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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Melbourne With Placements

In this digital age of technology and innovations, data science has emerged as one of the most crucial fields. Almost all the businesses require professionals to help them by providing them invaluable insights to bring improvement. Melbourne is a growing hub of innovation and education and there’s a huge demand for data professionals. By enrolling in data science courses in Melbourne, one can secure a high paying job after its completion.

List of best data science courses in Melbourne

Scope of Data Science

Data science is a vast field with multidisciplinary applications. Almost every field these days relies on data science as one of its most important tools. Name any field, it is almost impossible to find one, which does not use data science for its operations.

  1. Healthcare: In the field of healthcare, Data science is used as a very important tool to bring improvement in the operations and do them efficiently. Data science applications are used healthcare providers to provide effective personalized treatment to the patients. This is mostly done by analysing their previous records like medical history, use of drugs, genomic data etc. Statistical inference is used to predict the outbreak of a disease in an area by analysing the collective data of the local population. This helps health authorities to make guidelines for those people.
  2. Production and Manufacturing: In production and manufacturing, data science has been a very useful tool which has been utilized for various purposes. For example different tools and techniques of data science like statistical inference is used for minimizing defects by analysing the products and operations, and thereby Improving the overall efficiency of the operations. Different machines go haywire after a long time of use. By analysing the past records of machine usage, one can predict the breakdown of a machine so that it can be repaired or replaced before the breakdown.
  3. Education: In the sector of education, data science has many useful applications that can help in improving the performance of the students and educational institutions. Many schools, universities and other institutions use the applications of data science to tailor personalized plans for improvement in individual students. Data includes the economical and educational background of the parents, test scores, performance in extracurricular activities etc. This allows healthcare providers to identify the students at the risk who need more attention from their parents and the teachers. This also helps to find the interests of students so that they get proper help to achieve their full potential.
  4. Marketing and Advertising: In the field of marketing and advertising, data science is being widely used by marketing agencies. All the companies generate a huge amount of data from surveys, social media platforms and ad campaigns. This data can be analysed to understand the needs and pain point of various segments of customers. This helps these companies to understand the demand for various products in different segments of customers. It also helps in designing a more effective ad campaign for better marketing of the products and brands.
  5. Transportation: In transportation sector, data science has been used widely for the purpose of minimizing costs of transportation by identifying a shorter way to commute or by identifying the most feasible and cheapest way of transportation. All of this is done by analysing the previous records of transportation. Traffic authorities also use data science techniques to prevent traffic jams. This is done by identifying the hotspots of congestion so that traffic in those areas can be managed effectively by diversion of traffic to different ways.
  6. Energy: In the field of energy, data science is being used for efficient distribution of electricity. This is done by analysing the usage of energy in different areas or residences. It helps the energy providers to identifying the optimum supply thereby avoiding the peak load. In generation of energy, data science can be used for identifying the perfect time to harness energy from wind or from sun by analysing the weather forecasts. Data science is also used in various energy departments like nuclear energy to manage different operations efficiently.
  7. Retail: In the field of retail, data science is used to identify the demands of different customer segments, which helps retailers to manage their inventory efficiently by ordering different items in required amounts. Data of different customers like their demographic, educational and economic backgrounds along with their age groups can be used to identify the demand of a product in various segments of customers. This helps retailers to understand the psychology and behaviour of consumers.

Here are the other best courses in Melbourne:

Reasons To Choose Data Science as a Career:

  1. High demand: Data science is the one of the most demanded skill in this digital world where data is of a great importance for companies to improve their performance. Almost all the companies generate a large amount of data from their previous sales records, surveys and social media platforms. Now collecting data has become easier as the internet is being used by almost everyone. All of this raw data can be gathered and analysed to identify different patterns and trends which help in making plans and strategies for the improvement of companies.
  2. High Salary Potential: As the demand for this profession is high in almost everywhere, it is very obvious that companies would do anything in their power to hire or retain an experienced and talented data science professional. Data scientists get highly rewarded for their skills and talent in this field. Their skills are highly in demand which makes them very important for various companies. Companies get ready to pay a high amount to the professionals with great skills and expertise in data science.
  3. Flexibility: A career in data science comes with many perks like high salary, high value and also a great flexibility. It enables professionals to maintain work life balance while working. Data scientists can get the opportunity for remote work if the work from office is not suitable to them. They can work from anywhere they want to without any trouble. They can work while travelling to different places without missing a day of work. Flexible work life allows individuals to work more effectively and prevents burnout.
  4. Multidisciplinary Career: Data science is a multidisciplinary subject which has its applications in many different fields. Many different sectors like entertainmet, sports, research and development, healthcare, education and many more fields, data science is being used to improve the performance. It enables data science professionals to work in in company belonging to any field which is of their interest. This reduces the chances of monotony in the worklife of individuals.
  5. Job Security: Data science is a highly demanded career option which ensures the availability job at almost everywhere. In every country in this world, data science is in a high demand. One can easily find a job at their locality without much trouble. Data scientists can also choose to work from different locations if they want to. A career in data science allows individuals to work from home for big multinational companies and international clients through freelancing or remote work.
  6. Problem-solving Skills: Data science training helps an individual to become sharper and complex problem solver. A career in data science requires mental sharpness, logical and analytical thinking and mathematical skills. Training for data science helps individuals to develop logical thinking and problem solving skills. This skill of problem helps individuals to make smart decisions based on information. It helps individuals in their professional lives as well as their personal lives.

