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8 Best Technical Writing Courses in Goa With Placements

The demand for technical writers in different industries is burgeoning compared to the beginning of the last decade. It is the perfect time to become a certified technical writer. The good news is that you can become a technical writer without a technical background.


People from fields as diverse as engineering, medicine, law, teaching, gaming, and more can try their hand in technical writing and make a sound career. All you need is the devotion and competence to learn a subject thoroughly and explain the same in simple terms. This article discusses the top 8 technical writing courses in Goa.


Technical writing courses in Goa


What is technical writing?


According to the Society for Technical Communication, communicating on technical topics with the help of technology to provide instructions to do something is technical communication. The largest sub-category of technical communication is technical writing. Technical writing helps simplify the complex information in documentation in engineering, aeronautics, chemistry, medicine, robotics, finance, consumer electronics, biotechnology, forestry, etc.


Technical documentation may include briefs, reports, executive summary statements, emails, policies, press releases, etc. Thus presently, technical writing is no longer just the writing of user manuals. It is the presentation of complex Technical processes clearly and concisely.


Importance of technical writing


Technical writing in today’s knowledge-based economy is a distinguished profession. Different industries and businesses need qualified technical writers to convey industry-related information to non-professionals and end-users in user-friendly documents.


Business products can become meaningless and industrial procedures can become dangerously ambiguous without clear and concise writing which explains the directions for use or the specific steps to follow. Technical writing thus ensures the safe use of products and the smooth functioning of industries.


The importance of technical writing would grow in tandem with the growth of technology. You may never know when the skills you acquire from a technical writing course would come in handy. Peruse to get familiar with the options for the topmost technical writing courses in Goa. Here is a detailed technical writing course review for you.


Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Goa




Delhi-based IIM SKILLS is a significant player in online education services worldwide. Starting as an educational blog focusing on career guidance, IIM SKILLS successfully ventured into completely developed training programs. The institute progresses with a mission to facilitate the best education at reasonable pricing. It now provides sought-after skill development courses in Content writing, Technical writing, Digital Marketing, Advanced SEO, and GST.


The courses help students upskill like a pro in a few months and award them globally recognized course completion Master certifications. Industry experts guide students throughout the hands-on learning of the professional certification programs. The live interactive online classroom sessions make learning complex concepts interesting, easy to understand, and informative for everyone through bite-sized practicable lessons.


The following are the course details of one of the best technical writing courses in Goa:



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    1. Introduction
    2. How to write
    3. Creating your content
    4. Technical reports
    5. White papers or journals
    6. DDLC and versioning
    7. Conversational writing
    8. Reviewing and publishing
    9. API documentation using XML
    10. Datasheets, user manual, and application notes
    11. Effective writing
    12. Medical writing
    13. Case study


The technical writing course by IIM SKILLS ensures personal attention to each student. The learning experience involves practical assignments and a one-month internship opportunity to help students in portfolio development. As a part of the course program, students publish their first white papers, scholarly article, and a book chapter. They also write in the Times of India blog. In addition to the premium quality courseware, students get lifetime access to an LMS with the latest content.


As a part of the technical writing program, students learn to prepare concise, compelling, and visually appealing documents based on audience analysis. They become capable of recognizing the different forms of technical writings like technical reports, API documentation, medical writing, scientific research papers, and white papers or journals. The program also teaches them to choose the best format for communication of technical information and to introduce a conversational tone in technical writing.


Students also learn the use of tools like Git, MS Visio, MS Project, and Scribus and the formatting and rules for documentation. If you wish to learn technical writing courses in Goa, IIM SKILLS is a good option. The program even offers post-training support like resume preparation, interview grooming, and placement assistance.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Read the detailed IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Review to acquire more insights.

Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

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  1. Education and Career Times


Education and Career Times is a Government of India-recognized institution working to redefine education in India. The certification programs in ECT have a perfect balance of theory and live projects. Students learn through interactive live sessions, which ensures personalized attention. The courses also include internship opportunities for the students. The following are the course details of the Technical writing course by ECT:


    • Course: Technical Writing Course
    • Duration: 3 months
    • Fee: Not available




    1. Introduction to Technical Writing
    2. Grammar & Styling in Technical Writing
    3. Information Architecture
    4. Master a Markdown Language
    5. Learn XML
    6. Learn JSON
    7. Learn DITA
    8. Document Authoring Tool
    9. Technical Authoring Tool
    10. API Documentation
    11. Agile Documentation Strategy
    12. Careers in Technical Writing
    13. Contributing to Open Source Projects
    14. Other Useful & Beginner Friendly Tools


