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7 Best Creative Writing Courses In India With Placements

Creative writing courses are getting wide popularity and so does the platforms that offer the best creative writing courses in India. Creative writing, just like the name suggests, is the form of writing focusing on the creative aspect of written language. Creative writing is a form of original writing that expresses the ideas and thoughts of the writer by making use of the creative power of language. It can be any kind of writing that includes fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Creative writing is meant to entertain or educate the readers with its unique facet of writing.

List of best creative writing courses in India

It is hard to strictly define what comes under creative writing, it can be anything, not less than the creative conversion of idea into language. It is often understood as what a person conceives from a piece of writing and believes it means. Any kind of writing that has a creative or imaginative side with an innovative narration can be regarded under this.

Creative writing obliges a good assumption on the ground of writing and the audience who are to be addressed. The Scope for creative writers is readily growing in India and around the world as companies search for specific content writers or editors for their service and provide them with a salary that is best according to the industry.

The increased dement can be associated with the development of competitive business and marketing in the globalized world. In order to execute strategic marketing plans and attract the target audience, inverters seek the help of creative writers. Creative writing opens vast career path opportunities directly or indirectly.

Web content writing, copywriting, grant writing, proofreading, and book writing comes under the discipline of creative writing. These are all demented skill that is incredibly rewarding. Copywriting enables different marketing communication by creating appropriate content. Copywriting is an artwork of writing text for advertising and marketing.

Copywriting mainly focuses on short advertisements, web page design, and strategic emails to convince the audience to take a specific action. Copywriting is an important part of marketing and communication strategy. Blog posts, brochures, infographics, Flayers, catalogs, billboards, journal advertisements, social media posts, emails, and other advertising and marketing communication are forged by copywriters.

Web Content Writing

Content writing involves creating and publishing digital content that includes blogs, podcast scripts, press releases, newsletter content, email content, SEO writing, technical writing, white paper, product description, social media texts, and so on.  Content writers are in charge of creating written substances for websites and other forms of media.

Content writing should let readers think about why they should be interested in a specific topic and how the contents available in their feeds are helpful to them in different spectrums of their lives. High-ranking content can bring more traffic to the website which is the basic motive of most online publications. Writing good content and solid written communication can boost the search engine optimization ranking and build brand awareness.


Blogs are online publications by individuals or organizations for providing information on different affairs posted as write-ups, opinions, or personal stories. Blogs are a well-known medium for gathering and disseminating information. Blogs can be of different categories of business, profession, or hobby.

People share their writings through blogs and it serves as an accessible medium that can be promoted through social networks. Desirable results are rather achievable with well-researched blogs on original content, ideas, or news with an attention-grabbing heading. Contents are well received if they educate the readers.

Podcast Scripts

Podcast scripts are the outline and transcript of webcasts for digital media distribution. Podcast scripts involve writing transitions and crafting the entire narrative and directions.

Press Release

The press release is a legit assertion issued by any business enterprise or organization for media coverage and publicity. Promotion of new products, sharing newsworthy information, formal announcement, and official statements are the general proposes of the press releases. A quality press release should contain all the necessary information that is to be conveyed. Attention to the newsworthy angle and addressing the facts are key to a press release.


E-mails are a form of professional communication that is used widely. Writing a successful email could enhance the enterprise reputation of an organization. Emails are one of the most effective marketing media that is able to reach out to a number of potential clients. There are different types of emails including newsletter emails, Lead nurturing emails, promotional emails, and survey emails.

Each should be written in accordance with the information that is to be provided and the people to be addressed. Emails of business communication should be kept formal whereas other promotional emails should be able to catch the attention of the reader with relevant headlines.  The ability to formulate good emails helps to communicate the point more concisely which minimizes unnecessary responses and initiates a better call to action.

While composing an email, it is important to keep the idea as short as possible for the reader hardly takes time to read the lengthy response or information instead they prefer to skim through it. Personalizing the emails could bring the best response like higher click and open rate.


