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 Top 8 Roles In Digital Marketing For A Business

Top roles in digital marketing for a business are many. We are often posed with the question as to why digital marketing is important today. Why should we invest our time and efforts into learning digital marketing? The various surveys that are carried out today reinforce the idea that the importance of online marketing is paramount today. The exponential growth in digital online users and their affinity towards online services beg the development and optimization of digital marketing efforts. From the former part of this decade to the latter part there has been humongous growth in the number of people who rely on web marketing for solutions to their problems.

Top Roles In Digital Marketing For A Business

Why Is Digital Marketing So Relevant Today?

Digital marketing is the process of promoting your brand and its features whether product based or service based on the consumer to derive maximum Returns on Investment(ROI). today it is imperative for every company whether big, small or medium to invest considerable time and budget in digital marketing campaigns. 

The main reason for this is, you find most of your clients in the digital space whether it is social media marketing channels, interactive forums, debates, and discussions carried out on different platforms. Your potential consumers are out there in the web world. Therefore, a sound digital marketing strategy is a necessary requirement for greater exposure and visibility of your product. Even for the smallest details and the most trivial questions consumers today surf the internet for answers. That, in itself, is a testament to the penetration of digitization in our everyday life. There are more than 500 million internet users in India right now. This figure will further accelerate with the growth of the economy and the increase in the purchasing power of consumers.

The Spike In Demand For Courses

 There is a reason why digital marketing courses have seen an enormous spike in their demand today. The pace of technological advancement in the latter part of this decade has been unprecedented. Too big a change in too little time. As a result, it has become a little difficult to cope with all the changes with traditional marketing. Moreover, digital marketing is a far more cost-effective method than traditional marketing. Consequently, the results are much better than that of traditional marketing.

 But there is certainly a depth of digital experts in the market. For a business of any size to sustain and grow in this fast digital market, they require expertise and proficiency to leverage the benefits offered by the online world. But according to reports and surveys (Staenz), more than 65% of respondents believe that finding a good talented skilled individual is a major challenge in this field as of now. The major reason is that a very small number of people understand the intricacies and subtle demands of digital marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Surveys show 46% of business houses work with digital agencies to execute the marketing initiatives. 43% work with freelancers to get their work done(Staenz). These figures clearly show that the demand for Digital experts in the country as well as in the world exceeds the supply of digital marketing executives. Therefore comprehensive courses in digital marketing training have become mandatory to leverage the plenty of benefits that digital marketing offers.

There Are So Many Roles To Fill. The Top Roles In Digital Marketing Can Be Considered The Following

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

The digital marketing manager holds the most crucial role in the top roles in digital marketing strategy. One can say that the digital marketing manager is the linchpin of the digital marketing strategy of any business organization. They have to monitor and assess the entire aspect of a digital marketing initiative.

Their skills hold a lot of importance as they bring together all the other elements of digital marketing campaigns and integrate them together to make a successful strategy. They are responsible for managing and planning marketing campaigns which include all the components and models of digital marketing. 

Starting from perusing the activities of Search Engine Optimisation, search engine marketing to emails and social media marketing, a digital marketing manager has to look over all the facets of a digital marketing campaign. Observing and advising that they are being implemented perfectly is one major task.

They have the responsibility of bringing out the best in all of their digital marketing professionals. The ultimate result is that the business gets a high return on investment(ROI). A digital marketing manager has to be conversant with the different tools and platforms that make up the digital marketing campaign system. For example, there are various tools in the various digital marketing modules like SEmRush, Screaming Frog, Canva, Hootsuite, Buffer, Gmetrix, Facebook insights.

Apart from this, they have to find out ways to increase brand recognition ability and drive traffic to the website playing the role of Brand marketer. Budget allocation plays a very important role in any online marketing strategy. Digital marketing manager has to make sure that they are responsible for the judicious distribution of the project into the different online modes of marketing a product or a service.

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  1. SEO and SEM strategist

Digital marketers with specialization in Search Engine Optimisation and search engine marketing is an asset to any organization. Search Engine Optimisation and pay-per-click advertising are two of the most important elements of a digital marketing strategy. Individuals proficient in these two fields are required to ideate, plan, create, and finally implement the SEO strategy of a business or an organization. Every business needs individuals who have the acumen of implementing SEO and SEM strategies with optimum efficiency.

An SEM or SEO expert has to have a keen understanding of keywords, keyword research, the various keyword research tools. Moreover, studying and assessing traffic building, creating backlinks and an online reputation of delivering class high-quality content is very important. People in this field need to know about HTML, PHP, CSS. How to work around WordPress or Joomla, researching and practicing the latest SEO rules developing effective ranking strategies. They should be equipped with an understanding of analyzing reports and presenting solutions to the client. How to incorporate a keyboard into a copy that would make it the most efficient for search engine rankings is the main duties of an SEO strategist. 

