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Top 3 Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi With Placements

Got a passion for becoming a technical writer? Always been interested in the technical stuff? Love writing and sharing your knowledge about the technologies? Then, don’t back down to become a technical writer. Don’t know how to start your technical writing career? Don’t know where to start your journey of a technical writing career? Don’t worry! We have got you covered. We will help you to become a professional technical writer out there. Technical writing courses in Varanasi are not only for people in Varanasi, but people around the world can actually learn technical writing with the following technical writing courses in Varanasi.


Technical writing courses in Varanasi


Also known as the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi is one of the fastest developing cities in Uttar Pradesh of India. Varanasi is one of the important industrial centers for muslin and silk fabrics in India.


With the fast-growing technologies and various startups and IT companies, no wonder Varanasi is one of the fastest-growing cities of India. With the ever-growing need for technical writing, technical writing courses in Varanasi are gaining popularity.


Let’s know what technical writing is in-depth before you actually start writing.


What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing is the documentation of technical information or any recorded information. Technical writing is writing technical information in all professional and occupational fields. It encompasses software and hardware computer technology, chemistry, aeronautics, engineering, medical, finance, Agricultural, business, robotics, biotechnology, and forestry.


Technical writing often includes writing about technical aspects, medical procedures, computer applications, and environmental research and regulations. Technical writing includes writing about how to do information on the technical data.


Technical writing is the documentation of technical information in many genres and written in different styles. However, most technical writing depends on the clients and the type of information.


Technical writing includes the following document formats-

  • Instructional Documents

Also called procedure writing, instructional documents involve writing about guidelines either for the user or developers to a program or a device. Eg. Troubleshooting guides for computer hardware and software programs. User manuals for medical equipment, household products, mechanical products, etc.

  • Proposals

Writing a proposal for any project in a corporation often includes documenting the objectives of the project, process, and method for doing a project, financial and technical aspects of the project, etc. Eg. a Proposal on the adoption of new software, etc.

  • Emails

Email is the main form of communication between businesses. Emails are often written for different purposes. Emails can be used for business communication, marketing, or for pursuing clients.

The press release is about the new products or services documentation of a business. Technical writers write press releases about the new products that are about to be released into the market by the business. A press release describes the value and benefits of the product to the public.

  • Specifications

Specifications are the outlines that generally describe the parts, structure, components, packaging, and other aspects that help a third party to reconstruct it. Eg. A technical writer writes specifications for a device so that the manufacturer can actually construct it.

  • Descriptions

Descriptions are simple and shorter layman explanations about the working of any product. Eg. A technical writer writes about the effects of a new version of the software in a user-friendly way.

  • Resumes

Resumes describe the author’s credentials to the reader. Job applications can also be considered technical writing sometimes.

  • Technical Reports

Technical reports give the information that is researched, analyzed information about a task. Reports are written for different purposes and for different reasons. Eg. A technical writer can write reports about the working efficiency of a machine. Also, a technical writer from a non-profit organization can write an evaluation report about the environmental pollution caused by the usage of that machine.

  • Case Study

Case studies highlight the findings of a person, group, or any organization over a period of time in a specific situation. Eg. A technical writer can write case studies involving the highlights of a company’s growth during inflation and how it influenced their profits.

White papers are generally written for experts of the field describing the solution or an alternative to a business challenge or any technological issues. Eg. A technical writer writes a white paper conveying the solutions for software running on the computer.

  • Websites

Technical writers often authorize pages like ‘about us’ pages and product pages. Technical writers are sometimes proficient in tools for web development.

  • Datasheet

They comprise all the key features and a summary of the specifications, applications, technical information, and detailed description about the product working, software, application, equipment, etc.




Technical writing is different from other forms of writing on many levels. Technical writing often mediates the complex and technical jargon information in an easy-to-understand way. A technical writing course in Varanasi will guide you in writing technical documents with important characteristics.


The main goal of technical writing is neither telling a story nor expressing one’s own opinions. Technical writing is meant to guide the user to do the desired action despite not having any prior knowledge.


Technical writing is written in business writing format, most often rather than in a creative or academic way. Technical writing courses in Varanasi will help you write technical writing with the following characteristics.


  • Clear

The writing must be clear without stuffed technical jargon. It must deliver the subject in a clear format.

