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Top 10 Computer Courses After BBA in Bangalore

After finishing college, one of the biggest challenges faced by all recent graduates is how to bag a great job? The most important requirement to get a good placement is to have an exemplary skill-set. Let’s delve into the top compter courses after BBA in Bangalore in detail that would help you with getting great job offers. 


The image portrays top 10 computer courses after BBA in Bangalore


Bachelors in Business Administration or BBA is one of the most popular degree choices for undergraduate students after they complete their 12th grade. It opens a multitude of opportunities for students in the field of business and marketing, especially in Bangalore. Bangalore is considered the start-up hub of India and therefore a great place for BBA graduates to start their careers.  The courses provided in this degree program focus on business, marketing, finance, human resources, accounting, etc.


While a lot of students tend to pursue their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) after finishing BBA, there are many career options to choose from if you want to start working at a job right after graduation. These could be in the finance market, human resource development, R&D, management, and my personal favorite, entrepreneurship.


But, getting a great placement requires more than just a degree from your college. The job is an extremely competitive place, and to truly stand out you must invest your time in building your skills and updating your knowledge to stay at par with the current development in the professional market.


Businesses and business models are constantly improved upon, and technological advancements have brought about a revolution in how businesses are run today. Reaching the global market, predicting customer behavior, improving user experience, etc. are now much more important skills than many of the traditional marketing models.


To help you navigate the myriad of courses that are available on the internet and choose the ones that are beneficial for you in the long run, here is a list of the top 10 computer courses after BBA in Bangalore that you need to check out.


Top 10 Computer Courses after BBA in Bangalore


1.     Big Data


As the term suggests, big data refers to large volumes of structures and unstructured data that are later organized and studied to predict and improve upon different aspects of a business model.


The way a business understands and analyses the data generated can make or break it. It can be used to determine faults in a business model and predict the flaws that might occur in the near future. It can also be used to understand customer behavior and increase sales based on that.


I remember a case study that I had read in the book ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg. In that particular chapter, the author was discussing how Target, which is one of the biggest retail businesses in the USA, using data generated by the shopping habits of customers and elite computer algorithms to predict and manipulate the buying habits of people.


Many other organizations also depend on data collection and analysis to run a successful business. Therefore, learning the concepts involved in big data is one of the most important skills you need to have if you wish to enter the job market.


Here are some of the best online computer courses after BBA in Bangalore focussed on Big data that you can do:


  • Big Data Hadoop Training in Bangalore by Besant Technologies
  • Hadoop Training by FITA Academy
  • Certified Big data course by Analytixlabs
  • PG certification program in big data and analytics by UpGrad
  • PG program in big data engineering by UpGrad
  • Big data Hadoop certification training course by SimpliLearn


2.     MS Office


MS Office tools are widely used by most professionals in all niches but are especially important for those working in business administration and management. The collection of tools included in a complete MS Office package provides a faster, organized, and efficient platform for working professionals and is therefore widely used by many small and large businesses.


Understanding the basics of the various MS Office tools is essential for all business management professionals and therefore doing a computer course after BBA in Bangalore focussed on MS Office would be a good approach for you.


Some of the tools that are included in the MS Office Business package includes:


  • MS Word which is one of the most widely used text application in the world today and can be used to create and format documents efficiently.
  • MS PowerPoint, another tool widely used across the world and especially important for people in businesses to pitch their ideas and models. It is used to create interactive presentations and slides.
  • MS Excel, which is extremely important to manage large data efficiently such as financial information, employee details, product catalogs, etc.
  • MS Access is used for much larger data that cannot be managed in excel.
  • MS Office Publisher is a great tool to create various types of publications like posters, greeting cards, newsletters, pamphlets, etc.
  • MS OneNote is a note-taking app and is very important for research and other purposes.


Now that you’ve seen some of the important applications that are included in MS Office, let us discuss some of the best online computer courses after BBA in Bangalore focussed on MS office that you can do:


  • Microsoft Office course by Excel Education Institute.
  • MS Office course by Jupiter Vidya
  • MS Office training course by Elegant IT services.
  • MS Office training by Besant technologies.


