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Top 5 Content Writing Companies in Bangalore

Bangalore is the world’s fastest-growing technical hub surpassing even the city of London as per reports. As a result, the need and demand for businesses to step up online are rapidly increasing in Bangalore. Due to this, the demand for content writing services has drastically increased in recent years. Content writing companies in Bangalore are currently blooming at full tilt.

Top Content Writing Companies in Bangalore

Content writing companies in Bangalore help businesses create their digital presence and help develop to the fullest extent. They create digital content such as blogs, articles, and technical writing for the audience on the internet. They help businesses target a large audience through their professional writing expertise. Content is the gateway of a business into a customer’s mind. Good content delivers great engagement and therefore promises growth.

Content is the way to gain the invaluable trust of a customer and make them stay loyal and engaged to a business. The majority of marketing proportion includes content like websites, blogs, newsletters, social media, and graphics, etc. Many companies today choose to outsource their content to publish a large quantity of content without compromising its quality. Content writing requires skills and is an important and difficult task required in marketing. Therefore, businesses choose to approach the experts through established content writing companies in Bangalore.

With the increase in demand for content writing services, there are several content writing companies in Bangalore city, the tech hub of India. The content writing culture is flourishing right now and here are some of the top content writing companies in Bangalore that may be your next support in digital creation. By any chance, if you feel intrigued to explore the dimensions of content creation, then learn the nitty-gritty of content writing under expert guidance with the Best Online Content Writing Course

Content Writing Companies in Bangalore

1. Write Right 

Write Right is considered among the top content writing companies in Bangalore with its impeccable team, and superior writing services. They are a distinguished agency that aims at helping you disseminate customized content based on your target audience. Other than writing services, they also offer a prudent marketing strategy for your business to reach a wider set of audiences.

Some of Their Services Are Enumerated Below:

  • Creative Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Professional Blog Writing
  • Social Media Writing And Marketing
  • Website Copywriting
  • SOP
  • Academic Writing
  • Product Description
  • Email Writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Review Writing, and Many more.

They assure you of 3 distinctive qualities they offer that help you to stand out among the crowd. Those are quality, tailored copy according to your need and preference and timely delivery of your content. They abide by a strict policy regarding the quality of their content for you to optimize and propel your business and/or projects towards growth.

They have been globally ranked by eminent rating agencies like Good Firms, Clutch, Google My Business, Glassdoor, among others.

2. Pepper Content

Pepper Content is curated No 1, amongst the content writing companies in Bangalore. They aim to provide content writing services for all kinds of companies, brands and be the bridge that solves brand marketing issues through their qualitative digital content. Their remote workforce includes strong, talented members having expertise in content writing, graphic designing, audio editing, video making and aims to cover every creative expertise required in the field of marketing.

They aim to cross boundaries of content writing by providing services nearly for every other genre, niche, and domain. They also managed to raise 4.2 million for their company.

Pepper Content is a Leading Brand Providing Digital Content Services in:

  •       Blogs and Articles
  •       Website Content
  •       Emailer Design
  •       Product descriptions
  •       Copywriting
  •       Posters
  •       Social Media Content
  •       Brand Content
  •       Infographics
  •       Press Releases
  •       Blog translation
  •       Book Writing
  •       Website translation
  •       Presentation Design
  •       E-book design
  •       Ad Copywriting
  •       Profile Writing
  •       White Papers
  •       Newsletters
  •       SEO-Blogs
  •       Website and App Banners

Pepper Content’s reach into the remote areas makes content writing more localized and approachable. They help reach audiences across the internet with translation services in more than 40 languages. 100+ brands including Amazon, Adobe, and Facebook are pepper content’s customers with over 80 expert services and 1500+ completed projects. Pepper Content is cost-effective, innovative, original, and always ready to serve the customer.

They are trendy, and constantly updating and extending their content to keep their customers contemporary, modern and fresh. Pepper Content helps their customers save time, money and also helps track the process of their content creation through real-time status tracking. One can also get on board with them as a freelancer.

They aim at being the future of content creation that helps peak a company’s marketing game. The story of Pepper Content began at a Bengaluru terrace with a feeling of need to fix India’s freelance industry and today they have more than 400 customers and 30,000 plus freelancers applying to them. Their services reach out to customers and companies at all ranges and aim to enhance their productivity with due accountability.

