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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Adelaide With Placements

In the contemporary digital world, it has become necessary for businesses to introspect and make that extra effort to understand their strengths and weaknesses. There are many ways to do it. One of the most effective and popular ways of analyzing the performance of a company is by analyzing its records which reflect its past performance. Growing demand for skilled data professionals has led to the development of many great data science courses in Adelaide which are being offered by prestigious institutions.

List of best data science courses in Adelaide

In today’s digital age, every business and institution generates a colossal amount of data. This data might be generated by the records of the sales, social media platform surveys and ad campaigns. But if a company is not using this bunch of raw data, then it’s probably making a huge mistake.

This data may be randomly generated, but it might be filled with valuable information that could help in improving the performance of the company. This is the reason that these companies require experts and professionals in data science.

These data scientists help these companies improve their performance by identifying different patterns and trends within the raw dataset. These trends and patterns show the past performance of the company. By identifying these trends data scientists tailor actionable strategies and plans for companies to improve their performance and help them expand.

Scope of Data Science-

Data science has plenty of opportunities in many different fields. It is one of the highest demanded professions in the present. Its demand is expected to increase at an exponential rate in the future. Every field requires data science professionals to help the company to improve.

  1. Business Insights- Businesses require data science professionals to bring improvement in their performance. Data scientists can identify business trends which helps in the prediction of the fluctuations in the market. This helps them in predicting the upcoming trends or downfall of the market which helps the company to prepare for the upcoming situation by preparing its resources. Data science applications help companies to gain a competitive edge.
  2. Scientific Research- Data analysis is a very useful tool in the world of scientific research. Its applications have revolutionized the field of scientific research by enabling researchers to make more accurate predictions and get accurate results. It helps scientists to decipher different complex information and then analyze it to make complete sense. It helps scientists to make various scientific calculations. It helps biologists to decipher the complicated information in a genome. It has helped scientists to discover new information in their quest for knowledge.
  3. Healthcare- Data science has many different useful applications in the field of healthcare. Data science allows healthcare providers to identify the conditions of a patient by analyzing their records which contain their genomic data, used medicines, previous diseases and treatments. This way by the use of data science, healthcare providers can tailor personalized treatment plans for their patients. Statistical science is used by medical professionals to develop new drugs without any chance of defects, or very little chance of defects. Data science allows health authorities to analyze the collective data of a local population to predict an outbreak of a pandemic, which helps them tailor a guideline for local people and preparation of an effective treatment plan.
  4. Education- Data science is nowadays being used by various schools, colleges, and other institutions to bring improvement in the performance of students and faculty. Healthcare providers keep track of the performance of all the students. These records contain their test marks, extracurricular activities, and their behavioral records. It helps these institutions to identify and categorize students of different interests and performances. It also helps these institutions to identify students, who require extra attention from their parents and teachers. Their areas of interest can also be identified by analyzing their data so that they can get maximum help and support to achieve their dreams.
  5. Marketing and Advertising- Data science plays a very important role in the field of marketing and advertising. It is nowadays being widely used in the field of marketing to gain insights into the behavior of customers. Data science helps marketers by analyzing the demographic data, and educational and cultural backgrounds of the customers. This way they can design more effective and efficient ad campaigns with great customer retention. This strategy helps marketing agencies to tailor more relevant ad campaigns that resonate with the customers on a personal level. These contents can be made in such a way that they are so relatable to customers that they capture their hearts and minds.
  6. Production and Manufacturing- Data science is being used in the field of production and marketing for the detection of defects and prediction of machine failure. In production and manufacturing, statistical data science tools are being used for the detection of defects in products and loopholes in the operations of production. This way it increases the quality of production of goods by monitoring the quality of goods and operations. Data science tools can be used for the prediction of the failure of a machine. This can be predicted by analyzing the records of machinery. This helps in maintaining the overall efficiency of the production.
  7. Transportation- In the field of transportation, different tools and techniques of data science are being used to identify the shortest way or most cost-effective way of traveling. This is mostly done by analyzing the records of transportation. This helps to find out the cost-effective ways of traveling. Traffic authorities use data science tools to monitor the traffic in different areas. This helps them to identify the hotspots of traffic congestion so that they can manage the traffic by taking the right actions like diverting the traffic to different roads and managing the traffic signals that are not working.

