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6 Best Social Media Sites For Digital Marketing In 2024

Have you decided to invest in social media for your business? Good for you. You are making a smart choice, as social media marketing is one of the cheapest digital marketing options available right now. Statistics show that there is an immense response for businesses promoting their brands on social media sites, which implies you can expect a good amount of lead generation here. We will discuss the best sites for digital marketing today. 

Best Social Media Sites For Digital Marketing

To make things more clear, we will have a look at the real numbers.

Social media statistics from 2019 show that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, and this number is steadily growing. That equates to 42% of the current population.

It is found that a person spends about nine hours on social media which is more than the time he spends in school or sleeping.

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Why Social Media Platforms For Marketing

Few more reasons to consider social media sites for digital marketing.

  • Social media statistics acknowledge the rapidly growing numbers of social media users thereby; there are high chances to reach out to a wide number of customers.
  • Many B2C business-based companies relish this opportunity since they could approach the client directly without any medium or source.
  • It is fun when you can chill out and shop and the same place.
  • People spread the word when they have a satisfying experience with your service; in return, your page gets a good volume of followers leading to a good number of leads and a stable client base.  

Now that it is clear that social media sites are indeed a brilliant choice to develop a business, one has to decide which social media platform can be used for it. The Internet has various options available but each business has its specifications. Plan your marketing strategy accordingly rather than investing blindly and expecting returns out of it. Thereby set yourself a few goals before you go ahead and take the leap. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Which social media platform do they prefer?
  • What sort of message do you want to deliver them?
  • What type of content does your audience consume?
  • What is your business goal via social media?

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Build a couple of more questions as such and answer them. This will eventually lead you to shape your business goals. Once you are done with the business goals you will know your social media marketing goals which will, in turn, help you to prioritize the social media sites that could be helpful to boost the business.

How Does Social Media Marketing Help Your Business

Promoting your brand on a social media network can boost your business in many ways. Listed here are few boons of social media marketing.

  • Advanced Targeting

You can just sort out your client base by filtering them under a certain age group or sex or even their interests. With the help of the data attached to a user’s profile, you can obtain a customized client base. This is a huge advantage for any business with a niche. Studies show that there is a high number of small-scale businesses that rely only on social media platforms for their business needs.

  • Increased Brand Awareness

Social media grants you the opportunity to reach out to a large number of audiences all over the globe in just a click. It does not place any limitation on time, who you can reach, or even regions that you can reach, thus there is no place your brand cannot reach.

To get started, consider you open a page for your brand on a social media site. once you start sharing data people interested will ” follow” you. The followers of your page will eventually start sharing your posts and page information which will lead to a larger reach for your brand. Just by investing a few hours in a week, one can see a huge exposure for their brand in no time.

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  • Increasing Website Traffic

When your website is stuck under limited keyword searches or when your website fails to reach the top of the search engine you will eventually lose walk-in of new customers to your site, thus leading to fewer new leads. This will not happen when you have social media for backup, where you can keep engaging your present followers and look for new ones without any limitations. Social media do not constrain people under certain age groups or sex leading to a lot of options on your plate.

  • Gaining Brand Loyalty

A loyal customer base is one of the key factors every company strives for. You can create a voice for your company through these platforms by interacting personally with the customers. Sending a personalized message for comment or feedback and not an automated machine response is more likely to increase your brand’s credibility.

Your brand is either going to get loved or hated, either way, you will receive unbiased comments which can be utilized for your growth. Regular interaction with customers reveals that your business cares about customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers who are happy with your service take a step forward and turn to social media to express their shopping experience. This again leads to a further advertisement for your brand. Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty go hand in hand.

  • Cost-Effective

Social media marketing is one of the cheapest ways to advertise your product to the world. For example, placing an ad on Facebook is a much smarter, effective, and cheaper way of marketing than printing flyers. Placing an advertisement on YouTube is grabs more attention than placing an ad on TV shows. Most of the social media platforms provide zero cost for signing up and creating a profile. Placing an advertisement on a social media page cost a minimal amount compared to other digital marketing options available. This is one form of low-cost advertisement where you can expect a good return of income if you can invest a short amount of time, while the money saved up can be used for other business expenses. 

Now go get started! Analyze the apt social media platform, start investing and reap the results.

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6 Best Social Media Sites For Digital Marketing

In this post, we are pointing out the six topmost social media sites for marketing your business. Every platform has a unique way of broadcasting advertisements, know your niche, and tailor your marketing campaign prudently.

  • Facebook

Facebook turns out to be an obvious option for social media marketing considering the immense amount of people engaging in it. Did you know that worldwide there are approximately 2.41 billion monthly active users who spend a minimum of 20 minutes on a Facebook visit per day? 

Every second five new profiles are created and your potential number of audiences increases monumentally. That is the exact reason why 42% of the marketers have mentioned Facebook as one of the important sources for their business in a recent survey. 

To get started, open a Facebook business page. You can upload details about your company and contact information for users to get in touch with you. The Facebook business page has a lot of options like insights, followers, and reviews sections to know the growth of your page. It also allows you to upload your website URL which will, in turn, increase the website traffic when people take a look at your page.  

