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Top 10 Instagram Followers Hack to Attract Organic Traffic

This article, ‘Top 10 Instagram Followers Hack to Attract Organic Traffic’, is written especially for people engaged in B2C activities on Instagram to promote their brands and products. There are numerous hacks and apps available to enhance business activities and to attract huge traffic organically. Using these 10 tips and tricks can save a significant amount of money without spending on other sources. It is possible with constant SEO efforts, inbound marketing strategies, and a flair for content making.


List of the top Instagram Followers hack


A short intro about Instagram and organic growth for newbies



Instagram is a social media app previously meant only for ios and android mobile phones but later used in desktop PCs. After creating an account in this app, a user can create posts, hashtags, short stories with text, images, and short videos, tag locations, add little larger videos called the IGTV’s, increase brand awareness using feeds, use scheduling apps to update or feed product descriptions, news, etc. regularly. It is a popular platform for personal use and business use to connect and reach the masses.


There are two categories of people on Instagram:- 


Followers –  means the number of people who follow a particular account holder.

Following  – means how many people a particular account holder is following.


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What is organic Instagram growth?


Organic growth comes to an Instagrammer with organic traffic. i.e., the visits that come to a particular Instagram (IG) account by a simple search about a particular topic in search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing without spending anything on it. It is possible only with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and timely up-gradation of the IG account to get ranked in Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs) for a long-lasting relationship with customers and leads. Organic traffic is the secondary source of attracting traffic in the internet marketing world, while direct traffic is the primary source.


For best utilization of the below hacks, if the social media manager of a particular business becomes a follower of the concerned business’ Instagram page, the business page’s followers base and social media manager’s growth will happen quickly and organically with a lot of consumers following them.  The top 10 B2C Instagram followers hack mentioned below :


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Compelling Instagram Stories – #1 of Instagram Followers Hack to Attract Organic Traffic


In the B2C (Business to Consumer) model, the social media manager can post compelling stories around a particular product. It should be done by the manager sensibly by ‘put yourself in their shoes’ ideology straight away from the consumer’s point of view. Stories can captivate a person more when compared to a stereotypic text-based post. It is great Instagram followers hack to attract organic traffic. Below are few ways to create stories


  1. Short video content about the product or brand.
  2. A countdown sticker or survey user interactive stories that can tell when some new promotion will be launched.
  3. Using Giphy like GIF apps to upload a catchy theme related to a product.
  1. Consistent content like, if a person or a company wants more visits to a particular blog selling consumer electronics, they should be consistent in IG to posts in and around electronics interestingly rather than deviating their topic from constantly feeding the same blog updates to other fields all of a sudden.
  2. The stories must be crisp and reachable to the audience concerning the time.
  3. Valuable feedback given by the customers in terms of shorts or smiley animations will be an added advantage.


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Schedule A Posting Period Using Apps And Software – #2 of Instagram Followers Hack to Attract Organic Traffic


The social media contents can be scheduled to get posted in IG in predetermined time intervals in data queues. Examples can be a new year deal that will get started on Jan 1 of a year at midnight sharply. On the other hand, a company has an announcement of 5-anniversary offers in different spans of timings within a day. In these cases, scheduling apps will help businesses to manage the account seamlessly. Here are a few apps and software mentioned to schedule the posts and announcements in IG. Most of them have a limited free usage period used in organic promotion and a long-run usable paid subscription.


Sendible – this app has features like messaging and commenting social inboxes, social media calendar to place scheduled posts with repeating or recycling choices to post the same promotion.

Agorapulse – This social media management software is an official partner of Instagram. Features include report generation of the particular profile growth, social media listening through which brands can know what people are conversing about, and gain knowledge for improvisations.

Later – In this app, there is an Instagram analytics feature to find the customers’  engagement along with the calendar.

Awario – This app helps find social media influencers to collaborate with and generate report models on the progress of growth and track of competitors.


Making use of Beacon Technology –  #3 of Instagram Followers Hack to Attract Organic Traffic


This article is meant for the B2C audience. Beacons, the powerful Bluetooth low energy transmitters installed in physical locations, helps in location detection and proximity marketing. Even though it sounds like a paid search, it is not meant herein that sense.


E.g., if a building or a mall where a shop is located is enabled with a beacon and if it holds an Instagram account, then automatically the entire list of shops and details inside the mall, list of customers coming in for the purchase of things, etc. are noted with location details either through programs written or through a direct survey taken to customers regarding shops and purchases using a beacon.


