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An Overview Of Codecademy Data Science Courses

The rise in technology and software development has seen some good days, resulting in the popularity of tech-based careers. It can be said that technology is one of the strongest points of modern data science. It brings forward the true potential of the industry with all the latest software like Python and R programming. The applications of data science are mostly beneficial to businesses and organizations, so converting raw data into meaningful insights does not need much effort. For every aspiring data scientist, it is an overwhelming decision to choose the right institute and enrol. Codecademy lifts some weight off your shoulders with its selection of data science courses. In this article, you will learn about some of these Codecademy data science courses.

An overview of Codecademy data science courses

What is Codecademy?

The name comes from an American online interactive platform that was founded in the year 2011, by Zach Sims and Ryan Rubinski. To date, the institute has more than 100 dedicated employees and 45 million users who enjoy its free coding classes in 12 different programs.

Codecademy data science courses are quite popular among aspiring data scientists as well as the numerous self-guided coding classes catered to beginners or advanced level students. Moreover, there are extensive classes in Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, Ruby, and SQL.

Codecademy introduces hands-on coding exercises for complete beginners. It is not simply all, because you get to practice your learning through projects, quizzes, articles, and interactive code editors.

These quizzes are fitted with multiple choice questions and fill-in-the-code assessments, with correct answers explaining the reason. So, if you have some understanding of coding this platform provides a great way to test your skills.

Moreover, Codecademy’s articles explain concepts that are often not covered during lessons. At the same time, the projects enable students to practice the same concepts in actual scenarios. Thus, helping them build practical knowledge.

If you are new to Codecademy data science courses, you can access several features for free. However, a sizeable part of the platform is behind a paywall requiring a paid membership.

These subscriptions provide users with access to premium features or content like personalized job listings, means to help them practice their interview skills with relevant interview questions, and an assessment that measures their job readiness.

The Codecademy platform also offers several career paths that prepare students for entry-level roles in the vast tech industry.

Is Codecademy Useful for You?

Realistically speaking, Codecademy is perfect for beginners who are there to expand on their knowledge as the primary knowledge comes from textbooks or ebooks on data science.

Most users suggest the platform is really helpful for learning basic Python or coding because its approach is more towards making the lessons interactive.

However, Codecademy is perfect for individuals seeking hands-on coding exercises and projects. It is beneficial for them to explore different programming languages. Codecademy data science courses are also equipped with a structured curriculum designed to guide learners toward practicing.

It is recommended for people who prefer step-by-step learning. Instant feedback is also available in Codecademy, based on submissions that help learners understand their shortcomings and correct the errors in their code.

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What Are the Important Skills You Can Learn From Codecademy Data Science Courses?

Data science as a career will help you explore a plethora of technical as well as soft skills. Codecademy designs its courses for students to self-learn by practicing the different exercises. Some of the skills you can gain are listed below:

1. Python: The first step to having a solid grip on the data science industry and standing out to potential recruiters, is by mastering your Python skills. In the context of modern data science, Python is one of the highly sought-after skills expected from an employee.

With Codecademy, you get a chance to directly practice your knowledge considering you have a theoretical base of Python programming before partaking in the lessons.

Practical lessons are very beneficial for skill-building and you might not get this first-hand exposure in many online institutes. There are additional tests or quizzes to further help you test yourself.

2. Data Visualization: data scientists must have sufficient experience with handling data and Codecadey data science courses are a great way to do that. This skill enables data scientists and everyone else involved in the process to communicate or exchange information based on the data.

Have you wondered how people with non-technical backgrounds understand data? Well, it is all possible due to data visualization.

Data scientists use high-end software to create relationship maps, 3D plots, graphs, pie charts, and histograms. It becomes beneficial when working on important projects or complex data sets that need attention to detail.

3. Data Analysis: this technical skill has a role to play in the data life-cycle because, without proper analysis, you cannot extract meaningful insights from raw data. It requires focus and detail orientation which should be one of the soft skills you possess.