3.     Digital marketing


The ways of marketing have transformed drastically due to the influence of social media and search engines on potential customers for businesses. Digital marketing and social media marketing have emerged as the new marketing strategy and have quickly overtaken the traditional marketing models because of their many benefits, such as their low investment, larger reach, precise targeting, huge return on investments, etc.


To get more insights about digital marketing training, go through the Digital Marketing Course Training in Bangalore


Therefore, developing your digital marketing skills is very important, and pursuing a computer course after BBA in Bangalore in Digital marketing should definitely be on your to-do list.


One of the Best Digital Marketing Course in India is provided by IIM Skills, which is extremely popular in all the major cities including Bangalore. They provide 180 hours of comprehensive live training along with a 3-month guaranteed internship to ensure that you get the application of the concepts learned in the course.


Also, you can check out the Top 23 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore


4.     Tableau


When it comes to data sciences, more important than the quantity or volume of the data is how the data is used. Analyzing and understanding the data generated is important to gain insights and increase the profitability of a product or business model.


And yet, a significant amount of time and effort has to be invested in simply organizing the data generated. It is nearly impossible to get cohesive ideas from the raw data that is usually collected and therefore organizing is an essential step in data analysis.


This is why Tableau is a great tool for businesses as it improves visualization and analysis of the raw data that is collected. This visual analytics tool helps simplify data to an extent that it can be understood by professionals at any level in the organization, even those without technical knowledge of data sciences.


Some of the best features of the Tableau software are real-time analysis, accurate data organization in less time, data blending and collaboration, etc. Therefore, doing Tableau computer courses after BBA in Bangalore is a great way to improve your skill-set and employability.


Here is a list of some of the best Tableau computer courses in Bangalore:


  • Tableau Data Visualization course by Technovids
  • Tableau Training by Besant Technologies
  • Tableau Certification Course by Edureka
  • Tableau Training Course by ExcelR
  • Tableau Certification Training Course by SimpliLearn
  • Tableau Course by 360DigiTMG
  • Tableau Certification Training by Inventateq
  • Tableau Training by FITA Academy
  • Tableau Training by Intellipaat
  • Tableau Training by TIB Academy


5.     SAP tools


System Applications and Products in Data Processing or SAP software consists of various integrated modules that are essential for business management. SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is mainly used to centralize the system and improve the efficiency of businesses.


In the centralized system of data management, all information is concentrated at one center and distributed to various departments, connecting them to a central link and thus reducing the chance of data losses and delay. ERP eliminates the possibility of discontinuity and redundancy in businesses and promotes efficiency and quality of work.


For business students, having the knowledge of SAP ERP tools is a very good skill that will further their chances of outshining others and getting a great placement. Many of the highest-paid professionals among business graduates have great command over SAP tools. Therefore, pursuing SAP ERP computer courses after BBA in Bangalore should definitely be on your to-do list. Here are some of the best SAP courses in Bangalore:


  • SAP Training by Atos
  • SAP Training by Delphi Computech
  • Online SAP Training course by Inventataq
  • SAP Training by RIA Inst. of Technology
  • SAP Training Course by TimesPro
  • SAP Training Courses by Cranesoft
  • SAP Training Certification by eDrishyaa IT
  • ERP Training by First Ideas


6.     Content creation and management


The quality of content presented by a company matters a lot nowadays since more and more people are now dependent on the web for a lot of things. Content creation and management involve researching, developing, publishing, and updating information that has been put out by a company to build a connection with the audience and promote their products and sales.


It can involve written content, videos, infographics, social media posts, e-mails and newsletters, editing, and distribution of content among the masses.


Having a good understanding of the various technical details that are involved in content creation is a great skill that will give your resume a boost. Therefore, pursuing content creation and management computer courses after BBA in Bangalore is a great option to try. There are many types of content creation and management courses available for you to try, some of which are mentioned below:


  • Content writing and copywriting involve writing the information that is to be put out by the company on their blog or website. IIM Skills offers one of the best Content Writing Course in India, with 4 weeks of live online training and 3 months of guaranteed internship to hone your skills in content writing.
  • Video content creation involves scripting, recording, editing, and releasing various types of videos according to your niche.
  • Social media content creation is probably one of the most popular choices among content creators to gain popularity and promote their businesses.
  • CMS courses that focus more on the technical aspects of content development and aim to make the interface more user-friendly.


