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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Leeds With Placements

Data Science is the current hot field revolutionizing every industry. From business to healthcare, academia to government, there are a variety of roles under the umbrella term ‘Data Science’. For beginners or skilled professionals, Data Science Courses in Leeds will open the door to such rewarding career options. The in-demand careers require the right set of skills, hands-on experiences, and proper career guidance to achieve them. This article is set to present before you the best of the Data Science Institutions in Leeds with an overview of the career pathways so that you achieve a bright career in the field of data science.

List of best data science courses in Leeds

Why Data Science as a Career?

At present, conventional streams of education are losing importance amongst youngsters. Students passing from such traditional courses in colleges and universities, often face difficulties in finding a job for them due to the lack of skills.

Skills-based professional courses are dominant in the education sector all around the globe. Such courses are precise, full of practical knowledge, and based on acquiring problem-solving skills.

As a data scientist, you are expected to analyze data after collecting it from various sources. Data collection is in a way the first step of your responsibilities. You go on to prepare data and review them.

Data analysis will need math and statistics to find solutions to challenging situations. Computer languages play an important role in developing data sets and presenting the result with data visualization methods.

In all of these steps, you must be aware of maintaining proficiency and the conclusions or solutions need to be communicated to the team members. There’s no confusion that data science is an ideal career for you if you are keen on understanding data.

Before selecting the right path for you, here’s a guide to explore the various tasks of data specialists, and the qualifications you need to achieve them followed by a handful of the best Data Science Institutions in Leeds to prepare you for the job.

This is an ever-developing field and your ideal educational background and acquired skills will help you explore more of this field. Major cities in India, America, and all over the world are flooding with data science job openings whereas only a small portion of the jobs are filled with efficient data scientists.

The need for excellent data scientists is not yet fulfilled. So, this is a great opportunity for every professional who likes to work with data. Also, the remuneration that the jobs offer for experience in the field is lucrative.

Must check a few other courses in Leeds for career upliftment:

Job Opportunities After Graduating From the Data Science Institutions in Leeds:

Data science is now indispensable in every industry across the globe. The Data Science Institutions in Leeds are presenting their courses in line with the industry requirements. Well-structured and skill-based Data Science Courses in Leeds will open your door to a wealth of job prospects.

There are various start-ups for data scientists to be employed besides a range of large tech companies. High-profile data scientists are in demand in consultancies, banks, accountancy firms, healthcare, public service organizations, and everywhere.

With the knowledge and skills you will gain through the Data Science Courses, you will enter in the industries like-

  • Finance
  • Charities
  • Government
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Education

The particular job positions that you are going to choose from after completing your relevant education are described here.

1) Data analyst: The role of a data analyst is to conduct data collection, identify different types of data, confirm the quality and characteristics of the data, and analyze them. The Data Science Course will teach you everything needed for the job role.

2) Machine learning engineer: This job requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering. As a machine learning engineer, you will implement coding, and data analysis techniques to create algorithms or models. You will also be responsible for funneling ideas and reviewing data sets.

3) Statistician: As a statistician, you will collect data and organize them for projects. Your degree in mathematics, statistics, or a related field will help in the data collection process, such as surveys, etc. You will review the data findings before presenting it to the clients.

4) Data engineer: Experience with databases and SQL will make you a data engineer. You are going to maintain the infrastructure develop data with programming skills, and software knowledge, and assist data scientists in their jobs.

5) Data architect: This is one of the high-paying jobs as a data specialist. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, information systems, SQL experience, etc is required for the job. As a data architect, you will store and analyze data and utilize the potential of such data storage.

Top 10 Data Science Courses in Leeds


About the Course:

This is the best of the Data Science Courses in Leeds suitable for freshers and professionals of the field. The 11-month MBA program in data science is completely instructor-led with exposure to real-life scenarios. The Master Certification in PG in Data Science from the most trusted online educational platform is a tool-driven training.

You will master the data science tools and technologies for different methods and steps of data interpretation. Here you are going to be taught by experienced industry specialists and be guided in profile building and placements.

Mode of teaching: online

Skills you learn:

  • You will be a master in applying tools like SQL, CHAT GPT, PYTHON, JUPITER, and FLASK.
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge about data prediction and data structure.
  • Model selection, inferential statistics, machine learning, and regression will make the data analysis process a relatively simple one.

Certificate: Master Certification from IIM SKILLS

2) Post Graduate Program in Data Science and AI (Executive) at IIT Bangalore

Certificate: About the course:

You can become a data pro with one of the best Data Science Courses in Leeds. With the course, you will be able to master almost 14 number of tools used in data analysis and grasp well computer programming languages. You can apply for this great course in Upgrad to acquire a complimentary boot camp in Python Programming.

