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Top 10 Data Science Courses In New Jersey With Placements

The data science industry is not a new one but the innovation and advancements in terms of technology it brings about are futuristic. The field has only started to get popular with this generation of young careerists who are on the lookout for lucrative career options. As the times change, the needs of the businesses change too, which is why employers hiring data scientists prefer when they are updated with the latest curriculum. To make that happen and provide you with the best solutions, we have compiled a list of top data science courses in New Jersey.

List of best data science courses in New Jersey

Before That, Let Us Briefly Explain the Data Science Industry

The data science industry explores the intricate and meaningful insights for business that are extracted from raw data. The field combines several systematic disciplines like mathematics, statistics, and computer science to operate accordingly.

The data gathered from first-hand or second-hand sources are explored and analyzed so that insights can be extracted from the data. These play a role in understanding the customer and for the general betterment of the business in question.

Modern data science utilizes many industry-relevant tools and techniques for faster work performance, accurate results, and employee satisfaction. Tools like Python, R programming, SQL, and ChatGPT are essential stepping stones for curious learners like you and are often included in data science courses in New Jersey.

The updated curricula dive deep into machine learning algorithms to analyze text, numbers, images, video, and audio to produce AI systems. Most data science tasks in today’s society are automated, leaving less room for the repetition of work and eradicating tedious tasks. It gives rise to more creativity, critical thinking, and an analytical mindset.

What Are the Different Data Science Roles?

As previously stated data science consists of several disciplines, all of which will be taught to you via data science courses in New Jersey. Listed below are some of the roles that data science actively fulfills:

  • Data engineer – this role expects you to perform crucial operations for the data science team, including testing, developing, and maintaining huge data ecosystems. This role and position is essential for businesses as well as data scientists to efficiently run the algorithms. It deals with aligning the database with organizational needs, building prototypes, and proposing improvements to enhance data quality and reliability.
  • Database administrator – In this role, you are assigned tasks like designing, developing, and monitoring the database environment, identifying problems at the right time, and resolving them to avoid conflict. This is one of the roles that will be covered during the data science courses in New Jersey, equipped with expert guidance.
  • Machine learning engineer – One thing that you can learn from all data science courses in New Jersey is that machine learning is a core aspect of the data science industry. Understanding the proper utilization of machine learning techniques can validate your experiences as a data science professional. It is because the ultimate goal of data scientists is to develop automated predictive models, on which the future of the business relies. Your daily tasks include creating machine learning systems, building data pipelines, running tests, and training or deploying machine learning models.
  • Data architect – Data architects are closely related to the job roles of data engineers. The tasks include implementing data strategies so that it is on par with business objectives, and supervising and participating in data architecture right from design to implementation. You will also be overseeing data implementation or strategies and ensuring optimal efficiency and security for database systems. The daily tasks required for them include the organizational data strategy, data quality standards, and security measures.

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Top 10 Data Science Institutes in New Jersey


It is one of the fastest-growing Ed-tech companies which was established in the year 2015. IIM Skills makes our list of top data science institutes in New Jersey, as it helps bridge the gap between the demand for skilled professionals and their supply.

It is on a mission to change the world through the power of learning. As a student of this institute, you can work hard towards your interest, under the guidance of expert instructors. So far, IIM Skills has trained more than 35,000 learners around the world and it is committed to each learner’s individual growth.

About the program:

The Data Science Master Course offers a structured way to navigate through the program, as it has more than 160 hours of lectures, 100+ hours of assignments, and 16+ live projects.

It also includes a seamless course delivery that can be opted for at any time, the program allows interactivity that is not much different from experimental learning in offline institutes, the batches are flexible and the curriculum is updated according to the current scenario of the data science industry.

Thus, all of these combined give it credit for being among the top online data science courses in New Jersey. Moreover, you can attain the benefit of a master’s certification for completing the training program and clearing the exams.

Eligibility criteria for the course:

Even though the training program breaks down the complex aspects for beginners to feel comfortable with it, there are certain prerequisites you must follow. You must be able to understand the basic concepts of data and analytics.

All students must have had computer science as a subject in high school and graduation. Other than that, they must be passionate about the subject and be ready to face the challenging work environment that follows.

Course details:

Fee – 1,119 USD

Duration – 11 months

Contact information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

Website: iimskills.com

2. New Jersey Institute of Technology

The New Jersey Institute of Technology is renowned as the state’s polytechnic university. It also invests in the renewal of existing facilities on the campus as well as building new spaces. The University offers more than 125 graduate, and undergraduate, degree programs which are divided into specialized schools instructed by experts.

The academic programs are also accredited by appropriate boards, commissions, and associations such as MSA, ABET, AACSB and NAAB. Moreover, as one of the best data science institutes in New Jersey, NJIT offers a unique and independent Master’s degree in data science.

About the program:

The MS in Data Science dives deep into basic and advanced methods involving the concepts of statistical inference, machine learning, data visualization, big data, and data mining. All of these help you attain the essential skills for landing a job role in the industry.

