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Top 12 Content Writing Services In India

Content writing services in India offer writing solutions in the form of its content writing services to different businesses. With the expansion of the business into the digital world today, there has been an upsurge in the demand for well-structured impactful content for brand awareness.



Even in the former part of this decade, people were still skeptical about the importance of content writing for the overall growth of a business. With time, it has become evident that a good write-up plays a major role in the success of a brand.


Business houses need well-written content to get their message across to their target audience. This is where a content writing service becomes useful. Content writing services offer specialized knowledge on how to rank on search engines. They also know how to get a better conversion rate on their websites. 


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There’s always that question. Why content writing service?

If you observe closely, companies today have started paying attention to the client’s demands. A huge part of their target consumers emphasizes the organic dissemination of information about a product or service. That is, they want information without the rider of persuasion. Companies like Google, IBM, Tata Consultancy, Apple, started producing high-quality targeted content. They aimed to inform their target groups about their various products and features. They did not want o sound pushy. Heavy advertising implied such behavior. 


To create content that is valuable, authentic, while taking care of the technical aspects of getting your business an online presence is a challenging task. Content writing services offer high-grade content in the form of blogs, articles, press releases, product descriptions, landing page content. This is not only to get ranked on search engines. It is to inform and educate your target group, thereby, building a relationship between you and your customer. Content development and dissemination is an asset to an organization. Content writing services help to consolidate the position of the business in a world where every brand is clamoring for the customers’ attention.


You need lucid and immaculate writing covering all the pertinent points in your copy to stand out from the rest of your competition. You have to offer something unique as well as relatable.

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Below are the names of the top content writing services in India that have carved a special niche as reliable .content writing agencies.


  1. Write-Right


Write-Right is one of the leading content writing services in India. Founded in 2014 by leading content strategist and writer Bhavik Sarkhedi, Write-Right provides a comprehensive solution to all your content writing challenges. Write -Right is based out of Ahmedabad. They cater to a wide range of business enterprises. They include small and medium businesses to larger ones in need of high-quality content.


Write-Right is one of the fastest-growing content marketing agencies. They are known for their impeccable writing projects and their dedication to creating valued content. Their services include creative writing, blog writing, resume writing, slogan writing, ghostwriting, technical writing, guest posting, and above all content writing. Write-Right has managed to carve a very special place in the digital world through its excellent customer services.


They believe in the three factors that contribute to the success of any content writing service. Quality, Timeliness, and Relevance. Write-Right has created content for over 150 clients spanning different industries. They have also been awarded “TOP WRITING SERVICES COMPANY” by good firms. 


  1. Lexiconn


Lexiconn is a name that needs no introduction in the world of Content marketing strategies. Established in 2009, lexiconn is a leading brand offering extensive content writing services in India in the digital arena. Their services include :


Blog writing, newsletters, product reviews, web content, SEO content, case studies, educational content, meta content, corporate communications, branded content, catalog management and so much more. They operate from two cities in India with their head office in Mumbai and branch office in Kolkata.


Lexiconn possesses all the qualities required for a content writing service to produce high-value content for the target audience. They provide a lot of versatility where content writing service is concerned. Also, they have an in-depth understanding of domains and integrate content requirements with the domain expertise of their staff to bring focused, relevant, and immaculate write-ups for maximum productivity.


Lexiconn has more than 10 years of experience and 1500+ clients in 20 countries. The company can boast of creating more than 6000 projects across domains and successfully so. Their client list is a prestigious mix of all industries ranging from FMCG to IT and Insurance…


Some of the clients are Siemens, BPCL, Reliance Capital, ICICI Lombard, CROMA, MALABAR Gold & Diamonds, Godrej Interio, Landmark Group, Eidelweiss Partners, Ambuja, Bajaj Electricals, HCL, Gini&Jony, Raymond, Rubique, etc.


Lexiconn has a dedicated blog that regularly churns out articles on various topics. They relate to digital media, content marketing, content consulting. Their blog articles are perfect examples of how content writing can serve as an essential instrument to inform, educate, and create a strong buzz about a product or service.


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  1. Justwords


JustWords is one of the top 10 content writing services in India with its unparalleled services in the digital communication sector. Content marketing, social media marketing, content writing, content writing services are some of the agency’s stellar features. They are exceptional storytellers weaving inspirational stories in their content writing service creative maximum impact.


There is nothing more significant than stories that your target consumers can relate to. JustWords makes sure they optimize the customer experience for their clients. They are based out of Gurgaon but cater to clients all over the globe. Established in 2010, Justwords climbed up the ladder of success pretty quickly with its quality content writing that strengthened brand awareness and recognition among prospective customers.


