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Top 9 Prospects Of Career After B.Tech In Bangalore

Engineer graduates have flooded this country and along with such a great inflow of candidates, the real question that arises after graduation is what now?


The image shows top 9 prospects of career after B.Tech in Bangalore

  • Which Master’s course should I do after my graduation?

  • What steps should I follow to have a successful career?

  • How do I establish myself?


All these questions will be answered in this article by giving you the 15 best career-building paths to enrolling in to have a successful and happy work-life ahead.


Engineering is a vast Domain. You can do your graduation in various fields like: –

1.) Mechanical Engineering

2.) Civil Engineering

3.) Electrical Engineering

4.) Software engineering


These were some of the courses that form the greater chunk of India’s engineering graduate populous. The list of fields in Engineering is quite long, but after graduation, most of them face the question as to what to pursue ahead to make a living out of this education that they have received in their particular fields.


Hence, portraying a future with a vision in our mind this article will give you a deep insight into which course you must take up to have a flourishing life with a job of your interest and the best career after B.Tech in Bangalore for you.

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1.)   M.TECH/MS/ME


You surely have the passion if you have completed your graduation in the engineering field that you always dreamt of taking up. You spent four years learning about the field you were interested in and now is the time to take the studies for it ahead. Therefore, if you wish to study more and upgrade your career after B.Tech in Bangalore. You must do an M.Tech in that particular field.


To complete your M.Tech from a reputed government institute (like IITs) you need to appear for GATE. But, if you are a graduate of the IITs, NITs, or IIITs and your CGPA is above 8, you can directly get admission for M.Tech in your own or any of these three respective colleges.


Also considering that if you think GATE is a difficult exam for you to clear and if you are okay with doing your Master’s from institutes other than the IITs, NITs, IIITs, then you can get admission to a private university


Name of some good government institutes in Bangalore: –


  • BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE)
  • IIT-Bangalore
  • MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT)
  • BMS Institute of Technology and Management
  • Indian Institute of Science (IISc)


Name of some good private institutes in Bangalore: –


  • Jain University
  • RV College of Engineering
  • PES University
  • University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE)


2.)   Master’s in Business Administration


Although the most sought-after degree by a huge crowd of engineers in India, an MBA/PGDM degree is said to help portray an engineer to have managerial as well as solution-oriented training considering the switch in his choice of going from Science to Commerce.


Many engineers are MBAs nowadays but just because there is a lot of sheep doesn’t mean that all the wool is the same. As an engineer, you evolve when you decide to make the switch and acquire skills to completely understand the work environment of the corporate world in both structural and functional aspects. But surely it would be a gratifying decision for the rest of your life.


In total, there are 9 National Level MBA entrance exams in India for MBA admission. These entrance exams are CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT, GMAT, NMAT, SNAP, and ATMA. Out of all these examinations, CAT is the one that is the most widely accepted across 1000 B-schools and All the IIMs of India. But to get into a good college you will require a minimum of 90 percentile marks.


The best institutes to proceed with your career after B.Tech in Bangalore in the Field of Management is IIM-Bangalore and IISc-Bangalore. Exams conducted at State Level called KMAT will help you get into MBA colleges only within Karnataka.


3.)   Banking Exams


If you have good analytical and communication skills then you can fit perfectly into the role of an employee in a bank. As an engineer, you must have kept in touch with the recent trends in all sorts of technology developments.


Even banks are going through a lot of changes in their digital infrastructure and hiring employees who are technically sound can prove to be an asset for the respective banks. Hence, you can have a very secure and well-paid career after B.Tech in Bangalore in the field of Banking.


The most popular banking exams are: –




This recruitment into the banks through these exams is a three-stage process.


  • The first step is clearing the preliminary examination
  • After passing the same you will qualify for the mains examination
  • Then the last step is a personal interview conducted by the particular bank you have cleared the exam for.


To get into a private sector Bank you need to have a Master’s degree in Business administration or you have to clear the private Bank’s exam conducted by them for recruitment


4.)   Civil Services


Many engineers in our country are aspiring to join the civil services. It is a very respected job in our country and also very well-paid. The following table contains all the three categories of Civil services you can join for a successful career after B.Tech in Bangalore: –





To get recruited in any one of the departments, you need to clear the preliminary exam and the mains exam that is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission or UPSC. After that, you will have to appear for a personal interview.


To get into public services in Bangalore you need to appear for the KPSC (Karnataka Public Services Commission) exam. It follows the same three-step procedure of Preliminary exam, mains exam, and then Personal Interview like UPSC


– The posts you can join after passing all these steps are: –

– Executive Officer (Panchayat Raj)

– Treasury Officer

– District Social Welfare Officer

– Commercial Tax Officer

– Assistant Commissioner of Tax

– Deputy Superintendent of Excise Department


5.)   Campus Placements


If you are thinking you need on-field experience in the field you chose to do your graduation in, then, after completing your Bachelor’s Degree, you must provide your details and merits to the placement cell of your university or college.


