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How to Build a Successful YouTube Content Strategy?

You might have a YouTube channel already or plan on starting one if you’re a content creator. And you might be wondering what type of content you should create? Or how should you create a YouTube content strategy that can resonate with my audience?


The image states the Successful YouTube Content strategy


YouTube platform has always been a golden ticket to various content creators around the world. YouTube has been around since 2005, but its growth accelerated after Google acquired it in 2006, and it has continued to grow ever since. Currently, it is one of the biggest platforms in the world that influences pop culture, internet trends, and creates celebrities that earn millions of dollars.


Despite its shininess, ease of use, and appearance, most daggers are not effective unless the user knows how to weld them, the same can be said for YouTube. You need to know how to use the platform to build an audience that will notice and respond to your content. For that, you need to know about YouTube content strategy.


Creating compelling content that engages and grows your audience is crucial if you intend to launch a new channel.


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Define your target audience


Defining your targeted audience plays a major role in creating content. And it is the first step towards YouTube content strategy. When you are creating content, you should know what type of audience you are trying to reach. It also includes what their gender is, their age group, what they are passionate about, and what they are into.


If you are a guy and you are starting a channel that majors in fitness and health, then your targeted audience is male. The people who are watching your content are into fitness and they are passionate about it. This can work with any type of content with a targeted audience.


But one must also know that you should not create content that would try and reach everybody, if you do so, you end up reaching nobody. Because if you do that, there is a possibility that your quality of content might not generalize with any set of audience, and ultimately you will fail to succeed. A YouTube content strategy starts with targeting a small and specific audience to reach a larger audience.


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Define your value proposition


When you are creating content on YouTube, the audience will be consuming your content. And there is a possibility that people might happen to believe the information you share is true and legit. If you want your YouTube content strategy to be successful, you must study the content you intend to create and ensure you understand it thoroughly.


When you do the work properly and genuinely, the audience seeks your content more. There is a trust formed between you and your audience. This will add value to your content and channel. So, people will consume your content without having any second doubts about it. This might take some time, so patience is the key here. You shouldn’t just sit back and relax once you add value to the channel.


Once a community is created, there are a lot of processes, but once those are completed, there isn’t much work to do because all you need to do is repeat the process till it fades. Your personality traits also play a major role here. If you have a unique personality, then don’t ever think of leaving that out.


You would never know who might like them. If you don’t show your personality, then how can you create a community? And don’t try faking your personality because the audience can easily see if you do so. Try to be the best self this might connect with your audience.


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Create a content schedule


When people start to consume your content more, they expect more. You must plan and schedule the content a week before you upload it. So, this might keep your audience engaged. When the audience gets used to your channel, they start consuming your content more. So, they need a new video every time when they visit your channel. This doesn’t mean you must upload daily a new video.


Instead, you can tell your audience when you will be uploading your next video. But your video must be consistent because that’s how YouTube content strategy works. If you are unable to upload a video, it is good to share that information with your audience; this shows that you respect your audience. And by doing so, you have a clear understanding between you and your audience.


And you must also know when to upload a video at what time. Because your upload time plays a major role in views. You don’t want to get stuck in a place where your audience is asleep when you upload a video. This might also affect your traffic. You must know at what time your audience is viewing your videos and according to that, you must upload. YouTube analytics give you full access to everything you need to know about your audience. Content scheduling plays a major role in YouTube content strategy.


Create PDP (Personal Development Plan)


Let us say now you have created a channel and you have earned many subscribers. But you come across that you don’t get a lot of views despite having huge subscribers. This happens mostly when your channel gets old. The main reason behind this is you haven’t developed yourself. Personal development is very important. YouTube content strategy is not always about the content rather it focuses on the quality of the content.


To make your content unique, you need to learn at least one new skill every year. This can include your editing skills, sound design, the quality of the video, and many other factors. It is important to continue improving your content and yourself over a period of time. This helps your audience realize that you care about the content you create, and you are willing to show your improvement. This keeps your audience hooked with your channel.


What if you already own a channel?


