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Importance of Social Media Business Profiles for Content Writers (2024)

In the 21st century, content writing is not just limited to writing. It’s much more than that. A content writer is required to conduct extensive research of related topics, follow Search Engine Optimization guidelines, adhere to customers’ requirements, proofread and edit articles and blog posts, and whatnot. 

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 So, gone are the days when writers could write for themselves. Today, every piece of content which is written with the intent of being published online has to be written in the language of the customers. So, it is the task of the writers to present the content in a way that’s captivating to the reader.



Thus, the most important task for every content writer is to promote their content to the target audience. Today, in the digital era, content writers have to be in constant touch with marketing and design teams to promote their content extensively. The main aim is to reach out to the target audience and serve them content that is tailored to their needs and requirements. 


When it comes to reaching out to customers, the importance of social media cannot be ruled out. Every content writer needs to maintain an online presence through various social media profiles.


Social media is a hub that can be used to drive traffic. It provides a platform for the content writers to interact with the readers and knows their needs. Setting a social media profile that turns prospects into sales is a challenge and also an essential accessory of any marketing strategy. 


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So, if you want your content to reach the masses, you must set up different social media profiles for your business. Start using social media as a platform to engage with your target audience and see the magic happen. 


But even if you are convinced that social media is the most powerful equipment of any marketing strategy, there’s always a sense of perplexity that is bound to surround you on this issue. 


We writers always wonder that if I am a content writer, why do I need to have social media profiles solely dedicated to promoting my content? This highlights the very nature of content writers; we are hesitant to put our work out there for others to see it. And finally, when we convince ourselves to do so, we come across a plethora of social media platforms out there and we just can’t decide on which one we should keep promoting our content.


From Facebook and Twitter to Goodreads and Medium, there are so many different social media platforms that can help you boom your writing business. With so many options in hand, it is easy to lose our way.


If you are in a dilemma and are not sure which social media platform can yield you the best results, you have come to the right place. I will acquaint you with the must-have social media profiles for your content writing services based on your style of writing. But, first things first, let us quickly understand why promoting your content on various social media platforms is important.


Why promoting content on social media is important for content writers?


In today’s era, with everything going virtual, social media is the ultimate marketing tool. It is a way forward for all professionals including writers. When I say writers, I mean all kinds of writers, whether you specialize in fictional or nonfictional writing, social media has a place for you. 

If you want to be recognized as a true content writer, posting your work regularly across different kinds of social media is very important. There are different social media platforms that you can choose from for promoting your work based on your niche and your style of writing.  


Whichever social media platform you choose to be on, one thing is guaranteed and that’s traffic. Here’s how. 


Organic traffic is less these days. With all kinds of e-books and blogging platforms filling the market, it’s hard for you to make a mark amongst them. Thus, social media is the go-to place for you if you want to elevate your content writing business.


Also, it’s a great place to improve your work. The best thing about any social media platform is that it is an open house to all kinds of suggestions and appreciations. When you are a growing writer, you always need suggestions to improve your work. And of course, you can turn to your social media profiles to keep yourself motivated. 


Social media is an archive for content writers. It’s a place where you can archive your work and analyze your growth. Apart from driving traffic, these days, your social media profiles also act as an online portfolio that’s out there for everyone to access. 


Thus, you must own social media profiles which are essential to stand out in your niche, and start publishing quality content regularly. There are endless possibilities with social media in terms of the type of content it can consume, so if you follow the right social media strategies, your content writing business is bound to scale high. 


With that said, let us now quickly dive into the roles of different social media profiles and how you can promote your content efficiently through these social media profiles.


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Different social media profiles for content writers


Every content writer must own at least one social media platform when it comes to promoting content. Although traditional methods of promoting are still in use, social media can elevate your writing game in ways unimaginable. 


This is the golden age for writing. The internet is flooded with the content of all kinds. Information was never accessible in the same way before. So it’s time for you! Get out there and promote your work on the various social media platforms to stand out.


As mentioned before, you will need to run social media profiles according to your niche and your style of writing. 


Your niche refers to the topic you specialize in. It’s always advisable for every content writer out there to select a topic and write for that particular niche. In that way, it is easier for the reader to distinguish you from other content writers. Also, having a niche gives you an identity in that particular field and people tend to acknowledge what you write. 


