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Top 12 Online Editing and Proofreading Services

A well-written document has all the qualities that connect with people more easily. Good writing is not just about putting your brilliant ideas on paper, but it requires a persistent effort to add impeccable value that upgrades the impact of every single word. Top online editing and proofreading services ensure you build a strong presence, innovate your tone of writing more effectively, and help to express your thoughts clearly with no errors left. Any grammatical mistakes or absurd writing style can put your reputation down. Editing and proofreading solve these problems and add more visibility to your work.

Why are Editing and Proofreading Important

Good writing has become a necessity of each profession, be it a student, author, blogger, or business. People might have a different reason to write, but one common thing is to satisfy their readers. How clearly and effectively you convey the message in your writing attracts the attention of the reader. Absurd writing style, inconsistent sentences, misspelled words, and grammatical mistakes disrupt the flow of reading.

Remember those days when teachers used to put lots of red marks on your copy because of your silly mistakes. Many of you are still repeating the same mistakes, but the only difference is now there is nobody to put marks on your copy, because of which you are not getting where you are going wrong. From students to authors, error-free writing is a must to be successful.

Has it ever happened to you, after completing your document, when you sat down to read it, lots of illogical sentences had popped out? It is normal to make mistakes, but how you correct those matters the most. Editing and proofreading are necessary for the creation of more incise and impactful writing.

It is a standard way that helps to add value in innovating your own written words to make them more representable. You may edit and proofread yourself before publishing or submitting your work but hiring a professional is not less than a money shot.

There are so many native professionals providing online editing and proofreading services, ensuring every aspect of improvisation. Editing and proofreading ensure reducing redundant texts and aim to make more reliable and engaging writing, enhancing the reflection of writing style to give a professional look. It creates an opportunity to get immense appreciation with more effective and meaningful thoughts written.

It feels so frustrating and irritating to read irrelevant things having too many errors.  Misspelled words, grammatical mistakes, repetitive phrases, and incorrect use of punctuation will never make you respected and can hinder the way of triumph.

For better communication with your reader, always make sure to give your best, and editing and proofreading is excellent way to make it happen. Editing increases the accuracy and maximizes the efficiency that helps to create a significant effect on the reader. Skilled editors and proofreaders know where to focus their attention to reduce the number of errors.

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Difference between Editing and Proofreading

When beginners search for online editing and proofreading services, they must be wondering whether both these terms are the same or different from each other. Which service should they choose? Whether you are looking to improve your academics, business, or success with a book, a deep understanding of the difference between these services will guide you to choose which one is best for you according to the need of your document.

Both editing and proofreading are assumed to improve the overall quality of writing but still are different. In general, the outcomes are slightly different according to the chosen service. Editing involves improvisation of the core features of writing, modifying the overall structure that creates more impact. It starts on the first draft till the final draft.

Editors add or subtract the unnecessary words or phrases that impact negatively, using the correct words at the right place. It is a continuous process that requires thorough revision of each fragment. It ensures the accuracy of facts and provides suggestions to make sensible sentences.

Proofreading is cheaper than editing, focusing on the surface area includes grammar, spelling, inconsistency, and punctuation errors. It has less ambition than editing but is still a crucial part of writing. You may get rejected because of simple spelling and grammatical mistakes.

It has the potential to give a more professional look to your document. A good content writer is always concerned about all the aspects of writing. Editing and proofreading both are equally important. You have to choose between these according to your needs.

Benefits of Editing and Proofreading

Every writer wants their readers to concentrate on their effective writing rather than the flaws and errors. Even if it has fewer errors, it will break the concentration of the reader. Building a connection with a reader is essential to establish yourself as a successful writer. Editing and proofreading make your writing smoothly readable, which helps the reader connect more easily.

Benefits of Editing

  • Editing refines the overall quality of writing, enhances every sentence more engagingly.
  • Modify the abbreviating language into the communicative tone of writing that helps the reader to connect easily.
  • Inappropriate words and phrases are removed and added as needed, ensuring consistency.
  • Editors work on making meaningful sentences to express every thought with clarity.
  • Innovate the writing style to make a more impactful document.
  • Word choice is a very crucial part of making a document easy to understand. Editing includes the correction of wrong words that enhance the engagement of the reader.
  • Editing aims at error-free content that makes the document smooth readable.