Mode of teaching: online

Skills you learn:

  • Real-life problems handling with 60 case studies
  • Data analysis tools and techniques at length
  • Higher level data science with 50 live sessions and 400 content hours

Course modules:

  • Introduction to python
  • Different applications and usage of Python
  • Hypothesis testing
  • SQL
  • Linear Regression 1
  • Linear Regression 2
  • NLP
  • Case study

Certificate: WES-recognized degree, equivalent to Canada’s PG Diploma (1 year)

3) LJMU’s Master of Science in Data Science with Upgrad

Certificate: About the course:

This is an LJMU (Liverpool John Moores University) program in Data Science at Masters Level that you can attend online through Upgrad. The course has reached tremendous popularity due to its Python Programming Bootcamp which is provided complementarily to the course.

You are going to achieve an alumni status of IIT Bangalore and LJMU. With over 500 hours of learning, the students acquire enough knowledge to be implemented in various case studies and assignment projects. This course can be availed one-to-one basis with high-performance coaching.

Mode of teaching: online

Skills you learn:

  • Daily doubt resolution will wipe away all your gaps in learning
  • Access to more than 300 job opportunities will help you get placement.
  • The world-class curriculum will teach you the higher concept of data science.

Course modules:

  • Deep learning
  • Business intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Analytics

Certificate: WES recognized Masters Degree

4) Python for Data Science, AI & Development –IBM at Coursera

About the course:

If you are searching for Data Science Courses in Leeds that align with the market demands, then this short-term course is a good choice. You can attend the course at your flexible time. The beginner-level course covers 25 hours.

Along with the theoretical lectures, you will get an opportunity to try your hands at practical problems with more than 20 assignments.

Mode of teaching:

Skills you learn:

  • You will learn the most useful programming language for data science –Python
  • Get hold of Pandas, Numpy, Jupyter Notebooks, etc.
  • Python application in data structuring, loop, classes, etc.

Course modules:

  • Python basics
  • Python data structures
  • Python Programming
  • Working with data
  • APIs
  • Data collection

Certificate: IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

5) SQL for Data Science at the University of California, Davis

About the course:

This is one of the prominent Data Science Institutions in Leeds that has been catering to students and professionals in the global data industry. This is a completely flexible course that you can complete in your own time and comfort zone.

This has received very high reviews amongst Data Science Courses in Leeds. We know that SQL is indispensable for data science and there are modules in the course to teach you about that.

Mode of teaching: online

Skills you learn:

  • Be able to write an SQL query
  • To create an analysis table
  • Use of SQL in data filtration, and summarization

Course modules:

  • Data selection and retrieval with SQL
  • Data Calculation, data sorting with SQL
  • Sub queries
  • Data analysis with SQL

Certificate: shareable career certificate from the University of California, Davis

6) Applied Data Science with Python Specialization at the University of Michigan

About the course:

Under the guidance of more than 3 renowned professionals, this course will provide you necessary insights into data science. You will also acquire data analysis skills, methods, techniques, and tools and apply them in data studies.

The intermediate-level course is 4 months long, although this duration is flexible. You can find the details of the application and other details on the Coursera website.

Mode of teaching: online

Skills you learn:

  • University and industry specialists will teach you in-demand skills.
  • The tools and methods will be taught with hands-on projects.
  • Text mining, Matplotlib, Pandas, Python, etc key concepts.

Course modules:

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Charting, applied plotting
  • Data representation
  • Machine learning with Python
  • Text mining with Python
  • Social network analysis

Certificate: Shareable Career certificate from the University of Michigan

7) Executive Data Science Specialization at Johns Hopkins University

About the course:

This executive course is offered by Johns Hopkins University with a mission to educate youngsters and cultivate life-long learning for all. Coursera has brought the course for us along with several other Data Science Courses in Leeds.

Mode of teaching:

Skills you learn:

  • Basic to advanced data science concepts
  • Deep understanding of data science techniques
  • Master in handling data science tools

Course modules:

  • Crash course or introductory lectures on data science
  • Building of data science team
  • Data analysis management
  • Real-life implementation of data science
  • Executive capstone

Certificate: shareable career certificate from Johns Hopkins University

8)  Code Free Data Science at the University of California, San Diego

About the course:

The code-free Data Science course is designed for learners and professionals willing to gain or expand knowledge of data science. This is one of the major Data Science Institutions in Leeds to trust with your career in this field.

You will learn here to design workflows without any computer programming. You can build data science skills for predictive models of data science. Different methods like data classification, preparation, and manipulation are also taught in the course.

Mode of teaching: online

Skills you learn:

  • How to design data workflows without using computer programming
  • Different methods of data science
  • Data science essential skills
  • Application of data science algorithms

Course modules:

  • Introductory class
  • KNIME analytics
  • Data Visualization and data manipulation
  • Machine learning

Certificate: shareable career certificate

9) Data Science Professional Certificate with FRACTAL ANALYTICS

About the course:

If you want to launch your career with one of the short-time Data Science Courses in Leeds, then this is your best choice. The course will make you job-ready with the hands-on experience of data science tools and in-demand skills.