Also, get the list of the companies that visit your institute’s campus for recruitment. It is always beneficial to have work experience in your field that gives you exposure to what are the key functional topics that you must be thorough with. It in turn helps you to be a well-skilled professional in that field.


E.g., Wipro and TCS are two of the most renowned and sought-after companies in an I.T. Hub like Bangalore. They recruit graduates and if they prove their worth then they fund the candidate’s higher education with colleges that they have a tie-up with.


Very often, many companies send graduates working under them for higher studies if they prove to be worthy of such a scholarship. Hence, having work experience right after you complete your graduation can prove to be very beneficial for a successful career after B.Tech in Bangalore.

6.)   Entrepreneurship


Start-ups are the most celebrated in Bangalore. It has over 13,000 actively operating startups and is the home to many recently established “unicorn” Companies like Byju, Big Basket, Myntra that made the headlines of many newspapers. People switch over to entrepreneurship for several reasons, such as flexibility in work hours, improved work-life equilibrium, etc.


As a graduate, if you feel that you want to run your business and be your boss, then this is a good career option for you. Bangalore has the third most start-up establishments globally, hence the technically skilled minds, well-updated tech infrastructure, and availability of skilled employees in bulk all around the city is why your start-up idea will be raised in the right environment catering to a successful entrepreneurial career after B.Tech in Bangalore


All you need is a unique business idea and gradually learn to be consistent in your business and its growth.


7.)   Digital Marketing


Speaking of what the term suggests, Digital marketing is the phenomenon of selling a product online to prospective clients. As an engineer your primary thought process to solve any type of complication is synonymous with the word “innovation”. The online type of marketing requires inventiveness on various levels.


1.) Product creation

2.) Product feasibility

3.) Product development

4.) Marketing of the finished product


All these bullet points depict in a nutshell, the process that is involved to serve the market with a finished good. Key characteristics that you imbibe in an engineering course are contrivancecreating structural links between an idea and its reality, and then working towards that particular agenda (e.g., assignments, projects, etc.).


Hence, an engineer fits perfectly into the roles required to fulfill the requirements of all these 4 intricate portfolios that would help you to have a fulfilling career after B.Tech in Bangalore.


Being an I.T. hub has high traffic of such people in the I.T. Industry who are constantly working harder every single day to prove their worth in the company. Experience does matter, but skill matters more.


If you can do a particular task that an experienced employee will take a week for, you automatically become a potential efficient employee who can be considered as an asset to the company. All kinds of businesses need to save time and at the same time, they need to get the maximum work squeezed out of their employees and their digital infrastructure.


You can know more about digital marketing at Digital Marketing Course Training in Bangalore


How To Become A Good Digital Marketer?


The first step to becoming a Digital Marketer is to apply for a good course that befits your criteria and budget. It’s always better to opt for training courses that give you hands-on training along with practical assignments.


IIM Skills offers the Best Digital Marketing course in India with first-hand practical experience and internship programs. It is a 12 weeks integrated course to teach you Digital Marketing from ground zero. Do check it out.


Other aspects to consider are:


  • You need to understand that it is a job that involves advertising, endorsing, and sponsorship
  • creativeness, uniqueness, and innovation are the key factors to make a mark in the marketing world.
  • remaining up-to-date with the advanced digital marketing strategies is extremely inherent.


Scope In Bangalore:


Completing the Digital Marketing course, and keeping in mind that you are already a B.Tech graduate, will open a wide range of jobs for you. As a Fresher in the Field, your salary would range from 1-3 Lakhs rupees per annum. depending on how well-skilled you prove to be in the interview and the Group Discussions held by the hiring company.


You may want to glance through the Top 23 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore


Then, later on, when you gain experience in the field, only the sky is the limit and you shall soon be minting money as in the field of Digital Marketing, the experience of a few years also means a great deal as it is an upcoming field. Therefore, any period of experience is a medal that you can flaunt.


List Of Major Jobs In Demand (In Bangalore)


JOB NAMESALARY (in Rs. p.a.)
Jr. Digital Marketing /SEO Executive (Fresher)1,50,00-3,00,000
Assistant Digital Marketing Manager (Work from home)2,25,000-3,00,000
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager2,00,000-4,50,000


8.)   Content Writing


1.) Do you have a talent for writing well?

2.) You have an innovative idea, but don’t know how to depict content to the world about it?

3.) You have a keen interest in a subject, but you don’t know how to write long descriptive articles that are well researched?


