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Top Data Analytics Companies In Delhi For Career Advancement

Have you completed a data analytics course and are ready to enter the best Data Analytics Companies in Delhi? Such a silly question, right? Data analytics is one of the top streams with a higher number of career prospects. Not just that, people who love data are attracted to the subject. No wonder, there is a surge in the demand for data analytics courses. If you are a Delhi or non-Delhi resident and are searching for Data Analytics Companies in Delhi to work for established entities, relax yourself because today is your lucky day. You will learn about leading data analytics firms today. Also, a few skills are required to become a data analyst or apply for companies that use data analytics. 

Data Analytics Companies in Delhi

Data Analytics Companies in Delhi

  • Suntec Web Services Pvt Ltd
  • Evantage IT Consulting Services Pvt Ltd
  • Gigabit Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Innefu Labs Pvt Ltd
  • Insense Pvt Ltd

Suntec Web Services Pvt Ltd:

It is one of the top Data Analytics Companies in Delhi that has 20+ years of experience in the industry. It offers Multi-process IT outsourcing services. It is known for rendering a range of services; Data, Ecommerce, ePublishing, Apps & Web, Photo Editing, and Digital Marketing. 

It is a CMMI Level 3 Certified organization. It has more than 8,530 clients from different parts of the world. 1,500 full-time employees are dedicated to improving customer service and the performance of the business. It is committed to improving the organizational excellence and process and the certificate for CMMI Level 3 Compliance proves the same. All its data security procedures comply with HIPAA standards. 

It is a partner with many well-known companies like Google, Microsoft, and Shopify, the company has also obtained an ISO 27001 certificate for information security management. 

If you are interested to learn about their style of handling and a bit about real projects, check out the case studies section on its website. 

Since we are talking about data analytics and data, let’s look at some of the common data services offered by Suntec Web Services Pvt Ltd.

  • Data Extraction Services (Data Services)
  • Data Mining Services (Data Services)
  • Data Enrichment Services (Data Management Services)
  • ESG Data Management & Reporting Services (Data Management Services)
  • Market Research Data Processing Services (Data Processing Services)
  • Invoice Processing Services (Data Processing Services)
  • 2D and 3D Image Annotation (Data Annotation Services)
  • Video Annotation (Data Annotation Services)
  • Forms Data Entry Services (Data Entry Services)
  • Product Data Entry Services (Data Entry Services)
  • Mailing List Compilation Services (Marketing & Sales Support)
  • Contact Discovery Services (Marketing & Sales Support)

Evantage IT Consulting Services Pvt Ltd:

This firm believes that every business needs a service provider who has the best knowledge about exceptional IT skills and operations to resolve organizational issues. It was founded in the year 2014. It entered the industry when Software Defined Technologies and Data Management were fresh. It is considered one of the best Data Analytics Companies in Delhi for its high-quality services that are rendered by highly experienced staff. The professionals working at Evantage excel in a variety of sectors; IT services & solutions, IT Enabled Services, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Telecom, Media, public sector, Govt. and Engineering.

Clients of Evantage have shared experiencing the highest satisfaction levels due to the on-time delivery of services and the cost-effectiveness aspect associated with it. All the solutions are created with the client’s comfort and satisfaction in mind which is why they pay recurring visits to Evantage.

You can understand the level of determination by looking at its list of professional services which includes the below:

  • Compute Systems Implementation
  • Storage Systems Implementation
  • Data Centre Infra Implementation
  • Virtualization Implementation
  • Recovery & Backup Solutions
  • Hadoop Infra Implementation
  • Disaster Recovery Implementation & Planning 
  • Network Implementation & Planning 
  • Implementation of Gateway Level Security 

Evantage also offers a few educational services; education for colleges, corporate training, customized training, modular courses, and long-term courses. 