By analyzing code or technical details, you can read or assess intricate technical structures. Your detail orientation skill helps you ensure proper assortment or analysis of code. Data analysis is a rather high-income skill which makes it necessary to master.

4. SQL: Codecademy data science courses are designed to train you in top-notch programming skills. SQL is a programming language used to manage or analyze relational databases.

Some primary functions of this software are to extract data from databases so that tasks like querying, aggregating, and joining data tables can be performed. It also helps in exploring data, cleaning it, preparing it for analysis, building models, and visualizing the results.

Under SQL some important topics you learn are functions of Windows, date and time operators, output control statements, query optimization, connecting SQL programs with Python joins, and indexing data.

5. Machine Learning: coding is incomplete without you honing your machine learning skills. It is extensively a branch of artificial intelligence and computer science that focuses on utilizing the data and implementing algorithms to enable AI to imitate the way humans learn.

The accuracy of computer machine learning improves gradually. Several Codecademy data science courses will provide you with an insight into this skill.

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What Are the Features Provided to Students Pursuing Codecademy Data Science Courses?

Codecademy creates a comprehensive platform for aspiring data science professionals to enhance their existing skills and knowledge. The catalog brings you several options including lessons on JavaScript, Bash, C, C#, C++, PHP, Swift, web development, web design, and cybersecurity.

Aside from that, you get access to exclusive documents where you will find definitions of terms, code syntax, and much more. The list of features you can access from this website is as follows:

1. Among learning and practical tools, Codecademy’s platform presents all students with free articles about technical concepts, cheatsheets to help review concepts from the courses, code challenges along with interview preparations, projects to build a solid portfolio, video tutorials, walkthroughs and workspaces that build or share projects in your browser. These things are brought to you in an organized manner that cannot be found with a regular web search.

2. Codecademy also has blogs on good career advice or blogs that may answer some of your queries about this potential career path. You can get learning tips on where to start and how to keep motivating yourself. It recently introduced the job-readiness checker which is an AI-based tool, built to analyze your compatibility with technology roles.

3. When searching for your ideal Codecademy data science courses, you have the option to filter them as per your needs. You can filter by your training level, price range, type of training, total time taken, and courses equipped with practice or portfolio projects.

4. There will be hands-on training provided to you with considerate AI assistance. This enables you to make faster progress in your learning journey by understanding your present course, providing relevant instructions or solutions, and giving immediate personalized feedback.

5. Students are allowed to participate in real-world projects that help them with practical skills. Moreover, you are allowed to choose from guided projects that help you solidify new concepts or test yourself with independent projects projects designed for the purpose.

6. AI technology is very advanced and Codecademy puts it to good use. Its Interview simulator is an AI-based tool that identifies your strengths and provides valuable advice. Based on your skills, it is designed to provide you with ways to further improve irrespective of your career level.

7. Assessments are important for testing the skills you’ve learned so far. These help you understand which topics you need more focus on. The AI technology gives you practice recommendations to help build your knowledge.

8. Codecademy data science courses also come with certificates that hold great value in the industry. It shows proof of your learning journey and is sharable. Moreover, you can collect a certificate for each of the lessons you participate in.

List of Codecademy Data Science Courses:

1. Data Science Foundations

This course is intended for beginner-level learners, helping them gain skills such as analyzing data with Python and statistics, reading and writing with databases with SQL, creating meaningful data visualizations, and building a data science portfolio.

Similar to other Codecademy data science training programs, you will be able to gain industry-standard languages along with libraries including Python, Pandas, and SQL.

Other Details:

  • Time of completion – 56 hours
  • Cost-free
  • Certificate provided – yes


  • Introduction to Data Science Foundations
  • Data literacy principles
  • Understanding SQL
  • Python fundamentals in parts
  • Exploratory data analysis in Python
  • Statistics fundamentals for data science
  • Data visualization fundamentals with Python

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2. Data Scientist: Machine Learning Specialist

Machine learning skills are crucial for data scientists to solve problems at a large scale such as predictions, finding patterns, and more. At the beginner level, this course serves as a comprehensive module fused with other resources from Codecademy data science courses.

