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10 Most Popular Social Media Marketing Classes

The urge for smartphones by the people has become a new era of reformation. The desire to stay in touch with the upcoming trends and up-gradation has led to the increase in usage of the internet for the growth of businesses. This eventually made it a necessity for organizations to enroll themselves in the trend of promoting and selling their products and services online.

This, in turn, created a demand for social media marketers who can use these social media platforms in a thoughtful manner that subsequently generates more customers to the business. Thus, the social media marketing classes help aspiring individuals to log in themselves into the business of marketing online.


List of the best social media marketing classes


Content of this Article

➔  What is Social Media?

➔  What is social media marketing?

➔  Scope and Benefits of Social Media Marketing

➔  Social Media Marketing Courses

➔  Frequently Asked Questions

➔  Conclusion


What is Social Media?


Social media refers to internet-based applications and websites that enable people to share their ideas, thoughts, and information among the vast majority.

People also use social media to stay connected with their friends and family and talk to them virtually through calls or messages. Marketers or businesses use social media for promoting and selling their goods and services online.

The most commonly used applications for these are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.


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What is Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing is a type of internet marketing where businesses use social media platforms to stay connected with their customers. It helps them to build their brand, increase sales and create traffic. It includes posting relevant and innovative content for advertising on those social media platforms to engage people and retain the customers.


Scope and Benefits of Social Media Marketing-


Social media has not only influenced people but also made them habitual for using these applications. It can be in the form of learning, communicating, visualizing, or scrolling feeds, etc.

Thus a majority of people are supposed to be online on one of these apps. This creates an opportunity for marketers to use these apps for introducing, promoting, and selling their products and services. Also, it is an economical way of gaining more customers for the business.


Therefore, the Scope and Benefits of Social Media Marketing are as follows:-

➔ Many small scale and large enterprises rely on social media marketing as it gives them high ROI with very less investment.

➔ As the audience is highly engaged on these apps, it thus becomes a new marketplace for the sellers.

➔  To retain customers, it is important to stay in touch with them, and social media allows support to the companies and helps them in satisfying customers.

➔ Also, social media helps in knowing the authenticity or keeping track of customers’ preferences and choices, which helps to target the right audience.


Therefore, social media marketing isn’t just the use of social media for promoting and selling but the effective use of social media in building a brand image for the growth of an enterprise.


For the significant usage of these platforms, it is important to use them in a vital manner by the marketers. For that, knowledge about them is a necessity. It could be gained by the following social media marketing classes.


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Most Commonly Used Social Media Marketing Platforms


Facebook– It is the largest social media platform. It is the most popular application and is used widely among all demographics of age and gender.

Explore How to do Marketing on Facebook?


Instagram- This application was previously designed for photogenic people, but is now used by brands and companies to showcase their products in an appealing format. It facilitates the online sharing of photos and videos and is used worldwide by the majority of youngsters.

Learn more about Instagram Marketing


YouTube– It is a workplace for many influencers who want to be famous and also sell their products or services online. It is a platform for sharing videos and is the second most visited website on the internet.


Twitter– It is a microblogging and social networking service which creates user interactions among them through tweets. This platform is also used to share breaking news and sharing information.

All you need to know about Twitter Marketing


Pinterest– Pinterest is an application for sharing information and ideas through images, videos, or animated GIFs. It is highly used by women, and also it is used to find and purchase products.


LinkedIn– It is the world’s largest professional network application. It targets employees based on their job profile and qualifications. Thus, its audience is largely the corporate people, seeking either jobs or employees.

Learn more about LinkedIn Marketing


Social Media Marketing Online Courses


The major platforms that provide social media marketing classes are Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, Constant Contact, Hubspot, etc. These courses are designed in a specific way that nourishes the learners to grow and enhance themselves. The best social media marketing classes are as follows:-


➔ What is Social? by Coursera

➔ Social media 101- Social Media Quickstarter by constant contact

➔ Social media certification by Hubspot academy

➔ Introduction to Social Media Strategy by Skillshare

➔ Social Media Analytics Course by Quintly

➔ Social media marketing masterclass 2022 by Udemy

➔ Social Media Marketing Mastery by Udemy

➔ Introduction to Social Media Advertising by Skillshare

➔ Marketing in a Digital World by Coursera

➔ The complete digital marketing course | 12 courses in 1 by Udemy


1.  What is Social?

This course “What is social” is offered by Coursera and is one of the reliable courses in social media marketing classes. It is designed for business owners, executives, and marketing professionals who want to grow their business by using social strategies.

