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A Guide to Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite

We dwell in a world where our lives are constantly engrossed in surfing on the internet, or social media. But have we ever endeavored to utilize social networking platforms appropriately? We keep tapping on online websites to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends. Nevertheless, we tend to forget that the same platform is also a place where we can effectively build our presence with the help of social networking skills.


And the marketplace, as we know, is thronged with a multitude of institutions rendering certification courses, amongst which Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite is the most popular. So, why not try hands on something amazing when opportunities are knocking on your door?


The image gives the social media marketing certification by Hootsuite


Before we proceed ahead with Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite, let us first penetrate briefly into Social Media Marketing.


What is Social Media Marketing?


Social Media Marketing refers to the effective leveraging of diverse technology-based tools such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, etc for the marketing of the content concerning the business or product.


It is a well-renowned fact that Social Media Marketing is eminently rewarding and instrumental for the business to flourish taking into consideration the necessity to customize your exclusive content as per the specific online network on which it is being marketed for fostering better conversion rates.


The paramount responsibility of the folk involved in this field is to conduct and execute marketing strategy over internet community sites through disseminating content, engaging with followers, scrutinizing digital media data to track victory, and leading electronic media advertisements.


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Now, let us delve into the strategy adopted by various online networking platforms which translates into successful marketing.


1.  Facebook


If you are a brand anticipating keenly to prosper on social media, getting the hang of Facebook Marketing is one of the best viable solutions. An estimated 2.89 billion monthly active users- that is a whopping number of prospective eyeballs on your business.


While you might be pondering that Facebook is just a platform where your friends can drop down comments that are enigmatic on your vacation pictures, it is also a platform for the viewers to establish a connection with businesses.


This digital market space is vibrant because it has come to the attention that an estimated 67 percent of the users visit a local business Facebook page at least once a week.


And it is good enough to believe that people are looking for you. It is not going to work if the prime focus relies on luck in tapping this audience. A concentrated Facebook Marketing strategy is quite imperative.


2.  Instagram


The most voguish social media platform with an advertising audience of more than 1.16 billion people, the search for dramatic reach for brands halts here. The noteworthy fact is that an estimated 90 percent of Instagram users have cultivated an interest in at least one business. The research of new products or services in the case of more than 36 percent of B2B decision-makers ends up at Instagram.


Instagram is employed by a myriad of businesses where the images are displayed in the form of a brochure of their products giving a stylish appearance of their brand. Testimonials (uploading of pictures) from their satisfied customers using their products – often labeled as user-created content is also quite popular.


Yes, you heard it right! Instagram is a place where you can augment brand awareness, conduct exciting contests that capture increased followers, and devise promoted posts. To be fortunate enough, all these require a good marketing strategy.


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3.  YouTube


Possibilities are we have all devoted hours eyeballing one trivial cat video after another – that’s YouTube, one of the biggest sources of online video captivating content. But there is more to it.


With the YouTube user base touching two billion logged-in monthly users, which is raking in much more than Instagram, YouTube becomes an excellent place for marketing.


Contemplating for a site for the creation of long videos – do not worry as YouTube best serves the purpose, albeit Instagram being crowned as the best place for promotion of short-form content.


You will be surprised to know that 55 percent of the marketers are gravitating towards YouTube to fuel the growth of their marketing strategy.


You might be having second thoughts: “That’s fantastic, but my viewers aren’t on YouTube.” The fact that 25 percent of internet users shell out 10+ hours watching videos will quash all your second thoughts.


And with 500+ hours of video uploaded every minute; effective YouTube Marketing seems to be a herculean task. Thus, devising a prompt strategy is the need of the hour.


You may be interested to learn about How to Build a Successful YouTube Strategy


4.  LinkedIn


With the roots of the establishment tracing back to 2003, LinkedIn is a happy family of 774 million-plus members with over 50 million-plus registered companies as of September 2021. The search trend for LinkedIn has also grown leaps and bounds over the evolution of time.


The longevity of the tech company has received plaudits for its efficacy and paramountcy within its niche in virtual media. Whenever somebody is musing about a highly professional social media platform, LinkedIn instantaneously gains momentum.


