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12 Best Work From Home Jobs for Students

Gone are the days when you have to go to the office for work. Amidst the Lockdown the work from home jobs is on the rise. Online jobs from home are in trend not only for people in cooperate sector but for students as well.

Work from Home Jobs For students


The work from home jobs for students is a pathway for students to showcase their skills and earn a handsome amount of money.


There are many benefits of work from home jobs for students while studying 

  • Earn extra pocket money
  • Opportunity to gain experience
  • Improve Management skills
  • Sense of responsibility at an early age
  • Opportunity to build a new network


This lockdown has allowed students to upskill themselves and start earning at an early age. There are many fields in which you can find work from home jobs for students for which they don’t even need a degree. Specific skills for each job is required.


In this article, I have shared the 12 best work from home jobs for students that they can pursue as a full–time career and earn well.


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List of 12 best work from home jobs for Students

  1. Content Writing
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Social Media Manager
  4. Blogging
  5. Virtual Assistant
  6. Video Editor
  7. Online Tutor
  8. Transcriptionist
  9. Graphic Designer
  10. Web Designer
  11. Data Entry
  12. Youtuber and Social Media influencer


Work from home jobs for students and how to find the job

1.   Content Writing

The job of a content writer is among popular work from home jobs for students who are passionate about writing. No matter what your niche is you can find a good job in any niche. Being a content writer you can explore different niches and learn new things.

The role of the content writer is to create good content for the website or blog of the company to promote its product and services. The content writer has to research the topic or about the product offered by the company. The responsibility of a writer is to create content that increases the sales of the company.

Skills Required

  • Good communication skills
  • Strong research skills
  • Knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Adaptability
  • Time Management
  • Keyword Research


  • Research on topics according to niche
  • Create content as per SEO guidelines
  • Keyword research
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Write Blogs
  • Content for Social Media


How to Find the Job

  • To earn money from content writing first you are required to create a portfolio that will have your sample articles.
  • You can create your article samples by making your website and publish them yourself.
  • You can also use Platforms like Medium and Quora to write articles and add them as sample articles to your portfolio.
  • You can find the job as a content writer by contacting directly the clients,  bloggers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups,
  • You should join social media groups of content writers
  • You can become a freelance content writer as well.


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2.   Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the advertising of products and services through digital channels like e-mail, social media, web applications. Digital Marketing is a marketing strategy that involves electronic devices.


The trend of digital marketing is increasing with each day. Every business or startup follows digital marketing strategies to increase its sales. There are many online courses for digital marketing through which students can upskill themselves and earn a good amount of money.


Skills Required

  • Data Analysis
  • Project Management skills
  • Knowledge of latest marketing tools
  • Communication skills
  • SEO
  • E-mail marketing


  • Managing E-mail campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Drive Traffic to Brand’s website
  • Google Analytics
  • Knowledge of latest marketing Tools
  • Develop SEO based strategies


How to Find the Job

  • If you do not have any prior knowledge of digital marketing, you can pursue an online digital marketing course.
  • To be a successful digital marketer good analytical skills are required, which you can learn by doing Google Analytics
  • Start your career in digital marketing through freelancing. It is always good to have some experience before applying for a job. You can do an internship in digital marketing or start freelancing and get some experience.


3.   Social Media Manager

In these times all of us have been using social media for more than connecting with our friends. Social Media has become a digital channel which most businesses use for marketing and advertising their product and services to increase sales. Businesses use Ads and other tools to market their products on social media.


If you spent a lot of time on social media to explore and have good knowledge of channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn then the social media manager is the right job for you. As a social media manager, you have to stay updated about new social media trends and develop good content for the social media accounts of the company.


Skills Required

  • Knowledge of the latest social trends
  • Good communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Content management skills
  • Knowledge of Social Media Marketing tools
  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Knowledge of keyword research
  • Google Analytics
  • Strong Research Skills



  • Manage different social media platforms
  • Perform research on the latest trends
  • Generate Content like videos, photos, text, and publish on social media
  • Communicate and respond to queries of the followers
  • Monitor traffic from Social Media Platform


How to Find the Job

  • To become a good social media manager, you should know the fundamentals of marketing and writing.
  • Stay aware of the latest social trends. Start working for free or at a low fee.
  • Contact directly to the clients, bloggers, entrepreneur or small business who wants to establish their presence in the market.
  • Freelancing is always a good option to kick start your career.