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Reasons to Choose Data Science as a Career-

  1. High Demand- Due to the increase in the use of the internet, companies are nowadays generating a large amount of data on their customers from digital media, ad campaigns, and surveys. Apart from that they generate data from collecting their records of past performance and sales records. This requires them to hire many data science professionals to help them identify new opportunities for improvement. This is the reason that data scientists are in huge demand, and this demand is very likely to grow in the future.
  2. Flexible Career- Data scientists enjoy a very flexible work style due to the different opportunities for remote work and freelancing. Demand for data scientists is high in every country. This offers them an opportunity to work for global clients and multinational companies by working on a freelancing project or by working from home. This also means that they can work from anywhere they want with the help of a strong Internet connection. Professionals get the chance to work while traveling to different places.
  3. Job Security- As the demand for data scientists is high all over the globe, it is totally obvious that there is no need to worry about the lack of job opportunities. It is very easy to find a relevant job for a data scientist in any area. Even though it’s highly unlikely to not find a data science job in an area, if it is not available, one can always seek online job opportunities through freelancing platforms or remote job opportunities. This field provides job security to the employees by offering plenty of job opportunities to work as a data scientist.
  4. High Salary Potential- Demand for data scientists is very high and it is expected to increase with time. Companies must hire talented and experienced data scientists to help them to improve. This is the reason that data scientists are offered high-paying jobs by these companies. They get rewarded for their talent and expertise by companies as their work creates a huge impact on the growth and performance of the company.
  5. Global Reach- The job of data science is required by almost every company, organization, and institution from almost every country. A data science professional is not limited by geographic boundaries. It is the same work that is required in every country, which implies that a data scientist can work for companies from different countries by working from home, freelancing, or shifting to another location physically. There are plenty of job opportunities for a data scientist available globally.
  6. Continuous Learning– The job of a data scientist requires one to be aware of the different changes and upgrades in the tools and techniques used for data analysis. Data scientists regularly need to upgrade their skills by attending data science courses in Adelaide, seminars, and reading books. Data science is a great career option for people who like to keep challenging themselves. This career option provides an opportunity to keep learning and growing.
  7. Improved Decision Making- Data science is a profession that requires professionals to have good logical reasoning and analytical skills. These skills are developed by continuous practice and problem-solving. These skills in problem-solving are highly rewarded by companies because they need employees who are better at solving problems. The skills of solving problems are not only rewarded in their professional lives but also personal lives of these candidates. These skills help them make great decisions in their personal lives.

Top 10 Data Science Courses in Adelaide-


IIM SKILLS is one of the well-reputed online education platforms. They offer courses on many different topics like data science, Content writing, technical writing, investment banking, and more. The data science master course is an 11-month instructor-led MBA program in data science. This course is later followed by a guaranteed internship.

Features- This course offers 150+ hours of lectures, 100+ hours of practical training, 16+ live projects, 10+ case studies, and more than 7 tools. This course offers 24×7 support to the student from the team of IIM SKILLS which helps students to get their doubts resolved whenever they want.

All the advanced tools and technologies are covered in this course which are helpful in efficient and effective in processing and analysing data. The instructors of this course have decades of experience in the field of data science.

Students get supported by mentors for their interviews and they also get supported to get placed in well-renowned companies in the field of data science.

Duration- The duration of this data science master course is 11 months.

2. Graduate Certificate in Data Science (applied)

This graduate certification course in data science is offered by the University of Adelaide. This course will help individuals gain all the essential data science skills so that students get equipped with the essential skills to make them work-ready after the completion of the course. This course is designed to assist students in reaching their maximum potential.

Features of the course- This course offers Hands-on training to the students which helps them practice R and Python tricks that they will learn from leaders in the field of data science.

This university offers the top 1 percent level of education to the students. Expert tutors from the university are dedicated to offering their support and guidance to the students.

Duration Duration of this course is 6 months.

Curriculum: To get the full curriculum of this course, visit the website of this university.

3. University of South Australia-

The University is the no. 1 university in South Australia known for its faculties of I.T. and its learning resources. This graduation certificate in data science provides complete coursework designed with industry professionals including the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia. Students learn to visualize and analyze data sources of different kinds. A student is required to have a 6.5 score in IELTS.

Features: Studies at the University of South Australia incorporate both practical and professionally focused learning which is research-based learning. The course includes continuous assessment of the performance by assessing the assignments. This data science institute in Adelaide may also offer a study tour or student exchange program for a short period. The university has connections with many well-renowned global universities.

Duration: The duration of the course is 0.5 years.

4. The University of Adelaide-

This one of the best data science courses in Adelaide is designed to place the students at the forefront of the field of data science. Students get the knowledge and skills to put them at the forefront of the field of data science. Students learn the skills to identify patterns and generate insights from complex datasets. Its flexible study program lets students customize the study areas they care about.

Features: Students are taught by international research leaders in the field of data science. Students learn to apply their skills in research projects and data science industry internships. This data science institute in Adelaide is ranked #50 in the world for computer science and engineering.