LinkedIn has a plethora of features to offer: assisting in the process of fabricating business credibility, recruitment of skillful employees, fostering customer relationships, concocting a professional online presence, engineering offline events, composing articles, advertising job postings, publishing photos, videos, and many more.


Learn more about LinkedIn Marketing here.


Well, there are umpteen other digital media platforms such as Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and the list goes on.


Each platform demands a separate marketing skillset. Hence, harnessing the skills for an effective online presence is the need of the hour.


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Benefits of Social Media Promotion:


The beneficial reasons to deploy social media promotion are listed below to take cognizance of:


  • One of the biggest advantages lies in intensifying the magnitude to which the buyers are capable enough to recall or recognize a brand under divergent situations pivotal to purchasing decision-making.


The outcome is driving up internet community engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares.


  • Organizing contests, inserting links to your website and offers, hosting live videos, selling your products through internet community profiles are few strategies inclined towards capturing leads, boosting conversions (a fusion of organic and paid followers), and prospects into your sales pipeline.


Viewers roused by campaigns and innovative content will translate into staunch customers, tweaking your website traffic and SEO ranking.


  • Socializing with customers on your posts, acknowledging their doubts and comments, and rendering them with any advice/ solution which they may require are few measures prone towards associating and engrossing with your followers, ensuring a perennial relationship is beefed up with your customers.


  • The various available platforms are a fantastic technique in monitoring your competitors concerning their social media gambit, the commodities they are advertising, the schemes they are executing, or the degree of affiliation with their subscribers.


The noteworthy fact is that the platforms assist you in analyzing what is working and what is not working for your contenders. As the business profiles of your contenders are visible publicly, it is a way out to ensure that you elevate your gameplay up a notch so that your brand stands out from the crowd.


Moving forward, let us learn about the Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite.


A Vancouver-based company, Hootsuite Media, Inc. is a Social Media Advertising platform with the establishment tracing back to November 2008. Mr. Holmes, the creator, required a tool having the potential of managing an array of virtual platforms.


Teaming up with Dario Meli, David Tedman, and the team at Invoke Media, the primary version of this platform launched in the form of a Twitter dashboard named BrightKit received very well due to its crisp interface and publishing flair.


In February 2009, the significant exercise involving a name change of the platform by way of extracting proposals from crowdsourcing was in the pipeline, with the name ‘Hootsuite’ bagging the trophy, an alias submitted by a user.


In November 2009, the Hootsuite dashboard expanded its horizons in the domain of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter lists. And finally, in December, the platform inaugurated bona fide a separate entity by the name Hootsuite Media, Inc., an offshoot of Invoke Media.


With over 45,000 certified graduates, Hootsuite is indeed the best place to indulge in the learning of socializing.


Here is an enumeration of the various courses that the platform has undertaken intending to impart learning to those looking forward to successfully carving a niche in the field of Social Media Marketing.


  1. Hootsuite Platform Certification Course.
  2. Social Media Marketing Certification Course.
  3. Advanced Social Advertising Certification Course.
  4. Online Platform Return on Investment and Value Analysis Certification Course.
  5. Online Selling Certification Course.
  6. Advanced Digital Media Strategy Certification Course.
  7. Foundations of Virtual Advocacy Certification Course.
  8. Hootsuite Enterprise Platform Certification Course.


This particular blog will revolve exclusively around the Social Media Marketing Certification Course by Hootsuite.


Enthralled already with the thought of charisma of virtual glamour? If not, the course has an interesting take in the illumination process of scheduling your posts to keep your social aura vibrant 24*7, content curation, digital analytics, and surfacing the conversations that matter.


By enrolling in this course, you will embark on the journey of primitive social advertising skills to augment followers, associations, and firm appraisal.


The course is formulated and structured as per the industry hotshots who are well-versed with the prevalent aspects of this domain. The industry-accredited course equips marketers with empirical skills which they can execute and start noticing the benefits instantly.


