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How Good Digital Marketing Career is in India in 2024

Have you ever wondered what the prospects of digital marketing careers in India are? Whether it is a lucrative career option or not? The proliferation of media channels has ensured that the demand for digital marketing increases over the years. It has undoubtedly opened up great career opportunities In India and all over the world

Digital Marketing Careers In India

Digital Marketing careers in India have immense potential. Before we delve into the different digital marketing careers in India let’s consider the following two questions.

What is Marketing? 

Marketing is the aggregate of efforts to determine consumer demands, analyzing them, creating, communicating and finally delivering a product or service that is of value to the customers. Marketing involves the promotion of your brand and its various features to the target groups through means of advertising. public relations and other means of communication.

Now, What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of implementing the entire marketing silo through digital media channels to reach online users. The core elements are the same, the implementation is slightly different owing to the difference in the medium and the expectation of online users. Now anyone who is able to utilize traditional marketing ethics while providing innovative solutions to digital marketing can have a very bright future in this career field.

Digital Marketing and digital marketing careers in India in the coming years

India is one of the largest consumers of the internet. It has long surpassed The UK and The USA in the dispersal of the internet among people in the country.

Digital marketing though relatively a new job avenue for marketers cannot be undermined any longer. Businesses and brands discerned this for some time now and hence branched out their business digitally to leverage the benefits of digital marketing.

According to CISCO’s Visual Networking Index (VNI report), “by 2029, 829 million Indians  (which is roughly 59% of the population) remain expected to use the internet on a daily basis. Out of the above 829 million, 79% will access the internet through mobile.”

From the above statistics, you can imagine the immense potential of digital marketing in India in the coming years.

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Scope of Digital Marketing careers in India

Digital marketing has given rise to a plethora of career opportunities in India now. As for any business, digital marketers have to be enterprising, interesting and should possess a knack for creating innovative and interesting content.

A large chunk of the budget is now allocated to the digital marketing department to boost sales and create goodwill online.

With the use of mobile phones, tablets intensifying in recent years brands have realized the necessity of positioning their product digitally to generate visibility and sales. Take the example of Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra. They have seen a rise in their customer database which has become huge over the last 3-4 years. Almost 50-60 % of India’s population now purchases products online and surfs the net to make purchasing decisions.

An increase in the usage of digital media means the creation of job prospects in the arena of digital marketing. A number of start-ups have emerged along with famous brands taking the digital route to promote their product.

Some facts

According to the International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation, “India is undergoing a golden period of digital marketing” and this shift will continue till 2024 and beyond. Looking at the scenario today, it can easily be said that the Digital market is still in its early stages in India and it will further grow in the next 8-10 years.

There are several job opportunities available at different job portals in India in the section of digital marketing.

If you look at the figures in the job portals, they are approximately as follows:


12,387 jobs


18620 jobs


1000 jobs





28669 jobs


12565 jobs

As you can make out from the figures, job creation in digital marketing is huge and it is only going to increase in the coming years.

Key Requirements for successful digital marketing careers in India

Digital Marketing requires one to be proficient in business and management and familiar with business terms, he/she should have a thorough understanding of the pulse of the prospective consumers, and a keen discernment of what the different metrics convey regarding the impact of your product or service.

Digital marketing has very interesting prospects regionally. If you are skilled in your regional language, you can have a flourishing career in digital marketing since people consume content in their regional language in plenty today. There are several jobs posted in the Digital marketing category which ask for regional language content creators and copywriters.

Digital marketing is mandatory for a brand today. Digital presence is a prerequisite for a company to be successful in today’s times.

A great advantage of going digital is the prospect of freelancing/Work from wherever you want. Today career seekers are not confined to a 9-5 job (not saying it is undesirable) but with the companies going digital it is much more convenient to find a job and work according to your conditions.

The 10 major roles for digital marketing careers in India are as follows:

Digital Marketing Careers in India Option 1

1)   SEO specialist/ SEO Manager

An SEO manager in Digital marketing stands for Search Engine Optimization Specialist. Search engine optimization is one of the prime elements for a successful digital marketing strategy of a business. When an online user searches for something on the internet, the first few articles that are displayed on the search engine result page is likely to get the maximum attention and number of views. The primary task of a search engine optimization expert is to strategize a marketing technique in such a way that the results appear at the top in the SERP of a search engine.

