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Content Writing Niches: 6 Most Successful Choices

Niche is the specialized segment of a market of a particular kind of product or service. Like any other profession, we have niches in content writing niches as well, and the sooner you realize what yours is, the better it will be in the long run. The driving factor of deciding what’s the right fit for you, you need to introspect and ask yourself questions about your writing, what you enjoy, where your expertise lies, but that doesn’t imply that you need to be highly skilled in that area or field because as a writer you grow by practice and most importantly, by research. As a fresher, just getting the correct exposure and the tools to optimize your research skills should be your aim. The payment comes after you’ve honed your skills, so even if you feel a little overworked in the initial months of your internship or job, just hang in there and don’t lose hope, because no matter what others say, if you stick to your instinct, you can attract money by just showcasing your excellence through your words.

Content Writing Niches Most Successful Choices

There are many content writing niches, and we will discuss them in this article to give you a fair understanding of the industry. They are primarily of two types. One is a B2B as in, business to business writing like technical manuscripts, newsletters, case studies, product descriptions, etc. The other is B2C as in business to customer writing that includes brochures, scripts, finance writing, book ghostwriting, and much more. We will discuss them in this article for a fair understanding of each type.

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Top Choices for Content Writing Niches


Since social media has gained such humongous momentum in the better part of the last decade, documenting trips has become more of a necessity than fashion. Just like posting pictures on your Facebook or Instagram handle is inevitable these days, people who are passionate about exploring new untouched places or even seeking the special in mundane places like a crowded bazaar or the most common monument have come forward to let words tell their tale.

There Are Many Ways One Can Write About Traveling Like:

Destination Pieces:

This type of writing works well when it’s written as a first-person narrative, describing the beauty of the place as you experienced it in person. This is usually written after a fair amount of research on that place, the history of that place, the nearby hotels and resorts, surrounding areas where people could go for a jungle safari or river rafting, etc.

This kind of content writing niches do wonders for wedding destination writing as well, just share the magic of that place and watch people get lured into the area you discovered.

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Budget Travel:

This informative piece of writing can help plenty of households, especially when it comes to taking a trip as an entire family, where kids are involved—researching and being thorough with the place, the surrounding, the special activities that are reasonable, as well as worth the trip. This isn’t just about the destination. Budget traveling starts at home and also takes into account the means of transport. It needs to be a well-thought piece of writing. Don’t forget to add a personal element because, after all, it is about family trips and bonding.

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These content writing niches can get as vast you’d like them to be. There is no end to the horizon of educational writing. Technically all writing we do falls under the umbrella of this niche, but specifications are key! There is a myriad of sub-topics under this domain, and here are a few of them.

E-learning Courses:

With the pandemic pressing pause on traditional learning methods, an upgrade was inevitable in the field of studies, hence, e-learning! This is a deep-sea dive into ed-tech institutes. There are various ways you can contribute as a content writer, like making notes and pointers on how to go about delivering lectures in an online medium, or even writing scripts, for video lectures because the information will be passed on virtually.


This is a dedicated piece of work and requires undivided attention and care. Ghostwriters write material on behalf of the author. It involves understanding the pitch and ideas of the other person and transferring the abstract into living words and sentences.

This may sound daunting at first, but this is one of the content writing niches that pay well. You could approach firms or publications or even individuals who wish to hire a ghostwriter due to time constraints or need the creativity of a writer.

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This is the best way to channel your inner creativity and express it as an e-book. They are usually written in PDF format and are extremely flexible on the number of pages one needs to write before publishing. It can be as short as four pages and go on till how much ever you want to write. Another advantage of this is that, as they are published online, you can add videos and images to enhance your writing.

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Other Types of Writings:

Traditional ways haven’t fully expired yet. Syllabus creating is still a sought-after job, so is textbook writing and article writing. Not to forget, blogs and captions are also a part of writing for and about education.


Only one word explains this, evergreen! If we analyze the recent events of the last year, all industries faced a downfall, but the food business remained strong because it never ceases to please people. Hence, it will never go out of fashion, never be outdated. That’s why picking this up as one of your content writing niches can be a great start to attract readers. You can follow any of the following kinds of food-related write-ups.

Nutrition Writers:

People are getting serious about the kind of nutrients they consume; most people have a minimal understanding of nutrient consumption, and with fancy terms like “gluten” and “lactose intolerant” floating around, it has complicated nutrition consumption significantly.

Being aware of your food habits is a great lifestyle practice but over-analyzing and scrutinizing every bite you take can be toxic, so writing about nutrition can be a great service you can provide to people, given that you have got the required knowledge or certification needed.

Recipe Writers:  

Cookbooks may be a thing of the past for many, but they can still be made vintage if you have a great pitch. Other than books, the new emerging wave of learning about recipes is YouTube, and being a video scriptwriter to create and sell more recipes can be a great start.

Food Blogger:

Picking up food blogging as one of your content writing niches can be demanding, as it doesn’t just deal with trying out and recording daring food experiences but also finding out rare spots to try out new cuisines. But things don’t always have to be exotic.

Being an economical food blogger can also help you gain significant exposure. It just depends on your innovation and how well you capture the essence of the food, the vibe of the place, restaurant recommendations, personal stories, and lots more.

Health and Fitness:

This is another part of life that people just can’t live without. It’s the most important aspect of life, and the phrase ‘Health is Wealth’ is the truest form of self-love. There are quite a few topics to pick from the vast content writing niches.