The industry hotshots confabulated on the Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite which deciphers into a bigger bang for your bucks are:


  • Eva Taylor – Senior Social Media Promotion Manager.
  • Amanda Wood – Digital Media Promotion Lead.
  • Christine Colling – Virtual Media Promotion Specialist.
  • Michael Aynsley – Inbound Advertising Manager.
  • Shannon Tien – Inbound Advertising Lead.
  • David Godshall – Inbound Advertising and Education Director.


The course fee is USD 199. The exemplary approach is towards going the extra mile to ensure that you are rejuvenated with the free demo session.


Moving forward, let me give you a comprehensive synopsis of the course syllabus. The entire course is bifurcated into 6 chapters for a better understanding. Let us acknowledge what each chapter has to offer.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Social Media Networks.


The objective of the chapter is to make you familiar with the various prominent social networks employed by the businesses and how the businesses and the executives harness the potential of these networks to set the seal on their goal.


You Will Gain an Insight into the Following Social Networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat


The Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite at Chapter 1 is designated the status of a novice. Also, embracing this chapter is not mandatory.


Chapter 2: Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles.


This chapter focuses on imparting you the different strands that you should kingpin for the respective network and the adoption of robust exercise for a guaranteed business triumph.


The Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite at Chapter 2 is awarded the status of a beginner. The overview of the content to be tutelage is drafted beneath:

  • Recommended Techniques for Optimizing Social Media Profiles.
  • Enhancing your Avatar Settings on Twitter.
  • Projected Best Measures for Twitter List.
  • Enhancing your Avatar Settings on Facebook Pages.
  • Projected Best Measures for Facebook Pages.
  • Tweaking Avatar Settings on LinkedIn Enterprise Pages.
  • Tweaking Business Avatar Settings on Instagram.
  • Tweaking Avatar Settings on YouTube.


Chapter 3:  Nitty-gritty of Social Media Strategy.


Get yourself imbibed with the aspects related to the formulation of goals, objectives, key performance indicators, earmarking of funds, elucidating brand identity, encompassing content advertising into a digital backdrop, virtual media dilemma management, and determining return on investment.


The Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite in chapter 3 is flagged the status of Intermediate. A brief overview of the syllabus to be covered is mentioned below:


Lesson 1: What is a Social Media Strategy?

  • Significance of a Social Media Strategy.
  • Chief constituents of a Digital Media Strategy.
  • Performing an audit of online networking sites.


Lesson 2: Establishing Strategic Goals.

  • Establishing objectives, goals, and key performance indicators.
  • Funds Earmarking for a Virtual Media Program.


Lesson 3: Diplomatic Proposed Practices

  • Techniques and Tools.
  • Embodying timing and salient dates.
  • Citing Brand Persona and Voice.
  • Engineering a Content Game Plan.


Lesson 4: Operational Considerations.

  • Assigning of Roles and Responsibilities to the team members.
  • Executing Social Media Governance within the Establishment.
  • Devising a Dilemma Management Plan.


Chapter 4: Expanding Your Advocate Community.


The Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite at this stage is tagged as Intermediate. The basic outline of content that is to be dealt with is discussed below.


Lesson 1: Socializing, Expanding, and Cashing in on Your Social Networks.

  • Basics of Advocacy and Community.
  • Expanding your Social Media Audience.
  • Socializing with your Internet Community.
  • Leveraging your community.


Lesson 2: Interacting with Connoisseurs and Advocates Engaged in the Domain.

  • Interacting with Connoisseurs and Advocates engaged in the domain.
  • Enhancing a Brand Advocacy Program.
  • Enhancing an Employee Advocacy Program for online networking platforms.


Lesson 3: Recommended Practices for Expanding Community Across Various Channels.

  1. Enhancing Your Community
  • with Twitter
  • using Facebook
  • on LinkedIn
  • using Instagram
  • using YouTube
  • on Snapchat
  1. Recommended Practices for Organising Online Contests.
  2. Employing Google My Business for Online Selling.


Chapter 5: Content Advertising Essentials.


The Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite at this stage is described as Intermediate. A synopsis of the content that is to be dealt with is described below.


Lesson 1: Developing a Content Strategy for Social Media.

