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Top 8 Content Writing Courses in Greece with Certification

Content is used as a medium to communicate endeavors to the audiences. Content is both the face and voice of the company. Therefore content writers publish professional information online for reasons such as increasing the traffic for the websites. Furthermore, for attracting the right subscribers and active leads for the company. Content is one of the reasons why the various companies look competent and relevant for meeting people’s needs. Also content assists in maintaining the brand image. Exploring the realm of content writing is easier in a content writing course because a massive market study takes place to curate any course. Therefore, if you are looking for content writing courses in Greece then you have landed at the right port.

Best content writing courses in Greece

When searching for content writing courses in Greece, learners sign-up to learn how to interact with customers to observe content needs. The content writers need to religiously practice consistency and pace, to complete their assignments within the stipulated time and also ensure people’s satisfaction.

The Role of Time in Content Writing

Now, as a beginner for many content writers, time is both an inhibition and stimulation on their learning path because this is a field that is strictly deadline-driven. The interesting bit is that time has to be managed with pace but to adapt to a certain pace you need time. So if you and I can look for a few characteristics of content writing it has to be pace followed by quality, then brevity, authenticity, and being relevant.

A Specific Aim of Content Writing

Let us narrow down to one specific aim of content writing, which is query-solving. The keywords are the searches made by the audiences and the content is the solution that people need. Now, since the content is seen in the face of a solution knowing everything is a requisite. As a content writer, you need to be well-versed with SEO because writing solutions is not the only task.  The next step is ranking on the first search result page of Google.

Once your solution is visible you will then be ready to get discovered. Therefore, if you are planning to be a content writer being a specialist in SEO is always a win-win situation.

The Various Types of Content Writing

Content cannot be limited. If you think it is just writing articles no it is not. Content can be the following things-

  • Writing landing pages
  • Penning How-to blogs
  • Strategizing a social media post
  • Writing ad and/or sales copy
  • Writing technical documents
  • Typing press releases
  • Writing workbooks, question banks, and much more.

So far you and I only attempted to predict the field of content writing now let’s explore the various content writing courses in Greece!


IIM SKILLS unveils the area of content writing to let you peep into the plethora of opportunities that you can access after taking this course. This study plan is everything you need to survive smoothly in this digital age. If you want to be guided by the global leader whose content writing course has ranked No.1 in India by the media houses and content writing agencies?  Then you can end your search for content writing courses in Greece right away and explore the course structure.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)dule 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing
  • Course Name: Content Writing Master Course
  • Course Duration: 4-weeks
  • Course Fees: 181 Euros

The Content Writing Course Structure covers the following:

  • Having a WordPress website
  • Everything about web hosting
  • Plugin Setup
  • Getting a basic technical understanding
  • The psychology of web traffic
  • Landing pages to attract users and get leads
  • What is UI/UX experience
  • Types of content
  • Knowing about the content publication channels
  • What is a keyword planner
  • Use of keyword planner
  • Types of keywords and their selection
  • What are competitive keywords
  • Competitive analysis
  • Audience analysis
  • Using storytelling to write content
  • Exploring topics to write
  • Use and effects of infographics and custom pictures
  • Building a personal brand
  • Tools to avoid making grammatical errors
  • Appling the content length strategy
  • Knowhow of content engagement
  • How to compel people to read your content?
  • Introduction to plagiarism
  • How to avoid plagiarism?
  • On getting penalized how to approach google?
  • Online tools to review duplicate content
  • Techniques to capture leads
  • Distributing content through email
  • Google local pages
  • Creating social media pages
  • Social media sharing buttons on the website
  • Do’s and Don’ts for social media
  • The social media listening tools
  • Hacks for content engagement
  • Monetizing writing skills
  • Knowing to price for content
  • Making proposals with infographics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Web Development

If you want to be a learner at IIM SKILLS then,

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS:

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Harappa Education

Are you someone who is a professional content writer, and wants to upskill yourself with some new information related to content writing? Well, then Harappa education will give you the refreshing content that you require to expand your knowledge.