Alternative Health:

Our country, India, is the birthplace of Ayurveda and Yoga, and I think anyone who needs to go deeper into understanding their body and the subconscious mind needs to practice some sort of balancing with either Yoga or Meditation.

With the pandemic running many people have started focusing on home remedies and the value and benefits it adds to our health. Though these remedies are for preventive purposes only. Why? Because in today’s fast-paced life, we just can’t live without paracetamol, as we should embrace medical advances. Writing about alternative health and spreading awareness can be a great boost to your skills.

Mental Health:

This is another rising star. Though it used to be a frivolous topic to many in the last decade or so, but now, as people have come to understand that depression is a medical condition and the seriousness of being mentally sick, this has become the talk of the town. Writing about mental health and self-help isn’t just about a one- or two-time blog, but consistent writing about this topic can help you become the most read blogger or article writer because of the massive audience you will cater to.

Fitness and Exercise:

Just in the last five or six years, the concept of exercise has evolved drastically. From running on the treadmill at home or the gym and jogging in the park, early morning exercise has taken many shapes like yoga, pilates, gyms, sports, weight lifting, cardio, and whatnot.

Enlightening people about fitness and exercises can be one of those catchy content writing niches to take up because it hypes people’s obsession, and you can leverage it to your benefit.


The entire world is driven by money, and as they say, ‘money makes the mare go’ is still used by many for their profit. Though financial writing can get a little bit overwhelming if you aren’t from a business or commerce background, there’s no rule that you can’t do it. You might have to put in more labor, but it is not a tough skill to crack. There are many sub-niches under this, like:

Blockchain or Cryptocurrency:

With the world going digital, the ways of investing are also changing. In today’s time, one can be a little skeptical about cryptocurrency. If you have studied it or have personally invested in the cryptocurrency, then you can give it a shot, people would benefit from your insights, and it will give you plenty of practice on how to create and write content.

Talking about cybersecurity and decentralization as separate but related topics could be a smart way to kick start your crypto blogs, as it will develop a mutual trust with you are your readers at an initial stage. Then start by explaining the history of blockchain and what it is and how it may or may work out in the long run, your experiences of it, the best platforms to trade, and all the umpteen ideas that you may get while researching the topic.

Personal Finance:

As I’ve mentioned earlier, getting your facts straight is crucial when it comes to few specific content writing niches because they require a certain level of specification and certification. But if you acquire knowledge like a pro and are great at research and go right ahead, write responsibly- you can achieve wonders.

Coming to personal finance, it is a vastly read topic, and many people indulge in this kind of writing because of their profession, their investment planning, or they’re just curious to know things. Accounting firms or financial planning firms would be a great start to learn this type of writing better.


This has caught many people’s eye, especially with personal finance being the topic of discussion among teens. With the growing popularity and trust of broker platforms like Zerodha, the youth has started taking interest and control over their funding and savings.

This is probably the best time to start learning and writing about finance and trading articles and blogs to hone your writing skills as well as to help you become aware of the various possibilities opening up in the world to invest smarter by putting in the hours of adequate research.


The IT sector ceases to stop. It has shown astronomical growth in the last two decades, and maybe people who are genuinely interested to understand how it happened but are too afraid to read technical manuals because they fear they won’t grasp anything of value, but this is where the work of a creative person comes along, choosing technologies and modern innovations as content writing niches, you can help bridge the gap between the actual software workers and making the common public understand how this industry works. You can write on many topics, like:


Platforms like Oracle and Adobe need content writers who can write about their products. Having a piece of adequate knowledge about the services is enough to produce great content for the customers. Tech news and software-related writing is also an example of such niches.

White Papers:

These are well-researched papers discussing specific problems and their solutions. It’s a long, highly detailed piece of writing. They are more or less linked with the marketing strategy of the company. Simplifying the process of their company development is also the work of the content writer. You can also look at it from the perspective of ghostwriting it on behalf of the company.

UX Writer:

UX or User Experience writer usually writes for apps and websites or for any other digital platform to help users to go through the platform smoothly. They make navigation easy for anyone who views their app or website.

For the best user experience, using short and crisp sentences works best. Long forms of writing can drive away users away from your platform. It needs to be written precisely, and it is better to avoid using anything that might distract the user, like double negatives or improper humor.

So, these are some content writing niches with a few tips and tricks to get a head start with your research, but before concluding, let us talk about the questions most people ask about content writing and discovering niches.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Which is the best content writing niche?

It varies from person to person. Each individual has certain strengths and interests, and finding out yours would be the first step. Comparing niches solely based on market value is not the correct way to go, but the most profitable ones are finance, travel, and food.

Q2. Is SEO copyrighting a niche?

It is one of the niches that are highly in demand. All search engines, whether it is Google or Bing, all use SEO to rank content. There are various jobs available in this niche as anyone who wants to market their product or services will require a content writer that understands SEO.

Q3. How do I start content writing?

The best way to learn is to practice. IIM Skills Content Writing Master Course is the best choice to acquire practical knowledge and to get a fair understanding of how this market works. 


I hope ideas about content writing niches are clear to you and also hope that you find what your niche is. This is a booming profession, and I can assure you even if you start as a freelance writer, once you start getting the hang of how this industry works, getting to the top won’t be just a dream.

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