Top 10 Data Science Courses in Melbourne


IIM SKILLS offers a Master certification in PG in data science. This course is designed for catering to both beginners and professionals who are seeking to upgrade their skills.

This data science institute in Melbourne offers round the clock support to students , to help them rule out all the problems they might face in their journey. All the advanced tools and technologies of data science are taught in this course to efficiently process, extract and analyse data.

Features: IIMSKILLS Data Science Master Course is one of the most trusted PG certification programs in the industry. With decades of experience, data science experts help students to become highly skilled in the field of data science.

This course offers 160+ HOURS OF LIVE LECTURES, 100+ hours of practical assignments, 16+ live projects, 10+ case studies and 7+ industry relevant tools. With practical knowledge, students become job ready till the end of this course and get placement support from the team.

Duration: It’s a 11 month instructor led MBA program in Data Science.


  • Statistics
  • Machine learning and AI deep learning
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • R for data science
  • Alteryx

2. University of Melbourne:

University of Melbourne is the number one university in Australia, which offers Masters course in Data science. Students may enter this course with a background in mathematics or statistics, or both.

This course is tailored to help students build their skills in all the other disciplines that are relevant to data science. Core subjects help students to build a solid grounding in data science.

Features: This course helps students to build a good foundation for their careers. Stuudents get analytical and technological abilities that are vital for managing and interpreting colossal amount of data. Students also learn soft skills like scientific communication and other professional communication subjects that helps them to succeed in their workplace.

Duration: Duration of this course is 2 years for full time and 4 years for part time.


  • 3 core statistics subjects
  • 3 core computer science subjects
  • Elective subjects and prerequisite subjects
  • Capstone data science project
  • One subject other than prerequisite subject

3. RMIT university:

RMIT University offers a masters of data science course, which is designed to help students to gain the essential skills to navigate large amount of data gathered from social media, transactions and scientific discovery as a data scientist.

Students develop the capability to derive insights from the vast repositories of information that companies collect. With this course, students learn to put theories into practice.

Features: Students learn from dedicated academics, industry experts and guest lecturers with research backgrounds who have a close link with the industry. Students get to connect with data scientists, project partners and researchers in the field of data science.

Students get prepared to work in corporate environment, The practical assignments help students to build a real world problem solving skills, which help them to secure a high paying job.

Duration: This course has a duration of 2 years when pursued full time, and 4 years for part time.

Curriculum: To view the curriculum of this course, please visit the official website of RMIT University.

4. Monash University:

Monash university offers a Master degree in data science. By joining this course, students gain the skills to manage, process and analyse data. Students learn to solve some of the biggest real life problems that the world is facing today.

Students acquire skills to transform businesses through their expertise in the field of data science. This program is also suitable for the individuals who do not have an IT background and seeking a career change.

Features: This data science in Melbourne is accredited by Australian Computer Society. This means students will be automatically eligible to become a member, and thereby help them to become a part of a large network, so that they get exposed to professional development opportunities.

This University is the only member of the prestigious group of 8 universities with a dedicated IT faculty

Duration:  Duration of this course is 1.5 to 2 years.


  • Introduction to database
  • Fundamentals of Python
  • Computer architecture and networks
  • Mathematical foundation
  • IT research methods
  • Data exploration and visualization
  • Statistical data modelling
  • Data wrangling
  • Project management
  • IT security
  • Big data

5. Simplilearn Data Science Course:

Simplilearn offers a great data science course in collaboration with IBM. From this data science institute in Melbourne students gain expertise in in demand skills like Excel, Machine learning, SQL, Python, Tableu and much more.

Students learn all the nuances of data science by mastering all the essential tools and techniques of data science and earn a recognized data science certificatin to kick start their careers.

Features: Students learn from dedicated live sessions by the faculty of experienced data scientists with tremendous knowledge and experience. Simplilearn’s JobAssist helps students to stand out and get noticed by top hiring companies. Students get lifetime access to self paced learning materials. Masterclasses by IBM experts help students to get valuable industry insights.