Course Name: Writing Proficiently

Course Duration: 4.5 hours

Course Fees: Rs. 899

The Course Includes Topics Such as:

  • Importance of structuring content
  • The GRT framework by Harappa
  • A checklist for writers to follow
  • The writing capsule

If you wish to research more on Harappa education then please visit the website.

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3. Coursera (UC Davis – University of California)

When looking for content writing courses in Greece, you can surely not miss the MOOC courses by Coursera. You will learn the core strategies of content marketing and frameworks for compelling writing. You want to see how the course looks, scroll down and glance over the syllabus.

  • Course Name: The Strategy of Content Marketing
  • Course Duration: 5-weeks
  • Course Fees: Rs. 3,999

The Course Structure is as Follows:

  • What is a content marketing strategy?
  • The role of content
  • The structure for effective content
  • The 7A framework for strategic content
  • How to capture the audience’s attention
  • Ways and means to expand the network
  • Mapping the journey of content
  • Types of strategy content
  • Affinity, Action, Authority, and Attraction(types of content)
  • Management of content
  • The ethics and professionalism to be followed
  • Multimedia content (audio, video, and visuals)
  • Tactics for effective content promotion
  • Metrics
  • Plagiarism and copyright law

If you want to read the syllabus in detail then head over to Coursera.

4. Coursera (University of Michigan)

One part of effective communication is being good with words right? Now that is precisely the idea of this specialization. Please note that this is a specialization course, therefore, you will find package courses. You can either opt for all or select one from the list. However, if you are really looking for one course that has it all, you have already found it then. Your search for content writing courses in Greece will be fruitful if you choose to pursue this specialization.

Specialization course Name: Good with words: Writing and editing specialization

Course Duration: 16-weeks

Course Fees: Rs.7, 999

The Package Courses Are as Follows:

Course Name: Writing and editing: Word Choice and Word Order

Course Duration: 4-weeks

Course Fees: Rs.3, 999

The Course Structure is as Follows:

  • How to make your writing more persuasive?
  • Effective story-telling techniques
  • How to give a tint of sophistication to your writing?
  • Mechanics and strategies of writing
  • S.M.A.R.T and stretch goals
  • Punctuation and professionalism in writing
  • The techniques used in writing
  • Constructing good sentences(meaning)
  • Reflection in writing
  • Is writing redecorating?
  • The power of Grammar
  • The Animal Farm Principle
  • The Rule of three
  • Adverbial conjunctions(punctuations and professionalism)
  • How to construct unique sentences
  • The S-H-A-P-E framework
  • Coordinating conjunctions (punctuations and professionalism)

Course Name: Writing and editing: Structure and Organization

Course Duration: 4-weeks

Course Fees: Rs.3999

The Course Syllabus is as Follows:

  • The architects of Information and time
  • What is sentence flow?
  • The meaning of symmetry in writing
  • Paragraphing
  • Connecting the old to the new

Course Name: Writing and editing: Drafting

Course Duration: 4-weeks

Course Fees: Rs.3, 999

The Course Structure is as Follows:

  • The price paid for perfection
  • Either buffer or suffer(importance of planning in writing)
  • Start to reach
  • Naming helps in remembering

Course Name: Writing and editing: Revising

Course Duration: 4-weeks

Course Fees: Rs.3, 999

The Course Structure is as Follows:

  • Empathy in writing
  • A writer’s diet
  • How do restore the attention?
  • Is the discipline of breaks a thing?
  • Clutter (significance and meaning)
  • Editing (keeping or cutting)

If this course has sparked an interest in you explore Coursera!

5. Udemy

So you are looking for content writing courses in Greece with this doubt whether your study will align with the latest trends in content writing? Do we have a solution for you? The solution is this Udemy course. Begin reading the course structure and you will know why?