If you already own a channel and you have been using the platform for more than a year. Then you are most likely to increase the audience if you follow these YouTube content strategies. But first, you should know what type of content YouTube recommends and how to strategize it. You will find three types of organic content: hero content, hub content, and help content.


Hero content


It is typically developed around an event that is either a product launch, a marketing campaign, or the culmination of a campaign. These types of content are usually time-consuming and complex to produce, but they have a higher production value.


Often you will want to tell your audience about this content through newsletters, social media, or paid advertising.  An innovative style of content like this shows greater investment and commitment. There are all sorts of creative things that companies do, they can be funny, and they are always looking for new ways to stand out. Due to this, hero videos are commonly produced by videographers and marketing agencies with experience in producing videos.


The Hero content will remain promoted across the most important marketing channels after it is created. An individual creator still has options, when it comes to creating such type of content but knows when to create it in the right circumstances.


What Makes for Good Hero Content?


An effective hero can make an impact on your audience right away and make a lasting first impression. Whether it’s funny, interesting, inspiring, informative, or all those things at the same time, it can be bold. Therefore, Hero content is more required than any other type of content to communicate your channel values. Brand authenticity is essential for conveying your brand’s personality.


Hub content


Unlike hero content, this type of content targets a specific set of audiences and captures their interest. Ideally, hub content is created regularly and released at a set time. Let’s say you have a gaming channel and your target audience is interested in a specific series of games. What you should do is, you must upload that specific series of games every week.


So, your audience will keep coming every week to watch that video. The purpose of this type of content is to keep your audience engaged. So, this might give them a reason to keep coming back and watching your content. And, you want people to act after viewing your video, whether that’s to share, comment, or subscribe. Additionally, this content should increase the awareness of the brand and enhance the relationship between your channel and your audience.


The key point to remember here is that hub content is designed to attract those who are already familiar with your channel, so you can build your relationship and demonstrate value. This doesn’t take a lot of time and energy to make. So, you might have no problem with giving content at the scheduled time. This content is key content to your channel growth.


Help content


Help content is a form of evergreen content that is sought out by the audience. As the name suggests, it’s there to assist your audience. Content that your audience is seeking routinely will provide a helping hand for you and your channel.


This kind of helpful content demonstrates to your audience that their experiences matter and that you are qualified to solve their problems with your content and ideas. The audience will be happy and will come back again if they need to watch your video to remember how to do it. “Set it and forget it” is what you do with this content. Despite a video being old, people will still seek and view it; that’s why it is called evergreen content.


This category is largely filled with DIY videos, how-to videos, tutorial videos, and educational videos. These types of content are viewed multiple times by a single person. There are sub-categories that you might understand if you want to generalize YouTube content strategy.


Content itself


It is content that you create with your unique ideas that represent your content. An example of this type of content is vlogging. In this, you are the content and you cannot get out of ideas if you think creatively. All you need is a camera and you can talk and tell your experience about the place you are visiting or people you meet or the culture you experience.


This type of content is fun to watch and create. But you must also know how to make this type of content interesting. Movies, short films, unboxing, how to do beauty tips and tricks and all that sort of stuff, or your whole lifestyle types of the video comes under this category. This type of content helps, you to think creatively and there is endless opportunity.




You can collaborate with another channel when you have a large audience and a lot of subscribers. By doing this, you can use each of those audiences to help the other YouTuber. One of the big things about collaboration is delivering value. Your channel should bring value to other channels if you are to Collaborate with other YouTubers.


 To curate


Curating is when you take someone else content legally and you use that in your video. A perfect example is where you are doing a movie review, reaction video, or creating a video meme. These types of content have a huge set of audiences. If you are creative, then you can make content for a meme if not you can do reviews and reactions.




These are the major types of YouTube content strategies that can help you to improve your channel and increase your audience. Finding your targeted audience and understanding what they consume is crucial to the growth of your channel.


There are still few elements that might help you with your content like keywords you use or thumbnail you put in your video. In terms of strategy, these are minor details, but they are key in terms of marketing. Even if you follow YouTube content strategy they are useless without marketing. So, the content strategy plays one of the parts in growing your channel.

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