Gigabit Technologies Pvt. Ltd:

If there is one data analytics firm whose goal is to offer IT solutions and services to any business, irrespective of its size, it is Gigabit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The creation of innovative solutions to resolve customers’ problems is its main motto besides increasing their revenues. Some of the major solutions available at Gigabit Technologies Pvt. Ltd are cybersecurity solutions, data centre solutions, cloud solutions, infrastructure solutions, AI & IoT solutions, and networking solutions. 

The reasons for many organizations and clients to choose Gigabit over other data analytics firms are the availability of additional aids, deployment & design services, information security services, IT consulting services, managed IT services, and technology audit services. It is a partner of many technological entities such as CISCO, IBM, Citrix, VERITAS, CYBERARK, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, MICORFOCUS, Infoblox, Sapphire, NetApp, McAfee, and Aruba. 

Gigabit has been an awardee in several kinds of award functions; Emerging Partner (2019), Rising Star Partner in New Delhi (2014), Best Partner Commercial Business (2018), Best Salesperson (2013-14), Rising Star, Partner Excellence (2016), Best Commercial Partner (2020), and Growth Partner (2019). 

If you are interested in working for one of the ideal Data Analytics Companies in Delhi, check out its website and apply in the career section. 

Innefu Labs Pvt Ltd:

It is a research and development venture that dives into information security to provide data analytics and information security solutions. Currently, over 100 customers are using its data analytics and information security solutions. It is one of the leading Data Analytics Companies in Delhi in regard to AI-ML-based technology and analytics solutions. 

Innefu’s facial recognition and intelligent biometric software are being used in parts of the Middle East and India. On the other hand, its AI-based Machine Learning & data analytics solutions are being implemented in many Law Enforcement Agencies located in Asia.  Its custom-built solutions are employed for tracking global terror trails and international cybercrime syndicates.

Awards & Achievements

  • Security Product Company of the Year NASSACOM – DSCI 2018
  •  The First Indian Company to be chosen for OATH certification.

It offers solutions for various sectors: law enforcement, defence, enterprises, and retail. Prophecy, AI vision, Authshield, Argus, innsight, and Intelelinx are some of the products offered by Innefu.

A separate section of the website is dedicated to storing the case studies and reports which are created using the OSINT tool Innsight analysis. Also, if you are interested in learning the latest and most important information about data solutions and analysis, click on the “blogs” option. 

Insense Pvt Ltd:

Insense is a firm that is involved in the development of innovative engagement and fintech solutions to become a helper to merchants and banks in personalizing the customers’ shopping experience and building higher shoppers’ lifecycle value. 

This organization has access to 35 +Mn customer data and a $15 +Bn annual spend of which 40% of card spend is in India.  It is a partner for over 200 merchants. As mentioned above, it has a variety of products for banks and merchants. No wonder it is listed among the ideal Data Analytics Companies in Delhi by its clients. Let’s look at the products now. 

For Banks – Card Linked Offers (CLO), Target Smartly (TarS), Web App Engagement System (WAP), Mobile Campaign Management System (mCMS), and Voucher Management System (VMS)

For Merchants – Card Linked Offers (CLO), Madneto, and Nitrogem

OYO, Aditya Birla Group, Genesis, adidas, Arvind, bigbasket, ITC Limited, ebay, Godrej, and Landmark Group are some of its merchants.

Spend analytics, engagement analytics, activation analytics, and channel analytics are the metrics provided to banks for enhancing their campaigns and thereby increasing their sales. These are covered under the card-linked offers for banks. Whereas for merchants, views campaign analytics are provided to improve their business’s performance.

Times IT Services Pvt Ltd:

The journey of TIMES IT Services began in the year 2006 with the intention to simplify technology. This is a firm with a repository of knowledge management to provide IT solutions to its clients. One reason for it to be included in the list of Data Analytics Companies in Delhi is its high-quality services. Meaningful, innovative, scalable, and ethos are the best words that perfectly describe the nature of the organization. TIMES IT is concerned about medium and small enterprises which is why it has designed and adopted information technology tools to enhance their business proposition. 