Newsletters are periodical emails containing the latest information, updates, and services dispatched by organizations to update the subscribers or target customers. Newsletters are shared as emails to the subscribers. Newsletter, just like any other written creative content, has to be crafted and customized with the subscribers. A brief and frequently occurring newsletter that contains relevant content to the user is regarded as ideal. Proper research is necessary from picking the right format to deciding the number of emails that should be sent in the given period.

Product Description

The product description is an advertising textual content that describes any product and its worth buying. Product descriptions available on online purchasing sites are examples of this.  A product description is a form of marketing that primarily aims to educate the customers on a particular product with essential statistics, functions, and advantages and thereby encourages them to purchase it.

Writing product descriptions requires careful usage of language focusing on keywords and ideal buyers. Highlighting product value using creative language is the basic strategy to craft product descriptions. Scannable descriptions with seducing sensory images make the task successful.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts are the contents distributed through the user profiles on social media. This can be a simple text comment, but it can also include images, videos, and other content. Covering trending topics using appropriate and simple language along with interesting images can make the post the best engaged.

The usage of simple language is critical to these kinds of writings and makes the reader more related to the content. Catchy captions and clever incorporation of tags can attract traffic in a great way. Social media post provides an easy opportunity to build, share and market a brand as it gets wide circulation in a shorter span of time. Clever writing skills and flexibility in writing make social media contents stand out.

Whitepaper Writing

White paper writing involves detailed drafting on a selected subject and the issues adjoining it. It has an educational purpose to enlighten the readers about the relevance of the topic. The authenticity of the case and the information it contains should be ensured while dealing with white papers. White papers are close to a research journal and aim to provide expert knowledge and specific solutions on a particular subject.

Unlike typical copywriting, white papers are not meant to directly induce the readers to make a purchase on any product but rather to make use of the possible recommendations. It enables the reader to understand a particular topic to make a decision on it.

 Technical Writing

Technical writing is the process of documenting software program manuals and instructional booklets. Classic examples of technical writing encompass consumer manuals, workers’ handbooks, software programming documentation, troubleshooting guides, and juridical disclaimers.

The purpose of technical writing is basically to provide information and explanation of complicated statistics to the users. The job of a technical writer is to convey the technical aspect and data to the general public in a way that is easily understandable to them. It is critical to have the best tone, style, and layout of the text in technical writing.


Proofreading involves reading a written work and correcting the errors and providing the best finishing touch to the writing. Proofreading makes sure to include everything that is supposed to convey covey in the best way possible. Editing and proofreading are integral to writing. Clarity of the ideas and effectiveness of language and writing style is ensured by proofreading.

E-book Writing 

Novels and stories are the most celebrated forms of creative writing. Now E-books or electronic publications of books are widely popular. E-Books are accessible through digital devices such as mobile phones and computers where it displays long pages of texts. Fiction, non-fiction, and poetry can all be published and sold digitally as E-books.

Fictions are stories where the events are created out of the author’s imagination. Novels, short stories, and prose are part of fictional writings. Non-fiction is truthful accounts of events where autobiographies, journals, and travel loge are part of this. The traditional format of the book including the title, about information of the author, contents, and introduction can be followed in E-book as well.

Some Other in-demand Courses That Are Popular Across India:

Benefits of Creative Writing

 Learn to Express:

The ability to express ideas in an intelligible, incisive, and succinct way is significant for creative writing and the biggest positive of creative writing is that an individual masters this art in due course when readily involved in the same. Creative writing is one of the most flexible mediums for the expression of ideas. Making use of language to articulate thoughts on different platforms accordingly is a skill one might learn in the best creative writing courses in India

Learn to Meet Deadlines:

Practicing to meet deadlines as a part of a creative writing endeavor helps to stay organized. Individuals’ potential and management skills are improved with organized and target-oriented writing under deadlines. Creating writing tasks provides the opportunity and platform to root your career in organized writing. As a result, the learner assimilates the skill to complete the tasks in the professional spear. Constructive feedback and criticism will help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of writing.

Observation Skills:

Knowing the audience we want to address is inevitable for creative writing. The ability to communicate at different levels is favored by an in-depth understanding of the environment. Awareness of the surroundings and the audience need mind full observation and dedication. Keen attention to the surrounding provides themes and alternate ideas to the writers that help to market their content successfully. Observation enables writers to write content materials that effectuate on a number of platforms.