  • Straightforwardness

The document must be straightforward to the subject without running in circles and also with no literary devices.

  • Precise

The writings must be precisely described in the details in exact terms and manner.

  • Detailed

Technical writers must write in a detailed way without leaving anything for imagination. The information must be so clear that even a layman should use it.

  • Skimmable

The documentation must be in a way that it is easily understood by a user and can get a glimpse of the subject by skimming through the document. It can include a table of contents and index with descriptive headings.


Technical Writing Skills


As a technical writer, you are expected to have some important skills. These skills will help you in technical writing and often help you to stand out in your profession.


Besides the impeccable language and grammar skills, you need to run along with the trends. Keeping up with the trends is very important for a technical writer. Technical writing courses in Varanasi will help you learn the following skills.


Some of the basic technical writing skills include-


  • Communication Skills

Communication skills are one on the top list for a technical writer. The technical writer needs to adapt their writing and communication based on the knowledge base of the audience. A technical writer needs to communicate with clarity, purpose, openness, and confidence.

  • Technical Skills

As a technical writer, it’s an open secret that a technical writer needs technical skills. They need the basic knowledge and understanding of related industries.

Some of the basic technical knowledge for a technical writer is-

  • Product development
  • Programming language
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • User experience (UX) design


  • Research Skills

Technical documentation needs extensive research on the subject. The technical document must be supported by the feedback of the end-users as well as the subject matter experts. Extensive research on the industry and technology would add quality to their document.

  • Writing Skills

Technical writers are often expected to write in different styles and to different audiences. They are expected to write different technical documents depending on the knowledge basis of whom they are writing to. Their writing must be flexible with a clear understanding.

  • Editing Skills

A technical writer needs to analyze and edit the technical document and make changes in it until it is understandable to the audience. They often include-

  • Content review
  • Proofreading
  • Technical vocabulary
  • Style and structure
  • Tone of voice


  • Designing Skills

Technical documentation often is presented in Videos, graphs, infographics, etc. So a technical writer needs designing skills to present the document to appeal to the audience.

  • Information design
  • Information architecture
  • Typography
  • Basics of graphic design


  • Teamwork

Teamwork is one of the important skills a technical writer needs to work effectively in the corporate world. Technical writers need to team up with other departments to know the details and give the output effectively.


Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi


Certification in technical writing is always the best decision you take in your career. Exposure to real-world experience, teaching professional writing formats, upgrading your skills are a few benefits you can earn from a training institute. There are many technical writing courses in Varanasi, but the following institutes were found to be the best among the available technical writing courses in Varanasi.


The following technical writing courses in Varanasi don’t limit themselves only to Varanasi, but these courses train students from all over the world. However, you need the best of the technical writing courses in Varanasi to be the best in your profession.


  1. IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course


If you need a professional guide to stand out among your potential competitors, then IIM SKILLS is the best you can choose. IIM SKILLS are best known for their flexible schedule, extensively researched training, and friendly trainer-trainee-based training.


Founded by Vaibhav Kakkar, IIM SKILLS has been one of the best technical writing courses in India for a long time and will be one of the best even in the future. IIM SKILLS have helped more than 14300+ people to become certified professionals in many fields. IIM SKILLS is the best online education tech program designed to train individuals in diverse fields like digital marketing, content writing, technical writing, GST certification course, and more.


Technical writing master course by IIM SKILLS helps budding technical writers to become an expert in technical writing, and helps the already in-field writers correct their mistakes, and help them land the best premium jobs. Technical writing master course at IIM SKILLS keeps you updated with the new technologies and trends in technical writing, which is very crucial for a technical writer.


This technical writing course mainly concentrates on the core skills development of the trainee. By the end of the technical writing master course, the trainee can have all the best and essential skills for technical writing at the back of his hand.


You can learn core skills like-

  • Conveying the jargon technical stuff in layman terms.
  • Can be able to select the best format of technical writing types to explain the information clearly.
  • Writing precise and clear technical documents based on the reader’s base of knowledge.
  • Documentation of technical information incorrect and preferred formats of technical writing.
  • Designing visual technical documents for easy conveying of the information.
  • Writing technical documents based on editing and formatting rules.