At ECT, students can choose between two options for Technical writing. Those new to HTML or programming languages can choose the second option. This option includes all the modules of the basic Technical writing course along with the following modules on HTML, CSS, and Javascript:


    1. Introduction to Web Development Fundamentals
    2. Setting Up Dev Environment
    3. Learning HTML
    4. HTML forms
    5. Semantic HTML
    6. Learn CSS
    7. Introduction to JavaScript
    8. Learn JavaScript Conditionals
    9. Learn JavaScript Functions
    10. Learn JavaScript Scope
    11. Learn JavaScript Arrays
    12. Learn JavaScript Loops
    13. Learn JavaScript Objects
    14. Learn JavaScript Iterators
    15. Learn JavaScript Class
    16. Learn JavaScript Modules
    17. Errors & Debugging in JavaScript
    18. Concept of DOM
    19. DOM Events with JavaScript
    20. Building Interactive Website with JavaScript
    21. Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests


The program curriculum for the technical writing course includes eLearning videos, assignments, live projects, quizzes, and up to four certificates. To conclude, the technical writing course by ECT is one of the best online technical writing courses in Goa.


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    1. Udemy


Udemy is a global destination where the world meets for learning and sharing knowledge. This e-training platform has an ever-expanding course catalog and the international community. Their courses in business and technology help different types of organizations like companies, governments, and non-profits.


On Udemy, you can find some of the best technical writing courses discussing API documentation, business writing, engineering report, etc. Some of the top-rated and popular training programs are as follows:


    • Professional technical writing by Ugur Akinci
    • Business writing & Technical writing immersion by Paul Siegel
    • Learn API Technical Writing and Learn API technical writing two by Peter Gruenbam
    • Technical Writing by Joseph Philips


Udemy has a 30-day money-back guarantee for all its courses. A learner gets to choose the course program based on categories such as language, price, features, ratings, topic, level, subtitles, subcategory, and video duration. Udemy is worth a shot if you want good technical writing training in Goa.


    1. Google Technical Writing Course

If you are a software engineer looking for free online technical writing courses in Goa, consider the technical writing course hosted by Google. They have specially designed the course program for computer science students, software engineers, and those working in engineering adjacent roles. You can learn this fun course free of cost, and it will prove valuable to your career.


Students of this technical writing training in Goa also include Google software engineers. You need some background in coding to comprehend the course program thoroughly. The following are the two parts of the training program:


    1. Technical writing one dealing with the basics of the subject
    2. Technical writing two deals with an intermediate level of knowledge


One can learn the online pre-class materials at one’s own pace. These pre-class materials precede the virtual live classes. Some of the prerequisites for joining this technical writing training in Goa are access to a Google account, google docs and google meet. Can attend only one session each for Technical writing one and Technical writing two.


Technical writing 1 is ideal for both who are new to technical writing and those who have already attended other courses on technical writing. You will learn the following in technical writing 1:


    • Using jargon such as abbreviations and acronyms
    • Recognizing faulty pronoun reference
    • Use of active voice and passive voice
    • How to shorten sentences
    • Bulleted lists and numbered list
    • Creating lead sentences in paragraphs focusing on a single topic
    • Stating significant points at the beginning of the document
    • Identifying target audience
    • Communicating the goals of the documentation and the intended audience
    • Dividing lengthy topics into proper sections
    • Correct usage of punctuation marks
    • Competency as a beginner in Markdown


Technical writing two aims those who have attended Technical writing one. This course program enhances the technical communication skills discussed in the Technical writing one. The following are some of the intermediate topics discussed in Technical writing two:


    • Tactics to write first, second and third drafts
    • Techniques to identify the errors in your writings
    • Organizing large documents
    • Introducing scope and prerequisite of documents
    • Writing understandable figure captions
    • Picking correct information density for technical illustrations based on the reader’s attention
    • Big picture illustrations to establish context
    • Revising illustrations
    • Creating competent, exact, concise, reusable, clear, and well-commented sample code.
    • How to identify different types of documentation
    • Writing tutorials by keeping beginner audience in mind


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  1. Tech-Writer Certification


Tech-Writer Certification provides professional certification courses dealing with different interests and goals in technical writing. You can do this Technical Writing training in Goa online. The courses provided by Tech-Writer prepare you for a technical writer job and sharpen your writing and communication skills at the workplace.