Within 5 months, you are going to learn data science and demonstrate your credentials with a career certificate. This beginner-level data science course is divided into 8 series.

Mode of teaching: online

Skills you learn:

  • Be able to address data-related issues in real-world scenarios.
  • Python application for data manipulation
  • Machine learning implementation
  • Utilize SQL for data manipulation and data visualization.

Course modules:

  • Problem-solving approach
  • Data analysis with SQL
  • Power BI
  • Data Science with Python
  • Decision making

Certificate: employer-recognized shareable certificate from Fractal Analytics

10)  Data Science BSC at the University of Leeds

Certificate: About the course:

This course will help you build all the highly sought-after skills of data science. Throughout your degree, you will learn the core concepts of data science with a rock-solid base of mathematics. The career guidance will help you achieve a lucrative career option.

You will be exceptionally efficient to disentangle real-world problems and tackle the growth of an organization creatively. This Bachelor’s Degree is one of the most advanced Data Science Courses in Leeds.

Mode of teaching: on-campus

Skills you learn:

  • The study of statistical and financial mathematics will shape your thinking and numerical abilities.
  • The collaborative environment with peers and mentors will help you tackle real-world issues.
  • The interdisciplinary curriculum will help you implement your data insights to address challenges.

Course modules:

There are distinct course contents with credits for every year. Here is a glimpse of it:

  • Core Mathematics
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Computational Mathematics and Modeling
  • Data science and communication
  • Modeling for Big Data
  • Linear Algebra
  • Machine Learning
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Time series
  • Graph, networks
  • Statistical method
  • Stochastic process
  • Deep learning
  • AI
  • Data Curation
  • projects

Certificate: BSC in Data Science from the University of Leeds

Frequently Asked Questions on Data Science Courses in Leeds:

1) What is the process of getting through the major Data Science Courses in Leeds?

The first step of getting into a reliable course of study is guided research on the internet to know all the available options for you. In today’s digital world, people prefer online Data Science Courses over on-campus or offline courses. These online platforms offer a good number of flexible choices for your convenience. You can attend the course from your comfort zone at your comfortable schedule. This way, you can learn something new without hampering your existing professional or personal liabilities.

After you choose the best Data Science course, you need to dedicate hard work and time to studying the subject. Platforms like IIM SKILLS are great in providing 24*7 hrs assistance regarding any doubts. The concepts should be crystal clear before you finish a course.

You should check the timings of the course you are getting into, like weekend or weekday classes. Your learning will be validated when you grab a job of your choice. For that matter, career assistance from the institution helps. Some Data Science Courses even boost building your profile for getting the desired position in the job market.

2) What is the duration of the Data Science Courses?

Data science courses are of variable duration in different places. A degree course can be done in three years in most of the universities around the globe. You can get some boot camps on data science. Such courses are done even within some hours to get a glimpse of the subject and profession. The Data Science Master Course at IIM SKILLS is for 6 months.

3) Is Data Science difficult to study?

Many people think that Data Science is an out-of-the-blue concept and is very difficult to fathom. But this is just a stigma. Data Science Courses in Leeds are making the concepts of the subject easy to understand with their unique approach. If you learn the subject with proper guidance, dedication, and interest to develop your knowledge, Data Science is just like any other course of study.

4) What is the future of data science?

The future of the world is digital. Technology and science will dominate our lives shortly. There is no better way than to cope with it. Every industry needs to adapt to this change to sustain itself in the future. Therefore, we can see that the demand for data science will also grow in this context. There will be a huge demand for experienced data scientists to give directions to the company or business. As a result, data science will be highly valued as a course of study, and data scientists will get the most lucrative jobs.

5) What is the major subject of Data Science?

Data science is developed on various subjects, primarily Mathematics and statistics. People having strong grounds on these subjects enjoy advantages. Other than these, computer programming languages, communication technology, artificial intelligence, computational methods, machine learning, etc. subjects also consist of an important portion of the data science curriculum.


Data Science Institutions in Leeds will equip you with the mathematical techniques to separate features and find patterns in big data. You will become a strategic thinker and effective communicator to understand and solve complex issues. Be it individual or collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, as a practiced programmer, and strategic communicator, you will keep your company ahead of today’s fast-moving industry. So, Data Science Courses in Leeds are prosperous streams of studies that you can choose from in today’s job-oriented education system.

Tamalika Karmakar, an intern at IIM SKILLS, is a zealous teacher turned into an accomplished content writer (CWMC certified). She had attained a Master’s Degree in English Literature and a Bachelor of Education before dedicating herself to the teaching profession. Her articles on contemporary topics have secured a place in published books with ISBN. With her hold of communication skills and a keen on language, she is trying her hands on technical writing. She is well-versed in creating search-engine-friendly content on topics such as education, health, digital marketing, branding, blogging etc. Her excellent research abilities along with high energy provide small or big organizations with the best results.

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