There is an option for advertising the brand via Facebook ads where you can target the audience based on sex, age, marital status, or even their interests, thus making it easy for a business to reach the apt audience without wasting time on others. The ad appears on their news feed while scrolling. Other than that you can always keep your customers engaged by posting or sharing interesting posts, creating broadcasts for events, or indeed an occasional giveaway or offer that would drive a good amount of lead to your business.

Beyond all, be personable since Facebook is a social media platform where people love to see some interaction and a personal touch in your business.

  • Instagram

Instagram is the second most happening social media platform following Facebook which takes the lead. More than 60% of active Facebook users use Instagram on a daily basis. This prominent app is known for its outstanding features which can make people go crazy for it. The same person owns Facebook and Instagram, so a person’s Facebook and Instagram accounts can be connected and used effectively.

Instagram also provides a business account just like Facebook provides a business page. One can interconnect both and then can avail of the dual benefits from it. The business account on Instagram has great features as insights, bookmarks, and several followers. These features help a person to identify and check for the business growth and methods of improving the business.

There are numerous ways to promote a page on Instagram. Sharing images, good engaging content, going live on Instagram, or putting up a story to keep the followers active are a few basic ways to shape up your business account. 

More potential ways to promote your ways are 

  • Approaching readily available “promotional pages” that have an enormous amount of followers, they post an advertisement for your page on their profile, where it is exposed to the huge number of people following them. They provide this service at a minimal charge. 
  • Approaching bloggers and celebrity Instagram accounts. Few bloggers and celebrities offer to use and post a review of your products on their page, in response people following them would give a thought about your company for their shopping needs, leading to a more client base. The bloggers/ celebrity either barter for the reviews or get paid. 
  • Hashtags are the most happening moment on Instagram. Remember to always post your content with the relevant hashtags in the description space. This will encourage people following those hashtags to get in touch with your page.
  • Instagram too provides a chargeable promotion option, where your brand’s advertisement is pushed into a person’s news feed and it automatically appears when scrolling through it. You can sort out the age, sex, and under which geographic regions your ads should appear. 

Overall, Instagram consists of a wonderful visual platform that can be used to showcase your business in the right manner and get the best out of it.

  • YouTube

Being more than 10 years old this social media site is irrefutably ruling the industry even today. YouTube is a well-known video-sharing platform where videos can be uploaded, publishes, and shared unlimitedly. It has roughly 1 billion mobile views a day with around every minute 300 hours of video are uploaded! 

YouTube is the second largest search engine only behind Google. Now, why would anyone not think about using this booming place as an opportunity for brand development and a digital marketing tool? 

Start right away, set up a YouTube account, choose your video preferences, select a video file and publish the video.

Let’s check out the possible methods and resources of marketing the brand with YouTube.

  • One of the biggest advantages of owning Google is the sole owner of YouTube. Therefore, creating a YouTube channel gives you high hopes for SEO development to your website.
  • Another added advantage from Google is that YouTube has access to Google advertising platforms and thus you will be able to place advertisements on it.
  • Keywords play a vital role in search engines. Make sure you place the most ranking keywords on the title or video description while uploading a video. This makes sure that your videos hit the top lists.
  • Optimize your video using engaging content like tutorials, client reviews, comments acknowledgment, statistics, tips, and tricks. When the subscribers increase there will be an increase in publicizing for your brand. With mind-blowing content, your videos may go viral too.

YouTube makes a tremendous digital marketing tool as video contents are more effective. The app builds a community with like-minded subscribers who are following the brand and generates good leads.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media site consisting of over 100 million active users that allow users to visually share and explore new interests by posting new content by sharing them on this platform. If a user finds a post interesting they can “pin” the content on their “board”. This is the exact reason content lives longer on Pinterest than any social media. The content is removed from the board only when a person deletes the pin manually. When people save them on their boards repined content gets shared. 

Just like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest also has a business account, wherein a business can showcase its content by sharing photos or videos and engage customers effectively. Right from small local businesses to big shot businesses use Pinterest for promoting their brands. The number of pins shared accounts for the number of recognition the brand acquires. Business accounts can have an eye on their user’s profiles and the pins they follow to get to know their interest and market accordingly.

How Pinterest helps in digital marketing:

  • This social media site is unique since it concentrates more on visual content than words. If you showcase your product in an eye-catching fashion, you can expect a huge response here. 
  • Business accounts can put up a blog post on the pins and drive high traffic to your website. Rather than posting just long boring advertisements every time, many business pages started giving out small tips on the products they market. This indeed boosts up the page traffic since it arouses curiosity for the audience and they start to get interested in more information. 
  • Pinterest expands brand reach by taking it to new eyes. The social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook can be linked to the Pinterest account which is an added advantage to this app. 
  • Play with tags. Choose your niche a play along to make like-minded people follow the pins you have created. This will create more leads to the purchase page.
  • The content pinned has a longer marketing life on Pinterest than any other social media site since it will get repined and shared by users and until removed by the user the pins will not disappear.

