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Top 10 Data Science Courses in Italy With Placements

Are you looking for data science courses in Italy but are confused about where to start? Don’t worry. We’ve created this detailed article to help you pick the best. With the global digital revolution, the demand for data science has increased manyfold in the last few years. This demand is only going to rise in the immediate future which makes pursuing a data science course one of the smartest moves at present and taking advantage of the varied job sectors. Italy is a country located in western and southern Europe. It is the tenth-largest country in Europe and also the popular member state of the European Union. So if you are interested in this career path, we have compiled a list of top 10 data science institutes in Italy that provide professional-level knowledge.

List of best data science courses in Italy

Why Italy is the Best Choice for Data Science?

Italy is an underrated country when it comes to data science master’s courses, but it’s worth spending your money on. Italian companies are actively looking for data science professionals who can bring creativity and technical expertise to the table. In this era, data scientists are the modern alchemists turning unstructured data into valuable insights.

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Italy?

Italy’s tuition fees for data science are considered to be relatively low when compared to fees in other countries. There are many scholarships available that fit into your moving abroad budget. Italian universities also provide scholarships as academic rewards as well as financial aid. Italy consists of both Public and private universities which have average tuition fees for international students are 1,500 Euros for the academic year.

Comprehending the Italian Higher Education

Italy is a popular choice for international students looking to study data science courses abroad. It has many well-known universities with the best education and rich histories. Most of the universities in Italy have courses taught in English in a wide range of subjects. Higher education in Italy is binary and teaching style is also quite similar to other European countries.

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Methods of Instruction in Italy

Italy uses many traditional forms of teaching in higher education. Some of the forms of teaching in Italy include

  • Seminars
  • Lectures
  • Exams
  • Project-based Learning

Data Scientists: Unlocking Insights

With businesses looking for data-driven decision-making, there is a spike in demand for data scientists who can analyze big data, derive data-informed decisions, and propel strategic innovations.

Data scientists need a bachelor’s degree in any one of the majors such as computer science, data science, statistics, or a related field. Data scientists use data to determine which question is to be answered by creating algorithms and data models. They help in decision-making in businesses that drive profitability and innovation.

We have shortlisted you some of the best data science courses in Italy that are offered by some of the best data science Institutes in Italy.


List of Data Science Courses in Italy


IIM Skills is one of the reputed online institutes that provide 11 months of online data science courses in Italy in alignment with Microsoft and Google. They provide 24-hour assistance and are ready to solve every doubt that emerges in the minds of their students.

IIM Skills offers courses in various categories such as finance programs, analytics program, marketing programs, and writing programs. Learners will learn from the world’s best faculties and industrial experts. You can receive personalized guidance with 24*7 learning support.

About the Course

Data science covers topics that are a must for a future data scientist to grab career opportunities in a top organization with a high package. This course is designed under the guidance of professionals and industry experts from the data science field.

In live interactive sessions, learners will learn from experienced professionals and industry experts. At the end of the course, students will get help and support for building resumes and placement assistance to kick-start their careers. Some of the key features of this data science course include,

  • Access to IIM Skills Job Portal
  • 500+ Hiring Partners
  • International Certification
  • Lifetime Access (LMS)
  • Hands-On Experience
  • 7+ Tools Covered
  • 16+ Live Projects

The course sessions will be on two-way communication like a normal classroom. Upon the completion of the course, learners will get a globally recognized certificate from IIM Skills.

Tools Covered in the Course

  • ChatGPT
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Jupyter

Course Modules

  • Data Science Using SQL
  • Data Science Using Alterynx
  • Statistics in Data Science
  • R for Data Science
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • AL & ML
  • Data Science Using Python

Course Details

Course Name: Data Science Master Certification

Course Fee: INR 99,900 + 18% GST

Course Duration: 11 Months

Mode of Study: Online

Contact No: +91 9580 740 740

Website: www.iimskills.com

2) Sapienza University of Rome

This university is the oldest public university in Rome, founded in 1303. Their mission is to knowledge society through quality education, research excellence, and international cooperation. This university is the most represented university in Italy. Sapienza provides data science courses in Italy which ranked 46th in the world.