This way, the original store located in the mall gains familiarity to customers in organic search due to more frequent visitors getting notified with brands and products without direct payment made by the concerned Instagrammers’ store but just being located as a part in that building which has one IG account.


Using Appropriate Hashtags –  #4 of Instagram Followers Hack to Attract Organic Traffic


Hashtags play a pivotal role in searches happening organically.  A short and clear keyword in Instagram easily becomes a part of search engines’ SERP. For example, if a business takes up a marathon event, a sale with an offer going to last for a few days, hashtag promotion will work like anything.


  • It can be written with a short text or image and a symbol ‘#’ before the keyword. g., #officewearstyle.
  • Tools like Google keyword planner and websites answer the public.com can be brainstormed for getting many ideas on hashtags.
  • Instagram hashtag generator apps are available to get ideas. Most of them do an AI-based pickup of words from previous searches and provide ideas and captions. Few example apps include #Hashme, Sistrix, Ingrammer, All Hashtag, etc.


One can type many hashtags on Instagram and look for a popular one with many posts written below the hashtag. If it is above a few thousand, it will be in the most demanding category. People can prefer writing a hashtag topic around it.


Incorporating Lively Call to Actions And Chatbots –  #5 of Instagram Followers Hack to Attract Organic Traffic


Call To Action (CTA)


A call to action is something that proves to your IG page visitors the most dynamic and lively presence of your business actions. For, e.g., an alive, please click here tab, an enter the poll tab, register for offer tab for lightning deals, cashback, free deliveries are things that will attract consumers to click and buy and count to organic traffic. In addition, a timely update of calls to action is a must to maintain a healthy relationship with customers because if there are inactive CTA’s, people won’t prefer to visit the brand and source referrals.




Chatbots are AI-based software programs that will assist people in finding answers to their multiple queries. Few examples of chatbots are


  1. MobileMonkey bot
  2. ChatGen
  3. Chatimize
  4. Socialmonk
  5. ManyChat


It is easier to customize chatbots for individual purposes. If consumers are cleared with doubts and queries, there will be gain in the followers’ base. Nowadays, chatbots are combined with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to get better results. RPA is meant to automate repetitive processes, routine, predictable businesses as a cost-cutting strategy.


Posting Info Based on Insights Tab Inputs on Ig Account –  #6 of Instagram Followers Hack to Attract Organic Traffic


The Insights tab located on the IG profile gives the best information about content, activity, and audience. Keeping track of all these three details, one can optimize their feeds, have an eye on the weekly activity monitor, the total number of reach the post gained compared to the previous reach, how many times the stories and posts are seen.


For getting the Insights info, one must hold a business account or creator account in IG. The best feature of Insights is the Audience section. Its Growth subsection shows how many people have followed and unfollowed the business account. It is the best analytics tool promoting an inbound marketing strategy that strengthens the B2C relationship.


It also helps the social media manager with the top locations in which the audience is concentrated, the gender of the audience section, and the age range. The most active times they are available in IG are a very helpful tool in consumer engagement that allows businesses to post at the exact time people are seen.


This link provides enough info about the Insights tab.


Pinning Instagram Account to Pinterest Account –  #7 of Instagram Followers Hack to Attract Organic Traffic


Pinterest is a wonderful tool that helps users reach audiences so quickly with its boards, images, and captions. Finally, It allows media managers to use Pinterest analytics tools used to track the key metrics.


It offers some salient features like:

How many people saved your Instagram page after tagging it to Pinterest?

How many customers saw a close-up image of the pins that proves customers’ interest in that brand?

The total impressions, total audiences, and engagements for a post.

Link clicks that show how many times users clicked your website.

Key metrics in terms of percentage details also.

Top pins that are used to find which pin became an outstanding one within the last 30 days.

The photo of the person maintaining the feeds or the businesses’ profile display picture will reach audiences enabling better connectivity.


How to share an Instagram feed to the Pinterest page?


  • eg., open a picture in IG, click the top right corner with the three dots.
  • Click ‘ share.’
  • Tap Copy link to clipboard.
  • Now in Pinterest, ‘save the link you copied?’, a question will come.
  • It will automatically lead back to Instagram.
  • Now copying a picture and placing it on the specific board will help users pin IG feed to Pinterest.


By Social Media Manager, an Avid Blogger –  #8 of Instagram Followers Hack to Attract Organic Traffic


If the media manager of a business protocol is an avid blogger, the followers following the post will reach a good phase. This credibility of the blogger helps to promote their page along with the business page. They can take up this task of getting a targeted audience with their content writing skills and language skills through good vocabulary usage, grammar, and strategies for proper SEO.