However, as expected from one of the top data science courses in New Jersey, you need to fit into the requirements. These include a background in mathematics, statistics, and software development above all else.

Learning outcomes:

  • You’ll master the ability to manage and clean massive data sets
  • Your role will be analytical and you can efficiently perform the design, implementation and approaches for application to the most complex problems
  • You’ll be able to research new ways of predicting the future results

Syllabus (core modules):

  • Introduction to big data
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Applied statistics
  • R programming with data analytics

Contact information:

Phone: 973 5963000

Website: njit.edu

3. Ramapo College of New Jersey

The college was established in 1969 and it is dedicated to providing students like you with the foundation for building the relevant skills. Ramapo College is well-known for its academic excellence and heavy emphasis on experimental learning, and teaching methods where attention is divided between each student.

It also promotes inclusivity and sustainability as a means of growth for all students. The college has a fair student-teacher ratio, where each student is prepared to take up future leadership roles.

The College’s mission is to instill in everyone the core values and as for additional services, there are provisions for internships and service learning.

About the program:

The MS Data Science course allows you to gain skills that can be utilized in many job spheres. This enables companies to leverage data and predict trends as well as make informed decisions. Not only will you become a professional but also gain access to lucrative job opportunities in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, trading firms, and marketing agencies.

This program stands out among other data science courses in New Jersey because it carefully curates the modules into a 30-credit lesson plan. It is compact with all necessary components like industry tools, industry techniques, and machine learning systems.

The general course structure allows you to complete it within two years in full term. However, if you are willing to take up the course part-time you may do so but the duration will expand.


  • Data science introduction
  • Technology ethics
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Data science capstone project
  • Applied statistics
  • Data analytics in Python
  • Machine learning

Contact information:

Phone: 2016847500

Email: [email protected]

Website: ramapo.edu

4. Saint Peter’s University

The university strives to give you the best experience because you’re worth it. It is equipped with a world-class education and all its best qualities are combined with Jesuit values, focusing on the all-round development of an individual.

Just like any great university, Saint Peter’s keeps its options open and as of now, you can get access to more than 50 undergraduate programs and 13 graduate programs across various disciplines.

The data science faculty at this university is experienced and holds mentorship sessions that provide valuable insights.

About the program:

The Master of Science in Data Science program is located on a New Jersey campus but on several occasions, it can opt for online instead. The program being among the best data science courses in New Jersey, features personal support and innovative learning which provides a tailored approach to career advancements.

You are entitled to get proper training and guidance as a participant in this program. It also lets you experience the best quality in technologies like advanced data mining software to solve complex real-world data so that there are opportunities for further growth in your career.

The full syllabus of the course can be enquired with the staff at Saint Peter’s University.

Contact information:

Phone: 1 8887729933

Website: saintpeters.edu

5. Montclair State University

This university has a distinctive approach to driving students, which is why it makes our list of top data science institutes in New Jersey. It was founded in the year 1908 and today it holds a huge campus filled with 21,000 learners and more than 1,000 professors.

Montclair University applies the best disciplines to create opportunities for all and help them achieve their professional goals through extracurricular activities.

Its courses are equipped with bringing you cutting-edge technologies like online lesson plans which are curated for students who work. Moreover, it brings in exceptional values for both in-state and out-of-state students.

About the program:

The Data Science STEM Designated Degree program offered by this university seeks to serve individuals who are familiar with data science components and expand their understanding further.

As one of the best data science courses in New Jersey, it has its unique approach to the subject. You will be exposed to several topics and their applications which play a role in helping you thrive in the industry.

The course lets you conduct research on investigations through several opportunities. It combines the fundamental aspects of the industry with domain options related to it, which are favorable to you.

The full syllabus for the course is available for download on the website.

Contact information:

Phone: 9736554000

Website: montclair.edu

6. Stevens Institute of Technology

Established in 1870, Stevens Institute of Technology presents you with the foundation from which you start the journey to your goals. The university offers its data science program in both online and offline modes as one sees fit.

Moreover, the advantage lies in the programs being customizable, which allows working professionals to pursue their dreams without having to postpone their current business.

The University also has provisions for recruitment opportunities with global technology giants like Microsoft, Google, and Bloomberg to name a few.

About the program:

The Master’s program in Data Science brings together theoretical knowledge with practical skills that apply to careers in business, database management, financial tech, academia, and cybersecurity.

As a student, you are made to learn and analyze complex data including large-scale databases, so that visualization techniques are implemented to support data-driven decisions. The program welcomes students who are passionate about the industry and have a prior understanding of computer science or mathematics.

Similar to other data science courses in New Jersey, some requirements have to be fulfilled such as an undergraduate degree in fields related to data science is necessary. You must also be familiar with the programming languages but that is not essential.

The full syllabus for the course can be enquired with the staff at Steven’s.

Contact information:

Website: stevens.edu

7. Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop is well-reputed among most curious learners as it offers a wide variety of bite-sized courses and has been serving since the year 1990. A Young careerist will surely find a way to achieve their dreams under the guidance provided by the faculty at this institute.

