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Social Media for Writers: 8 Best Platforms

Social media for writers is a world in itself. The last decade has proved that the technology-driven virtual world is a crucial part of the writer’s world.


In the world of social media, there are mainly two sections of people you can find who are either creating some kind of content and the rest are those who consume that content.


Top platforms for social media for writers


Basically, the creators are the talent behind the world of ideas, thoughts, perspectives, and knowledge and the consumers are the target audience who consume that content and follow for more if they find it helpful in any way.


Apart from keeping people busy, fully informed, and updated, social media for writers has evolved as a stage for talents to showcase their passion and creativity around their respective fields of interest, particularly niche.


Out of all kinds of creations, the world of writing is one major field of art that has benefited from the usage of social media for writers by like-minded people who are authors and readers as an individual or as part of a community.


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This article intends to provide its readers with the reasons revealing the importance of social media for writers as a stage and how different platforms target the desired audience and contribute in different proportions.


In the 21st century, it is evident that the usage of social media for writers is inevitable. Today, if we writers want to find an audience who would appreciate our piece of writing and continue to expect more of it, we have to use social media as a stage for catering to our audience.


Also, we as a writer learn and grow at a high pace when our writing is revealed to the public via different platforms social media has. From learning more extensively about our niche to making a living from it, social media has a crucial role in this journey.


As a writer, whatever you want to write and put your ideas out and whatever your forte is, social media can play an indispensable role in it. Whether you want writing to opt as a profession or just as a part-time activity, social media has a place for you.


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You can access the best content for ideas and inspiration and the place where your content deserves to be served simultaneously. With the help of social media, you can make it possible in the comfort of your place. From being an amateur to becoming a veteran in the writing world, social media with its different platforms can help you make it possible.


In order to perform best in this journey, it is required to perform consistently and write in regular intervals so that people will recognize you as a writer and can bring your work to make the world know about it.


The writers need social media at different stages of writing as they need in-depth research around a topic, different factors for analyzing it, finding a perspective, writing in an engaging manner, showcasing it, and then promoting it to reach the written content to its audience who need it.


If your content has relevance and an easy way for it to be communicated to the masses, social media will prove to be the best medium. As a writer, if you want to show your piece of work to the world, you are required to know how social media works and find out which platform will cater your work as best expected and make you meet a stream of admirers of your work.


For those admirers to be loyal and come back every time to evidence your written content, you would again need social media to get updated about what a reader wants further.


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The reader sometimes needs inspiration, information, in-depth knowledge, and sometimes needs only fun or entertainment. Also, as a writer, you also need to keep in mind that the readers should not feel like wasting their time while consuming your content.


Let us now move further and find out what all different platforms are active in social media for writers which can be used to deliver the written content and how to use them to get traffic that ends up meeting your content and remain there forever. Before using any of the platforms for you to serve your written content, it is advisable to know your niche or at least know what topics surround your niche.


The Social Media Platforms:

1. Facebook:


Serving masses across the globe since 2004, Facebook is unarguably the best and easy platform of social media for writers to cater your content as a writer. Facebook not only helps you to promote your written content but also allows you to run advertisements to market it to grab more attention towards your content.


Just for people to know that you exist, creating a profile is what includes in this journey as the foremost activity, and following desired writers and authors groups in order to start a networking web to grab the attention of the masses and get desired jobs is the ultimate goal to be accomplished.


In order to start using social media for writers, Facebook needs to be the first where a full-fledged author profile must be created and day-to-day writing activities must be involved. The writing staff must meet a particular niche that could help your work be identified by the audience who needs it.


Also, Facebook as a platform serves you best when you work in a group of writers who relate to each other’s writings and can add value to them. Facebook helps you as a creator to learn and evolve together in a group of people who can advise which is best suited for you to improve your content.


Also, it will fetch you some writing jobs as well, which will add to your status as a writer. By doing so, you as a writer learn and grow fast and can get a kick start for your career in writing. Further in the journey, Facebook ads prove to be an add-on, when it comes to promoting your written content and directing traffic towards it.


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2. Instagram:


After Facebook, Instagram is another platform of social media for writers that is popular among all content creators. Instagram was introduced in the year 2010. Initially, it was not that popular due to its interface. Instagram has changed from time to time the way it is used.


The features of Instagram now are more convenient and acceptable for creators to share their pieces of work. Instagram allows a writer to market and promotes their content through Instagram posts which can consist of photos and videos.


Also, Instagram allows you to share your message to the public via instant stories. You can add many videos in stories for the people to know that you are up to something. After some more research and seeing the need of the creators, Instagram allowed its users to share their work via short stories called reels.


Through short reels, you can advertise your piece of content. If your writing style consists of short poems and sayings, reels will prove to be the most helpful feature. Instagram has the power to drive traffic and target audiences to a particular set of content if pursued on a regular basis and keep people engaged with something new and fresh every time.


As a writer, using Instagram to its fullest needs you to post regularly and draw the attention of your reader. For further engagement, you need to spare some time to communicate with the readers after knowing their suggestions and expectations through their comments on your posts. Also, using #hashtags will help you to know the ongoing trend about your respective niche.


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3. YouTube:


YouTube is one of the most important platforms of social media for writers in order to make your content reach the masses. For writers, it can give the best results in terms of grabbing attention in huge numbers. Although, YouTube is more of a visual medium there are some channels that use YouTube sensibly and creatively.


To use YouTube at its best, a writer starts with a channel and can begin live streaming to discuss ideas and experiences where anyone can participate. If your work as a writer catches more attention and likeability, it tends to progress at a fast rate. There on YouTube, likes, and views are the most crucial parameters which speak to the popularity of the content of a writer. The number of subscribers shows the credibility of the writer.


