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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Kuwait With Placements

Data science is the technique of managing complex data from multiple sources for various purposes like analysis, research, and development. It includes the uses of mathematics, statistics, methods, experts, and computing. Depth mindset and clear visualization are helpful for work profiles of data science and need a lot of effort for understanding for growth. Data Science is growing and has a lot of demand across the globe. We have got some of the top data science courses in Kuwait for you. 

List of Top 10 data science courses in Kuwait

Educational Background for Data Science Course:

  • Data science can be learned in the form of bachelor’s and master’s courses after 12th completion
  • From the science field with graduation and post-graduation students can easily apply to short-term or long-term courses in data science.

Applications of Data Science

  1. Weather forecasting:- Display the climate changes. Different air boards, labs, and environmental departments are work in merge on climate data. Promote climate control data policies that minimize carbon dioxide
  2. Medical section:- In the medical section data management or data handled by researchers through technology and science research structure for experiments and discovery, grant permission to access data from bulk of data
  3. Rural area growth:- With multiple fields, data science is also helpful for developing rural areas nowadays for developing rural areas using different methods for farming at minimum prices with big output. Perform data operations based on the environment in cities, villages, etc.

Career Opportunities After Data Science Courses?

Knowledgeable data scientists will do good work in industries and businesses after completing courses and understanding and gaining experience from real-world projects. A graduate or post-graduate person can do this course easily to get a top-level job.

Developing data science and Machine learning opportunities with professional connections will be helpful for potential employees or professionals in the world. Some companies or industries face many problems such as highly skilled staff, there are no more excellent skilled workers with occupation.

You can apply new techniques or another path for a data science career. Different skills and educational backgrounds are required. The main advantage of this course provides good job opportunities with infinite skills in the industry.

After degree or post-degree completion, you can enroll and grab new opportunities in different profiles: Data scientist, Data consultant, Data Engineer, or Data expert.

Experts and experienced professionals can establish their own company on a data science platform as per market needs and opportunities. In organizations data science specialists or professionals can implement multiple methods or boost performance. Using big data solves problems in different fields like health care data, financial data, and banking data.

The data scientists can advance to senior data science positions in your organization, which include management of data scientist’s roles.

The journey from junior to senior data scientist takes five years. After that, you can handle or manage additional responsibility.

The skill learners are transferable in industries in different jobs. For experience, you can join a start-up company and work on different projects by large organizations.

The 10 Best Data Science Courses in Kuwait Are:


It is one of the topmost institutes at the national and international level. IIM SKILLS provides an initial demo lecture by doing free registration from the website. You can easily attend the demo lecture after that you can make a good decision to enroll in the course data science in IIM SKILLS.

Through this course, you can learn core data science subjects in detail. IIM SKILL provides learners with deep knowledge of the practicals of various subjects. Students earn certificates after completion of the course. Top-level experts can give training to students for getting good jobs in industries and doing business.

It is a big platform for online learning of different subjects with reasonable fees in installments. It is one of the renowned data science institutes in Kuwait. After teaching they also help with campus recruitment such as demo interview sessions with experts and resume building with high salaries.

Future of the Course

  • Live project sessions
  • Learn courses and earn certificates
  • Recorded online lectures
  • Access study material 24*7 hours
  •  Study material available in various languages such as French, Chinese, Japanese, German, and Italian
  • Mentor guidance one-to-one

Industry experts for training

Course Detail:

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fee – 366.33 KWD +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

2. Imarticus

Imarticus is one of the topmost data science courses in Kuwait. This course is called a Data Science degree. They give future placements in IT industries like TCS, Amdocs, Google, and Microsoft. It is one of the best data science institutes in Kuwait.

They provide free demo lectures for learners in Kuwait. They have more than 12000+ students and 300+ hiring experts, they assure us a 70% hike if you have experience. A learner with a science degree or postgraduate degree can apply for this course easily.