If one can see the light about Pinterest and its marketing strategy they can undoubtedly be able to make productive use of it for branding their products.

  • Twitter

Twitter is scoring high points in the social media industry and it is an absolute hit. It is well-known for spreading messages through short notes called “tweets”. Tweets can be news, politics, or companies branding their products with a word limit of not more than 140 words. One can tweet, retweet, or follow their friends, family, and celebrities here. It is ranked one among the happening social media website, which is also available in an app version to make it more mobile-friendly.

Let’s get down to business and find out how Twitter plays a key role in digital marketing.

  • Yes, Twitter allows placing ads at a small cost just like any other social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. 
  • Create a Twitter card image for your business website as such when someone retweets your tweet, the Twitter card pops up along with it. This acts as a digital visiting card for your website.
  • Build up a good number of followers by engaging them with crisp and viral tweets. Engage with influencers to volume up the followers for your Twitter account. The number of people following your brand and brand promotion goes hand in hand.
  • Create a contact list for your brand. Follow people related to your brand development. Get in touch with them; learn new ways to reach the public from the pros.
  • Update your “pinned tweet”, which appears on the top of your profile and it is the first thing seen by anyone who is checking out your account. Make it more interesting and related to your brand.
  • Using hashtags makes the tweet get approximately 20% more reach than the ones without the hashtag. Don’t get excited and place too many hashtags in a tweet, cause it doesn’t work that way either. One or two numbers of hashtags related to the subject are ideal to reach a good ranking.
  • Research the hashtags and keywords before using them in your tweets. Check for a few points like how many times it is used, the number of retweets it has achieved, and so on. The apt hashtags and keywords are the magic wand to make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Know your competitor, know their marketing strategy, watch and learn.

Twitter is the ultimate place for short and crisp content which can bring new leads, drive high traffic to your websites, or can make your brand go viral if utilized smartly.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the unique social media platforms for professionals. It is more of a formal website unlikely Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn enables a person to build up a portfolio, carry out personal branding, or research about other companies. It is more likely an employment-oriented service that is more than 10 years old. This is available on both website and mobile app versions.  

LinkedIn is a big privilege for B2B principle-based companies since it provides an opportunity to meet professionals in the same industry wherein they can learn and grow together.

Let us see how LinkedIn works on the digital marketing platform

As discussed earlier, B2B companies love LinkedIn as it gives them an immense opportunity to meet professionals based on their business and create and discuss ideologies. this will enable companies to grow better

  • It has splendid features like sharing content, engaging audiences, and recruiting professionals.
  • LinkedIn is a smart platform for product launches because this is a platform for fishing out investors for your business. 90% of the B2B companies use this platform to promote their brands. You can cut the chase by not investing time to create stories about your products in a creative and catchy way to gather customers. The brand can directly professionally reach its investors without any hindrance.
  • There is a chargeable advertisement placing service options available on this platform, other than that there are two other marketing strategies available, passive and proactive LinkedIn marketing.
  • Passive marketing is where you create a profile update your interests, publish your business ideas and wait for the right investor to get in touch with you. While proactive LinkedIn marketing is where you post content, engage your audience, reach to professionals for discussions and discuss in groups, posting regular status updates, and more.
  • Unlike B2C companies, B2B companies require stakeholders and decision-makers to move their business to the next stages. LinkedIn makes this easier since there are several numbers of investors who are looking forward to taking over new and capable business ideas.
  • You can add a LinkedIn badge to your website or blog such that people visiting your website can have a look at your profile.

LinkedIn can make a company expand its business horizons and create a professional image for the business. It is definitely worth giving it a try.

Few other aspiring social media platforms for digital marketing are

  • Snapchat.

Snapchat is an online app that allows users to share photos or videos named Snapchats with another user. There are chargeable options for placing a linkable Snapchat in the discovery section. 

  • Tik-Tok.

In 2018 Tik-Tok was discovered and it is now one of the racing competitors in the social media industry right now. It allows users to post a 15sec video with music options and is entirely for entertainment purposes. Marketing tools in Tik-Tok are the influencers with large followers who can review your products. 

  • Yelp.

Found in 2004, Yelp is a business directory; once you register a business here it is verified. Customers will eventually start reviewing the customer service and product quality thus a circle of trust forms for the brand due to the transparency. Users of yelp can get back to you with the registered details such as mail, phone number, or website.

  • Facebook Messenger.

Though Facebook Messenger comes under Facebook a separate app has to be downloaded on the mobile for using it. The messenger is linked to the Facebook business account. It is a small chat space where users can get in touch with you. There are various options available in messenger like automated texts wherein once user messages in messenger a greeting message like “Thank you for reaching us, we will get back to you shortly” appears on the chat automatically when you are not available online. This makes it look more professional and shows the amount of importance that you give your customers.


So, mentioned above are the six best social media sites for digital marketing which are trending. There are still hopes for any other social media site to hit the top lists overnight. Always stay updated to know the trending pages. Before kick-starting your brands via social media marketing tailor your needs and research to find out the best possible site for your brand promotion. Know where you have a strong client base. Start small to know the response and move ahead slowly and steadily to have a good reach.

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