Some duties of an SEO specialist include

  • Analyzing website speed and carry out tests to determine any lag or glitch.
  • In-depth insight into keyword research and how to use them effectively to drive organic traffic to a website. Which keywords in an article are of prime importance,
  • Ability to prioritize and identify key areas that need further development
  • Creation of natural backlinks. ( Natural backlinks are links to your sites by other websites and pages that are done without any kind of persuasion by you. Visiting and writing your opinion or comment under blog posts, forums, social sites may bring you to others’ attention and if your content is good then you might just receive natural backlinks from other sites.)
  • Split testing pages that are similar in nature and content.
  • Creating breadcrumb navigation effectively for the benefit of users. The users have clarity in regards to which part of the website they are on through the breadcrumb navigation feature. This feature clears any confusion about where you are when looking through a website. Also, it helps Google to understand the hierarchy of your website and helps in the overall ranking of your website

For eg. Blog —–>Lifestyle——>10 latest fashion trends in 2024 (This is called a breadcrumb trail)

  • Well equipped with the workings of HTML, WORDPRESS, PHP, etc.
  • Assessing the quality of content and consumer behavior thereafter.
  • Evaluating and gauging competitor pages and assessing how they drive organic traffic to their sites especially if they are performing better than your site.

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Search Engine Optimization specialists have to be familiar with several jargons that is in everyday use in the digital space.

A good SEO Specialist/Manager in the field of digital marketing will know the use of terms such as follows

  • Voice User Interface
  • Structured Data
  • Geofencing
  • Progressive Web Apps(PWA)
  • Web Page Load Speed
  • Visual Search
  • Information Architecture
  • General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)
  • Mobile-first Indexing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Social Messaging Applications
  • Marketing Automation
  • Interactive Content
  • Ad Re-Targeting
  • Website Security and Website Audit etc.
  • Information of Schema Markup, coding and HTML
  • Use of different tools like GMETRIX, RankBrain, Tweetdeck, Google Analytics, Buffer, MailChimp, etc
  • Off-site and On-site SEO building

A search engine specialist is expected to create and submit periodic monthly reports on the performance of the website on search engines. SEO experts should work in sync with the other divisions in digital marketing to ensure maximum efficiency and results overall.

Salary for an SEO specialist – 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs

Digital Marketing Careers In India  Option 2

2) Search engine marketer/PPC marketer

When we search for a particular topic we often find ad written in a dialogue box beside the website link to that topic. That is the work of a search engine marketer or a pay per click marketer in digital marketing. The sometimes useful sometimes completely irrelevant ads that come up in our search results are the works of a search engine specialist.

Search engine marketers have a thorough understanding of keywords, long-tail short-tail both and how they can be placed to gain maximum visibility on the search engine pages. Their main aim is to drive traffic to the websites and generate leads for conversion thereby lowering the cost of acquisition.

Some of their duties are

  • Identifying and analyzing key performance indicators(KPIs)
  • Leverage the benefits of google analytics, Google Adwords to position the brand effectively on the SERP
  • Excellent business sense and ability to organize.
  • Adaptability to and understanding of new goals and ideas
  • providing suggestions for a keyword, targeting, retargeting, structuring a paid campaign
  • Carefully going through web analytics dashboards and keeping an eye on keyword bids, budget allocation and overall strategy of paid advertising
  • Familiarity with keyword tools and web analytics tools that help to boost sales and drive target groups to your desired place.
  • Meticulous attention to PPC industry trends
  • Thorough knowledge of MS Excel, PowerPoint and MS-Word.

The average salary of a PPC marketer in a digital marketing company is around 5lakhs to 7lakhs approximately

Digital Marketing Careers In India Option 3

3)   Inbound Marketing Manager

The profile of an inbound marketing manager is quite like a content marketing manager. They are responsible for creating and delivering rich inbound content strategies for the overall online growth of the brand. One of the very important tasks of an inbound marketing manager is to establish and promote closed-loop analytics so that all the systems in the digital marketing network are interlinked. In this way, feedback from sales can be used constructively to better the overall performance of the marketing team.

Inbound marketers have to be adept at managing blogging software and marketing automation. They should have a nose for news and incorporate any important item to their strategy for further growth of the business. They should be conversational and communicative and help in constant refining of the digital skills to improve ROI.

The average salary of an inbound marketing manager is around 4-6 lakhs per annum.

Digital Marketing Careers In India Option 4

4)   Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager is the position that takes care of all the aspects of social media and the successful branding of your product and/or services on the different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. Social Media is a very important avenue for business today. Most of the online users are present in one social media channel or the other. So, brands have immense potential to market their brands in these channels. A social media manager has to assess, strategise, and implement goals pertaining to a brand’s awareness, reputation, and overall perception. The most important task of a social media manager is to administrate content that turns admirers into consumers and finally advocates for your product.