Paytabs, HDFC Ergo, Homify, Eccosphere, CGN are some of their notable works along with a comprehensive case study on Alliance Fintech. JustWords also run a blog section on their website which houses several important and informational writeups on content marketing, content writing, influencer marketing, customer engagement strategies with the help of content. They also have an educative ebook section that is a treasure for digital marketers. SME Content Marketing, 10 Content Strategies to boost traffic & to your e-commerce website, the essential guide to writing for Google are some of the books available for budding and seasoned marketing professionals to hone their skills further.


  1. Das Writing Services


Das Writing Service is one of the top-rated content writing services in India. It is a premier content writing agency that produces top-grade content across every industry it works in. Das Writing Services has diversified to all kinds of content writing over the years. They’ve worked with varied industries ranging from medicine to housing to technology.


They are renowned for Technical Content, SEO Articles, Homepage Content, About Us Page Content, Long-form website blogs, business blogs, guest posting, affiliate blogs. They are also known for Legal Writing, Product review, Business Proposals, Press Release Writing, Newsletters, Facebook ads, Twitter Ads, Youtube Video description, Tagline and Banner texts, Editing, Proofreading, Resume and Cover letter writing. Whatever content you name, they will have it ready for you at affordable prices.


One of the special features of Das Writing Services Private Limited is that they also provide Voice Optimised Content for Google, Alexa, Siri, Cortana, etc. They are based in Kolkata and work with several companies in India and around the world. La Suisse, Sports Partners, Blue IT Services UK LTD, ALLWORTH, etc.


  1. Coffeegraphy


Coffeegraphy is another of the top content writing services in India. Their services include Copywriting, Content Review, E-learning content, E-book writing, Landing pages, Editing and Proofreading, Legal writing, Collateral Content writing, blogs, SEO. They are based in Bangalore.


Coffeegraphy has a talented and skilled team of experts handling all content writing work with absolute efficiency and producing quality target-driven content. They have a section of content and Design samples for customers to have an idea of the work they do.


They work across different industries and provide refined and polished content to derive maximum results. Their clientele includes Innovative Magnate, Fab Hotels, Funtoot, Design Arc interiors, BlueStone, Brongo, SEO India company.


  1. Godot Media


Godot Media is a 360-degree solution content marketing agency that enjoys authority in the field of content writing. Their specialized services include Copywriting, Blog, Content Creation, Social Media Writing, Business Writing, SEO Writing, Ebook Writing, Keyword Optimisation, and high-quality original content


They write compelling content across all fields like Health, Technology, Marketing, How-to-guide, Law, Finance, Realty and have samples present on their website for the consumption of leads. They have clients include WBR, BlackGlass, Adept Central, Creative Natives, DigitCom, Tyrezone, Original Outlaw Apparel, Ezbob, ProvPlan, Slidely, and many more to their credit.


Godot Media is known to create and curate content that is highly ranked. The quality of their content establishes a sound relationship between a customer and the brand. Additionally, they boost sales creating a great online reputation for your business. Their client testimonials are proof of the flawless execution of their different services. They are one of the finest content writing services in India . 


  1. Mindworks Global


Mindworks Global founded in 2006 became a spearhead in content writing showing the path to many others. They have been associated with several brands and media organizations across continents. A renowned and respected name in the field of content writing, Mindworks Global provides solutions to businesses in the form of Content Strategy and Planning, Content Marketing, Content writing, creating Content Hub, Content Production, tracking and curating content for localization, and Content Production.


They specialize in White Papers, Articles, Web Content, Case Studies. They’ve provided solutions by Real-time Audience Acquisition, Semi-Automation of deals, building workflow management, Roster management, thorough guidelines for resource productivity. They are known to create optimized content in record time without compromising on quality. Their experts are adept at creating and curating content with maximum efficiency. They are based in Noida. Their prestigious list of clients includes Metroland Media Group, L&T Infotech, Reed Business Information, Dow Jones, HP Inc.


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  1. MGIwebzone


Mgiwebzone is considered to be one of the most efficient content marketing services in India. They carry out an elaborate process of extensive research on the market and your product that sets you apart from others, planning, SMO (Search Marketing Optimisation), so that your business gets the desired brand cognizance.


Then they create optimized content, proofread and edit the copy for last-minute glitches. And there you have it! A specialized content with all the qualities that make it relevant and useful to your target audience. They create website content, social media content, summaries, reports, blogs, articles, and SEO and SEM Content Classified writing, Guest post writing, pdf creation, PPT creation, Press Release Writing, keyword ranking report, email and chat support, Q&A Summaries, etc. They are based in Delhi and provide Integrated marketing and writing services all across India. MGIWebzone works in a variety of fields including E-commerce, Education, Real estate, Health Care, Fitness, Logistics and Transportation, Sports, Hospitality, Travel, and Tours.