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So you need to understand which social media platform plays a dominant role in your particular niche. You can identify that particular social media platform as you analyze your customer’s behavior and your competitor’s strategies. 


The style of writing refers to the type of write-ups you specialize in. You may be a fictional writer or a non-fictional one, you can be a poet or a screenwriter and you can be anything under the sun when it comes to the style of writing you tend to follow.


What you need to do is to pick up a social media platform that is relevant to your style of writing. Every social media platform inclines to any particular style of writing. A social media platform that is beneficial for poets may not be useful to copywriters. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you run a social media profile that has the capacity to drive traffic to your blog or website in your specific style of writing. 


Apart from your niche and style of writing, many other factors can help you decide which social media platform is beneficial for your content writing business. It depends upon your preferences and interests and creativity because, at the end of the day, it’s up to you what you make out of your social media profile. I say that because ultimately it’s your content that it rules and social media is just a medium to reach out to your target audience.


Having said that, let us now discuss the various social media profiles that you can create as a content writer to promote your content. 


1. Instagram


Launched in 2010, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for content writers and content creators. From authors to content marketers, Instagram is home to all kinds of writers. It is designed in a way to promotes content in an aesthetic and visually appealing way. 


The features of Instagram help writers promote the content through photos in the form of Instagram posts. This feature is great for someone who composes short forms of writing like advertisements and poems. 


Instagram posts are easy to share across various Instagram accounts and also on Instagram stories. Along with Instagram posts, one can post captions which are really helpful when it comes to posting content. 


Some people do not consider Instagram for content writing because one cannot put links in the Instagram post’s caption. Links can be added only in the Instagram bio. 

But Instagram is much more than that. It has the potential to drive traffic and engage with the target audience. 


Instagram is perfectly designed to drive the attention of the users to a particular product. With features such as Instagram stories and Instagram feed, it provides immense opportunity to captivate the minds of the target audience. 


With digitalization, videos are the form of content that is being consumed in a great capacity. Thus, recently, Instagram reels have paved a way to promote content in the form of short videos.


As a content writer, Instagram is the go-to place for you as you can easily inspire yourself by following popular authors and their work. You can also follow hashtags to follow trends in your particular niche. 


How can you master Instagram as a content writer?


●     Engagement

Engagement is the way one can build trust with potential customers and Instagram provides you with a platform to engage with your readers. 


Post regularly and try to answer relevant questions in your comment section. Also, post on the comment section of other writers, authors, and even your audience.


Post infographics and ask questions at the end of the reels you post to increase engagement on your Instagram page. 


●     Post regularly

It’s not just enough to own an Instagram account you must make sure to post relevant and quality material regularly on your Instagram page. When you post regularly about your niche, it gives an impression to your readers that this person is serious about his business and is trustworthy. 


Keep posting questions related to your blogs and ask for suggestions for your next posts. Instagram Live is a great platform to answer the queries of your readers and broaden your customer base.


Also, post excerpts from your content to engage your target audience before a new launch. 


●     Post stories

Stories are the most efficient way to engage with the target audience. Post personal staff and intimate about upcoming projects to keep the readers excited and thrilled.


2. Facebook


Launched in 2004, Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular and powerful social networking site. Unlike Instagram, Facebook provides space for not just promoting visuals but also to run advertisements. 


As a content writer, it is a must to have a Facebook profile that is solely dedicated to your particular writing niche. It provides you with access to a world of like-minded people. A Facebook page that is dedicated to your writing should cover posts ranging from your projects, your everyday writing practices, and what you do as a content writer in general. 


A Facebook page can also run Facebook ads which is a great way to proceed in your content writing journey. Every content writing service provider must put out Facebook ads so that they can land up writing gigs easily.


Building a Facebook group is another way of starting on social media as a content writer. It is a space of like-minded people who can share problems and solutions for similar stuff. 

In most cases, your Facebook group members are also potential customers. So, you must try to create a holistic environment where all the group members work together towards something innovative. 


How can you master Facebook as a content writer?