Some of their duties include

  • Generation of inbound traffic, measure the different metrics through several tools available. Curate content based on the results.
  • Leverage the use of the different tools used to measure the performance of a brand on the specific Social Media. e.g. Tweetdeck, buffer, Postplanner, etc)
  • Cultivation and nurturing of leads and persuading them to turn into customers with engaging and high-quality content.
  • Managing the content and scheduling publishing of content for the different media channels.
  • Determining which content is suited for which social media. Tweaking and modifying the content according to the demands of that particular social media channel. For e.g Native Advertising for Instagram and placing ads on the sidebar of a Facebook page that your potential customer might visit. All such important decisions are taken by a social media manager.
  • Integrating the various social media channels with all other forms of marketing and promoting the content vigorously through all the channels. Ignoring even one potential channel can be harmful for the brand.
  • A social media manager can always decide the more important social media channels for the brand taking into account the different metrics. Emphasizing that channel is necessary but it is also important to have a presence in other channels as well.
  • Managing all social media advertising campaigns with sincerity and efficiency.

Digital marketing channels especially social media channels are undergoing changes every day.

It comes with new trends, new ideas, more efficient ways of communicating every day. Therefore a social media manager has to be adaptable, willing to learn and evolve with the changing dynamics. Monitor all the social media latest trends. A Social Media Manager has to be prepared for any crisis situation that can be altered with the help of a positive social media strategy. Slow sales, insufficient traffic generation, failing to retain customers, negative feedback, and low cognizance value of the brand are some of the challenges social media managers have to address frequently.

Allocate budget prudently taking into consideration the efficacy of the different social media channels for that particular product or service.

Preparing reports of the performance of the brand in the different social media channels, analyzing the impact of the social media campaign of the brand.

Average Salary of a social media manager- 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs

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Digital Marketing Careers in India Option 5

5) Content Marketing Manager

A content marketing manager is responsible for everything related to the content that will go out on different channels and websites. Content marketing is the complex process of analyzing which content is relevant for which medium in order to gain maximum reach and recognition for the brand. Content Marketing is concerned with the evaluation, implementation, and monitoring of the results of a sound content strategy for your client and/or product and service.

The first task of a content marketing manager is to produce a digital marketing plan for lead generation through content. The different areas to consider in this strategy are as follows

  • Analyze your competition
  • Assess your target group
  • Analyze the different channels and the content marketing tools at your disposal
  • Prepare your content keeping in mind the different areas that garner interest among consumers
  • Create your calendar/ posting schedule
  • Analyze how your posted content is doing and whether it is generating enough interest to bring in leads and turning them to consumers.

Digital Content managers are responsible for the content produced on websites, company blogs, white papers, social media campaigns, email campaigns, online brochures, and any other content generated for the consumption of online users. They have to collaborate with every department in the digital marketing section to develop engaging content and meet the goals of the client economically.

Average salaries for content marketing managers are 7 lakhs to 10 lakhs that can go up to even 15 lakhs with expertise and total years of experience and exposure to the digital marketing world.

Content managers have two sections working under them

  1.  Content writers/Copywriters
  2.  Web designers/Graphic designers

The average salary of content writers is 2.5 to 5 lakhs but if the content tends to become popular there is no upper limit to the earnings.

  1.  Content writers/copywriters

Content writers and copywriters are an integral part of the digital marketing arena. There is a slight difference between content writers and copywriters owing to their nature of work. A content writer writes with the purpose of driving traffic to their website and their products page. A copywriter writes a copy with the sole intention of impacting the consumers in a positive way to make sales of the product or service. Content writers and copywriters both are in huge demand. It is safe to say that the demands in this area of digital marketing are not going down anytime soon.

A content writer/copywriter has to be innovative, observant and creative. They should have a keen sense of discernment as to what would work and what would not with the consumers.

Some of the traits that are absolutely necessary to be an efficient content writer/copywriter are: 

  • Eye for detail
  • Strong command over the language they will be writing in both verbally and in writing.
  • Imaginative and innovative
  • a knack to research and organize details, information, and facts
  • Brainstorming and collaborating with the other divisions in the digital marketing system. Implementing a cohesive strategy in their write-ups that will yield maximum results.
  • If you have to stand out in a crowd of similar looking products or services you have to channelize your creativity and come up with appealing content. This holds true most in the cases of social media. you have to always conceive and develop content that will be engaging.
  • Should write content with absolute clarity and good grammar. delineate the important points in bullets and numbers so that the copy becomes an easy read for leads
  • A content writer should be proficient in writing for different topics and different formats like blogs, websites, social media snippets, articles, guides, white papers, details about a particular organization, video scripts, e-books, banners, case studies, E-mail newsletters, etc.