One of Clemson University, the University of Maine, or the Ohio state university awards the accredited certificates. Tech-Writer Certification offers six technical writing courses. The following are the course details of the program designed for writers both new and existing:


    • Course Name: Certificate in Professional Technical Communication
    • Duration: 140 hours
    • Fee: Not available




    1. Getting started with professional technical communication projects
    2. Write a proposal
    3. Write a data report
    4. Write a research paper
    5. Write a how-to guide
    6. Write a user guide, part 1
    7. Write a user guide, part 2
    8. Write instructional material
    9. Write magazine articles


The course program gives you knowledge and writing experience in technical correspondences such as feasibility studies, presentations, manuals, project proposals, website communication, etc. These experiences will help you in creating a portfolio of distinct technical documents. In this technical writing course by Tech-Writer Certification, students get feedback from the course administrator for each of their work and their completed course portfolios.


As a part of the program, students receive technical writing certificate badges implying specialized learning in different subject areas. Students can then showcase these badges on social media profiles and job sites proving their skill set. So for someone looking for self-paced online technical writing courses in Goa, the Certificate in Professional Technical Communication is a good choice.


  1. Techno Kraft


Techno Kraft was initiated as a training hub in 2003 to impart education in Instructional Design and Technical Writing. The institute was the first in India to offer classroom training programs in Instructional Design. Techno Kraft designs combined courses for Instructional Designers and Technical Writers. The institute also provides documentation and corporate training for clients under one roof. They also try to attain excellence in foreign language translation and content writing.


The institute’s mission is to become core business partners by delivering superior product documents. It aims to gain the trust of clients with upscale technical documents. Techno Kraft also makes sure to secure jobs for their students in top companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, SAP Labs, Integra Microsystems, Lucent Technologies, etc. Techno Kraft offers one of the most upscale technical writing training in Goa.


The technical writing course by Techno Kraft trains one to write in a clear, concise, and uncomplicated manner. It helps a learner improve communication skills and use the English language successfully. The course also enhances time management, research aptitude, reasoning, analytical thinking, and designing and presentation skills. Through the course program, one learns to pass on complex data to the end-users clearly and concisely.


The technical writing program emphasizes the importance of concepts and tools. Through the program, one also learns the correct grammar and usage of the English language. The course benchmarks students’ assignments to the industry standards and enhances their public speaking and presentation skills. Some of the technical writing tools introduced to the students are:


    • Adobe FrameMaker
    • Adobe RoboHelp
    • MS Visio
    • Snagit
    • Advanced MS Word
    • HTML
    • XML


Each module of the course program includes assignments and presentations. The course program also includes study materials and an evaluation exam that qualifies a student for the certification. Skilled technical writers prepare the courseware for this technical writing program. Mock interviews prepare the students for future job interviews. So we can conclude that the technical writing course by Techno Kraft is one of the best technical writing courses in Goa.


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7. V Skills


Vskills, under Cubezoid Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is the largest body for certification programs in India. It conducts certification exams and skills testing to enhance students’ employability. Vskills Certifications for skills are of good reputation in the job market. Companies use these certifications for the existing employee appraisal procedures. Students receive certificates based on their merit and performance in the tests. The technical writing skills by V Skills is one of the best technical writing courses in Goa. The following are the course details:


    • Course: Certified Technical Writer
    • Duration: 9 hours
    • Fee: ₹3,499 /-




    1. Planning to Write
    2. Documentation Plans
    3. Writing: General Principles
    4. Sentences
    5. Paragraphs and Sections
    6. Lists
    7. Tables
    8. Graphics
    9. Professional Secrets
    10. Writing: Specific Kinds of Documents
    11. Web Sites
    12. Proposals
    13. Internal Planning Documents
    14. Lab Reports
    15. PowerPoint Presentations
    16. E-Mail
    17. Editing and Producing Documents
    18. Fonts and Typography
    19. Punctuation


At V Skills, students get study materials in hard copy and lifelong access to e-learning. Students can take the V Skills exam from anywhere at any time. Students can also use the “V Skills certified” tag in popular job portals. For all these reasons, the technical writing training by V Skills is one of the best online technical writing courses in Goa.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


8. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin ranks among the top 100 edtech companies in India. The institute has many business niches such as college programs, public programs, Skill development programs, corporate programs, consulting services, books, and assessments.


With its certification courses, Henry Harvin aims the development of organizations and individuals worldwide through standardized content, resources, and modern technology. The institute offers one of the most advanced technical writing courses in Goa. The course details are as follows:


    • Course: Technical Writing Course with Gold Membership
    • Duration: 32 hours
    • Fee: ₹15,000/-




    1. Introduction to technical writing
    2. Documentation process
    3. Technical writing process
    4. Grammar and editing
    5. Technical writing software tools
    6. Components of technical documents
    7. Technical writing techniques
    8. How to create a technical document template
    9. Overview of formats of technical documents
    10. Advanced technical writing tools
    11. Soft skills
    12. Resume writing


The technical writing course by Henry Harvin teaches one to simplify the complexity of technical information to write clear and highly organized technical documents. Some of the salient features of this course program acclaimed by top media are live projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning, boot camps, hackathon, and gold membership.