Some of the training programs to look out for are UX designer, Web Designer, Full-stack web developer, Digital marketer, Graphic designer, and Video and Motion designer.

About the program:

Noble Desktop’s data science certificate is among the several course options that offer specializations. It not only gives you access to hands-on training from experts but also is perfect for beginners to work their way up.

It is listed as one of the best data science courses in New Jersey because the program prepares you in several aspects like completing real-world projects and mastering the programming languages and libraries used by industry professionals.

Additionally, there are extra benefits like a time-tested curriculum and the ability to retake the course with no added costs.


  • Python programming for the data science bootcamp
  • Undertaking the SQL Bootcamp
  • Understanding Python programming for automation
  • Interactive dashboards and Python data visualization
  • Machine learning boot camp with Python

Contact information:

Phone: 212 2264149

Email: [email protected]

Website: nobledesktop.com

8. ExcelR Institute

ExcelR Institute is your online course provider which strives to be renowned as the one, fulfilling all the educational needs of students and professionals alike. It has a global presence and is highly regarded for its best-quality training.

The institute would not stop delivering essential learning experiences and would even get better at its services in no time. Since 2014, it has expanded its course options and today it has over 20 subjects focusing on specializations.

About the course:

As one of the best data science courses in New Jersey, the certificate program at this institute follows a unique learning structure. You get trained, submit assignments, work on real projects, participate in boot camps, and become job-ready.

But, you wouldn’t just choose it just for its course structure. Hence, it comes equipped with several benefits such as a blended training model including recorded sessions and training support until you master all concepts. There will also be placement support for all participants.


  • Data science (10 modules)
  • Python core (11 modules)
  • Tableau (6 modules)
  • MySQL (7 modules)
  • Artificial Intelligence (4 modules)

Contact information:

Phone: 18002122121

Website: excelr.com

9. EdX

EdX’s global platform brings the top universities together for a massive online audience, to experience the best quality education. This facilitates not only the data science industry to gain its rightful audience but also several other industries to similarly benefit.

The education institute offers a seamless experience, fit for all top-quality data science institutes in New Jersey. The lesson delivery is conducted entirely online so that flexibility can be maintained along with practical learning and innovation.

About the course:

Harvard University, which is one of the most popular destinations for achieving your educational goals, has partnered with edX to offer the Professional Certificate in Data Science.

The program is highly sought-after among the other data science courses in New Jersey because it deep-dives into industry techniques and enlightens you on in-depth fundamental concepts. There are also tools like You can get familiar with the data science tools like Unix/Linux and R Studio.


  • Data science Inference and Modeling
  • Data science productivity tools
  • Data wrangling and linear regression
  • Capstone projects in data science

Contact information:

Website: edx.org

10. Google

Google has developed a range of services and education is not excluded. This MNC has a dedicated platform that offers a range of free courses in fields like digital marketing, business analytics, and UX design.

Every field is well structured to include the latest curricula so that learners can receive the best-guided knowledge. Curious learners who want to upskill their portfolio can participate in Google’s curated boot camps without any additional fee.

About the program:

Since Google courses aren’t known to many individuals across the world, the company has reached out to industry partners that offer Google’s Data Science course on their website. One such platform is Coursera, where you can find several Google-accredited courses, for completely free.

But what makes this course stand out among the top data science courses in New Jersey is the comprehensive aspect, which is not too complex and allows multiple languages to be selected for course delivery. The main learning objectives provide room for immersion and personal growth while letting you get familiar with core data science concepts.

Contact information:

Website: grow.google


Q) What data science skills are taught in New Jersey?

Data science implements a plethora of skills and with proper guidance even a beginner can become a professional. The skills taught are data visualization, machine learning, data mining, data exploration, data modeling, and other soft skills like critical thinking.

Q) What is the salary of a data scientist based in New Jersey?

If you are a data scientist based in New Jersey, you’re in a lot of luck irrespective of your proficiency level. You could earn a salary of up to 155,400 USD if you are well-versed in the field.

Q) What can data science be used for?

Data science has varying uses including your daily life situations. We’re all heavily dependent on data whether we realize it or not. Some popular uses of this field are in medicine, transport, social media, weather reports, and retail.


The data science field is not just comprised of a few techniques but many disciplines combined, therefore to enroll in one of the top data science institutes in New Jersey, you must be qualified. Some things to keep in mind are basic math problems, an understanding of statistics, and computer science basics. Other things like machine learning and programming can be learned under expert guidance. So with the facts being stated, we conclude this article and hope that it provides you with the necessary insights.

I am Meghna Kanjilal, an Education honours graduate from Loreto College with a passion for reading books. I like being creative whether it's through writing or designing. I had an amazing opportunity to start my writing journey with IIM Skills and expand my knowledge in the Content Writing domain. Currently, I am working with IIM skills on their internship programme to enhance my skills and gain experience.

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