Some other points to consider

  • A writer always has to be self-motivated. No one can motivate or propel you to work your best other than yourself especially in the case of writing, no matter what your nature of work is. In the same way, content writers have to be prompt and impel themselves to develop great content.
  • A content writer should have the ability to prioritize work based on the need of the hour.
  • Adapt to new trends. Use in-house content tools with maximum efficiency. Should know about the different tools to detect plagiarism(Smallseotools, Duplichecker) correct grammar(Grammarly, Hemingway) to improve the quality of content.
  • Content writers and copywriters should possess interpersonal skills. They should be able to make changes in their copy as per the client’s demand without any fuss or grudge.
  • In the case of copywriters, they should always strive to write copy that induces a lead to make a purchasing decision.
  • Tailor the assignment for the message that needs to be communicated.
  • Implement project scoping for the product or service. Project scoping is the method of evaluating the ultimate goals of a product or service, the unique features and selling point of that particular product, service and/or brand and listing them down along with jotting down the challenges that come with it.
  • To identify and accentuate the strongest points of the product through compelling write-ups
  • Basic understanding of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc
  • Make business pitches in the case of B2B projects.
  • Content or copywriting does not merely mean that you should only write. Understanding of keyword and the analysis of its importance in SEO should be cultivated in content and copywriters.

Content writers earn a salary up to 5 lakhs per annum. But there really is no upper limit to your earnings once you start gaining traction on your write-ups.

  1. II) Web designers/ graphic designers

As in the case of content writers and copywriters, web designers and graphic designers also have a slight difference due to the characteristics of the work they do. Graphic designers can work on a variety of projects without the constraints that come with working and designing a website. A web designer has a few things to consider like the page speed to consider while they are designing their website. Web designers are inherently graphic designers who work in only the digital space.

Graphic designing works like magic in your copy and gradually businesses and brands have realized that Graphic is indeed a fundamental part of the Digital Market. The writing might be exemplary, but if the background is unattractive and uninspiring or jarring and overdone potential customers will lose interest in your product. Therefore a web designer is essential for the smooth running of the websites, blogs and social media channels of a firm.

Graphic designing can be said to be the art of visual communication of a message through colours, pictures, videos, and text that are placed effortlessly onto a webpage so as to have a positive impact on the leads and potential target groups.

Some of the traits that a graphic designer and/or web designer should have are:

  • Understanding the core elements of the project you are working on.
  • Designing presentations, and websites that are appealing and not on the face.
  • Make sure that the design of the website works seamlessly in all major devices that a consumer uses like Desktops, laptops, I-pads, Tablets and cell phones
  • Should be proficient in Adobe, Photoshop, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Coral, etc.
  • Should have the ability to meet deadlines and work in a tight schedule.

Web designers up to 3 lakhs per annum in India.

Digital Marketing Careers in India Option 6

 6)   Blog Manager

Blogs are the most popular channel for reading various articles on the internet. According to Hub-spot, there is a 13x chance of increased ROI for marketers who give importance to blogging on their sites. A blog is an absolute prerequisite to skilful and competent marketing of your product. Blogs can generate traffic and good content on blogs can give you exemplary results for your business. Therefore, it becomes necessary to hire a blog manager who takes care of the blog section of your website.

A blog manager should have an innate love for writing and an inherent ability to write appealing feel-good motivating content. Their main aim is to echo the voice of the business entity in their articles, to emulate the tone of the brand and write articles that convey the core message with clarity. They should possess exceptional language skills. Writing and editing should be top-notch leaving no room for any glitch.

A blog manager should have a clear understanding of the tools and techniques of blogging. They should try to optimize digital marketing techniques to attract consumers and inducing them to make a purchasing decision.

Digital Marketing Careers in India Option 7

7)   E-Mail Marketing Manager

E-mails are a very popular medium of communicating your company’s message o your prospective target groups. Hence an E-mail marketing manager is required for you to carry out all the email related activities of your organization seamlessly in the world of digital marketing. Emails should be concise, timely delivered and should cater to the needs of your consumer. Email marketing has to gauge the website interactions of consumers and email engagements before strategizing and implementing an email marketing program for a brand and its features.

Some of the duties of an email marketing manager are: 

  • Making an organic email list of your target group and not a bought mailing list.
  • Delivering personalized content in a way that a prospective buyer is compelled to click the mail, open it and read the contents.
  • Having adequate knowledge of email sending reputation tools like SenderScore, Mailtest, Reputation authority, tallosintelligence.com, etc.
  • An email marketing manager should be familiar with the metrics that play a key role in determining the impact of emails in digital marketing. Click through rates, List growth Rate, number of subscribers and unsubscribers, Spam complaints, email sharing, Open rate, Conversion rates, Bounce Rates are some of the important metrics that email marketing managers should be familiar with.