3. Text Mercato

Text Mercato is one of the best content writing companies in Bangalore. Text Mercato serves original content writing services and aims to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Text Mercato was founded by Kiran and Shubhajit while they were working for international brands and realized the need for good content writing services in India. They bring their international “A” games into the Indian market and lead India with their content writing strategies.

The content writing industry is ever-changing to understand the needs and keep up with the developments of the industry. Text Mercato is constantly growing and learning. Their fine and experienced writers work to convert the company’s needs into master creative content.

Their Services Range from:

  •       Product descriptions
  •       Cataloging
  •       Blogs
  •       SEO- content writing
  •       Buying and Selling Guides
  •       Copywriting
  •       Market Report
  •       Creative Content
  •       E-books
  •       And many others

They help track the product creation process by creating accounts and scheduling various projects. They are always ready to serve the customers and solve their queries or problems.

They have a custom-built platform that helps select the best content writer based on their previous projects. Their articles go through a thorough checking process where the in-built tools search for plagiarism and duplication to ensure the best original content is created.

Their 17-point quality check ensures the highest level of accuracy and quality through access to project dashboards, quality checking tools, SEO values, and online invoicing and payment systems.

Text Mercato provides a cost-effective service with a pricing model of 1 rupee per word for all the articles. Text Mercato makes efficient use of technology to provide faster, better, and pocket-friendly services. They have strong networking around the world and are the winners of glories such as top 40 startups worldwide, Elevate 100 award, top 10 language providers, etc.

Text Mercato has expertise in making their outsourcing their own and adding quality to it. Their work system ensures customer satisfaction through methods such as payment only after the business’s approval by the customer. Their customers include prestigious companies like Amazon, Myntra, UrbanLadder, Housing, and Cleartrip.

Text Mercato is professional, efficient, and understands the customer’s needs, and delivers personalized and impactful content. Their 8 years of experience has been successfully serving brands across all sectors. Their writers with a crazy passion for writing are everything a customer could ask for.

Contact Them At:

+91 9886192920

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4. Godot Media

Godot Media is amongst the finest content writing companies in Bangalore. Gadot Media provides content writing services that turn your audiences into one of your loyal customers. They have more than 10000 customers who are happy with their professional services that focus on the engagement of audience and customer conversion.

Their global reach extends to more than 20 counties via value-based, and impactful content and high-class marketing strategies. They have been constantly growing for the past 2 years and aim to be the future solution to marketing and content writing issues.

Their contents chase accuracy, perfection, and originality. With systematic procedures, they ensure that the content is revised and purified from any mistakes. Their content writing services are handled through unlimited revisions, editorial review, and through a personal account manager.

Experiences with them are personalized and different. They not only provide free trials but also guarantee discounts and offer the best deals. They have four different writing levels that aim to meet the needs, budgets, and goals of customers from all backgrounds.

Their Content Writing Services Include:

  •       Articles ($1.3 Per 100 Words)
  •       Blogs ($1.3 Per 100 Words)
  •       Copywriting ($2.7 Per 100 Words)
  •       E-books ($3 per page)
  •       Social Media ($64 Per Month)
  •       SEO Copywriting
  •       Content Writing
  •       Product Descriptions
  •       White papers
  •       Website Copy
  •       Sales Letter
  •       Brochure
  •       Business Plan
  •       Market report
  •      Press Release
  •       Research Paper

Media Godot’s content writing team includes experienced and qualified individuals having expertise across various niches and industries. Their writing team comes from varied backgrounds such as finance, marketing, journalism, business administration, and technology, etc that aids in providing highly researched and qualitative content synced with years of writing experience.

As a customer-centered company, they are constantly updating and keeping up with the SEO and content writing trends to meet any requirements of their customer. More than 80% of their customers come back to experience once again their personalized service and care.

Outsourcing with Media Gadot means finding future customer assets through their engaging and original content. Godot media is simply systematic, professional, and customer-oriented.

Courses at IIM SKILLS 

Online Digital Marketing Course

Technical Writing Course

SEO Course

GST Course

5.  Coffeegraphy

Coffeegraphy based in Bengaluru was born in the hands of three writing passionates at Café Coffee Day and Baristas. It is among the leading content writing companies in Bangalore. Coffeegraphy is a dream of a poet, an Ad Copywriter, and an academic pursuer.