4. Blogging

A Blog is an informational website for a particular niche. You can choose a niche, according to your expertise and start a blog. There are many ways to earn from a blog if you have the right skillset and know-how to get your blog ranked on google. You can easily start your blog using WordPress without any technical and coding knowledge.


Skills Required

  • Good Writing skills
  • SEO skills
  • Strong Research skill
  • Creative thinking
  • Marketing skills
  • Time management kills


How to Find the Job

  • Firstly, select your niche. Choosing the right niche for the blog is important.
  • Some popular niches for blogging are: Education, Lifestyle, Health, Fashion, Finance
  • Try to choose a single niche because having multiple topics on a single blog can confuse your readers.
  • Create your blog using platforms like WordPress.
  • Write SEO based content to get ranked on Google.
  • Drive traffic to your blog through social media platforms.
  • As your blog starts to get ranked on google, there are many ways you can earn from a single blog.


Ways you can earn money from blogging

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertisements
  • Create an online store
  • Sell digital products like e-books
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Offer services based on your niche


5.   Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant does not require much training. The virtual assistant job is one of the best work from home jobs for students who have good managerial skills. Students having some experience in organizing events in college or any other work that required good organizational skills can do this job.


Entrepreneurs or Owners of small businesses are most likely to hire virtual assistants. When the owner of the business could not handle all the tasks by himself and need a supporting hand, they hire virtual assistants.



Some responsibilities of virtual assistants are

  • Responding to emails and phone calls
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Organizing calendar
  • Making Presentations
  • Preparing Spreadsheets


 Skills Required

  • Time Management
  • Good organizational skills
  • Management skills
  • Good Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • MS Office


How to Find the Job

  • As a Virtual Assistant, you should have good communication and organizational skills.
  • Write your previous experiences of managing or organizing events in your portfolio.
  • Contact directly to the clients or through an agency.
  • Start offering your services as a freelancer.


6.   Video Editor

The video editor’s job is one of the best work from home jobs for students who know about photography and have good editing skills.


The job of the video editor is to capture the pictures and videos and convert them into high-quality videos for the website or social media pages of the company. As a video editor, you are required to create good video content for the company that increases the sales of the company.


Skill Required

  • Knowledge of the latest video editing tools
  • Creative thinking
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Multitasking



  • Capture and assemble all the recorded raw material
  • Create high-quality videos for the digital platforms
  • Meeting with clients and understanding their requirements
  • Create videos with a clear message and storyline
  • Operate different video editing tools


How to Find the Job

  • Firstly, learn the fundamentals of video editing.
  • For video editing, you should have access to the latest video editing tool.
  • Create your portfolio and start offering your services to clients


7.   Online Tutor

Gone are the days when you need a degree to teach. You might have taught your friends during examinations, cleared their doubts and appreciated you.  So, If you are good in academics and have deep knowledge in a subject that you can offer to teach others and be a good tutor. Online Tutoring is one of the best work from home jobs for students having an interest in teaching.


Online teaching has come into trend amidst the lockdown. Now many platforms offer the job of the online tutor to students allowing them to showcase their skills and teach students. Being a college student you can teach students from elementary school to high school.


Skills Required

  • Good Communication skills
  • Time Management skills
  • Concentration and patience
  • Deep knowledge of the subject
  • Presentation skills



  • Create Course Content
  • Respond to students queries
  • Monitor progress of students
  • Grade Assignments
  • Keep a record of their performance
  • Resolve technical issues


How to Find the Job

  • As an online tutor, you should have complete knowledge of the subject you want to teach.
  • Many websites offer the job of an online tutor to students.


8.  Transcriptionist

The job of the transcriptionist is to create a text document from recorded audio, videos or, conversations. To do this job you have to listen to the recorded audio and create a written version of the audio. You can consider this job among profitable work from home jobs for students if you have good typing and listening skills.


Skills Required

  • Excellent Listening Skills
  • Strong Writing
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Excellent typing speed
  • Time Management
  • Knowledge of the tools required for conversions and editing



  • Listening to the audio carefully
  • Point out errors if any
  • Understand clients requirements
  • Review drafts
  • Submitting work on time


How to Find the Job

  • To find a job as a transcriptionist create samples to show your clients.
  • Create a portfolio and start offering your services as a freelancer.


9.   Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are in demand as these days almost every industry use digital platforms for marketing. The job of a graphic designer is to create web pages, images, logos, and other promotional materials like brochures books, magazine covers. You may consider this job if you have good creative skills and you can create attractive visuals.