Course Name: Complete Content Writing course for 2022

Course Duration: 3.5 hours on-demand

Course Fees: Rs. 490

The Course Structure is as Follows:

  • The origin of content writing
  • Why is there an increasing demand for content writers?
  • Types of content
  • What is the difference between content writing, content marketing, and copywriting?
  • Careers in content writing
  • A full-proof marketing plan to promote content
  • What is a buyer persona
  • Does story-telling increase leads
  • Audience analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Basics of copywriting
  • Writing powerful headlines
  • Writing a copy with the help of the AIDA model
  • Writing a sales copy
  • Writing principles for curating engaging content
  • Editing and proofreading (free tools)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • What exactly is an SEO-friendly content
  • Types of keywords and what to choose?
  • Channels to promote your content
  • Skills to become a successful content writer
  • Grave mistakes to be avoided as a content writer
  • Tips for blog writing

If you wish to research more then head over to the website of Udemy.

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6. Udemy

Once you are well-versed with the concepts of content writing your next query is monetizing your writing skills. This study will not only teach you the fundamentals of content writing but will also shift your focus to earning from your skills. So now that you have paused the search on content writing courses in Greece, do check the syllabus.

Course Name: Become a productive content writer and start working today

Course Duration: 1.5 hours on-demand

Course Fees: Rs.490

The Course Syllabus is as Follows:

  • What is content writing and from where to start?
  • Problems faced as a content writer
  • How do experts write content?
  • The formula for writing an article
  • Do’ and don’ts in content writing
  • Practical loop of content writing(Topic-Research-write-edit)
  • Freelance blogger
  • Web languages for content writing
  • Writing SEO-friendly articles.

If you want to check the course in detail you can type the course on the search box of Udemy.

7. ECT

You are in search of a comprehensive and professional course, that is more practical in nature then ECT is the name of the website you need to explore.

ECT is Recognized by the Government of India and the Benefits of Taking Their Course is as Follows:

  • Internship opportunities
  • Personalized feedback on the tasks
  • Live and interactive sessions
  • Placement Assistance
  • Lifetime support for the learners.

If you want to check if this course is a suitable result for your search on content writing courses in Greece. Then scroll down to see through the course structure.

Course Name: Content Writing Course

Course Duration: 3 months

Course Fees: Rs. 15,000

The Course Contains Modules Such as:

  • The basics of content writing
  • Tips and tricks to boost vocabulary
  • Keeping an eye on and avoiding the common grammar errors
  • Writing hacks and editing tools(Grammarly, Hemingway)
  • Skills for internet researching
  • Learning non-fiction writing skills
  • Writing compelling ad copies, sales proposal
  • Learning about the idea generation tools
  • Blogging skills
  • Creating effective landing pages, newsletters, Google Ads
  • Learning fictional writing to master storytelling
  • The various types of business writing
  • Writing whitepapers
  • Press Release
  • E-book writing
  • Using business jargon
  • How is technical writing different from content writing
  • Writing user manuals
  • Technical blogs
  • Academic writing
  • Research proposals
  • Thesis writing
  • Referencing styles(APA, Harvard, Chicago, and much more)
  • Doing a capstone project
  • SOP for university
  • Application writing
  • Resume writing
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Fundamental of content marketing
  • How to create evergreen content?
  • Google analytics
  • Tools for content promotion
  • Applying for a content marketing  job
  • SEO
  • How to monetize writing skills
  • Client acquisition strategy
  • Basics of affiliate marketing and Ad network
  • How to publish your book?

If you wish to move up the corporate ladder or settle as a freelancer, this content writing course by ECT is worth your time and energy.

To contact ECT,

Tel: 7827916060

Email: [email protected]

8. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin has beaten the record of birthing skillful content writers since 2013. They have an extremely detailed syllabus that will answer all the doubts and strengthen your knowledge related to content writing. Simply glance over the course structure and you will realize that your search for content writing courses in Greece is over.