YouTube can be used as a platform to share your written content, your views on various writings and experiences. There are many writer YouTubers who help aspiring people whether writers or readers about how to read, write and execute further.


YouTube can create a major source of income for writers. If your written content and experience as a writer is worth appreciation, people will help you build more of a community by sharing it with their contacts.


4. Reddit:


Reddit is a platform that is used for current events and covers any kind of topic worth writing and sharing. Reddit can be proved as a great tool for writing, sharing, learning, having valuable feedback, creating a community, and promoting your work as a writer.


Reddit is an open platform of social media for writers which is accessible to anyone who is interested in any kind of learning and sharing. There are various numbers of subreddit or sections for reading, writing, self-publishing of books, marketing, etc.


These are the most profitable factors of Reddit for writers. These sections can prove to be great tools for authors and encourage community spirit by catering to streams of questions/ discussions, interviews, and critiques on a weekly basis. It offers a great space to share your work and mostly to learn new things.

Reddit as a platform will help in building reading habits, writing experience, community, which inspires you to work on your craft through feedback and growth.


5. Quora:


Quora is yet another platform if you want to improve your writing skills. Here also you as a writer will be able to build a strong community of writers, authors, readers who would further help you to grow with your content. The credibility of your content will be shown by the number of quora users who follow you and the likeability is the upvotes given to your answers.


Quora helps you in building contact with your readers. Engagement in comments with your readers will help you to know more about people from different communities. By doing this, you as a writer will never be short of ideas to write on.


6. LinkedIn:


LinkedIn is a platform for sheer professionals. It enables you to be updated about new skills and learning going on at the global level. Big corporations and their operators share their knowledge and experience here. Also, personal lifestyle, tastes, and interests are also shared.


LinkedIn is that one platform where you primarily show your skills and knowledge and look for a job or a big opportunity to grab. As a writer, you can find people who are likable to your interests. Here also, you can build a community of authors, readers, and marketers who are professional and serious about learning and growing together.


A platform like LinkedIn is specifically important social media for writers and marketers because it shows that you are updated at the social media level and know what is going on in the market. As a writer, you need to be updated if you want to use social media at its best.


Here, you create a profile, and to boost your candidature you can attach your writing samples. The more impressive your profile looks, the more are the chances for the recruiter to approach you with new opportunities. The potential difference an impressive profile makes is that it reduces your waiting time for a good opportunity to reach you if you are the right fit for it. As it is a platform for professionals, clients and friends will help you get more work if they find you the right fit for it.


The community here helps you in motivating, creating, learning, and being your best at your craft. As you will be around like-minded people who include the achiever and starters, you can learn how they are executing to reach their goals. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that every act must be professional and approachable.


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7. Medium:


How about a platform that doesn’t charge you much and pays you for every piece of written content if people are enjoying and consuming it? Also, it will help you learn and grow by suggesting to you the content of your choice. It will direct you to ideas that will further help you in writing more and more. No doubt you will surely like it. As a writer, you must be there to learn and grow. But if you want to earn, you need to pay a membership fee.


Medium is founded by EV Williams and Jason Goldman who both are the founders of Twitter as well. They have made medium a platform that allows content to be smoothly created and consumed and allows it to be followed and shared by those who like it. It has very much relevance in terms of expectations as a content writer.


The medium allows you to automatically connect with your followers from other social media platforms if they are also in the medium. Medium caters to you the best where it tells you how many of your followers viewed your content and spent how much time consuming it, which ranges from 7 to 11 minutes.


Also, people here in the medium who find your content likable will find you on other platforms as well and add on to your existing followers without doing any effort from your side.

8. Twitter:


For a writer, having a Twitter profile is a great way to uplift your writing journey. Twitter as a platform helps in engaging with potential clients and target audiences. A platform to interact with other writers and readers as well.


Having a Twitter account with the proper name and bio further requires for a writer to tweet regularly about their writing, and for a particular niche. This consistent action will help in making your work a credible and trustworthy source and further enhance your viewership.


Aspiring writers also need to be updated with the latest trends to rank their tweets on social media platforms and the use of relevant hashtags is crucial as well.


 Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do writers make readers follow them on social media platforms?

In order to make readers follow you on social media platforms, you need to first create a proper account with a perfect bio. It is required for people to identify you and your existence. Further, you need to be updated on the current trend going on and present your content at regular intervals. Apart from this, a regular engagement with readers and the audience is helpful to know your community.


  1. Which is the most used platform of social media for writers and why?

Facebook is the most used platform of social media for writers because it is the easiest and convenient platform to use for writing. Facebook allows you to connect with the community of your choice who further guides you on your craft by regular feedback and helps you find a job. It also allows you to run ads so that you can promote your work.


  1. What is the best social media for writers who are freelancers?

LinkedIn is currently the best social media platform for freelance writers. LinkedIn is a platform of sheer professionals who are serious about their craft and want to learn and grow as a community. If a freelance writer wants to start their journey on social media, LinkedIn is the great place for the same.




In my opinion, content comes first and the rest of things later. If your content followed by your niche is worth likable, you will be found and followed by the end number of users, authors, and readers.


Those will further help you to grab more audience by sharing your content with their contacts. The above-shared platforms of social media for writers are specifically great and helpful in their respective way. It is not compulsory to use every platform.


As a writer, you should focus on your writing first. Some two or three platforms in regular use are good to go. The key to excelling at any platform is to know your niche first and develop your content. Apart from that, regular posts, engagement with readers, community, working on feedback, keeping up with trends, etc. are some factors that are indispensable.

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