Therefore, it is constructed to give you tools, insights, skills, and knowledge that helps in growing a business. Also, it leads to a positive impact on building healthy relations between you and the customers.



●     The course is offered by Northwestern.

●     The course is taught by an instructor named Randy Hlavac.

●     This course is a division of the Social Media Marketing Specialization.

●     Time – Approx. 7 hours to complete.

●     The course can be accessed online.

●     Certification on completion of course by Coursera

●     The lectures also include quizzes, study material, and other assignments for day-to-day practice.

●     You are not burdened with the deadlines.


Course Curriculum

●     Introduction to social marketing

●     Social trends

●     The business of social

●     Social overview


2.  Social Media 101- Social Media Quickstarter (Constant Contact)


“Social Media Quickstarter” is a course offered by Constant Contact. The course is for beginners who want to build or grow their business on social media platforms.

It provides the learners with the step by step instructions that lead to building your social media presence over all other top social networks. This class among other social media marketing classes also gives you surety about social media as the right platform for you.


Course Curriculum

It consists of different course modules for different social media applications.

Those are:-

●     Facebook 101

●     Twitter 101

●     LinkedIn 101

●     Pinterest 101

●     Instagram 101

●     Google My Business

●     Youtube 101

●     Snapchat 101


3.  Social Media Certification (HubSpot)


The ‘social media certification’ is a course offered by HubSpot and is one of the premier social media marketing classes. The course is designed specifically for social media marketers, marketing managers, and aspiring marketers.

In this class, you will learn to engage and develop effective social media strategies for your business. Also, to build inbound social media strategies that attract and retain your customers. Further, to use social media in growing your business.


Course Curriculum

●     Developing a Social Media Strategy

●     Social Media Listening and Monitoring

●     Building a Content Strategy for Social Media

●     Extending Your Reach on Social Media

●     Using Social Media to Build One-to-One Relationships

●     Introduction to Social Media Advertising

●     Measuring Your Social Return on Investment

●     Essentials for Continued Success with Social Media



The course duration is 4 hours and 8 minutes.


4.  Introduction to Social Media Strategy (Skillshare)


This course is offered by Skillshare (learn with Buffer) and taught by Brain Peters, who is a strategic partnerships manager of Shopify. Among all the best social media marketing classes, this course has a high reputation.

Here, you will learn to choose the right platforms for your business. And to create innovative and effective visual content for those platforms. Also, you’ll learn to use tools like Buffer that helps in gaining more engagements and improving the quality of posts.


Course Curriculum

●     Introduction

●     Getting Started

●     Find Your Voice

●     Choose Your Platforms

●     Creating & Curating Content

●     Use the Right Tool

●     5-Step Facebook Ad Strategy

●     Final Thoughts

●     What’s Next?



This beginner-level course has a duration of 43 minutes.


5.  Social Media Analytics Course (Quintly)


It is a beginner-level course offered by Quintly and is about social media marketing. This free course teaches the essential principles of social media marketing and refreshes the knowledge of learners.

They aim to provide a helping hand to anyone who aspires to get involved in social media analytics. It includes reading material, quizzes, and videos for effective learning.


Course Curriculum

●     Introduction to Social Media Analytics

●     Social Media Analytics Cycle: Step 1

●     Social Media Analytics Cycle: Step 2

●     Social Media Analytics Cycle: Step 3

●     Summary


6.  The Social Media Marketing Masterclass 2022 (Udemy)


This course is specialized among the rest social media marketing classes. It is offered on the platform Udemy. It helps the learners to grow their business on social media platforms.

Also, the learners can gain skills to work as a freelancer. Further, it helps the learners to create engaging posts and target audiences. This course also enriches them with efficient knowledge or marketing strategies to develop their skills.



●     This course is taught by Robin and Jesper.

●     It provides 100% practical knowledge.

●     It provides the smartest shortcuts and hacks for quick success.

●     It grants valuable content material with the lectures.

●     This course has a requirement for computers.

●     It allows lifetime access to its material and lectures.


