, and job opportunities.


  • Course Name: Certificate Digital Marketing Course
  • Course Fee: 10,750.54 ZAR
  • Course Duration: No Information
  • Mode of Learning: online


Course Curriculum:

  • 4 modules in Search Engine Optimization include Organic, paid, keyword research, on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, SEO Audits, and Google Analytics.
  • 5 modules in Search Engine Marketing include Mobile Ad campaigns, Shopping campaigns, and YouTube Marketing.
  • 5 modules in Social Media Marketing include Facebook Marketing, Instagram, Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, and Snapchat Marketing.
  • 3 modules in Email Marketing include content deliverability, strategies, and automation.
  • 4 modules in Inbound Marketing include optimization, engagement, and landing page.
  • 5 modules in Web Analytics include Google Analytics, Performance Analysis, Visitor Analytics, Social Media Analysis, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Digital Analytics.
  • 2 modules in Facebook Marketing include the introduction of Facebook Ads to Lead generation.
  • 2 modules in Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • 2 modules in Affiliate Marketing.
  • 2 modules in Media Planning and Buying.
  • 2 modules in freelancing and tactics to become a freelancer.
  • 2 modules in E-commerce Listing and Marketplace Selling.
  • 1 module in Programme Marketing.
  • 1 module in Adobe Analytics.
  • 1 module in Infographic Resume.
  • 1 module in Content Marketing.
  • 1 module in Lead Sourcing.


Course Features:

  • 44 modules.
  • Total 100 hours of classes.
  • 140 hours of project assignment to obtain practical knowledge.
  • Two internships.
  • 93 ZAR incentive.
  • Three job interviews.
  • After completion of training, you are provided 15 certificates.
  • 15,516.03 ZAR worth of tools.


Contact Details:



5. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)

They are offering post-graduate programs in digital marketing. They believe digital marketing is omnipresent, it’s better to upskill the career students with the help of providing new marketing and customer insights. You can find them in 55-plus countries. It is a good option for Randburg students who want to do masters in digital marketing and for entrepreneurs they are offering specific digital marketing courses.

DSIM – Digital Marketing Course for Entrepreneurs

  • Course Name: Digital Marketing Course for Entrepreneurs
  • Course Fee: 10,764.07 ZAR
  • Course Duration: No Information
  • Mode of Learning: online


Course Features:

  • Six Adwords certifications.
  • Google Analytics certificate.
  • Industry-recognized DSIM certificate.
  • Facebook certificate.
  • They help you to increase brand awareness.
  • This course provides insights to increase sales and generate leads.


DSIM – Masters in Digital Marketing

Rating – 4.8 stars

  • Course Name: Masters in Digital Marketing
  • Course Fee: 14,326.58 ZAR
  • Course Duration: three and six months
  • Mode of Learning: In-class/ Online


Course Features:

  • Four in one course includes digital marketing course, advanced optimization or marketing techniques, principles, and strategies, Kunal’s masterclass, and the black hat technique.
  • 36 modules.
  • 150 hours of training classes.
  • 15 plus certificates.
  • 16,587.07 ZAR free tools.
  • Practical Learning.
  • This course has assignments, case studies, and projects.
  • You have lifetime access to study material and ebooks.
  • Placement assistance.


Contact Details:

  • Phone: +91-8800290309


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Who can admit to the digital marketing courses in Randburg?

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.
  • School Students.
  • Traditional marketers to obtain a deep understanding of digital marketing to use with the old media.
  • Entrepreneurs who are aficionados of learning new skills.
  • Digital marketer to sharpen digital marketing strategies.
  • College dropouts.
  • Housewives.

Q2. What are the job opportunities available after completing the digital marketing courses in Randburg?

After completion of digital marketing courses in Randburg, you can work in one of the following job positions.

  • Digital Marketing Manager requires leadership, communication, analytical, and creative skills to excel in the business.
  • Search Engine Optimization specialist requires better keyword research and planning,  website ranking with organic research, traffic creation, and application of SEO strategies.
  • Search Engine Marketing specialists must-have Knowledge of SEO, PPC-Pay Per Click, Communication, Writing, and Analytics skills.
  • The Social Media Specialist job needs communication skills, analytical skills, and likabilities to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc,…
  • Content Management Specialists have skills to establish good communication with content writers, content curation, checking for deadlines, and submission of content on time.
  • Web Design and Development specialists know about photoshopping, effect creation, and video editing.
  • Google Analytics specialist job must need good interpretation and statistical knowledge.
  • Mobile Marketing specialist learns to perform research and campaign. 
  • E-commerce marketer takes care of online retailing and merchandising, with knowledge of the latest innovation and trends.
  • Email Marketers establish creative campaign management ideas, better automation processes, and lead generation.

Q3. What is the course structure of digital marketing courses in Randburg?

  • Basics
  • Content writing and management
  • Copywriting
  • Website designing on WordPress
  • Domain and hosting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Planning and Blogging
  • Brand management
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Holistic Marketing
  • Communication and soft skills

The above courses will help you to gain these above strategies.


Q4. I am an undergraduate student. Am I eligible to opt for the above courses?

 Absolutely yes, you take care of the timings of your studies. Based on your comfort, choose any of the above online courses.

5. What is the average salary of a digital marketer in Randburg?

  • The average salary of a digital marketer in Randburg is 2,40,000 ZAR per year or 123 ZAR per year.
  • Entry or Basic salary of a digital marketer in Randburg is 1,80,000 ZAR per year.
  • A highly experienced digital marketer’s salary in Randburg is 4,79,100 ZAR per year.

Concluding observations on the top digital marketing courses in Randburg:

The above information is provided for people who are in search of the best digital marketing courses in Randburg. All the courses mentioned in the article are online courses that you can learn from your comfort zone, all the courses are perfectly designed, and has only slight variation, after a thorough analysis of the courses, choose the appropriate course to study digital marketing in Randburg. For a more detailed idea of the course, fee structure, mode of payment, duration, and how the courses are structured and conducted at Randburg please contact them, ask for a demo session, and if you can talk to an expert at the institute. 

  • Hi, I am thinking to start my own business. I have been advised to invest in digital marketing strategy for advertising. I am quite reluctant to accept this idea. So, to clear my doubts I started to find more about digital marketing and how does it helps businesses, more precisely the startups. Reviews and explanations, benefits and advantages are positive and considerable. Still to avoid any future risks , I want to first myself undergo learning about its process, implementation, and execution to get more idea and confidence. So, my search for best digital marketing institute in Randburg brought me here IIM skills has best to offer in each respects, plus the free demo session before enrolment is advantageous to know better about the institution, Instructor, and the course before making an investment.

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