  1. Ossisto


Ossisto provides effective solutions to your roadblocks in the content writing process. They optimize your content for better ranking and engagement with your leads and customers.

“We offer content writing services with a focus on key writing formats. We spend time understanding your business, identify the core points, and finally create an awe inspiring content around it!” 

Ossisto Technology Limited.


They help in creating content for various mediums.  Website and social media, blogs and articles, product descriptions, press releases and newsletters, summaries, reviews, compilations, brochure content, case studies, research, etc. Ossisto comes up with innovative distinctive content so that you stand out from your competition. It helps you to create an identity for yourself in the digital world. They create content that promotes interactions, and engagement with your key focus group.


Their content copy is intuitive and they produce meaningful write-ups to optimize your content for the target audience. The office in India is in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Their work spans several industries like Hospitality, Real estate, Retail, staffing and recruiting, travel and vacation, retail, Art, Landscape, Logistics, etc.


  1. Thoughtful Minds Web Services


As we have realized the significance of content writing for the growth and recognition of a business and/or brand, we have understood that academic content writing online is just as important. Today, we have several web applications that teach students of all grades different subjects.


Thoughtful Minds is one of the oldest and most renowned content writing services in India. It was founded in the year 2006 in Jaipur. It started diversifying gradually from SEO articles and website content. With time, they now offer a plethora of services, one of the most notable being academic writing. Academic writing demands a certain kind of expertise that helps students to grasp concepts fast and apply them in their courses.


They provide Content Writing in the form of technical writing, article writing, landing page content, SEO writing, blog writing, etc. In the academic writing department, they offer high-grade solutions. For example, essay writing, research, and dissertation proofreading.  Assignment writing, different coursework writing are also their forte. 


They also assist invaluable Content on Online reputation building and management and digital consulting and strategy. Just like the reputed content writing services, Thoughtful Minds provide content samples for the potential client to assess their worth before investing. It shows their commitment to their clients. Students from all over the world like UK, AUSTRALIA, The USA swear by the services provided by the organization and recommend them for their academic needs.


Their client portfolio also includes Net Markers, StoneMart India, Fortis, Rajasthan Power, Ayurprakash, FS Realty, Golcha Minerals, Great Steel and Metals, and so on. Thoughtful Minds is considered to be one of the top few content writing services for its impeccable record of creating quality content across all fields.


  1. OutSource2India(O2I)



Outsource2India (O2I) is yet another content writing agency that can boast of offering specialized targeted content to companies all over the world. Their team of skilled writers provides content in the form of Editing, Proofreading, Reviews and Summaries, Technical Writing, SEO Content, Academic Writing by subject matter experts and analysts and project managers, Medical writing services in the category of biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical devices.


They provide detailed descriptions, scientific and marketing documents. Their main features are :

Article Writing, Speech Writing, Legal Writing, Travel Writing, Rewriting, and Product and Service description guides. O2I offers focussed content at very affordable prices. They help in building a favorable opinion about a product or service through advanced content development strategy and planned SEO writing.


Their clients include an impressive list of stalwarts from different industries. Alcon, RedWood Maximus, ARI, Yale School of Management, Carole Holding, International Career Institute, MSN, User Analytics, FiberNet, Marine Agency Insurance are some of O2I clients.

Their case studies and blogs include a thorough compilation of educative eclectic content on different topics.  Topographic Mapping, Importance of Logo design, AR aging Reports, Importance of outsourcing content and data entry, and many more.


  1. Wittypen 



Last but definitely, not least is one of the agencies that is relatively new but has made a tremendous impact in the Indian digital scenario in the briefest time possible. They have in-house content creators and freelance writers. The Freelance Writers work for them. They assist customers all over India and abroad with all their content writing requirements. Wittypen provides solutions to businesses by developing winning content for them.


They also collaborate with agencies to increase the reach and visibility of their content. Ebooks, White Papers, derailed analysis reports, emails, newsletters, website content, branding, blogs, press releases, product descriptions are skillfully carried out by the talented team of Wittypen writers. Their team comprises tech experts, website developers, marketers, and writers. They innovate and create riveting content for your business. In this way, it comes to the notice of both your consumers and search engines.


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Final Thoughts on content writing services in India


Content is the most exciting part of a business. It not only helps to inform and educate your clients. It also inspires them to invest in high-quality products and services. Content writing is not a very arduous task. But writing effective content that reaches millions of prospective clients and influences them positively is challenging. It needs experts who integrate different elements to create content that appeals to your leads and consumers. If you want your business to get the desired results and grow into a successful enterprise, invest in good content writing services in India. They will provide you with the best possible solutions for driving organic content to your website. In this way, your investment will prove to be extremely fruitful.


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