  • Foundation of Computer Science
  • Mathematical foundation of data science
  • Data science taming
  • Data science PG
  • Data science project A
  • Data Science Project B

5. General Assembly Data Science Bootcamp:

General Assembly Data Science Boot Camp gives students the right training, exclusive coaching, and connections with employers to help students land data science careers. This course is designed to prepare students to be job-ready within 12 weeks of training.

Features: General Assembly is one of the best data science institutes in Adelaide, which has helped 97k+ students to advance in their careers by leveling up their skills. Students from 50+ countries have learned from this platform and got placed in big multinational companies.

Duration: It is a 12-week full-time course.


  • Data analysis
  • Statistical modeling
  • Machine learning models
  • Data visualization
  • Decision trees
  • Natural language processing
  • Neural networks
  • Python

6. edX Data Science MicroMasters:

This data science courses in Adelaide is provided by The University of California, San Diego. edX is a great online education platform that was founded by Harvard University and MIT as an experiment to provide high-quality knowledge to people in their homes.

This data science institute in Adelaide teaches students to load and clean real-world data, make reliable statistical inferences, and use machine learning and visualization of complex data.

Features: This data science micro masters course includes a series of 4 graduate level courses. All of these data science courses in Adelaide provide a comprehensive knowledge of data science. Every course is taught by experts from The University of California, San Diego. The instructors of this data science institute in Adelaide are the experts in this field with tremendous experience.

Duration: The duration of this course is 10 months if studied at least for 9-11 hours a week.


  • Python for Data Science
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Python
  • Machine learning
  • Big Data analytics using Spark

7. Udacity Data Science Nano Degree Program:

Udacity Data Science Nano degree program is a specialized data science program that helps learners to get equipped with the knowledge and skills to use various techniques and methodologies of data science. The curriculum of data science courses in Adelaide is rich with tools and practical skills in data science to prepare students for real-world problems.

Features: The Udacity data science nano degree program offers industry-aligned training which helps students to become job-ready after completion of the course. Students learn industry best practices gain valuable insights and improve their skills.

8. Coursera (Johns Hopkins University Data Science Course)-

This data science course on the Coursera platform is offered by Johns Hopkins University. This data science institute in Adelaide covers all the data science tools and techniques required for this profession. In the final capstone project, students learn to apply all the tools and techniques they learned during the data science courses in Adelaide.

Features- This data science institute in Adelaide is suitable for both beginners, who are just beginning their data science journey and professionals who want to upgrade their skill set to advance further in their careers. Data science courses in Adelaide offer flexible deadlines which means that students can learn at their schedule at their own pace.


  • Data science tools
  • R
  • cleaning data
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Reproducible research
  • Inference
  • Regression models
  • Machine learning
  • Developing data products
  • Data Capstone

9. Datacamp Data Scientist Certification-

The scientist certification program is a data science course that can be pursued in both R and Python. This data science institute in Adelaide teaches the most advanced data science techniques to the students so that they get the essential knowledge not only for entry-level but also for professional excellence.

Features: Students have to pass two timed exams of two hours. The 2 attempts each to pass the exam. Students receive the results as soon as they finish the exams and they get instant feedback after the assessment of the results.

A practical exam is used to assess the data visualization and communication skills of the students. They provide a summary of the project which helps in developing proper communication skills in students.

Curriculum- To get the curriculum of this course, visit the website of Datacamp.

10. Coursera (IBM Data Science Course)-

The IBM data science professional certificate is a comprehensive course on data science which is powered by Coursera. This data institute in Adelaide prepares students to advance in the growing field of data science. Students learn to develop the essential skills tools and portfolios which help them to have a competitive edge in the field of data science.

Features- This program is taught by the experts of IBM who have tremendous knowledge and experience in the field of data science. It is an affordable course with a low price. Students learn to apply their skills in hands-on projects. The self-paced course enables students to learn at their own pace. Quizzes and assignments help students to assess their knowledge.

Duration-  Data science courses in Adelaide take approximately 5 months to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions-

1. What tools are taught in data science courses in Adelaide?

Answer- Python, R, Hadoop, Spark, Tableau, TensorFlow, etc. are taught in data science courses in Adelaide.

2. What is the use of machine learning?

Answer: Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that involves the training of algorithms to learn and make predictions. It is generally used in personalized recommendation systems.

3. How to start a career in data science?

Answer: You can start by acquiring the essential skills relevant to the field of data science. You can enroll in data science courses in Adelaide.


Data science is a growing field and the demand for professionals in data science is huge. Adelaide offers a wide range of courses in data science catering to various needs of individuals. All of the programs listed above cover all the essential tools and techniques of data science. These data science courses in Adelaide are not necessarily ranked in a particular order, as each data science institute in Adelaide has its strengths. Students can choose one of these data science courses in Adelaide according to what suits them the most.

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