It has 27 units in total, with 81 lessons, 59 projects, and 58 quizzes. In the present circumstances, companies seek data-driven decision makers and this course is designed to help you learn what it takes to be one such candidate. Moreover, this course has additional activities to help you build a strong portfolio.

Other Details:

  • Time of completion – 95 hours
  • Cost – $125,000
  • Certificate provided – yes


  • Introduction to data science
  • Understanding Python and SQL
  • Fundamentals of statistics for data science
  • Exploratory data analysis in Python
  • Machine Learning Specialty module
  • Supervised learning
  • Feature engineering for data scientists
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Deep learning and Neural networks
  • Machine learning portfolio project
  • Final review of machine learning specialist

3. Data Scientist: Analytics Specialist

With Codecademy data science training programs, you can become a capable data analyst or learn the analytics that are used by data scientists. It is equipped with more than five industry-relevant data including Tableau and Matplotlib.

The entire course provides you with extensive knowledge of this career path in 22 units. It has 69 lessons with 57 projects and 47 quizzes. Thus, enhancing your resume will seem easier with this in hand.

Other Details:

  • Time of completion – 70 hours
  • Cost – $125,000
  • Certificate provided – yes


  • Introduction to the career path
  • Portfolio-building activity: US Medical Insurance
  • Understanding data wrangling, cleaning, and tidying
  • The module on the analytics specialty
  • Learn Tableau for data visualization
  • Advanced SQL for data science
  • Visualization for data science applications
  • Understanding Microsoft Excel for data analysis
  • Data analytics final portfolio project

4. Data Scientist: Natural Language Processing Specialist

  • Skills related to Natural Language Processing help data scientists find meaning in different languages, analyze speech and text, or create chatbots. With this career path, you can transform human language into data because the NLP technique helps you add sense to it.
  • It also assists you in extracting the exact meaning from text and building neural networks. The entire course is compiled within 31 units, where you get 84 modules, 59 projects to gain experience from and 64 quizzes to test your abilities. It is also among the top recommended Codecademy data science training programs.

Other Details:

  • Time of completion – 100 hours
  • Cost –$125,000
  • Certificate provided – yes


  • Introduction to NLP Specialist Career Path
  • Getting Started module on Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Text Preprocessing
  • Language parsing
  • Language quantification
  • Text generation
  • Learning to build chatbots
  • NLP Portfolio project
  • NLP Specialist final review

5. Data Scientist Inference Specialist

  • Inference data scientists are trained to do A/B testing, find root-cause analysis, and conduct experiments. The work is very important for building webpages for companies or brands and Codecademy data science courses convert it into a beginner-level course for better knowledge gain.
  • This course is designed to help you understand why things happen or what can be proved with data. Inference data scientists must be skilled in designing experiments because other processes depend on it.
  • They must accurately test hypotheses and be able to conduct casual inference to figure out what drives certain outcomes. Moreover, this career path is going to teach you the necessary skills for the job as well as assist in growing your portfolio.
  • The entire course is compiled into 24 units with 78 lessons, 59 projects, and 58 quizzes.

Other Details:

  • Time of completion – 85 hours
  • Cost – $125,000
  • Certificate provided – yes


  • Understanding the career path
  • Principles of data literacy and understanding SQL
  • Understanding Python fundamentals
  • Learning Python for Pandas
  • Communicating findings of data
  • Data Science Foundation portfolio project
  • Understanding the fundamentals of statistics
  • Learning advanced exploratory data analysis
  • Regression for Inference Data Science
  • Understanding R programming
  • Casual Inference fundamentals
  • Inference final portfolio project
  • Inference Specialist Final review

6. Machine Learning/ AI Engineer

  • Machine learning is a skill and a career path that helps you build end-to-end ML applications so that several apps that we use in our daily lives can be powered. This aspect of data science works with Python, Git and machine learning technologies.
  • This course is on the intermediate level, framed to assist you with algorithmic decision-making. Among other Codecademy data science training programs, this course helps you accurately detect fraudulent transactions as well as recommend movies and more.
  • Many popular applications like Netflix, Amazon, and shopping websites greatly depend on machine learning technologies. Thus, the demand for this career path is quite high.