Benefits of Proofreading

  • Proofreading involves correcting all the grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. 
  • It is cheaper than editing but gives a more professional look to your writing.
  • It gives a final signal for submission after reviewing with perfection.
  • Also, improve the inconsistency, correcting mistakes of commas, full stops, colons, etc.
  • Add credibility and perfection.

Top 15 Online Editing and Proofreading Services

  1. PaperTrue

PaperTrue is one of the best companies that has been providing online editing and proofreading services since 2014. They help students, authors, researchers, and businesses around the globe, intending to add more potential to their client’s work. Their native professionals have years of experience in the industry and have an in-depth understanding of language proficiency.

You can blindly rely on them to get a more impactful document on time. Along with editing and proofreading, their services include formatting, referencing, and plagiarism checking. 24/7 customer support is available. You can directly connect with their team over the phone, email, or chat.


  A 1000 word document will cost you around $20 to $22 (within seven days) and $36 to $38 (within

12 hours).

For job purposes, such as resumes, CVs, and cover letters, the cost is different.

A 1000 word document will cost you around $89 (within a week) and $159 (within 12 hours).

  1. Cambridge Proofreading

Cambridge proofreading is a trusted company by thousands of students, ESL speakers, and international businesses. They provide online editing and proofreading services with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction from their high-quality service. Their experienced editors comprehensively improve your writing style, ensuring your document will be appropriate and error-free.

They avail to correct all ambiguous sentences to make your work expressive and easy to understand. All aspects of great content are covered in their service, fixing all errors and working on smooth readability. Along with their services, they also give feedback and advice on your work that helps to learn the composition of good writing.


 A 1000 word document will cost you around $27 (within 24 hours) and $23 (within 48 hours).

  1. Get proofed

A dedicated team of the company works 24/7 for students, authors, and businesses with the help of 400 professional editors. The professionals assure to polish the written structure of the document, correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Their vision is to amplify the flow of writing with concise and meaningful sentences. Consistency in writing is most important for smooth readability. The company ensures to restrict abbreviating texts and improve word choice for better understanding. They provide affordable services based on the word count of the document.


A 1000 word document will cost you around $ 25.

  1. Elite Editing 

Along with the help of industry experts, the company is providing online editing and proofreading services, and aspire to impress the client with their brilliant skills of proficiency. The company works with students to enhance their academics. If you are looking for the best service, this is the place for you.

They work according to the need and focus on the expertise while capturing all the flaws to tackle. Their fast, flexible, and efficient services have all the qualities that make your work more impactful. They listen to you and then innovate your work according to your taste.


A 1000 word document will cost you around $150 (in 24 hours).

  1. Proofreading Pal

Proofreading pal is a trusted company, editing over 122,000 documents. A team of skilled proofreaders works on documents for students, businesses, academics, and manuscripts. They are very confident about their online editing and proofreading service and give a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

The company employs a two proofreader model. Every document sent to the company is double-proofed by two highly qualified editors. Their editors are specialists in a variety of subjects and go through a thorough revision of each fragment.


A 1000 word document will cost you around $43 (within 24 hours) and $36 (within 24 hours).

  1. Kibin

If you are struggling with your academics and looking for sources, kibin is the best place for you. They focus on the striving success of students. The best part about their online editing and proofreading service is they believe in the power of words and help students generate new ideas.

If you are facing trouble writing, check out their essay samples and thesis generator. They have team members all over the globe and can respond to customer inquiries at any time. The ultimate goal of the company is to improve your grades and writing skills.


A 1000 word document will cost you around $35.

  1. Global English Editing

Whether you are a student or a professional, you can expect exclusive services from the company at an affordable price. They have a large team of editors and can meet most deadlines at the same price. Extensive industry experts will edit your document. You can blindly rely on their online editing and proofreading services to get more potential documents with impactful expressions

To assure client satisfaction, they gladly access your work, and if required, re-edit it at no cost to you. They have developed a four-step assuring method. These four steps ensure high-quality editing and proofreading. They give preference to communication during the process, believing connection with a client performs a vital role.


