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Career After 10th in Ahmedabad: Top 11 Choices for You!

You have completed the 10th standard. Now what? This is a mammoth question for most of us. There are several ways to decide what you want to do. Some of you aspire to do higher studies, and some of you may want to get started on your careers. Check out the best careers after the 10th in Ahmedabad. 

Career After 10th in Ahmedabad Top 11 Choices for You!

The good news is, either way, you have a great number of choices to get certified and skilled in your area of choice. I have put together a comprehensive list of top trending courses you can do, that will help you towards your career after 10th in Ahmedabad. Check out these options and get a head start to be successful.

Preferably, the best thing to do for your career after 10th in Ahmedabad is to study HSC or 12th. The great thing about doing this is that it lays a solid base for undergraduate and post-graduate studies. By the time you get to the 10th standard, you would have an idea of what streams interest you and you would be aware of your aptitude in the same. Based on this and understanding the subjects that you enjoy, and you can opt to study Arts, Science or Commerce.

  1. Arts/Humanities

Arts is the best choice for creative and academic research-oriented careers. A wide array of opportunities are available in Journalism, Media, Human Resources, Design, Academia, etc.

  1. Science

Science is a wider stream considering you have the option of studying mathematics or other scientific subjects like biology and chemistry. With these subjects, you can take up Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Lab Technology, or Home Science/ Forensic Science for your graduate programs.

  1. Commerce

Choosing Commerce opens career paths in Business, Banking and, Accounting, to name a few.

The key thing to remember is to pick a stream based on the purpose of your study and what you aspire to be. This will serve as the foundation for professional courses that lie ahead. The advantage of studying commerce or science towards your career after 10th in Ahmedabad is that you can switch to Arts if you find that appealing after your Higher Secondary.

Value-added courses: 

If you research well, you will find that there are a plethora of certificate courses that are short, but comprehensive and valid. These are key up-skill courses you should plan for while planning for a career after 10th in Ahmedabad. Upon successful completion, these will not only add value to your profile but will have you career-ready in a short span. All of these courses are conducted online by industry experts.

Over the last few years, Content Writing has gained popularity. The great thing is that you can study it and get certified in a short time once you have completed your HS. There are no other prerequisites in terms of streams taken and you can freelance and earn some money even while doing a graduate program.

If you find yourself interested in content writing or blogging, then check out IIM Skills’ Content Writer Course

As a content writer, you would be creating content for marketing purposes, to help your clients reach potential customers. This will range from writing articles, press releases, scripts for ads, and the like. The right course will arm you with techniques and tools to be successful.

Have a look at the top Digital Marketing Master Course in Ahmedabad. Sure, it will intrigue you!

Another lucrative career option is Digital Marketing. Considering that almost everything has gone digital, the opportunities are plenty and related certificate courses will teach you all you need to know to market brands online using emails, blogs, social media to name a few.

Check out these other courses from IIM SKILLS

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If your stream is commerce, you can add value to your graduate degree or recognized equivalents by becoming a certified GST Practioner. Being a specialized professional course, this one is beneficial for those of you whose forte is in the accounts and commerce fields. Once completed and approved by the government you will be able to represent tax-payers by performing activities related to tax payments, fees, refunds, and penalties. A certification of this sort will boost your career in the accounts industry.

Want to become a GST practitioner, apply for the Best GST Course.

Let’s say you are not keen on continuing in school or college for 12th or equivalent certifications or your situation does not permit you to, you can opt to do short-term vocational diplomas. These will help you start a lucrative career after 10th in Ahmedabad and you will get jobs faster.

Job-oriented vocational courses are a fantastic option if you are interested in engineering, but unable to take the usual route. These courses are shorter and give you a variety of options that will help shape your career effectively. Most of these courses would require an entrance examination and are usually conducted by the Central Diploma Admission Committee.

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Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

  1.   Polytechnic

For a vocational career after 10th in Ahmedabad, you can enroll in polytechnic courses like Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Computer, Automobile. Polytechnic diploma courses could run for 1 to 3 years depending on the course you select. Some of the top colleges offering diplomas are:

  • Government Polytechnic for Girls, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
  • Govt. Polytechnic College, Near Panjrapole Char Rasta, Ahmedabad
  • LJ Polytechnic, SG Road, Ahmedabad
  • RC Technical Institute, Sola, Ahmedabad
  • Shree NM Gopani Polytechnic Institute, Ranpur, Ahmedabad
  • Central Inst. of Plastics Engineering and Technology, Ahmedabad

A polytechnic diploma will enable you to start your own business, land your jobs in the Private and Government sector or you could invest in higher studies if you wish to.

Read about:

  1.     ITI(Industrial Training Institutes)

You can choose to do ITI courses if you are interested in a mechanical and electrical career after 10th in Ahmedabad. These will get you ready for employment. Here are a few of the many top-rated centers in Ahmedabad you can apply to

  • KSB Technical Institute, Sanand
  • Government ITI, Gheekanta
  • Government ITI, Saraspur
  • Shri Bhagwat Vidyapith Ashok ITC, Sola
  • FD ITC, Maktaimpur
  • Government ITI, Sanand
  • Government ITI, Dhanduka
  • Government ITI (Women), Thaltej
  • Gujarat Vidyapith ITC, Shahibaug

Successful completion of your ITI Course will qualify you for jobs in the private and public sectors and foreign countries. You could choose to be self-employed if that’s where your passion lies.

  1. Paramedical

If you want a medical career after 10th in Ahmedabad, but you are unable to pursue a medical degree, there are many paramedic diplomas or certificate courses you can take in Pathology, Lab Technician Certificate, Physiotherapy, Radio-Diagnosis or Radiotherapy, these being amongst the most popular specializations for Paramedical courses in Ahmedabad.