Over 400 projects were delivered by TIMES IT. It has served 50+ clients with the help of highly skilled 25+ employees to date. The services available at TIMES IT are Acronis cyber protect cloud, license & security, IT management & support, cloud & platform, and network infrastructure. All the services are cost-effective, efficient, and are used in real-time. They help the clients to stay up to date with the technology. Customers who avail of TIMES IT services experience increased productivity, improved quality of services & products, and reduced costs. 

Essential Skills for a Data Analyst

If you desire to apply for the top Data Analytics Companies in Delhi, it is necessary to gain the required skills and knowledge. Some of the crucial skills that you shouldn’t miss in order to become a data analytics professional are.

  • SQL
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Mathematical skills
  • Statistical programming language
  • Data visualization
  • Data cleaning and collection
  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving


SQL is a coding language that is used for extracting, organizing, and managing databases from relational databases. Becoming proficient in SQL will make your life easier as you can quickly and efficiently delete, add, extract, and update information from any place where data is stored. The absence of knowledge about SQL will not let you perform substantial analysis.  

Employers are more likely to ask you if you are proficient in SQL as it is used for carrying out analytical functions and transforming data structures. You are supposed to be a master at creating joins, retrieving data, developing stored procedures, and creating aggregations for analyzing data and providing crucial business insights to your customers.  

Microsoft Excel:

It is a fact that Microsoft Excel is used in all companies. That’s because it is one of the most efficient tools used for handling data. It not only allows for performing data analytics at a fast rate but also helps in storing data. No wonder, every company expects an employee to be skilled at using Excel. Advanced Excel is a program that is useful in manipulating and visualizing data and drawing profitable insights. Now you know why employers select candidates with advanced Excel skills. 

An example to prove the same is the creation of pivot tables for summarizing, reorganizing, grouping, counting, sorting, or calculating the average of the chosen data. Many employees prefer Visual Basic for Application (VBA) for creating macros to speed up data analysis. 

Mathematical Skills:

Quantifying and processing loads of data is the main duty of a data analyst. Strong mathematical skills are necessary to perform the same. Having advanced mathematical skills will assist you in understanding numbers and ways to operate them which will support your analysis. 

For instance, a data analyst may discover meaningful insights by analyzing and visualizing data with the implementation of a probability distribution. Or the analyst may use dimensionality reduction for processing a dataset that has many variables. These examples prove that mathematical skills are on-demand skills when it comes to the recruitment process.

Statistical Programming Language:

Having knowledge of R and Python will ease the process of data analysis. Using these statistical programming languages for writing codes will help the data analyst in efficiently analyzing and visualizing data sets. It is believed that being proficient in one of these languages is sufficient to thrive in your field. However, learning both languages will speed up the completion of your day-to-day duties. 

Python is generally used for carrying out basic data analytics whereas R is used for performing statistical data analysis. As mentioned previously, choosing any one of them is sufficient to increase your chances of getting hired. 

Data Visualization:

The presentation of your findings and insights using charts, graphs, or other visual illustrations is called data visualization. This form of data presentation is considered the most efficient way to help someone easily understand the information.  This is especially useful to the audience than the user as anyone without training or knowledge in data analytics can interpret the data and make decisions accordingly. Senior officials who lack training are most benefited from this tool as they can utilize the insights to make crucial business decisions. 

Another benefit of data visualization is its ability to simplify business solutions that are used in maximizing understanding and cognition. The capacity of a candidate to choose the right graph or chart to resolve a challenge thrown at them can impress their employers and increase their employability. 

Data Cleaning and Collection:

Data collection is an approach to collecting and managing data as per the given criteria to achieve an organizational goal. It is the most basic skill required for performing data analytics. It is great to have data collection skills. However, data cleaning must be given more attention. 

This is being said so because the removal of unnecessary data or correction of incorrect data in a dataset can give wrong insights. The data analyst must fix the corrupted, incorrectly formatted, and duplicated data. Doing so will promote data accuracy which will be helpful in carrying out accurate analysis. 