Course Curriculum

●     Introduction

●     Facebook Ads

●     Sales Psychology

●     Instagram Marketing

●     Facebook Messenger Ads

●     YouTube Marketing



The duration of this course is 39 hours of on-demand video lectures.


7.  Social Media Marketing Mastery (Udemy)


It is offered by Udemy as an online marketing bestseller course. It gives a complete understanding of social media marketing. It teaches how to create highly optimized and high-quality paid ads on social media platforms.

Moreover, the learners will gain knowledge about marketing strategies on different platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google business, etc.



●     The students will get lifetime access to the lectures.

●     It allows doubt solving through asking questions and getting a response.

●     It provides in-depth knowledge of social media marketing.

●     It provides updated resources of articles, and files, etc with the lectures.


Course Curriculum

●     Introduction

●     Social Media Marketing

●     Facebook

●     Instagram

●     Twitter

●     Pinterest



The course completes in 10 hours.


8.  Introduction to Social Media Advertising (Skillshare)


This course is offered by Skillshare and is taught by Brain Peters. It is a free course for beginners who want to excel in social media marketing.

The learners get access to marketing through an engaging and friendly class. It includes 5 projects to be done by learners. Thus, it provides learning through practical implements.


Course Curriculum

The class has lectures that provide knowledge on the following-

●     Demystifying key terms and vocabulary

●     Setting campaign goals

●     Targeting audience segments

●     Developing compelling copy and visuals

●     Iterating and optimizing campaigns for long-term success



The course stands for 53 minutes.


9.  Marketing in a Digital World (Coursera)


Coursera is the most reliable application providing quality education to students. Its social media marketing course helps to enrich students to learn from the basics to a depth of marketing. This course offered by Coursera is a part of the digital marketing specialization.

By enrolling in this course, among the social media marketing classes, you will be able to understand digital tools.



●     It is a 100% online certified course by Coursera.

●     The submission of projects can be according to your capabilities and availability.


The course requires approx 28 hours for completion.


10.               The Complete Digital Marketing Course (Udemy)


This social media marketing course is offered by Udemy (12 courses in 1). It is a master course for learning digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, marketing through YouTube, Facebook, and other applications.

It serves you to grow your business online from scratch. Also, it teaches you to make money through affiliate marketing. Further, this course is for those who want to get hired as a digital marketing expert or work as a freelance marketer.



●     To learn through this course doesn’t require past experience in this field.

●     This course is suitable for all types of businesses such as digital products, physical products, services, B2B, B2C, etc.

●     This course is interactive with projects and relevant study materials.

●     Also, students get lifetime access to the course updates.

●     It also gives fast and friendly support in the Q&A section.

●     The learners are appreciated with a Udemy certificate on completion.


Course Curriculum

●     Introduction

●     Market Research

●     Make a Website

●     Email Marketing

●     Copywriting

●     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)



The total length of this course is 23 hours and 43 minutes of live lectures.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.    How do I become a social media marketer?

To become a social media marketer, a person requires the knowledge of relevant skills and also build a presence on various social media platforms. Also, to stay in touch with the audience through these platforms.


2.    What does a social media marketer do?

A social media marketer interacts with the customers through crafted content, retains them, and also brings new customers to the business. It also builds the company image in front of the customers and for future growth.


3.    Does a social media marketing job require a degree?

Although with the knowledge and skills it’s sufficient to get a social media marketing job; many companies prefer candidates with a degree or diploma certification. But the degree in completion isn’t the only requirement, a candidate must gain additional skills for the job. You can learn such skills through the above-mentioned social media marketing classes.


4.    Is social media marketing a good job?

The future is for those who grab every opportunity for their betterment. And as social media provides vast opportunities for the company and also for people to grow and build their value, thus it can be said to be a tremendous job for aspiring candidates.


5.    What is the most used social media platform in 2021?

According to a study by global statistics, YouTube has shown the highest percentage of being the most used social media platform in 2021. It has about 85.80% users on its platform that have enrolled till present.




Social media marketing courses are only helpful when you gain adequate knowledge and skills from them. Though there are many social media marketing classes held online, it depends on the practice and use of the learner that makes the teaching a valuable source.

Thus, going through any of the above-mentioned courses will only add further understanding to your knowledge if they are practiced and practically implemented.

Also, before enrolling for any course identify the right course for you, according to your knowledge, budget, and experience to get the optimum utilization of the course you chose.

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