The certificate courses usually have a duration of 12 months and diplomas can take between 1 and 2 years. These choices are available in Ahmedabad at

  • BJ Medical College
  • Smt NHL Municipal Medical College
  • Gujrat Cancer and Research Institute

Apart from these, as a step towards a career after 10th in Ahmedabad, you could explore the options of doing short-term Certificate courses.

  1. Tally

Tally will prepare you for jobs in accounting and finance. While Tally courses are available for 10th pass students, it is usually advised to do this after successfully finishing 12th in Commerce.

  1. DTP

Desktop Publishing (DTP) courses are good for those who would like to make a career in designing, editing, and publishing documents on a computer. A short vocational course would take between 3 to 6 months to complete.

The great thing about the current job scenario is that you could get one as early as now, to begin your career after 10th in Ahmedabad. These range from part-time jobs, full-time, paid internships, and freelancing. Some of these opportunities require just knowledge of the internet, using the computer, and basic communication skills.

In addition to this, you also have the option of pursuing skilled certificate courses or diplomas in certain flourishing fields which will boost your career after 10th in Ahmedabad. Being skilled in a particular area ensures you are job-ready and adds value to your application. Consider the following before you begin.

  1. Event management

Love planning parties? Have a thing for lists and organizing? Are you creative and a people person? Then this is something you could consider. Event management has over the last 10 years emerged as a good career option for those interested in managing events at all scales.

This would involve, weddings, private parties, sporting events, and the like. A good course in event management will cover HR, Finance, Marketing, media, PR, and logistics.  If this interests you, check out LJ Institute of Event Management and NIEM in Ahmedabad to see what they offer.

  1. Graphic design

Another profession that is quite popular and has good scope is Graphic Design. If you have an artistic sense and are creative, this is an option you can consider. There are short- and long-term professional courses you can do that will get you career-ready. Arena Animation Drive-In, Ahmedabad conducts programs for students who have finished Class 10.

  1. Indian Army

Apart from the above, the Indian Army has opportunities for you on completing the 10th standard. After passing 10th you could also have the option of joining the Indian Armed Forces if that’s where your passion lies.

If you want to apply for a position in the Indian Army after your 10th from within Gujarat, the best way is to wait for ‘the ARO Ahmedabad Army Bharti Rally to be organized in your district. Bharti Mela means ‘Recruitment fare’. The recruitment drive is conducted by the Indian Army each year. It is scheduled in various districts of each state.

The selection procedure comprises of physical tests only, with 10th standard pass as the basic criteria. However please be aware that you will be recruited to the Indian Army only on a non-commissioned post. To become a Commissioned Officer in the Indian Army, you must either have completed 12th Science in school or must be a Graduate.

You can appear for the NDA (National Defence Academy) after the 12th standard science stream. After graduation, one may appear for the CDS (Combined Defence Services) Examination and make it to the Army.  To make the best out of a career in the Armed forces, you can get coaching for the NDA or CDS at I.M.A Defence Academy in Ahmedabad.

It is important to not just identify what you are good at, but also what drives you as this is what will determine a successful career. To make the best career decision for yourself factor in these thoughts:

  • What are your talents and skills? Most often we turn the things we enjoy into a hobby. In many ways, hobbies have led to some successful careers. For example, if you are artistic and creative, you could consider a career in design.
  • What sort of lifestyle would suit you best? If you are someone who thrives in set schedules, then work towards a career that promises you fixed hours.
  • Understand what your costs are going to be. Have a number in mind with regards to your salary. Will you live on your own or at home? How much money will you need? Determining this will allow you to explore careers that will let you earn your desired pay.
  • How much time are you willing to spend in preparation for the career of your dreams? There are some which require extensive learning and specific training, It is necessary to make a decision based on the expected duration of your course.

It is always a good idea to talk to as many professionals as you can. Friends, family, your teachers. Weigh your options, and in fact, you could shadow a close family member or a friend and see for yourself what a working day for them is really like.

You could also in time take a career aptitude test, many of which are available online. These will help you understand the fields you could flourish in.

Ideally, I would not recommend you start working after the 10th standard for many reasons. Considering that you are fresh out of school, jobs will be low paying and may not take you a long way. Even then, there is a lot of prep you will need to do and exams you would be required to pass. If you are compelled to start working for financial reasons, create your resume and register on job sites like Indeed.com, where you will get alerts and you can apply to the vacancies directly.

You will find opportunities available for freshers as well as ones that require you to have minimum experience. This is where internships play a beneficial role. It is always good to do a skilled certificate course that will make you career-ready. The smart way to building a strong base for your professional future would be to choose the right stream for your higher secondary and subsequently grow as you move through graduate programs.

A clear idea of who you see yourself to be and identifying where your passion lies will clear your path and lead you to land your dream career. Preparation for a career after 10th in Ahmedabad is important and setting goals and having a clear vision as early as now, is a sure-shot way to plan a successful career. This way you would not have left a single stone unturned.

While parental and peer pressure is something we cannot shake off, you know what works best for you. Once you find your passion there is no stopping what you can do. Research extensively and stay on top of the game. Always remember, as far as possible, to find something that you enjoy doing. The road ahead will not be easy, but it will be simple, and you will be able to stand tall in a world that is getting increasingly competitive.

What better time to start than now!!

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Which is the best online digital marketing courses to apply?

IIM SKILLS has the best online skill development courses. Their digital marketing course is the best platform for those who are seeking to make a career in digital marketing.

Q2. What is the duration of the course?

IIM SKILLS offer 60 hours of training online and additional 120 hours of practical assignments. For more details you can check all the details on their website and also have a live chat with their customer executives for further guidance.

Q3. Are there internships post the course?

Yes, IIM SKILLS offer paid internship of 2 months once you successfully finish the course.

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