Other Details:

  • Time of completion – 45 hours
  • Cost – $127,000
  • Certificate provided – yes


  • Introduction to the career path
  • Fundamentals of machine learning
  • Software Engineering for machine learning or AI Engineers
  • Intermediate machine learning
  • Learning to build machine learning pipelines
  • Understanding Machine Learning final portfolio
  • Machine learning career path next steps

7. Business Intelligence Data Analyst

  • In this career path, BI data analysts use Python and SQL software to analyze, query, and visualize data, as well as, Tableau and Excel to communicate their findings. Here your role would be to deliver business insights for valuable outcomes, thus this career path is in high demand.
  • The modules cover the basic components making it easier to understand for beginner-level students. Partaking in this course can help you achieve a shortcut to success. Additionally, you’ll also build skills in analyzing data, building dashboards, and delivering impactful reports.
  • You will also be able to build portfolio-worthy projects that make you job-ready. The course is compiled into 18 units while bringing you elaborate 46 lesson plans, 37 projects, and 35 quizzes. It is among the recommended Codecademy data science training programs.

Other Details:

  • Time of completion – 50 hours
  • Cost – $87,000
  • Certificate provided – yes


  • Introductory module on BI data analyst career path
  • A module on Python fundamentals
  • A module on Python pandas for data science
  • Principles of thinking about data
  • A module on exploratory data analysis in Python
  • Principles of analyzing data
  • Learning Microsoft Excel for data analysis
  • Learning Tableau for data visualization
  • Final portfolio project on BI data analyst
  • Final review of BI data analyst career path

8. Introduction to Big Data With Pyspark

  • Among Codecademy data science courses, students can find free modules designed for beginners in the data science field. These training programs do not lose the essence of being top-notch, even when it’s not behind a paywall.
  • This particular course has attracted more than 5,000 enthusiastic students who gained some useful knowledge within a short time. For a short course, this training program focuses on the underlying concepts behind big data technologies while providing students with a hands-on approach to PySpark.
  • It efficiently takes your learning trajectory toward applications and implications of big data on finance, social media, medicine, and health.
  • Your takeaway skills would be learning to manage data, exposure to conceptual underpinnings that make working with big data possible, and more.

Other Details:

  • Time of completion – 4 hours
  • Cost-free
  • Certificate provided – no


  • Introductory module on Big Data
  • Spark RDDs with PySpark
  • Spark data frames with PySpark SQL
  • Combining everything you’ve learned together


Q) What is the Definition of Data Science?

The term ‘data science’ was coined back in the year 1974 as an alternative to computer science, but its definition today is quite different. Data science is a multidisciplinary field that studies data processes and extracts meaningful insights from raw data.

Q) How Many Different Types of Data Science Courses Are There at Codecademy?

Codecademy presents you with the option to take up any course of your choice among career path courses, skill path courses, and free courses.

Q) What Are Codecademy’s Career Path and Skill Path Courses?

Career path courses guide you in a new direction and help you start your career with ease. These courses are curated by experts and contain additional resources like projects, interview materials, and more. Skill path courses help you enhance one specialized skill related to data science, with a step-by-step guided procedure.


The more popular the data science industry will become, the demand for bridging the gap between skilled professionals and job vacancies will get greater. Many times, data scientists with no proper knowledge of the latest tech and software might secure a job, but this is only going to hamper the company’s growth in the future.

It is always advisable to build your practical expertise along with a theoretical understanding of concepts, as practical implementation in the real-world setting may get too complex for individuals to bear.

Many students might not be appropriately prepared to face the challenges that lay ahead of them. Codecademy data science training programs and other skill-building exercises are designed to help aspiring data scientists get a glimpse of the industry without paying a heavy price for tuition.

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