One of the best parts of training at IIM SKILLS is that any graduate with basic internet knowledge is eligible for this course. Communication and language skills can be more helpful. A passion for technology innovations and writing is a must. Newbies can lay their strong foundation from this course and people already in this field can become experts in the subject and secure high-paying jobs.


If you have a passion for writing and a will to work for it, then you can surely join the IIM SKILLS technical writing master course. Because at IIM SKILLS, you need to practice with real work experience.


Whoever you might be, a lawyer, software engineer, journalist, health care professional, teacher, content writer, etc you can still take up this course and become a technical writer. The course curriculum is so flexible that it is suitable for a student and also an employee.


Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


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Course curriculum in brief includes-

  • 5 weeks of live technical writing classes online
  • 60 & more practical assignment hours
  • Essential technical writing tools
  • Internship immediately after completion of course
  • A supportive placement cell for placement assistance


Still not convinced why IIM SKILLS need a top place in the listicle? Let us help you by putting the extraordinary features of this institute


  • Interactive Sessions

Training sessions are so interactive that you can rest assured that your every query is answered. You have an opportunity to study with people from diverse backgrounds by sharing your ideas, engagement in online discussions.

  • Flexible Timings

Sessions are flexible in timings for easy scheduling to both working professionals and students.

  • Best Faculty

IIM SKILLS have the best faculty and trainers who walk you throughout your journey. They have the best-certified trainers who train you and give you real feedback which helps you a lot to improve yourself.

  • Resources

Learning resources of IIM SKILLS are designed for easy understanding, and you have access to the resources at any time for a lifetime. Your missed classes can be recovered with the recordings of your missed sessions and you can listen to them at any time.

  • Certification

You can earn a master’s certificate upon completion of this course which will help in increasing your worth in the discipline.

  • Internship

IIM SKILLS will give you hands-on experience with their dedicated internship program. You can test your skills and learn what to expect in your field.

  • Introduction to Tools

At IIM SKILLS, they introduce you to all the relevant tools for technical writing. They will train you in using the relevant software for technical writing. At IIM SKILLS,they help you even after completion of your training.

Post-training mentor support is one of their exceptional services. They will help you in building your portfolio and extraordinary resumes. Joining IIM SKILLS could be the first best decision in your career. With the above salient features, IIM SKILLS is on top of technical writing courses in Varanasi.

Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

2.    Google’s Technical Writing Course


The technical writing courses in Varanasi cannot be completed without Google’s technical writing course in it. Google’s technical writing course is a free course that is more suited to people in professions like professional software engineers, engineering-related roles like product managers, computer science students, etc.


A little basic knowledge of coding and English language foundations could make your training easy at Google’s technical writing course. The course curriculum is different for both facilitators and students.


The course curriculum is as follows-

  • Course curriculum includes 2 divisions, pre classes, and in-class
  • In pre classes, you are taught the basics of technical writing
  • In classes involve a faculty-led session where you are taught the depths of technical writing and their practice
  • Overall time to complete the course is 8 hours for students and 8.5 hours for the facilitators
  • This course helps you to explore a wide range of resources
  • Deep insights into technical writing through many illustrations and explanations
  • Helps to explore different styles of writing and grammar for impeccable technical writing
  • Includes many exercises to help you analyze your understanding of concepts
  • Trained by experts in the technical writing industry for better learning
  • Self-paced learning program to learn at your own timings
  • Trains people with the latest trends in the industry
  • Trains people in different formats of technical writing in an easily understandable way

You can enroll in Google’s technical writing course and learn at your own pace.


3.    Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin could undoubtedly grab a place in the top list of technical writing courses in Varanasi. Henry Harvin institute has trained many people to become one of the best technical writers in the industry.


Henry Harvin is best known for its diverse training courses which include digital marketing courses, content writing courses, accounting and taxation courses, GST courses, medical writing courses are a few among others.