They offer many opportunities for students including scholarships abroad, international PhDs, internships in European and non-European countries, and double degrees. They were merging the centuries of tradition with research, innovation, and didactic activities.

About the Course

Sapienza provides top-quality education and research opportunities in data science. The course offers an interdisciplinary approach from computer science, engineering, statistics, organizational sciences, and economics, as well as specific knowledge of data science.

You will learn the necessary knowledge for the development of the data collection, processing, management, analysis technologies, and the resulting of key information, and provide a decision-making process.

The course aims to train fresh professionals to contribute to increasing the efficiency of public institutions, private organizations, and local administrations, with specific reference to open data.

They provide a strong preparation to understand and manage the various aspects of carrying out a complete data analysis, including management, statistical analysis, and acquisition. The university offers special scholarship opportunities for Indian students in data science.

The key academic disciplines aimed a first set of 39 credits providing basic engineering, statistics, and IT knowledge needed to develop appropriate software tools.

Course Modules

  • Algorithmic Methods of Data Mining
  • Cloud Computing
  • Networking for Big Data and Laboratory
  • Data Science and Laboratory
  • Data Management for Data Science
  • Statistical Methods in Data Science

Course Details

Course Name: MSc Data Science

Course Duration: 2 Years

Course Fee: INR 263,809 per year

Language: English

3) University of Bologna

Bologna University is considered the oldest university in the Western world founded in 1088. It is a public research university located in Bologna, Italy. The university offers high-quality education and research programmes.

Bologna University is recognized by the most important national and international rankings among the best universities in the world regularly. Admission is not highly competitive for international students.

Bologna is considered as the student city in Italy. The university provides the best data science courses in Italy which is a popular destination for postgraduate programmes across the world

About the Course

This course is designed to provide interdisciplinary and specialized training for students to acquire data analytic skills. They aimed to train managers to improve their skills in computer science, speculative analysis, business administration, and mathematical statistics.

At the end of the course, students will receive support in career planning and get placement within six months after the completion of the course. This one of the best data science institutes in Italy offers six months of internship in leading global organizations and companies.

This course is especially for young graduates who want to turn data into business decision-making and build a strong base for a career focused on data science. In addition to lectures, you will gain coaching sessions and company visits.

Career Opportunities

  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Data Analyst Consultant

Course Details

Course Name: MSc Data Science & Business Analytics

Course Format: Full-time

Course Duration: 12 Months

Language: English

4) University of Trento

The University of Trento is a young and dynamic university in Italy, founded in 1962. The university is one of the top public universities in Trento that provides the best data science courses in Italy. Consistently ranked as the best university for research and teaching in Italy.

About the Course

This course will provide students on the one hand with in-depth knowledge, both practical and theoretical, of the tools of computer science, mathematics, and statistics. On the other hand with the expertise in domains such as business, social sciences, industry, communication, and psychology.

The objective of this course is to develop the interdisciplinary knowledge to apply to concrete cases and the acquisition of negotiating, organizational, and relational skills. They provide different deadlines for non-European citizens, Italians, and European citizens

Course Modules

First Year:

  • Data Mining
  • Law and Data
  • Data Visualisation Lab
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Statistical Learning: Statistical Methods and Statistical Models

Second year

  • Linear Algebra for Statistics
  • Law and Data
  • Scientific Programming: Programming and Algorithms and Data Structure
  • Computational Social Sciences
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Data visualisation Lab
  • Professional English for Data Science

Course Details

Course Name: MSc Data Science

Course Duration: 2 Years

Course Language: English

Admission: Public Selection

5) University of Milan

The University of Milan is one of the largest public universities in Milan, Italy. It is the only Italian university among the 10 data science institutes in Italy that belong to the European Research Universities League. The university is very selective for data science courses in Italy, so it is important to have a strong application for admission.

About the Course

In this course, students will receive advanced training on IT tools, methodologies, and quantitative, to interpret and analyze economic phenomena using approaches that include market, business, and social media data.

They focus on the aspects of technological innovation and their impact on business, including the fintech sector and new markets. They provide these specialization activities together with the external training activity for the preparation of the final exam and dissertation.