Facing challenges head-on, Coffeegraphy has been growing since 2011. They offer more than 20 content writing services and are constantly keeping up with the market to meet the needs of their customers. They pay their fullest attention to cater to the necessities of the customers through their consistent and original writing. Their contents are plagiarism, duplication free and SEO-friendly.

They give high value to security, confidentiality, accuracy, authenticity, and ethics. Their services are on time and modern keeping up with the changing trends.

Their Featured Content Writing Services Include:

  •       Article writing
  •       Web Content writing
  •       Blog writing
  •       E-learning content
  •       Travel writing services
  •       Outsource content writing
  •       Ad Copywriting
  •       Technical content writing services
  •       Marketing Collateral content writing services (brochure, e-mailers, newsletters, flyers, feature, case studies.
  •       Editing and Proofreading Services

They assist with providing filtered content in a period that feels just like a cup of hot coffee. Their contents include two main ingredients: high-level research and the right SEO practices for the topic. Their content writing services are hot, freshly brewed, and strong. They are just right for Bengaluru.

Contact Them at:

Phone: 9740 75 3863

Mail: [email protected]

6. Brandstory

Brandstory understanding the growing demand for content writing provides a fine content writing service. They are one of the best marketing and content writing companies in Bangalore. They help reach your fullest potential by helping you get close to them through the best-outsourced content in Bangalore’s market. They help brands and companies create a place online for them through versatile content.

They give SEO cordial contents that help brands and businesses reach the next level in the digital world. Content writers at Brandstory are skilled at providing the best digital content for their customers through their years of content writing experience.

Their Content Writing Services Include:

  •       Articles
  •       Blog-posts
  •       Press Releases
  •       Web-page information
  •       Product descriptions
  •       Corporate materials

Brandstory realizes that content is the king of marketing and aims to make its customers reach the top through its top content writing and marketing strategies. Brandstory is the right content writing company to up your brand’s marketing game. Brandstory is integrating and is one of the best content writing companies in Bangalore.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What are the skills needed for great content writing?

A good content writer needs to have great research skills, SEO knowledge, and adaptability to create high-ranking content. A great content writer is creative, an effortless communicator, and can create engaging content to keep the audience interested. They must also be able to keep themselves constantly updated and have a good understanding of social media. A good writer can make the brand their own through adaptability, understand their style, tone and write accordingly. While outsourcing content from content writing companies in Bangalore one must make sure through samples that they possess these qualities.

Q2. Why should you outsource content writing?

Outsourcing content writing is cheaper than hiring a full-time content writer. Outsourcing content writing helps you save a lot of time to experiment. It helps you gain more freedom to explore and focus on marketing strategy. Moreover, outsourcing from the right content writing company helps you experience their strong expertise and experienced skills at a cost-effective range. You have more options and styles to choose from when outsourcing. You can choose the content writing service best suited for your brand style and budget. Outsourcing content writing is a cost-effective and interesting way to create great content for your brand.

Q3. What are the average content writing service charges in Bangalore?

An average content writing service in India costs from 15,100 to 20,000 but the price range may vary based on the content writer’s experience, expertise, niche, and skills related to the content writing service.

Q4. Does content writing have scope in the future?

Content marketing globally is estimated to grow USD 417.85 billion between 2021 and 2025. Content Writing is a major marketing strategy for all the brands in India today. All businesses today require great SEO content writers to drive their businesses up. Content writing is the leading aspect for creating, social media and digital presence of any company today. Hence the scope of content writing can be said as widening and enlarging in the 21st century.

Q5. What are the types of content writing?

Content writing includes copywriting, blogging, article writing, social media posts, ghost writings, email writing, newsletters, and many more. Content writing includes types of writing created for the digital space and audience with a typical purpose of marketing. The basics of any content writing are research skills, strategizing, writing, and editing. Good content comes from great reading. Therefore, to write any type of content one must read voraciously and write daily.


Content is the driving force of marketing and is the future for any brand to reach its maximum potential. Content writing is a difficult task and therefore many brands today choose to outsource them to maintain the quality and quantity of the content.

By investing a little more time, effort, and money into content writing companies in Bangalore could easily generate leads, gain the trust of their customers and leave their competitions far off behind. Top-class content is the means to lead the way and as the brands realize the value for it, the demand for content writing is constantly growing.

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