Course Modules:

  1. Data Science with Power BI
  2. Data visualization fundamentals
  3. Programming using R
  4. Data Science with SQL connection
  5. Mathematical and statistical functions
  6. Natural language guidance
  7. Industry projects
  8. Deep learning with coding
  9. Data analytics with Python

Assurance of the Course

  • Resume building
  • Placement opportunities
  • Interview cracking tips
  • Portfolio development

The experienced faculties teach and guide us on projects. Provide certification after completion of the course. The data science course is available for short-term and long-term.

3. Data Analytics

Data Analytics designed various courses in data science, big data, Hadoop, and analytics parts. The course is called Data Science Certifications. Choosing the correct data science courses in Kuwait is a precise choice for beginners.

Different companies are attached to this class, they provide live projects to students for themselves and in-depth knowledge helps to get good job opportunities in industry. You can easily enroll in this one of the best data science institutes in Kuwait with minimum fees for three months.

Course Modules

  1. Introduction of data science and analytics
  2. Data building blocks
  3. Data mining
  4. Data Science with R
  5. Python programming with data science
  6. Industry sessions
  7. Descriptive and predictive modeling
  8. Machine learning fundamentals
  9. Basics of artificial intelligence

It is 3 months online and offline program with weekend batches on Saturday and Sunday for 3 hours.

Assurance of the Course

  • Flexible time of classes
  •  Interactive lectures
  • Friendly environment
  • Class recording availability

Does Data Science Include Coding?

Coding is a basic part of data science and a main part skill for data scientists or analysts. It requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of concepts and techniques of computer science, statistics, and mathematics.

Also Check,

4. Intellipaat

It is one of the top platforms from IIT Kuwait, it includes high-ranking colleges for data analytics and data science courses. This one of the top-ranked data science institutes in Kuwait bestows 3 months of full completion of the data science or analytics course.

The timings of classes on Saturday and Sunday are 11 to 2 pm. This course is beneficial for learners while pursuing jobs or studies. This course will help to build a resume and provide online teaching data science courses in Kuwait and other cities.

Machine learning, Artificial course with advanced data science course will help you learn advanced skills like Python programming and Power BI practicals with project deployment. This course helps you get career guidance to connect with top MNC companies.

Skills You Learn:

  1. Data Science with Python
  2. Data Wrapping
  3. SQL connectivity
  4. Power BI
  5. Machine learning
  6. Descriptive and predictive algorithms
  7. Software engineering with lifecycle
  8. Pyspark

 Advantages of This Course

  1. International-level certification from a technical university
  2. 150+ hours classes
  3. 250+live projects
  4. IIT Alumni
  5. Capstone projects- Healthcare, entertainment, Businesses, E-commerce, and finance
  6. Mentor guide
  7. Masterclasses for IT employees to get top position

Data Scientist Is an IT Job or Not

To become a successful data scientist it is necessary to have an excellent understanding of the business or technical side of data science. It is an important field in the IT sector.

5. Shiksha-data Science Certification

Data science professional’s demand shot up by 450%, and supply increased by 20%. The average hike takes place by 50% to 60% because of supply minimization.

Students can get the opportunity to apply to these IT companies through the Shiksha job placement cell after achieving data science certificates.

They offer data science, data visualization, and data analytics courses outside of Kuwait and other cities. It takes 7-8 months to complete the course within a few days through the weekend or weekday batches and because of this quality, it is one of the best data science courses in Kuwait.

Basic Courses:

  • Data Science with Power BI(Online classes+learning class tutorials)
  • Artificial intelligence(Online or Offline classes+ study materials)
  • Deep learning modules with practical sessions on machine learning
  • Data visualization projects via online classroom sessions
  • SQL command practicals live in a friendly environment

Elective Courses:

This listicle will help to choose any 2 to 3 course

  1. R programming with self-learning tutorials
  2. Big data projects with an introduction
  3. Data science in Python practical by Google
  4. Spark development includes Self-studying material
  5. Big data projects in businesses

Co-Curricular Activities

  1. Industry-based projects on Power BI, Data visualization, and Python from multiple Brands: AMAZON, FLIPKART, and Microsoft.
  2. Various batches with flexible time to attend from anywhere, on any device, with several online classrooms.
  3. Lifetime access to learning materials, such as e-books, PDF files, class recordings, and learning tutorials
  4. Practice R, SQL, Big Data, Python, and Power BI using the latest version of software packages

Example of Data Science:

Flipkart (online shopping) is one of the top examples of data science. It includes big data and performs different operations on the data. Store, add, remove, and update data using data science queries and operations.