  • Importance of Content Strategy for the internet community sites.
  • Developing a Content Strategy for online networking platforms.
  • Developing and Employing Skilfully a Content Calendar.


Lesson 2: Content Formulation and Curation for Social Networks.

  • Social Content Curation versus Social Content Formulation.
  • Internal and External Content Curation for online networking sites.
  • Importance of an online business column for your content strategy.


Lesson 3: Proposed Practices for Expanding Community Across the Platforms.

  1. Constructive Proposed Practices for Sharing Content.
  2. Proposed Practices for Sharing Content:
  • on Twitter
  • on Facebook
  • on LinkedIn Pages
  • on Instagram
  • on Pinterest
  • on Snapchat
  1. Instagram Stories
  • Recommended Practices
  • Optimizing your Story


Lesson 4: Crafting Content for Instagram.

  • Handpicking the caption for your Instagram pictures.
  • Capturing Instagram pictures on your smartphone.
  • Editing Instagram pictures and the best practices for the same.
  • Growing strategically with editing features for stories.
  • Advanced Instagram Hacks.
  • Taking a snapshot of an Instagram- Worthy Flat Lay. (Optional)
  • Five pointers for writing impressive Instagram Captions. (Optional)


Lesson 5: Generating and Sharing Social Video.

  1. Proposed Practices for:
  • sharing content on YouTube
  • virtual video
  • live virtual video
  1. Editing Instagram videos.
  2. Using Instagram TV.


Chapter 6: Online Advertising Essentials.


The Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite at this stage is pictured as intermediate. The abstract of the content that is to be dealt with is penned down.

  • Importance of Online Advertising.
  • Facebook Ad choices.
  • Instagram Ad prospects.
  • Twitter Ad prospects.
  • LinkedIn Ad prospects.
  • Google Ad prospects.


The final step of Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite is taking up their 60-question online exam, analyzing your familiarity with the core concepts of Social Media Marketing. The time allotted to finish the exam is 1 hour.


Upon minimum passing grade of 80 percent, receive an online certificate that facilitates you lifelong with no expiry date, and which acts as a catalyst to your digital prowess that you can annex to from your blog, website, or any digital profile.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the fee structure levied on Social Media Marketing Certification course by Hootsuite Academy?

The fee structure levied on Social Media Marketing Certification course by Hootsuite Academy is USD 199.


  1. Is it advisable to enroll in Hootsuite Certification courses?

A certification is a testimony to the portion of your career consumed in understanding digital theories and tools which assist in handling various networking platforms to bolster businesses.


Obtaining certifications from Hootsuite is equivalent to a badge that demonstrates to the clients/ prospective employers that you simply are often recruited for social networking jobs. Therefore, it is advisable to enroll in Hootsuite Certification courses.


  1. Are Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite and Hootsuite Platform Certification the same?


The Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite confirms your familiarity with the fundamental principles of social media advertising.

The Hootsuite Platform Certification illustrates your understanding of the Hootsuite dashboard.

Thus, both certifications are not the same but are auxiliary. Possessing caliber (and credentials) in both techniques and the Hootsuite Platform can help gain momentum in your career.


Winding up Views:


Gone are the days when online community sites were considered only as a medium for communication/interaction with friends, relatives. In the contemporary world, the forum has evolved as a major channel for elevating your brand and business.


The various platforms that are available today can be surprisingly beneficial for your brand in this modern digital space if deployed to the fullest potential.


Make your presence felt across the diverse platforms by staying ahead of the game, keeping yourself updated with the latest trends.


Also, being conscious of what you are posting is particularly important. Posting seldom whenever your mood says so is a bad practice as the audiences tend to discard your brand from their memory. On the other hand, posting incessantly will annoy your followers and the result will be them unfollowing your brand.


Thus, maintaining consistency and scheduling them in advance is the way forward. And all these skills are not acquired on their own. The training provided by Hootsuite is embedded with the piloting of these skills.


I sincerely hope that all the details of the course that have been mentioned above will be constructive enough for all those who are aspiring to develop a career in Social Media Marketing.


All the best!!

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