Course Modules

  • Graph Theory, Optimization
  • Coding for Data Science and Data Management
  • Micro-econometrics, Time Series Econometrics, and Causal Inference
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Statistical Learning
  • Advanced Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Course Details

Course Name: MSc Data Science for Economics

Course Duration: 24 Months

Course Location: On Campus

6) University of Padua

The University of Padua is one of Europe’s oldest public universities in Padua, Italy. It is a multi-disciplinary institute of higher education that provides professional training and a solid heritage.

The University of Padua has been one of the best data science courses in Italy for a long time. This data science course is highly required by consulting companies, public institutions, and industries.

About the Course

This course provides students with a solid multidisciplinary preparation in various fields that use big data while guaranteeing in-depth knowledge of the numerous tools that are used for collection,  analysis, and management. The graduates of this course will work as professionals in,

  • Internet Companies
  • Research Centres
  • Startups
  • Public Administrations
  • High Tech Industries

Graduates may implement the analysis of big data and offer stakeholders and managers a clear account of their results in data. Currently, this university is one of the cheapest data science institutes in Italy.

The University of Padua is known for its quality of research in medicine, physics, industry, economics, psychology, agriculture, and information engineering.

Course Modules

Mandatory Units:

  • Statistical Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Optimization for Data Science
  • Law and Data
  • Mathematical Models & Numerical Methods
  • Statistical Methods for High-Dimensional Data


  • Fundamentals of Information Systems
  • Network Science
  • Process Mining
  • High Dimensional Probability for Data Science
  • Stochastic Methods
  • Mathematical Cell Biology and so on

Course Details

Course Name: MSc Data Science

Course Duration: 2 years

Course Language: English

7) University of Pisa

The University of Pisa is a prestigious modern center for advanced research and high-quality teaching, founded in 1343. The university offers data science courses in Italy with a unique opportunity to experience Italian history and culture in a beautiful environment.

The university boasts 20 departments with research in various sectors including, physics, computer science, engineering, veterinary medicine, agriculture, and medicine. Their aim is to attract more international students to experience their campus by promoting a Master’s Programme and an MBA program in English.

About the Course

The course is designed to meet the demand for data professionals with an essential skill both in business and informatics to satisfy the company’s demands. They focus on supporting decision-making through data science and informatics.

The course provides the interdisciplinary competence to overcome the cultural divide between management and IT. The graduates of this course are highly sought after in the job market. Statistics show that their graduates are hired within one year of graduation, and also they are assigned to an accountability role in their Career.

The course is mostly taught in English, but a few optional courses are taught in Italian. The admission requirements include, that applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or computer science, or a degree with 40 ECTS Credits in Economics, management, mathematics, physics, and statistics.

Course Structure

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Databases
  • Algorithms and Data Structures for Data
  • Data Mining
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Management Practice

Course Details

Course Name: MSc Data Science & Business Informatics

Course Duration: 2 Years

Course Location: On Campus

Course Fee: INR 216,078 per year

8) University of Turin

University of Turin is a public university in the city of Turin, Italy. It is one of the oldest universities in Europe to provide data science courses in Italy. They continue to play a vital role in training and research in the data science field.

The university is known for its scientific research courses in all domains except for architecture and engineering.

They are strongly committed to challenge-based learning through their researchers and professors. The eligibility criteria for this university include the applicants must have completed a school education with a minimum of 12 years.

About the Course

The University of Turin is well-known for its quality of education offer and for the affordability of life on campus. This Stochastics and Data Science course is inspired by the Excellent programmes in data science started in the Europe and USA recently.

This course aims to prepare students with modern education in computational, statistical, and probabilistic methods. The course focuses on solid knowledge of topics in probability, statistics, applied mathematics, and machine learning. Students will perform forecasting, estimation, and quantification of phenomena.

The skills learned in this programme are highly demanded in a variety of environments, both in the public and the private sectors in the field. The graduates of this data science course can work in

  • Research Institutions
  • Public Companies
  • Private Companies
  • Self-Employed
  • Bank and Insurance Companies
  • Public Administrations

Course Structure

  • Calculus
  • Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Computer Science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Statistics

Course Details

Course Name: MSc Stochastics and Data Science

Course Duration: 2 years

Course Location: On Campus

9) Simplilearn

Simplilearn is the popular online courses learning platform that offers the best online data science courses in Italy. The data science course in Simplilearn is worth investing in which is recognized by more than 145 countries.