Coming to a pay per click manager they have to be at home with google Adwords and every paid platform. They should know the various terminology associated with paper click advertising along with being analytical and understanding the correct bidding process. They should find solutions on how to work with the budget allocated as well. 

 Search engine optimization and search engine marketing expert has to be familiar with SEO audit tools which give effective website analysis reports. Some key SEO audit tools are Ahrefs, Se Ranking, Seoptimer, DeepCrawl, etc.

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  1. Content Strategist

Content is the most crucial aspect of a digital marketing strategy whether it is B2B marketing or B2C marketing content plays a very important role in driving traffic to your website. Also, creating a strong rapport with your consumer. As the digital marketing world day is rife with competition, every company out there is looking to devise means of gaining attraction. Content is one component that can get your attention and drive traffic to your website organically purely based on your merit.

A content-driven campaign is one that attempts to disseminate important and useful information to educate and inform your customers in an appealing manner. That is, one builds unwavering trust in your business. 

A content strategy aims to bring the consumer and your client together to form a bond that would result in customer loyalty in the long term. A content strategy has a lot of sub-models to work with. Multimedia, content writing, graphic design, infographics video specialists all come under its purview. A stellar copy is the main motive of a content strategist. Then comes the steps like ideating formulae to promote that copy on the different channels for maximum visibility.  

 A content strategist has to have highly developed communication abilities. They have to have a keen judgment of what a consumer needs. Additionally, they should have extensive knowledge of the various content tools that are available at our disposal.

 Content strategy is to deliver a brand identity and story to your potential customers, leads and conversions through meaningful copy filled with interesting facts. A content strategist has to assess the potential of the different social media marketing channels and has to produce content that aligns with the brand’s objective. One that appeals to the sensibility of the potential customer.

  1. Data analysts

Data analysis is complex as it is an intriguing department of a social media strategy. A prerequisite for a Data Analytics expert is that they have to be good with numbers and statistics. A data analytic expert carries on market research to know the audience and the target group. Then collects data on sales and other metrics compiles them and creates reports on the analysis of consumer behaviour and patterns.

 They have the mathematical acumen of processing the data with accuracy giving weight to important elements. Thus, they have to possess insights and understanding of the digital marketing campaign. A data analyst should have the ability to comprehend predictive modeling, predictive analytics, data mining text mining, big data, etc.

 Another important part of data Analytics expert is to strategize and analyze Trends and patterns. Then provide a report for the future digital marketing campaign. Trend analysis and report helps to understand what your business has been achieving so far and what are the shortcomings. Based on that report a company can employ different strategies to create a strong impactful digital marketing strategy. 

Generally, data Analytics expert comes from technical backgrounds mostly having a brilliant understanding of numbers and statistics. Professionals from the IT industry or mathematics field can do wonders in this specialized branch of digital marketing. They can maintain, process and analyze large databases with comprehensive analysis and reports. That, in turn, helps people from other departments of a digital marketing campaign to work upon the data. Sampling, conducting a/b test, network Analytics, social network analytics are some of the areas that they need to work in to understand and improve digital marketing initiatives.

  1. Email Marketing Specialists

Email marketing though considered an old form of a communication channel to disseminate information to the public relating to a product or service has never become irrelevant. Today email marketing is being carried out and revived with newer tools and software to bolster the marketing efforts. This is because of the nature of Email Marketing. They are transparent and have the engagement characteristic which is very important for any business.

An email marketing campaign strategist has to be empathetic, know the needs, tastes, and preferences of consumers, and create email campaigns to propagate the product or services of your brand. They have to be familiar with different email marketing tools like Mailchimp, GetResponse, Constant Contact, and many such marketing tools that make the work of an email marketing strategist easier. They also have to ensure that they create a personalized, transparent strategy. One that offers value to the user. 

Important Points in Email Marketing

The message that goes out has to be conveyed clearly and delivered to leads as well as conversions. The characteristics of email marketing in the digital marketing module are invaluable. Acceptance Rate, Open Rate, Bounce Rate, ALT TAGS, behavior email, Blacklist, and unsubscribe Rate are some of the key elements for email strategists to be aware of. 

An email marketing expert has to understand the pulse of the prospective as well as the existing customers. They should create an email list based on the behavioral patterns of the consumers. Then, segment the consumers into different categories. The key is to create emails molding the content to a particular customer sample and send out emails with a clear call to action and a personal touch. 

Today, online users mostly use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to carry out their online activities. Therefore, it is essential to create mobile-responsive emails that have a clear interface. The buttons and the different elements of the copy should be clear and easy to maneuver. Navigation should also be glitch-free. 

In totality, an email marketing specialist should ensure that the user experience from opening the mobile to reading its content and taking the desired action is trouble-free. Interactive marketing campaigns are the best ways of communicating a message through email. Interactive email campaigns enable a user to participate in the email. Swipe, Click, Click for Demo, etc are some of the means of engaging consumers. Security also plays a very pertinent role. It has to be ensured that integrity and security are maintained impeccably throughout the entire email marketing process. This applies also in the case of all the exchanges between a customer and a business.