Freshers can also gain familiarity and reachability by writing for Quora, medium, blogosphere, HubSpot, Facebook, etc.


They can link multiple IG accounts and Facebook accounts with IG accounts to promote the content also. This help page will be an example to link an Instagram account to a Facebook account.


Heeding to Social Media Listening –  #9 of Instagram Followers Hack to Attract Organic Traffic


Social media listening is a vital parameter to do audience research. It is used to track customers’ conversations about the mentions of a brand, products, and business competitors. It also goes hand in hand with the emotional touch a consumer is having towards a product.


An example of social media listening is replying to queries of customers posted in comments. It makes the customer feel satisfied and glad to get instant answers. Say,  if they are buying gym equipment, and while assembling it at home, they found a spare part not mentioned in the manual. So, they may ask questions about the part in the comment sections.


If the brand manager replies that an additional part is meant for a new workout that is not mentioned in the manual and explains how to do that exercise through images or videos, the consumer feels content. It will also make other people following the account that the team will also attend them for answers.


There are tools like 


  1. Synthesio
  2. Brandwatch consumer research
  3. ReviewTrackers
  4. Reddit Keyword Monitor
  5. BrandMentions


It will help people with insightful reviews from customers, a reputational score, specific audience group information with analytics on consumers’ other social media platforms. Paying attention to competitors’ tactics like surveys, brand promotion strategies, upcoming releases of products, and understanding customer service will also help attract consumers organically.


Using Appropriate Instagram Planner Apps –  #10 of Instagram Followers Hack to Attract Organic Traffic


There are a lot of Instagram planner apps for reducing users’ stress. These apps have features to plan the stories, IGTV contents, changing visual displays before posting, caption ideas, and analytics. In important announcements, one can rely on planner apps to avoid unusual chaos amid a stressful day.


Here are few planner apps for IG available:-


  1. Preview app
  2. Plann app
  3. Planoly
  4. Later
  5. HopperHQ


Preview app – This visual planner app helps plan a feed before getting shared on the IG page. There are drag and drop options available, along with the time to get it posted. It will later remind the user when the exact time arrives.


Plann app –  Apart from the scheduling feature, it adds other features, including colors, borders, stickers, resizing pictures, etc.


Planoly – This app is more useful to businesses. It has shopping strategies as one of its features. Users can schedule and sell products at the same time by tagging products.


Later – It features adding multiple links to posts, drag and drop feed planner, hashtag suggestions, etc., without compromising simplicity.


HopperHQ allows more pictures with more borders, promoting the same content to other platforms like Twitter or Facebook, scheduling, adding filters, adjusting orientations, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.     Does Instagram allow scheduling apps?


Ans: Yes, Instagram allows scheduling apps that are used to publish photos, stories or,  posts at different timings as scheduled by the user. Sendible, Agorapulse, Later, Buffer Publish are few apps used to place posts in queues and then schedule them to get published in IG. They come with various features like scheduling reminders to get posted later, previewing posts, bulk uploads, free limited user plans, templates that can be reused for the next post, etc.


2.  What is social media listening?


Ans: It is listening to the sentiments and conversations of people who are expressing something. In the case of B2C activities, people express their reviews or feedback about a brand or product.  It helps the business people to do more tracking and engaging activities with target audiences in social media. BrandMentions, Synthesio, ReviewTrackers are few example apps for the same.


3. How do hashtags gain followers?


 Ans: Instagrammers can first go with hashtags for fun, industry-specific words, current trending words to gain more popularity. Then, while upgrading, they can choose a long-tail keyword for a hashtag. It will express the necessity of the hashtag more explicitly, allowing more followers. There are hashtag generators available online. To gain more followers, one can check that too.


4. How does SEO work for Instagram?


Ans: Search Engine Optimisation is one of the top Instagram followers hack for an Instagram account reaching more audiences or followers. Most of the strategies of IG are similar to search engines like Bing, Google’s SEO tactics. Few extra points to note are placing keywords as hashtags, placing text in option, ‘Write ALT Text’ of advanced settings about a picture to optimize the search result more, placing primary and secondary keywords in profile info like username, brand names, etc. will be some more SEO strategies for Instagram to get more audiences and also to grow more organically.


5. What are some planner apps for Instagram?


Ans: Preview, Planoly, Later, HopperHQ, Plann are few planner apps for Instagram. They are used to analyze, schedule, edit features to a feed before posting it.




So, these are some of the Instagram followers hack to attract organic traffic, and I hope these tips will help the readers.

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