Skills Required

  • Creative thinking
  • Good at teamwork
  • Knowledge of the latest technologies and Software
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Time Management Skills



  • Design Images, Web Pages, Logos, Magazine covers, and other promotional materials
  • Understand and meet clients requirements
  • Create Drafts for clients and take feedback
  • Select Correct size and fonts for good user experience
  • Review final products and correct errors if any.


How to Find the Job

  • You do not need a degree to be a graphic designer. You can pursue an online course to learn graphic design.
  • Create samples of your design and put them in your portfolio.
  • Find work on Social Media groups
  • Offer your service as a freelancer


10. Web Designer

The job of the web designer is to plan and design websites or web pages as per the client’s requirements. Sometimes the term web designer is confused with a web developer. The role of a web designer is different from a web developer.


The responsibility of a web designer is to plan, create and code web pages using non-technical and technical skills. It is the responsibility of a web designer to put all the graphics into a system and make sure it works well. On the other hand, the job of a web developer is to handle more complex functions of the website like integrating different back-end servers and databases.


 Skills Required

  • Creativity
  • Analytical Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Coding skills
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Knowledge of the latest web designing tools.



  • Understand client’s requirements
  • Understand website specifications
  • Design sample pages and graphics
  • Basic knowledge of SEO
  • Pay attention to legal requirements
  • Test website before giving access to the client
  • Provide Technical support for website
  • Write codes to create different pages or designs


How to Find the Job

  • You do not need a degree in web development to be a Web designer. Start web designing for your friends and family.
  • Use your websites as a sample for your clients.
  • Contact directly to clients, bloggers, start-ups at low fees initially.
  • Start offering your services as a freelance web designer.


11. Data Entry

Data entry is a job that anyone can do. Data entry is taking data from one source and entering it into the computer or any other device. It is like copying data from a handwritten document to a computer.


Skills Required

  • Fast typing
  • Accuracy
  • Organizational skills
  • MS office
  • Confidentiality



  • Sorting documents for data
  • Check accuracy
  • Create back up
  • Print data if needed
  • Review errors


How to Find the Job

You are not required to have many skills for this job. Good typing skills and knowledge of spreadsheets. You can find a job on freelance websites like Upwork.


12. Youtuber and Social Media Influencer

YouTube is a popular digital platform where you can find videos in almost every field. As a Youtuber, you can create video content based on your skills. You can choose your niche according to your interest and expertise. You can create a YouTube channel for providing information or just for entertainment.


Being a YouTuber is amongst the best work from home jobs for students where you can showcase your skills, share your knowledge with many people and earn a good amount of money from home.


How to create a YouTube channel and monetize your channel

  • Go to the user’s icon, click on your channel
  • Click on create a channel and further customize your channel, fill in all the details about your channel.
  • Create your first video
  • You will be qualified for monetization if you have 4000 hours of watch time in the last year and a minimum of 1000 subscribers.
  • To enable monetization, click on the channel menu – other features and then Monetization
  • Monetization>Start
  • After enabling monetization sign up for Adsense and wait for monetization approval.


Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers are people who create content as per their expertise and influence people. These people post content on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter based on their niche and establish their presence on social media to get audience attention.


As a social media influencer, you have to create good quality content and engage your audience. You can earn a good amount of money as a social media influencer all you need is to create content that grabs the attention of your follower and influence them to follow you.


Ways you can earn money as a social media influencer

  • Create sponsored post
  • Become Brand ambassador
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Create your products
  • Collaborations with another influencer

As you have seen that you can easily start your career in any of the above job profiles through freelancing. So now, let us see what is freelancing where you can start your career as a freelancer.


Who is a freelancer?

Being a Freelancer, you can find various work from home jobs for students and work according to your time and in your comfort zone without affecting your studies.


As a freelancer, you can even work with more than one client at a time. The perk of being a freelancer is that you can decide the cost or fee for your service, try to keep it low at the initial stage of your career.


Where to find work as a freelancer

Following are some websites where you can find your first gig as a freelancer.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Outsourcely
  • ProBlogger
  • Freelancer
  • Guru

On basis of your interest and your skills, you can choose a suitable job from the above 12 best work from home jobs for students. It is a good idea to start working while studying. You can make the above jobs a full–time career and earn money. If you do not want to have these jobs as a full-time career, freelancing is always an option to earn some extra money.

An Electronics & Telecommunication engineer who is passionate about reading and writing. She loves to blog and research about various topics to improve her knowledge. Currently, an intern at IIM SKILLS.

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