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  1. Social Media Manager

Social media today is a treasure for any business that aims to make an impact in the online world. There are several social media channels that exist in the India web scenario today. These social media channels offer a plethora of opportunities to business to promulgate their product and service effectively through this medium. Some of the most important social media channels are Facebook Instagram Snapchat Pinterest.

 Through these channels, social media strategists can very successfully promote a brand and its unique features and yield a high return on investment. Social media strategist has to see wisely distribute the budget for social media activities. They should know which medium to concentrate on most according to the target audience. 

The primary duty of a social media marketing manager is to research and know the audiences first. Identifying what the focus Group is the first step to creating content that is impactful and helps to gain conversions. The next important part is to understand the key performance indicators(KPIs) of social media. Social media channels provide the advantage of engaging with your target audience forging a connection with them through direct contact. That instils faith in your product. Social media is an audiovisual media which allows you to come out of the anonymity of the web and present your product and brand to the prospective customers so that transparency is maintained. 

Social media marketing strategist has to keep all of these in mind. Create and plan a social media strategy. This is done by careful monitoring of the reports and analyzing them thoroughly. 

  1. E-commerce Specialist

The surge in the number of online users and the inception of e-commerce retail shops has contributed to the rise in demand of e-commerce specialists. They are skilled prforessionals looking after the online sales aspect completely. They also conduct different methods to promote sales and make conversions on a particular website.

We have several e-commerce sites In India today. For Instance, Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra and online websites of different renowned companies promote and sell their products and services. They do this through their dedicated websites of the company. Samsung, Jio, and Mi are some examples of such websites that carry on E-Commerce sales through their website as well. 

E-Commerce specialist looks to optimize the website for better user experience, manage the different aspects of the site, maintain coordination with co-workers. They ensure to collect relevant information for each product or service and communicating the brand’s innate objectives on the site. The payment gateways and the whole payment structure is a very important elements of any E-Commerce site.

These specialists look to optimize all these important components of an email site so that the user has the optimal experience while interacting with the site. E-commerce specialists should possess business acumen along with an analytical mind to ensure that the execution of content is flawless. They should help to derive traffic to convert to customers. Additionally, they have to possess good digital marketing expertise and knowledge of different tools that help to enhance the user experience in any E-Commerce site so that the consumers take the desired action. Along with exceptional communication skills and writing abilities, an e-commerce site specialist should have an in-depth understanding of the different metrics relating to sales and should have a good understanding of crisis management situations.

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  1. Customer Relationship Manager(CRM)

Customer relationship management is again one of the most vital aspects of the Digital Marketing campaign. Customers are the mainstay for any business organization. Every digital marketing campaign is created keeping in mind customers. The primary responsibility of a customer relationship manager in a digital marketing module is to define the core goals. Then execute consumer relationships with the utmost sincerity. That ensures that the digital marketing initiatives are aligned with customer demands. A customer relationship manager should make all efforts to respond quickly and address queries and grievances if any.

 A digital customer relationship manager has to look after all the aspects of the Digital Marketing system of the process of communication between consumers and the business. A CRM manager in digital marketing with a background in information technology is a much-desired quality. They would be familiar with different customer relationship management software that helps to engage and interact with customers efficiently. 

Lead nurturing, ensuring timely rectification of issues to information regarding the delivery of products and service all come under the work and duties of a customer relationship manager. They should also continuously maintain and strengthen customer relationships in accordance with business goals and objectives. 

The customer relationship manager is expected to know and utilize all the tools applications and database programs that are used to process customer relationships. They should have insight into market information and developments. They must communicate all updates to the customers giving them relevant information regarding the business.

 Some of the key objectives are to implement policies effectively. Additionally, ensure that the activities are carried out following legal and company regulations. They also should coordinate and ensure that digital marketing departments are interconnected with each other. Coordinate to avoid any kind of inconsistency and information deficit.


Therefore,  you have it. The top roles in Digital Marketing. Digital marketing offers a wide area of opportunities and rules to fill in the overall digital marketing strategies. Apart from the main roles that constitute digital marketing campaigns, there are several important responsibilities under the main roles. 

For example, under social media marketing, we have multimedia specialists, content coordinators, creators and schedulers for social media posts, etc. Since digital marketing is still a growing trend there will be a lot of other opportunities and rules to fill in this vocation.

Moreover, digital marketing is flexible intrinsically therefore it offers a lot of exciting job opportunities. Like, working from home, doing a variety of freelance work and taking up work aligning to your interests.

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Therefore digital marketing can be said to be a field that is a boon to work in. This is because it has considerable latitude where timing and work pressure are concerned. Additionally, digital marketing is a very high paying job since a specialized skill set is required to excel in this field. It is a distinctive dynamic branch of marketing that offers great potential for a professional. Make sure to explore the different opportunities of digital marketing because it is certain that a professional will find one or more areas of interest in this creative and sustainable career path.

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