The course curriculum of Henry Harvin includes the following-

  • The course involves active participation in various live projects for a better experience
  • Faculty are with more than 15 years of experience in the technical writing field
  • The post-course internship is one of their key features
  • Certification on completion of the course for better identity in the market
  • The course includes placement guarantee assistance for a year
  • E-learning format which involves learning about different tools, techniques, etc
  • Free entry to #Askhenry Hackathons and Bootcamp for a month
  • Trains to master expressions in the English language for a better writing
  • Trains the students to write in an impeccable and clear way
  • Keeps students updated with the trends in the industry
  • Teaches you to write according to the guidelines of technical writing
  • Involves teaching better methods to communicate technical stuff to laymen
  • Teaches writing the thesis, research papers
  • Trains individuals to land in their dream jobs with high pays
  • Flexible timings suitable for both students and professionals
  • Improves your resume making you stand out in the field
  • Introduction to the best tools for technical writing
  • Trains individuals in editing, writing, and techniques to write technical documents in a comprehensive way


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


With the above-listed features,  Henry Harvin is one of the efficient technical writing courses in Varanasi.  The following answers to the most asked FAQs would help you to understand the technical writing career clearly.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.     What is a technical writing course?

A professional course usually teaches necessary writing skills to communicate technical information to non-technical individuals in an easily comprehensible way. They teach the degree of technicality and technical concepts in technical documents like reports, theses, white papers, press releases, etc. Technical writing course develops writing technical reports according to the guidelines.


2.     How can I learn technical writing?

To learn technical writing, you need to learn the correct writing format of technical documents. Good writing skills, communication skills, basic technical knowledge of technology, and related aspects are essential for learning technical writing. You can learn technical writing from many of the technical writing courses online.


3.     What are the qualifications for technical writing?

Any college degree would be sufficient to learn technical writing and become the best technical writer in the field. However, basic knowledge in any of the technical subjects like web development, software development, engineering, web design, and computer science, etc is required. Further, basic knowledge of English and grammar is a must. A degree in journalism, English, or communications would be preferred.


4.     Is technical writing a good career?

Technical writing is one of the fast-growing careers along with the pace of ever-fast growing technology. With the development of technology, the need for people who write those technical jargon stuffed documents in layman terms is also increasing. So, the need for technical writers is increasing daily.




Despite the training of different technical writing courses and their best curriculums, the success of learning solely depends on the will and capacity of the individual. True, that training institutes do play an important role in your career but the hard work and dedication of the individual is the decision-maker of your success.


This listicle of technical writing courses in Varanasi will help you find the best technical training institutes. However, technical writing courses would help you in the fast and easy development of your resume and portfolio for faster and better growth in the technical writing industry.

  • I’m a freelance writer I don’t think I get paid well, so I’m looking for a course to sharpen my abilities. Technical writing, as the name suggests, calls for exceptional writing, and other skills. I’ve been looking for a Technical writing courses in Varanasi for a while, but there are so many alternatives on the internet that it’s hard to decide which one to take. This post is quite helpful because it evaluates the several courses offered here and enables me to select one that is both thorough and seems to be a good fit. I appreciate you sharing this useful article.

  • I own a tutoring centre. Students in grades 10 and 12 as well as economics majors are catered to. I’d like to start publishing instructive instructional booklets for my pupils in order to make things easier for them, which is why I’d like to enrol in Technical writing courses in Varanasi. Because I don’t have a flexible schedule owing to my training classes, I’m looking for an online course that will deliver great training through recorded videos. Also, the institution must provide a forum for me to ask questions, therefore please recommend an academy from your list.

  • hey, I am a college student looking for a part-time job. and technical writing is one of the options I am considering. I have taken a free course in technical writing and found it very interesting. now, I am planning to take a good technical writing course in Varanasi with certification to kickstart my career. your article is of great help in choosing a course, thank you.

  • I am a journalism student and I am very keen to make it big in the field of writing. I have my own online travel magazine about the wonders of Varanasi that I publish quarterly and have been doing this for about 2 years . I want to improve the overall look of my magazine and generate better content and for this I am keen to enrol in Technical writing courses in Varanasi. After reading your article I am sure that this course is what I need to improve my writing and deliver better content . Do suggest an institute you think will help me best . Thanks , awaiting your reply

  • I am an engineering student in Varanasi and looking for side hustles that I can manage with my studies. Technical writing is one such job that I can easily manage along with my studies. Your article on the top technical writing courses in Varanasi helped me in choosing the right course to build my skill and build a network in the technical writing industry all at an affordable fee and with the convenience of online classes.

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