Data science includes SQL, Python, Tableau, and Excel databases these extract data and display reports that are easily understood by customers or any person.

 Explore Some More Courses in Data Science,

6. BrainStorm Academy

The BrainStorm Academy is one of the top data science institutes in Kuwait. It was established in 2020. The data science courses in Kuwait include BrainStorm Academy which is merged with Intellipart and they provide training to students in online mode who live remote places.

The academy has 20,000+ students in more than 20 countries and helped in developing a career in data sciences, data analytics, and data visualization. It was started in 2018 by them. It is one of the leading academies for data science courses in Kuwait.

 Weekend Course Duration

  • Course Duration: 8 weeks/ 13 weekends
  • Access Duration: 5 months/ 6 months
  • Class Duration: 4 hours

Top Instructor Online Program

  1. Study time: 9 hours/week
  2. Duration: 25 weeks
  3. Access Duration: 11 months

Course Content:

  1. Data Science with Python
  2. Python and SQL programming connectivity, and queries.
  3. Mathematics and statistics operations on tables
  4. Report and dashboard creation
  5. Display reports and data and describe reports to customers for more understanding
  6. Insert, Update, and Delete queries in SQL
  7. Tableau data performance
  8. Python- Python IDE, Basic program, Variables, names, string operations, Tuples, set operations, built-in functions, user-defined functions, Modules and packages, Error solutions in Python

7. Great Learning

Great Learning is in tie-up with IIMSKILLS. This institute provides the best data science courses. They provide 5 months of online classes for practical using data science.

They offer Data science courses in Asia and are recognized as one of the best data science institutes in Kuwait. This course is designed as per industry needs for Team lead managers, Managers, Directors, and Executives.

The data science courses in Kuwait include Great Learning Institute. The Great Learning helps students to develop knowledge by teaching. They teach by using different platforms such as ZOOM and  GOOGLE MEET.

Great Learning is one of the best platforms for students to motivate and guide students to enrol in the course and get good job opportunities in industries.

This year 99% of students placed in high-ranked companies with high payment scales.

Course Modules:

Month 1: Basics of NumPy-Counting and probability theory, sample and event occurrence, Bayas theorem, Random variables, Discrete variables and distributions, Expectations and properties, simulation techniques

Month 2: Decision-making strategy- Make decisions based on reports and charts for the growth of industry, companies, and businesses.

Month 3: Analytics basics

Month 4: Mathematical modules-Estimation techniques, interval estimators, example of estimators

Month 5: Business Strategy- Hypothesis testing at levels I, II, III, chi-square based distribution and properties

It includes,

  • Learn how to use data
  • Get knowledge of data framework and various toolkits
  • Solve problems using different statistical and mathematical methodologies

Analytics details to guide others in the correct directions

Check Out Some Advanced Courses In Data Science, 

8. Knowledge Lakes

Knowledge Lakes provides short-term and long-term courses for learning data science and visualization. The course for data science and analytics is provided by Knowledge Lakes with depth module training and Expert guidance.

This one of the top data science institutes in Kuwait teaches in online and offline sessions. They offer courses based on night classes for working women and men for further growth in their careers.

Depth knowledge and wide training sessions with home assignments for practice purposes help learners, professionals, and employees to make perfect job-ready.

This institute guides aptitude cracking and interview processing processes. After completion of the course give 100% placement in various sectors.

Course Modules:

  1. List operations
  2. Advanced Python with Data Science
  3. Class and Objects
  4. Lambda expressions, Filters, and Maps
  5. Regular Expressions
  6. Read and extract data from Excel to Power BI
  7. Pickling and JSON files working
  8. Program debugging
  9. Algorithms- Binary search
  10. Best practices- code, conversions, doc file workings.