Increased Thinking Skills:

Creative writing dements a lot of imagination and critical thinking as the writer needs to process the thought into words. Better thought clarification is a need in creative writing and in order to achieve that profound thinking is a must. The writer has to be aware of the swing of the world which enables clever writing. Creative writing means creative thinking as strong writing is backed by strong thinking.

Enhanced Vocabulary:

Creative writing enhances the vocabulary recourses of an individual when they seek better words to express their thought. There will be a drastic development in language potential and communication skills as a result of the constant involvement with the language.


Best Creative Writing Courses in India

Now that there are a number of platforms offering the best creative writing courses in India. Various institutes and websites offer creative writing as a popular professional course. Online platforms are getting vast popularity due to their flexibility and accessibility. It seems strange how creative writing can be taught under a course, however, these courses can help to utilize the skill for benefit by providing better direction.

It is common for a writer to struggle with how to best leverage his talent. The fact writing is not considered professional deters many people from chasing their passion. In such a scenario, short-term courses like creative writing are useful for the learners to sharpen their skills. This course can be helpful in knowing the professional aspect of creative writing.

Developing writing abilities can take cautious time and work, however doing so will assist raise the effectiveness of one’s professional and private communication. A certain level of technical ability is essential for creative writing. Information about websites, web hosting, publishing, and usage of necessary tools must be learned accordingly. These skills are not hard to learn under a well-designed course. Below are the best creative writing courses in India.

7 Best Creative Writing Courses in India

Among the wide range of creative writing courses offered through different platforms, shorting out the best creative writing courses in India is a task; however, one can say that the best creative writing course should provide an opportunity for learning and real-time practice. For the purpose of easy reference, we have listed below the top ten creative writing learning platforms that offer the best creative writing courses in India.


IIM SKILLS is an online training institute offering different skill-based courses including content writing courses and digital marketing courses. The leading online course provider has made a mark in the industry with flexible placement-assured learning programs over the years. They offer one of the best creative writing courses in India, namely the “Content Writing Course“.

The success of IIM Skills can be associated with the quality of courses they provide. The content writing course offered by IIM Skills is a comprehensive and complete direction that introduces you to the broad path of the content writing industry. In fact, the curriculum of the course is the best suet to accomplish a career in content writing and to up-skill those who are passionate about writing.

This course provides you finest opportunity to apply the skills you have learned on a practical level by writing articles. Upon completion of the course, learners will be certified and assisted with placements and freelancing.

The Course Highlights Are:

  • Opportunity for Practical level application of the skills.
  • The online platform enables you to utilize its service anytime anywhere.
  • Content writing and content marketing are taught with equal weightage.
  • The course is well equipped with useful tools and parallel tasks that you can learn by doing.
  • 3 months internship with ongoing recommendations and constructive feedback from the administrator.
  • Recommendation to enhance your writing skills as well as to authenticate the web content.
  • Certification from IIM Skills and guiding for Hub spot content marketing certification.
  • Guaranteed placement assistance.

Here are the best Online Creative Writing Courses

2. Coursera

Coursera is an industry-leading online learning platform that offers a number of creative writing courses from prestigious universities internationally. Coursera offers a number of the best creative writing courses in India for its learners. You can take courses covering every aspect of content writing and digital marketing from top-ranked universities, which is a big plus of Coursera.

Fair to say, courses on this platform are well designed and accessible to the learners. Content writing courses in Coursera are provided as pre-recorded videos incorporated with materials and notes related to it. Participants have to complete the exercises and tasks before the deadline for the successful completion of the course.

You can get access to all the recordings and notes even after the completion of the course. You can earn a certificate from Coursera which is accredited to the university that offers the course after the completion of the course.

  • Courses from top-ranked universities.
  • Pre-recorded videos, notes, and online resources are available for the learners.
  • Well-structured course with Flexible learning.
  • Certification of Coursera accredited to the university that offers the course.