You can also know about the Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore


7.     Web designing


Web designing, in the simplest terms, means developing and designing websites. Courses in web designing can range from designing the interface, typography, color scheme, etc. to developing websites from scratch through HTML, Java, Php, etc. Web design is extremely important for a brand as it creates the first impression for potential customers and determines how your company is perceived.


Web designing would require you to have knowledge of the most common web design languages. The most common web design programming languages include HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, .Net, etc.


Learning at least one of these languages could give you a significant boost in your job hunt and help you outshine others. Therefore, doing a web designing computer course after BBA in Bangalore is a great option. Here are some of the courses that you can try:


  • Full Stack Developer Training by Besant Technologies
  • Web Designing course by FITA Academy
  • UI/UX Web Designing by DigitalLync
  • Web Designing and Graphic Training course by Inventateq
  • Web Development Training by InfoCampus
  • Web Design Course by A2N Academy
  • Web Designing and Development course by Apponix
  • Frontend Developer Program by UpGrad


Sign up for the Best Technical Writing Course to become successful technical writers. 


8.     Search Engine Optimization


Ranking a website or a post involves technical knowledge about how the search engines work to optimize the website accordingly. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is used to make your content more visible and reach the target audience on the internet. Learning how to optimize your content according to the search engine’s algorithm will help your website to rank and therefore is very important. It can help increase the domain authority of your website and increase conversions and sales for your products and services.


Since we have been discussing digital marketing, content creation, and web designing, it is important to understand that all these fields are related. SEO is another skill connected to them and is very important if you wish to improve your brand visibility and reach more customers. Therefore, pursuing SEO computer courses after BBA in Bangalore is definitely something you should do. Here are some of the courses you can try:


  • Advanced SEO training course by SimpliLearn
  • SEO Training by FITA
  • SEO Training by Besant Technologies
  • Advanced SEO Training by iDigital Academy


9.     Tally


Tally stands for Transaction Allowed in a Linear Line Yard and is one of the most popular accounting software used by organizations to manage their finances. Managing the finances of any organization is tedious work and is prone to many errors which could cause major loss to the company if not rectified. This problem can easily be overcome by using the Tally software as it allows flexible and efficient workflow and eliminates all errors.


Learning how to use Tally isn’t hard, but it is a very important software for all professionals in business and accounting. If you’re planning to work in finances and accounting, learning the Tally software will boost your career and help you bag a great job. Doing a Tally computer course after BBA in Bangalore is something you should definitely consider. Here is a list of some of the best Tally courses in Bangalore:


  • Tally course by FITA Academy
  • Tally training by Besant Technologies
  • Tally training by RIA Institute of Technology



Another promising career in the finance industry includes GST Certification Course. Do check it out.


Have a look at the Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Bangalore


10.  Python


Programming courses are some of the most popular computer courses that professionals from most fields find useful. Python is a high-level, object-oriented programming language that is easier to learn compared to most other languages and can be used for many purposes like web development, software development, back-end development, and data analysis.


If there is a programming language that would benefit professionals in business administration, it is Python. The language is versatile and easy to learn, and it can be used to solve many different kinds of problems in the business industry. Therefore, doing Python programming computer courses after BBA in Bangalore is a great option to try. Here is a list of some of the best Python programming courses in Bangalore:


  • Python Training by Prwatech
  • Python Certification Training course by Inventateq
  • Python Training by ExcelR
  • Python Training by FITA
  • Python Training by Besant Technologies
  • Python Training by Apponix


Students go through a huge transition from the academic world to the professional world after graduation. Getting a great job requires you to have knowledge of the latest technologies being used in the industry. Doing job-oriented computer courses after BBA in Bangalore can give you the necessary skills and experience to improve your employability and progress your career. Have you tried any of these courses? What was your experience? Comment below!


You can also check out IIM SKILLS Advanced  SEO Course.


  • These are all great options to pursue after BBA. I’ve been learning web dev for sometime now and it’s very interesting. Python is also a great programing language to learn as it is highly adaptable.

  • Hello, I’m about to finish my BBA and I’m thinking of doing a computer course in tally or in a programing language like R. Can you suggest me some courses for that?

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