It is an 8-month course with certification with 3 weeks of live project work with

  • Data Science applications
  • Machine Learning techniques
  • Different tools such as SQL, Python, and Tableau for practical sessions
  • Expert guidance on capstone projects

9. Skill Academy

It believes that knowledgeable professionals are hired only because of skills and hard work not because of qualifications. Data science courses in Kuwait have one of the richest institutes including Skill Academy.

This one of the advanced data science institutes in Kuwait mainly focuses on placements and campus recruitments of learners and high-position employees and professionals. The data science courses in Kuwait having Skill Academy provide training as per job requirements.

They also help to build a portfolio of every student that will help to future references. The portfolio includes the output of student classes and the hard work displayed in the portfolio.

Course Modules

  1. Module 1-Introduction of Power BI
  2. Module 2- Tricks of programming
  3. Module 3- Statistical methods
  4. Module 4- Learning techniques
  5. Module 5- Risk handling
  6. Module 6- programming tools
  7. Module 7- Programming vision and mission
  8. Module 8-SQL constraints, Data control language, Transactions, operators,   Comparisons, and key.
  9. Module 9 – Advanced SQL includes Subqueries, Joins, Conversion functions, and Date and Time functions.
  10. Module 10- Introduction to Panda, Panda series, Data Frames, Group BY operations, Pivot table, DataFrame manipulating


  • Weekdays-4 months
  • 1 hour Monday to Friday

Weekends– 9 months

 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday

Check Out Some Advanced Courses In Data Science, 

10. Udemy

It is one of the largest platforms for online learning courses and 100+courses are available for various needs of various learners.

They teach data science online in each part of the world, with rich data certifications and training at the industry level.

Udemy provides 99% online courses which is useful for remote people to learn and earn certifications for future enhancements. They offer courses at national and international levels. It is one of the best data science institutes in Kuwait.

Data Science Courses in Udemy Are-

  • Complete data science course
  • Data science certifications with job
  • Machine learning and Data science using the R programming language

To select the best course visit the website once and check all the details and recordings before selecting the course.

 Course Modules

  1. Distribution of data
  2. Pie chart
  3. Histogram, Bar chart
  4. Stacked bar chart
  5. Scatter plot
  6. Continuous plot
  7. Line plot
  8. Filtering data in Power BI
  9. Ribbon, scatterplot, and trees
  10. Connecting and managing data using Tableau
  11. Basic plots in Power BI
  12. Analytics in Tableau
  13. Predictive decisions
  14. Sample examples of data science-shops
  15. Building dashboards

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are the Roles of Data Analysts or Data Scientists?

The data analysts or data scientists can perform the following roles for the jobs

  • Statistical and mathematical analysis
  • Data problem solving
  • Data analytical skills
  • Algorithm
  • SAAS programming
  • Data mining and report creation
  • Operational methods
  • Integration of data
  • Performance and Detection tracking
  • Machine learning

2. What is the Salary of Data Analysts or Data Scientists?

9,00,000 PA is the income of a data scientist is very demanding in today’s date.

The value of data science courses in Kuwait and other cities is high as they study new skills for topmost jobs in the IT sectors.

3. What is the Difference Between Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Data Analysts?

  •  A data scientist is a combination of a scientist and an analyst.
  •  A data analyst is a small section of data science, and data science is in-depth knowledge.
  • Employee needs a science base to become data scientists and analysis is a part of it.
  • The people who have a wide level of knowledge about building APIs, Machine learning algorithms, Data performance and connectivity, Data warehouses, and architecture are known as data engineers
  • Engineers create tools for people, they can study in-depth and jobs are at high levels as per requirements. Engineers can perform at the back end.
  • These all posts are connected as per data workloads in the backend.
  • The decision-making part is included at all levels
  • IT companies have various teams with profiles to get data for growth and paid as per abilities, workload, and skills
  • The profiles are in demand as per ready jobs available to more skills and knowledge.
  • Educational background, statistics, and mathematical analysis as per post


Applying multiple techniques to data for getting absolute output using skills and knowledge and more performing operations on data to do this course first of all you can check data science institutes in Kuwait on the internet and then you can enroll in the course later to take deep die in data. The best option is that you can learn from video recordings as per your interests to do the course. So, the data science courses in Kuwait will be in full demand if you can do it as per your interest.

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