3. Udemy

Udemy is another widely known online platform that offers the best creative writing courses in India. Udemy offers a wide variety of professional content writing courses that are well structured. Udemy offers a flexible study with the finest instructors, tasks, and downloadable recourses. Unlimited option of specialized courses is the biggest plus of Udemy.

Among the wide number of course options, one can select the right course and skills as per the choice. Udemy has specialized in highly demented content writing courses that help you to get into a career in the same. Udemy’s content writing courses are well ranged and acknowledged by the participants. The courses are certified with lifetime access to the recourses.

  • Wide variety of professional content writing courses at affordable prices.
  • Well-crafted classes with video lectures.
  • Flexible study with the finest instructors, tasks, and downloadable recourses.
  • Specialized in highly demented content writing courses.
  • Valid Professional certificate.

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4. ECT

ETC or Education and career times is a platform that provides the best creative writing courses in India online. ECT made its appearance in 2010 as a career blog and later developed into the first training institute recognized by the government of India. Different types of writing that come under creative writing are taught in the course.

ETC has a number of qualified participants working for reputed organizations. ECT also provides placement assistance and entrepreneur development to the candidates along with the allocation of functional lessons on content writing. Its student-centric teaching approach is well priced by its participants.

  • 3- Month program with 7 assignments and 5 live projects.
  • Recognized by the government of India.
  • Personalized attention and feedback
  • Internship opportunity.
  • Live- interactive sessions
  • Certification and Placement assistance.

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5. Online Idea Lab

Online idea lab provides quality content writing training for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs which is one of the best creative writing courses in India. Online idea Lab is a good digital marketing institute located in Bangalore. The course specializes in offering live and online classes in content writing in Bangalore with professional and practical support.

  • Courses with a number of specializations in creative writing and content marketing.
  • Variety of course options to choose from.
  • Offer different levels of specialization from beginner to advance with certification.

6. Skill Share

Skill Share is another online learning community that provides the opportunity to learn the best creative writing courses in India to enhance your creativity. They offer content writing courses with hand on practice experience via writing assignments. The course will give you practical knowledge t enhance your career by indulging you in the best content writing skills for business development. The course can be completed with a final exam and certification in creative writing.

  • Classes from experienced tutors.
  • Classes with prompts and recourses.
  • Opportunity for sharing and collaboration.

Here are the top-ranked Creative Writing Courses in 

7. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the professional technical accreditation institutions in India. Henry Harvin also provides an opportunity to learn the best creative writing courses in India. Content writing courses in Henry Harvin help potential individuals to enhance their writing ability to navigate the job market that demands specific skills. The course covers a vast variety of creative writing formats like every other content writing course. Upon completion of this course, you will be provided with a certificate from Henry Harvin.

  • Modules focusing on language skills, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Free access to creative writing tools.
  • Real-time practice assignments.
  • 3- month Paid internship.
  • Premium job support.
  • Creative writing specialist certificate from Henry Harvin.


The above-mentioned are some of the best creative writing courses in India. There are unlimited numbers of creative writing courses available for learners on various platforms. It is advisable to enroll in the best creative writing courses in India after proper research and analysis. It relies upon the learner to pick an appropriate course according to the level, purpose, affordability of price, certification, learning outcome, etc.

FAQs About the Best Creative Writing Courses in India

1. Is content writing a potential career?

With Strong writing skills and marketing skills, this career path can offer you rapid development and good pay. Alternatively, if you have an understanding of how content writing fits within today’s marketing, it brings you the best results.

2. What skills or experience do I need to start content writing as a career?

Some of the skills you need to start a career in content writing include the ability to communicate clearly through writing, the ability to research specific subjects for information, and the artistry to market your content. If you can manage to complete different projects within the timeline, you probably already have some of the key skills to start a career in content writing. Knowledge of content management systems and various digital platforms can place you in the best position in the content writing field.

3. What topics can I study in relation to content writing?

The topic that you learn in relation to content writing includes social media advertising and management, Google ads and google analytics, website position strategies, Search engine optimization, etc.

4. How does content writing differ from copywriting?

Copywriting mainly has an advertorial purpose for selling a brand while content writing can be used for all purposes. Copywriting typically includes short advertisements, web campaigns, promotional emails, etc.


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