If the answer is yes, you need to train your writing skills under expert guidance. People who have already been living your dream of writing about your particular niche or writing on any content but are well-researched and in a professional way are the mentors you need.


Content writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a class apart from other jobs because every day that you live to write another article is a whole brainstorming session altogether.


The necessity to have a good career after B.Tech in Bangalore in this field, uniqueness is more important than creativity. Surely, creativity plays an important role in content writing but the key to becoming a successful content writer or to depict through words a better vision of your idea is by being unique. You have to chase that factor of your product or the content that you wish to write about as it needs to be a class apart from what is already available on the internet.


Once that is achieved, you need to utilize the proper tools available on the internet to advertise or market your content well. If your content has been written appropriately according to the Search Engine algorithms, your article will automatically start going up the ladder.


But to do all this needs a lot of experience, tons of hard work, and a little bit of smart work.


How To Become A Good Content Writer? 


The process is the same, begin with enrolling for a good Content Writing course that acquaints you with the concepts of the content writing world. Look for a cohesive course inclusive of all the latest advancements and tools of content writing.


Then, you have to master that particular skill but not just by doing the course but also,


  • you need to keep in touch with the current trends, the trends in the past,
  • read books about great people who already have mastered that skill,
  • you need to work hard every single day so that you become the best in what you do. So that nobody can ever dare to replace you.


You need to be undefeatable once you understand your strengths and simultaneously work on your weaknesses with the same zeal which you have to polish your strengths for a triumphant career after B.Tech in Bangalore.


You can have a look at the Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore to help you choose better.


Scope in Bangalore:


Once, you have completed the content writing course, you can either apply for internships or jobs. With experience and efforts, you can build yourself a lucrative career in the content writing world.


If you are concerned about the salary brackets, check at payscale the regularly calculated salaries for content writers and similar roles.


Interesting to know the median amount is that great, isn’t it great to have such a fortunate career after B.Tech in Bangalore?


List Of Jobs In Demand (In Bangalore)


JOB NAMESALARY (in Rs. p.a.)
Script writing job2,00,000-3,00,000
Digital Content Writer80,000-2,25,000


9.)    GST Practitioner


A GST practitioner is a person with a particular number of clients for whom they perform certain tasks such as paying taxes, interests, penalty, file refund for certain claims, etc.


As an engineer, you are well versed in how to multitask. The focus required to perform the activities of a GST practitioner is the same as multitasking, doing various assignments with tough numerical problems that need smart thinking and a logical algorithm.


This job doesn’t require innovative thinking or creativity. It needs more discipline, routine functioning, and a clean record with no ups and downs of committing any kind of mistake.


How To Become A Good GST Practitioner?


As GST has opened up new avenues for the people, anyone can step up to become a GST Practitioner by indulging in a GST Certification Course. With sheer determination, passion, and the latest knowledge about GST registration, filing, returns, refunds, and more; you can brush yourself to become a GST consultant or work in an MNC.


Master the concepts of GST from basic to advanced level with IIM Skills’  GST Practitioner Course.

Scope In Bangalore:


GST Practitioner is a course to help your financial planning and as well as being able to manage a stipulated set of clients if you wish to make the learning’s impact to be lucrative.


A GST practitioner doesn’t have an impressive average pay scale. But what comes with time is an experience, if you have learned this skill at a young age. The demand for this job is so high, that if you consistently put in efforts, your pay scale can rise from ten thousand rupees per month up to 3-4 lakh rupees per month. So, you need to be ready to put in the efforts required for flourishing in this field.


You may want to know about the Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Bangalore


You are an engineer hence you know how to deal with complex calculations using multiple alternate formulas that are quicker than the methods used regularly. That is the skill required here.


Bangalore being a busy hub has a huge scope of clients who would like GST practitioners to do their taxes or penalties or at least refer to them for any tax-related problems. Hence, the city has millions of opportunities for not just gathering individual clients but also attracting companies to hire you as their Tax Consultant or Tax manager if you are performing well as a professional in that field.


List Of Jobs In Demand (In Bangalore)


JOB NAMESALARY (in Rs. p.a.)
Freelancing GST Practitioner1,00,000-2,00,000
Book Keeper/ Accounts Assistant1,80,000-3,40,000
Sr. Finance Executive (at Würfel Küche Pvt. Ltd.)3,60,000-4,20,000




The courses spoken about here are demand fulfillment oriented. These jobs spoken about in this article will direct you to fill those voids in the job market that are lucrative because they have a high demand and not many skilled professionals to fill the gap of recruitment.


These courses are not just well in demand but also have a very unique yet vast approach for allowing you to complete it and then even excel in it for attaining your dream job to build your career after B.Tech in Bangalore.

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