Communication Skills:

It is a fact that many professionals and departments in an organization interact with data analysts to discuss solutions to organizational problems. As a data analyst, you will be expected to work with people from various teams such as developers, IT representatives, clients, organizational leaders, and immediate colleagues. This makes you responsible for clearly communicating your insights obtained from data analysis with all and allows them to make decisions that improve the productivity of your organization. 

Writing reports to share the performance of the business will be one of your responsibilities as a data analyst. Active listening, excellent verbal and written communication are essential communication skills for a data analyst. 

Critical Thinking:

Carrying out data analytics is to use technological methodologies and techniques to find a solution to an organizational problem. Determination of the hypothesis requires you to be clear on the type of data to be collected and processed. When you have excellent critical thinking, you will know what and how much data to collect, detect the connections among data points and utilize the information for the creation of intelligent solutions for a business problem.  Critical thinkers are employers’ choice as they can make logical decisions.


This is no brainer, isn’t it? The main purpose of data analytics in an organization is to help data analysts draw insights from the selected data sets. The ability to analyze and interpret data for the prevention of problems is a must-have skill in any candidate. Excellent problem-solving skills smoothen the process of identifying existing and potential issues for the determination of a viable solution as per the selected set of data. 

Having problem-solving skills will ease the decision-making process for the management. These skills also shed light on the dependability factor of a candidate. Wonder why? Because employers appreciate employees with problem-solving skills as they can quickly submit reports and also suggest solutions when asked for. Isn’t that reducing some burden from the shoulders of the higher officials? Let’s not forget the fact that these skills open doors for promotion and higher salary hikes for employees. 

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Data Analytics Companies in Delhi – Concluding Thoughts

It is a fact that India’s capital has some of the best educational institutes. The fact is it also has several top data analytics companies. Students and professionals who acquired the required skill set are googling the keywords “Data Analytics Companies in Delhi” to give a push to their career. Some of the famous and well-established Data Analytics Companies in Delhi are.

  • Suntec Web Services Pvt Ltd
  • Evantage IT Consulting Services Pvt Ltd
  • Gigabit Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Innefu Labs Pvt Ltd
  • Insense Pvt Ltd

A candidate with SQL, Microsoft Excel, mathematical skills, statistical programming language, data visualization, data cleaning & collection, communication skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills can easily get hired by top data analytics companies.  

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FAQs on Data Analytics Companies in Delhi

Q. What kind of services does a data analytics company like Suntec Web Services Pvt Ltd offer to its clients?

Suntec Web Services Pvt Ltd and similar ones provide different kinds of data services like information security solutions, AI & IoT solutions, cybersecurity solutions, data centre solutions, cloud solutions, and infrastructure solutions. A few popular data services of Suntec Web Services Pvt Ltd are mentioned below. 

  • Data Extraction Services (Data Services)
  • Data Mining Services (Data Services)
  • Data Enrichment Services (Data Management Services)
  • ESG Data Management & Reporting Services (Data Management Services)
  • Market Research Data Processing Services (Data Processing Services)
  • Invoice Processing Services (Data Processing Services)
  • 2D and 3D Image Annotation (Data Annotation Services)
  • Video Annotation (Data Annotation Services)
  • Forms Data Entry Services (Data Entry Services)
  • Product Data Entry Services (Data Entry Services)
  • Mailing List Compilation Services (Marketing & Sales Support)
  • Contact Discovery Services (Marketing & Sales Support)

Q. Which skills are required to become a data analyst?

Structured Query Language (SQL), Microsoft Excel, mathematical skills, statistical programming language, machine learning, data visualization, data collection and cleaning, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving are required skills to become a data analyst. You can acquire these skills by joining educational institutes and training centers that are offering courses in the data analytics domain.  

Q. Is it hard to get a job in top Data Analytics Companies in Delhi?

No. It is easier to get placed in a well-reputed data analytics company located in any part of the world if you have the essential skills. You can apply for trending data analytics undergraduate, postgraduate, and certification programs to acquire the skills and bag an offer letter from your dream company. 




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