A 1000 word document will cost you around $28 to $33.

  1. Proofers

Proofers is UK’s No.1 online editing and proofreading service, working for students and professionals. They provide a wide range of services including editing, proofreading, document formatting, and plagiarism checking.

They accept all types of documents including essays, dissertations, resumes, and CVs. The editors work on language selection to make it more understandable and change voice tone to meet the needs of your readers

Editors of proofers are highly qualified from recognized universities and willing to give a money-back guarantee. Despite improving language, they focus on detailing each fragment, go through deep reviewing to correct all abbreviations.


A 1000 word document will cost you around $12 to $14 (48hours).

  1. Expert-Editing.org

Intending to exceed the client’s expectations, Expert-editing.org has come up with online editing and proofreading services. It is no surprise to upgrade the writing style after being edited by Ph.D. experts. The company promises you 100% satisfaction. Their group of specialists is subject matter experts, possibly clarifying all the issues claimed by the requirement.

24/7 customer support is available. You will also get a personal manager to clear all your doubts at any time. They also give a money-back guarantee. You will also receive free formatting, plagiarism checking, email delivery, and many more.


A 1000 word document will cost you around $17 to $ 25 (24 hours).

  1. Editage

BELS certified editors with 18 years of experience improve your documents effectively. One of the best online editing and proofreading services guarantees you to provide high-quality work and high standard data security.

They will support you until the submission of your work. The service you receive is entirely customized according to your interest. You have complete control over the schedule, pricing, and deadline. They always meet the deadline, typically turning workaround within as little as 8 hours. They have a dedicated support system all around the world in your native language.


1000 word document will cost you around $ 129 to $150.

  1. Scribendi

If you are looking for the best online editing and proofreading services, scribendi is the right choice. It is the first online editing and proofreading company to receive ISO certification in 2010. The company hires only highly educated editors with master’s degrees and PhDs. Writers from all around the world entrust the company to provide high-quality editing and proofreading services.

Their committed team of editors assists clients in achieving success in all aspects of writing. Friendly customer care services are available for better communication with the client. They aim to improve the overall quality of the document to add more potential to their client’s work and pay close attention to each part of written sentences. With the help of technology, they ensure that the operation functions effectively.


A 1000 word document will cost you around $34 to $38.

  1. Quality Proofreading

With the promise of a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Quality proofreading provides online editing and proofreading services. Highly qualified editors innovate your document, create a tone and style of writing to make it more elegant and intellectual. They specifically work on vocabulary to add more potential.

They respect the time of the client and review the whole document within the deadline given by you. You can expect outstanding services from them at an extensively affordable price. Editors are available 24/7 to ensure quick response and timely delivery with the date specified.


A 1000 word document will cost you around $20 to $23.

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Frequently Asked Questions                                                                                   

  1. What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

 Proofreading is an ultimate examination of misspelled words, grammatical mistakes, incorrect punctuation, inconsistency, and other errors. While editing focuses on the overall improvisation of the document, including language, writing style, inappropriate phrases, correct vocabulary, and the whole structure of the written format.

  1. How much do editing and proofreading cost?

 Editing and proofreading are two different services, so their price also varies. Editing costs slightly more than proofreading as it covers a wide area of improvisation. The cost varies according to the word count and time. The approximate price ranges from $10 to $150 depending upon the service you have chosen.

  1. How long does it take to proofread a 1000 word document?

The time of reviewing the document depends on the client’s needs. You can set the deadline according to your need. Various editing and proofreading companies allow you to receive documents within 3 hours.

  1. Are editing and proofreading worth it?

Yes, it is worth it. Editing and proofreading end up giving a professional appearance to the document and enhancing the expression of writing. It removes all the errors and makes sure to add more value to the content.


So, these are some of the best online editing and proofreading services that you can opt for if you need impeccably written pieces.

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