Duration: This online bootcamp has a duration of 11 months.

Curriculum: Please visit the official website of Simplilearn to know more about this course.

6. General Assembly Data Science Course:

This data science course is designed to give the students the right training and to help them to level up. Exclusive coaching and connection to employer companies helps students to land a job after completion of this course.

Features: This data science institute in Melbourne helps students practically to land their first job with 12 weeks of training. General assembly has assisted more than 97k students to upgrade their skills by learning from industry experts.

Students from more than 50 countries have improved their professionals lives by upgrading their skill sets and getting placed in giant global companies.

Duration: This bootcamp is 12 weeks long.


  • Data analysis
  • Cal modelling
  • Machine learning models
  • Data visualization
  • Decision trees
  • Natural language processing
  • Neural networks
  • Python

7. edX Data Science MIcroMasters:

This course is offered by MIT on the edX platform. In this data science institute in Melbourne, students master the foundation of data science, statistics, and machine learning. Students learn to analyze big data and identify its trend and patterns to extract meaningful information by use of  probabilistic modelling and statistical inference.

This course offers the practical knowledge to develop machine learning models to extract information from unstructured data.

Features: This course is a series of 4 great data science courses in Melbourne especially designed to offer students some in depth knowledge of the data science. Every course is taught by the experts from MIT, who are experienced and skilled in data science.

Certification from MIT helps students to get noticed by the potential employers, so that they get a high paying job.

Duration: Duration of this course is 14 months with a study requirement of 10-14 hours in a week.


  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Machine learning with Python
  • Capstone Exam in Data science
  • Data analysis in social science
  • Data analysis for computation in applications

8. Coursera (Johns Hopkins University):

This data science course is designed and offered by the experts of Johns Hopkins university. All the essentiall skills and tools of data science are covered in this data science course.

Students learn tpo solve real world problems by engaging in assignments and projects. At completion students have a portfolio ready for the demonstration of their mastery of the material.

Features: This course is 100 percent online so students can learn from anywhere with a good internet connection. Flexible deadlines help students to learn at their own pace, so that they do not have to rush through the course material. It is a beginner level course, designed to be suitable for any level of qualification.

Duration:  Duration of this Data Science Specialization is 10 months.


  • Data Science tools
  • R
  • Cleaning data
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Reproducible research
  • Inference
  • Regression models
  • Machine learning
  • Developing data products
  • Data Capstone

9. Udemy:

Udemy is a very popular platform that offers many data science courses in Melbourne in different specializations. All the courses on this data science institute in Melbourne are provided by expert individuals with tremendous knowledge and experience in their respective fields.

All the data science courses in Melbourne are reasonably priced and pocket friendly. There are many courses on data science at this data science institute in Melbourne that are designed to be suited for individuals of different levels of expertise.

Features: Udemy offers life time access on the courses after they are purchased, which helps the users to learn without being restricted by a deadline. The data science courses in Melbourne are short and cater to the individuals with different levels of qualifications.

Certifications in different subjects helps individuals to showcase their skills and expertise in data science and get noticed by the potential hiring companies.

10. Coursera (IBM):

IBM is a well renowned data science company with long history of technological innovations and revolutions. It offers a data science course on the Coursera platform, which is designed to prepare the students for a career in the high growing field of data science.

From this course, Students develop the skills, tools and portfolio to have a competitive edge over others and become prepared for job after completion of data science courses in Melbourne.

Feature: Students learn in demand skills that are used by the professional data scientists including data visualization, databases, statistical analysis, predictive modelling and much more.

Upon completion of this data science courses in Melbourne, students will have built a portfolio of data science projects to provide them with the confidence to excel at interviews. Students receive access to IBM’s talent network where they see job opportunities as soon as they appear.

Duration: It takes approx. 5 months to complete this course.


  • Data Science
  • Tools
  • Methodology
  • Python
  • Python project
  • Database and SQL
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Capstone

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What are the prerequisites for joining a data science courses in Melbourne?

Answer- Prerequisites may vary for different courses.

Q2. What career opportunities are there after data science courses in Melbourne?

Answer- Individuals can work in many different sectors as a data scientist, data analyst, machine learning engineer, business intelligence analyst, and data engineer.

Q3. What is the duration of the data science courses in Melbourne?

Answer- The duration of courses varies from one institute to other data science institute in Melbourne.


Data science is a growing field with a great potential for job security and flexibility in work life. By enrolling in one of the above data science courses in Melbourne  individuals can advance in their careers as data scientists by acquiring essential skills and expertise. List of the data science institute in Melbourne mentioned are not necessarily ranked in a particular order as the importance of the course may differ according to the needs of students. Students can choose a data science institute in Melbourne in according to their needs and preferences, and prepare for a highly rewarding career in data science.



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