There are a number of email marketing tools available that help in the whole process of sending out emails to leads and existing customers. They come with customized features that help in compartmentalizing and sending out personalized emails.

Some of these tools are

  • MailChimp
  • Get Response
  • SendinBlue
  • Constant Contact
  • Moosend
  • Pebbly email-marketing
  • Pepipost etc

Digital Marketing Careers Option 8

 8)   Media Relations/PR Manager

The efficacy of public relations/media relations cannot be undermined in a digital marketing company. A brand should always invest in a public relations manager to further their reputation among online and traditional users. It becomes all the more important in digital marketing as the scope of fraudulent activities is much more in the World Wide Web and negative reviews can be detrimental to the process of your inbound marketing strategies.

A Media relations manager has the means to provide positive reviews for your brand. They can apprise journalists and media outlets of the company’s latest developments and initiatives and can help in creating a positive persona of your brand among users. They have to be skilled in editing and writing and have to carefully strategize a PR campaign to maintain and increase the goodwill of the company.


Digital Marketing Careers In India Option 9

9)   Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing manager can be considered the captain of the ship. A digital Marketing Manager has to take care of all the aspects of the digital marketing of a brand. To build a cognizance value of the brand, to get the potential leads to take notice of the product or service is the main goal of a digital marketing manager. He/She employs all the means necessary to make the brand a hit among target groups.

Some of the qualities of a Digital Marketing Manager

  • Among the many traits that make up a successful digital marketing manager, the foremost is the ability to analyze and assess the market.
  • They have to be business savvy and a problem solver. It is quintessential for a digital marketing manager to be perceptive to the demands in the market in the online world.
  • They have to possess creative brilliance and have to be quick thinkers taking swift action in the face of the crisis with confidence and precision.
  • They should manage and develop innovative marketing campaigns to promote a business and its features
  • Identifies new markets and mirrors the existing customers to generate more leads for conversion
  • Digital Marketing managers should have a thorough knowledge of web analytics and can scour through them to find new pitching ideas based on the metrics and the target groups.
  • A digital Marketing Manager should always be inquisitive and evolve. They have to be in sync with the change that is an inevitable part of digital marketing.

Some Important responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager are

Digital Marketing Managers should be the binding factor for the entire digital team. They are the liaison between the clients and his team. Therefore he should have very strong interpersonal skills and the ability to grasp on to the demands of the client. They should be acquainted with the industry both his own and complementary businesses.

They should be familiar with the latest updates and the best practices within his industry.

Should have a thorough knowledge of the regulations and laws of the digital world.

Should monitor the results of the marketing campaign very closely taking care to note down what’s working best and which areas need improvement.

Digital Marketing Managers have a huge potential in the Indian Market. With the data confirming that the digital industry in India will be growing by leaps and bounds in the coming years the demand for this position will increase manifold.

A digital marketing manager can earn up to 15-20 lakhs per annum and with experience and expertise and a winner CV to boost, the salary can go up even further up to 40 lakhs.

Digital Marketing Careers In India Option 10

10)   Customer Relationship Manager(CRM)

Just as in Public relations, it is necessary to have onboard a customer relationship manager in a product and service-based digital company. A customer relationship manager addresses all the grievances and complaints of the customers and provides prompt meaningful solutions. They are the point of contact between clients and the company and have to put their best foot forward while interacting with potential and existing customers.

Some of the important duties of a customer relationship manager are

  • Ensure that the ties between customer and company is strong
  • Ability to communicate fluently in the chosen language
  • Being a quick thinker and troubleshooter
  • Monitor and assess customer care strategies and improvise where necessary.
  • Having a presentable countenance so that the consumers feel comfortable to interact with the person.

Digital Marketing Courses In India that offer comprehensive digital marketing courses for you to become an expert in the field are as follows:

  2. Manipal Prolearn
  3. Upgrad
  4. IMRI (Internet and market research Institute)
  5. DigitalVidya
  6. Edupristine Institute
  7. Simplilearn Digital Marketing
  8. NIIT Digital Marketing
  9. AIMA


As you might have understood by now, the prospect of a career in digital marketing careers in india is enormous in today. There are quite a number of job profiles available to be filled. Also, the option of freelancing is a fresh change from the monotony of everyday routine. The qualities to succeed in the various fields of digital marketing are the eagerness to evolve and adapt to new ideas and challenges. It requires one to have a thirst for knowledge related to everything digital and to be abreast of the new digital drift.


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