The experienced course instructors and trainers in teaching the concepts will serve you well in your career growth. They will guide learners to prepare for the certification exams. If you have any doubts, you can reach out to their 24*7 learner assistance and customer support.

About the Course

Earn the industrially recognized certificate from Simplilearn. The course covers essential topics including tableau, machine learning, SQL, Python, and generative AI. During this course, learners will work on real-world projects using industrial-aligned tools.

This course is provided in collaboration with IBM, which provides masterclasses and certificates. The key features of this data science course include,

  • Generative AI Edge
  • Applied Learning
  • Top-notch Data Science Course
  • IBM Advantage


Learners will learn data interpretation nuances, enhance programming skills, and master machine learning to elevate their careers in the field of data science. Get dedicated live sessions and masterclasses from IBM experts.

Those who enroll in this data science programme will open the scope for lucrative compensation, impactful contributions, and a future-proof skill set in the data-driven world. In this course, learners will learn to improve their performance and control the behavior of generative AI models through effective prompt engineering techniques.

The professional who can most definitely pursue a career in this field includes

  • Aspiring Data Scientists,
  • Business Analyst,
  • Analytic Managers,
  • Software Engineers,
  • IT Professionals,
  • Market Managers,
  • Recent Graduates (Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree)

Course Modules

  • Python for Data Science
  • Data Scientists Capstone
  • R Programming for Data Science
  • Essentials of Generative AI, ChatGPT, and Prompt Engineering
  • Machine Learning using Python
  • Tableau Traning
  • SQL Certification Course

Course Details

Course Name: Data Science Course

Course Duration: 11 Months

Course Format: Online Bootcamp

10) Intellipaat

Become a data scientist by working on real-world case studies and projects with Intellipaat’s data science courses in Italy. This programme is provided in association with IIT Roorkee, and ihub. The instructors provide crystal-clear guidance, addressing their learners’ queries in live sessions.

About the Course

In this course, you will master skills and tools like Python, prompt engineering, generative AI, powerBI, machine learning, SQL, and chatGPT. The eminent IIT faculty and industry experts will provide live interactive sessions.

If you have any doubt resolutions or technical queries you can get 24*7 support from them. You also get campus immersion for 2 days at IIT Roorkee. Some of the key highlights of this data science course are

  • 200 Hrs Projects and Exercises
  • No-Cost EMI Options
  • Resume Preparations and LinkedIn Profile Review
  • 1:1 with Industry Mentors and 24*7 Support

Skills Covered in the Course

  • Data Science
  • Data Analysis
  • AI
  • MLOps
  • Data Wrangling
  • Story Telling
  • NLP
  • Data Visualization and more

Data science projects are designed by industry experts, practice essential tools, and get some real-world experience. You will get personalized job support, real-time exercises, projects, and assignments. After the completion of the course, you will earn advanced certification in data science and AI from Ihub IIT Roorkee.

Course Details

Course Name: Data Science Course

Course Duration: 7 Months

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should we learn statistics for data science?

Statistics is one of the languages of data science. It helps to understand complex data and recognize trends, relationships, and patterns using decision-making. The data scientists extract meaningful information from data and use their conclusions to be useful in decision-making and by deep understanding of statistics.

2. Can a Commerce students do data science?

Yes, commerce students can do data science because it is a multidisciplinary field and students from various educational backgrounds can pursue it. Data science needs a background in computer science and statistics but it is not mandatory. So you may need to acquire some additional skills in programming.

3. As a data scientist, what tools will I use?

Here are some of the tools that you will be making use of

  • Programming Languages Tools
  • Integrated Development Environments Tools
  • Libraries and Framework Tools
  • Big Data Tools
  • Data Visualization Tools
  • Data Storage and Management Tools


Coming to the final point, being one of the famous tourist destinations, Italy offers exceptional career opportunities, and data science is an amazing field to explore and make a career in. This article provides you with a list of the top 10 data science courses in Italy. Now, it is on you to select the given data science institutes in Italy that are most appropriate for you to become a data scientist to begin a profitable career.

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