At Henry Harvin, you learn the program through Interactive live online sessions. Subject matter experts curated the syllabus of this course program to make you job-ready in the global job market. The program also ensures experimental and hands-on learning with projects. The institution also offers placement support for one year after the completion of the course.


As a part of the course, one will learn to write unique and specialized reports such as lab reports, research reports, progress reports, plan and plausibility reports, etc. They will learn the best practices of scientific communication. Students will learn to compose far-reaching research proposals and recognize various literature reviews. With all these experiences, they will learn how to communicate to a non-technical audience.


The course program also introduces free software to create perfect citations while composing research papers and thesis for journals. It also introduces technical writing tools like Photoshop, Snag IT, MS Visio, Adobe FrameMaker, Macromedia Robohelp, XML, Dita tool, API, etc. To conclude, this program by Henry Harvin is a praiseworthy technical writing training in Goa.


Frequently asked questions


  1. What are some of the technical writer job qualifications?


For a technical writer, thorough technical knowledge is inevitable. Candidates with a degree in the relevant technical field will have preference during recruitment. At the same time, tech-savvy candidates with degrees in English, Mass Communication, or Journalism can also have great chances.


  1. How good are technical writing jobs?


Technical writing is a career with good prospects for someone who can adapt to the demands of this fast-growing field. Some people can smoothly transition to a new job in technical writing, while others struggle with the challenges it brings.


  1. What jobs can a technical writer do?


Technical writers can work in many roles by collaborating with other departments and subject matter experts. Some of these roles include documentation specialist, Information designers, Information developers, Manual writers, Policy writers, Technical communication specialists, Technical illustrators, Technical trainers, Web writers, etc.


  1. What are the skills you require to be a technical writer?


Some of the essential skills for a technical writer are communication and technical skills, research skills, writing skills, editing skills, designing skills, and teamwork.




You just went through our list of hand-picked technical writing courses in Goa. Technical writing courses can benefit you in ways more than gaining you a footing in a new job. Learning how to do technical writing correctly will teach you to comprehend data well and arrive at inferences. It can improve your analytical thinking and would enhance your reasoning skills.


You will become aware of and familiar with professional tools that can help you convert complex ideas into simple sentences. On top of all, you would learn the best practices to follow while writing different technical documents. This article might have reminded you of many opportunities awaiting you. Wait for no further to join good technical writing courses in Goa and upskill yourself for all aspects of life.

  • As a journalism student, my goal is to eventually work for a recognised publication. I’m often seeking for new classes to enrol in, which is how I found your post on Technical writing courses in Goa . I was pleasantly delighted to see that technical writing spans a wide range of talents and can be used to effectively organise information. I had previously imagined that technical writing was solely reserved for the instruction manuals that ship with electronic items. Technical writing courses were at the top of my long list of courses that I had in mind. Thanks for this informative post.

  • I read your essay and found it to be extremely interesting. Following the completion of the course, there are a few employment options provided. If I follow Technical writing courses in Goa, will all of the professions stated in your article be open to me, or will I have to specialise in a specific subject to secure a job? Please let me know because I need to enrol in a post-graduate course and have been looking for different courses to enrol in. I’m also curious about the starting compensation for a technical writer, as well as whether or not I’ll require any prior writing experience.

  • I work as an investment banker. In addition, I write blogs about stock , trading and investments. To strengthen my writing skills, I’d like to enrol in a technical writing courses in Goa. You noted that technical writing covers a wide range of topics. What if my sole interest is finance and investments? Do I still need to be educated on other subjects ? I’m asking since it would be useless to me otherwise. I’m going to call a few of the institutes mentioned in your article to get some more questions answered. I also wanted to ask which institute you did your course from ?

  • I run a tourism business in Goa and each month we print many interesting pamphlets and bulletins and also publish material online . Now getting a good content writer here to do the job is quite expensive as business is seasonal in Goa so I thought of enrolling in a Technical writing courses in Goa so that I am able to do the job myself and not depend on expensive content writers or shabby designers. What is the duration of this course and will this course actually be useful in solving my problem ? I would like to be part of a demo class so that I can have some more of my doubts cleared so guide me to an institution that provides the same.

  • Hello, I’ve been looking for a technical writing course in Goa to improve my skills as a technical writer, but I’m not sure which one to take because there are so many on the internet, and not all of them are worthwhile. your article helped me there, I found your article very informative and useful. Most of my questions about technical writing were answered in this article. When deciding which course to take, I used this article about the technical writing course as a guide.

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