●     Follow Facebook groups as and when you startup


It is very important to follow authors, writers, and other renowned personalities of your industry to start as a content writer. This is an important step when it comes to networking. Networking in the right sphere can land your projects and writing gigs. 


●     Run Facebook ads


Facebook ads are the most versatile ways in which one can promote stuff online. It is a prominent resource that every business must use. Thus, as a content writer, you must also run Facebook ads on your page.



3. Twitter


As a content writer, possessing a Twitter profile is the best way to elevate your content writing journey. It is very different yet unique in its own way. Twitter, unlike Facebook and Instagram, is not much focused on the promotion of the content but it provides a platform to engage with the potential customers and target audience. 


It is a great platform to interact with fellow writers and readers. Twitter is basically meant for engagement. A growing writer must have a Twitter account to study the way profound writers and entrepreneurs publish and market their work. 


Having said that it does not mean that Twitter shouldn’t be used to promote products and services. Every content writer must tweet about their work regularly. Twitter also provides you with an option to add links so don’t forget to add the link to your website which will boost credibility and enhance your viewership.


Writers must also keep in mind to keep up with the latest trends to rank the tweets on the social media platform. 

Apart from all these, what one must do is to carefully fill appropriate keywords in the bio of your Twitter account.


How can you master Twitter as a content writer?


●     Follow influencers of your niche 


Remember that Twitter is not merely for your product promotion and is basically meant for engagement. Thus, do follow the renowned personalities of your industry and try to learn from them. 


●     Use hashtags with your tweets


Hashtags are a great way to approach readers and expand the reach of your tweets. You can use trending hashtags which can yield you more visibility.  Adding relevant hashtags to your tweets can help them rank hai which will eventually turn prospects into sales. 


4. Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the best social media sites when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Basically, Pinterest is not like other social media sites and is not meant for engagement. It is particularly dedicated to promoting your work without paying anything at all.


Content writers consider Pinterest as a boon as some of the niches out there have really high convertibility rates. It helps to drive people onto your website and provide potential customers in the long run. 


The feature of Pinterest works in a way that requires you to pin (post) pictures and short videos related to your nice product or service. The best thing about Pinterest is that it provides customers who are everlasting as mostly target audience lands to your website. 



How can you master Pinterest as a content writer?


●     Follow Pinterest boards


When you decide to own a Pinterest profile, you must understand that owning lots of followers is not necessary to drive traffic to your website.

You can simply follow our Pinterest boards and add your page to any industry-related board to grab customers onto a website. 


●     Use automated tools to create pins


Pinterest is a social media tool that requires you to pin your images and short videos regularly and thus manual pinning can be hectic for someone. That is why there are several automated tools out there that can be used to create automatic pins.


Tailwind is one such automated Pinterest pinning tool that can be used to pin regularly.

With Tailwind, you can schedule your pins that will be published on Pinterest at a particular date and time as per the schedule.


To save time and energy automated tools for pinning on Pinterest are very helpful and are worth investing in.


Bonus tip for content writers


1. Medium.com

Launched in 2012, medium.com is an American online publishing platform/ blogging platform that publishes blogs and articles of all sorts. Writers from all over the world can join it for free and publish their work. 


Medium is a platform that content writers can use to illustrate their ideas and perspective on different topics.


Every content writer must have a medium.com profile as it can do wonders in your writing career. 


2. LinkedIn 

Apart from Medium, a LinkedIn profile is something that every content writer must have. Although LinkedIn is not a social media platform, it does help to accelerate your content writing journey. 

LinkedIn helps to broaden our networking base which is one of the most essential attributes. Networking plays an important role in content writing. It acquaints us with leaders of a domain and helps us interact with like-minded people. 



In today’s world, any business cannot do without social media. It is important to have social media profiles that can help increase the traffic on your website and build trust with potential clients. 


Another question that arises here is about the number of social media profiles that one should operate as a content writer. The answer to that is it entirely depends on you. You must analyze various social media platforms and decide accordingly. 


In my opinion, it is always beneficial to start with anyone’s social media profile and dedicate yourself entirely to that. You shouldn’t be running more than two or three social media profiles as it may affect the quality of your content.


Thus, invest your time and energy in building a social media profile for your content writing business and see the magic happen. Building a social media profile for your content writing business can prove to be the best decision ever.

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