Course Name: Content writing course with Gold Membership

Course Duration: Self-paced

Course Fees: Rs. 15,000

The Course Syllabus is as Follows:

  • Focus on language skills
  • Expert vs. Influencer
  • Readability vs. searchability
  • The various content formats
  • Grammatical errors
  • Tone and styles of writing
  • Spelling (UK and US)
  • Online research skills(advanced)
  • Google keyword planner
  • Wolfram Alpha (for computational work)
  • Cover page designing
  • Editing skills
  • Editing tools such as Grammarly, Hemingway, Ginger
  • A check on copyrights
  • Creative commons
  • Blogging technique
  • Writing google local pages
  • SEO content writing
  • Writing landing pages
  • Newspaper and magazine writing
  • E-book writing
  • Press Released
  • Product reviews
  • Resume Writing
  • Proofreading
  • The unavoidable challenges in making content
  • Broad structure for social media content
  • How strategic brands help in creating content
  • What is Ninja Writing?
  • Writer’s block
  • Mind mapping content
  • Technical and research writing
  • The basis of technical writing
  • Writing a research paper
  • Grant writing and medical writing
  • Writing user manuals
  • Academic guides
  • Instructional designing
  • Writing workbooks and question banks
  • Copywriting
  • Email writing
  • Process of getting international projects
  • Resume writing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • AdSense and blogging
  • Secrets of blogging
  • Ghostwriting (fundamentals)
  • Freelancing projects
  • Website selection for content writing projects
  • Business communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Interview preparation

If you wish to pursue this detailed course to kick start your content writing career then,

Contact: Tel: 9891953953

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Are Content writing courses worth enrolling in?

Yes! If you want to know the market trends, the research techniques, the importance of keywords, the competition of keywords, and the role of SEO in writing. Further, how to structure the content, and how to make it appealing with infographics. Then edit your content and find channels to publish your pieces. Also monetizing your work. For all this, you need to gulp the capsule known as content writing courses.

2. How to become a content writer without any work experience?

Your portfolio can be a savior here! Also getting a certification in content writing can help you in getting an entry-level job.

3. Qualifications required to become a content writer?

To start with having graduation preferably in English literature or journalism, and mass communication along with a content writing certification is what you need to be eligible to become a content writer.

4. What is the estimated salary of a content writer in Greece?

It can range from 1070 EUR to 3140 EUR per month.

5. Is writing a decent career option in the coming years?

Undoubtedly it is the best career in the digital age. Especially if you are a news writer there is enough scope.


Being a writer is being an all-rounder. So hopefully if your search for content writing courses in Greece ends here then your preparation as a content writer begins.  A good way to conclude this article can be listing down a few advantages and disadvantages of content writing not to overwhelm you but to prepare you for this new journey.

Advantages of Content Writing:

  • You can be an asset to your company as a good content writer
  • You will develop a reading habit
  • Your vocabulary will strengthen
  • Your writing ability will enhance
  • Discipline will be your nickname
  • There will be a boost in your creativity
  • Time management will be a cake-walk
  • Marketing and SEO with time will become your buddies.

Disadvantages of Content Writing:

  • It will require a lot of determination and effort to be a content writer. Because success will take more time and plenty of writing.
  • You will surely get plenty of contracts as a content writer but cracking great contracts will be tough in the beginning
  • SEO is no less than a bible for content writers and you will have to be through with SEO to prove that your work exists.
  • It can be monotonous you will have to write about almost anything. Even if you don’t like it.

So when there are more pros than cons, just take a plunge and see where you reach. Surely you will take a sigh of relief that one day you had searched for a content writing course in Greece!

  • I am Anna. I am Front Desk Officer. Learning Content writing is my personal interest. Is option for flexible session conduct available?

  • Hi, i am Ariana. I am a Physical Fitness trainer. I have my youtube channel and blog. I want to learn effective communication through content writing for more audience engagement. I have registered for the free demo invite, hope to meet you soon.

  • hey, nice write-up. I am a university student. I want to take up this course along with my mass media studies. I have registered myself for a free demo session. can I have the privilege of flexible timings? Thanks

  • Hi, I am kevin. I am a Science graduate and looking forward to starting my own blog. As mentioned in some of the content writing courses it is also for the blogger. Is the above-mentioned course suitable for me? How would it be worthwhile for my blog?

  • Hey, I was seeking new talents to acquire when I came across this post, and I have to admit that it has the answers to most of my questions regarding content writing. This post not only introduces me to content writing and its applications but also to the best content writing education in Greece. This piece has made me realize the importance of content writing in Greece. I had no idea content writing was so large and well-paid until now. I’ll give it a shot.

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