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Top 7 Short-term Courses in Pune with Great Prospects

Upskilling is necessary to survive in any career. Job professionals upskill to get higher pay and better job roles. There are many short-term courses in Pune for working professionals to upskill or learn new skills immediately. 


List of the best short-term courses in Pune


This article covers short-term courses in Pune for the working class and the students. Market trends and technical breakthroughs are constantly evolving. New jobs have increased while the older jobs have become obsolete. Hence, it’s equally important to learn and gain further certifications to achieve greater heights in your career. 

Why should you choose short-term courses?


Short-term courses provide the essential skills and knowledge in less time than long-term degree programs. No one has enough time to dedicate to extended format learning in this fast-paced world. As a result, the demand for short-term courses has increased. These short-term courses range from one month to six months duration. The classes are designed comprehensively and cater to various age groups and job roles. 


Some of the courses:


Unlike government jobs, private companies have projects in varied fields. Besides, companies may take new projects which require a workforce with more contemporary talents and skills. But recently, due to the rapid growth of the private job sector in India, there has been a massive shortage of skilled professionals. The companies cannot find expert programmers, marketers, analysts, finance people, and more who have the corresponding expertise. This, we can say about working professionals. But what about freshers?


Freshers are unable to crack the job code to be gainfully employed. Regular colleges, schools, and institutions have been teaching the same knowledge for ages. And I think you may agree to that as well. The job market has changed. As a result, HR managers are looking for a more expert and skilled labor force. HR departments have become more strict in their hiring practices. Moreover, companies aren’t training freshers for the initial six months to cut costs. Due to this, they prefer already skilled candidates who have upskilled themselves.


High Demand Skills to Possess


Analytical skills


Every job in the present reality relies on vast amounts of data. Expert data analysts and data scientists can only analyze this data. However, most jobs demand analytical skills since this results in better decision-making and efficient work processes.


Learning skills  


Candidates should have the enthusiasm and passion for learning new skills and upgrading present know-how. This is a core skill every student or job professional must-have. This aids in the overall development of an individual on a professional and personal level. Otherwise, the job life becomes monotonous, and the individual loses interest in the work. The zeal to achieve greater recognition and awards for exceptional work encourages individuals to keep learning from time to time.




Almost every profession entails the use of communication skills. Employers are seeking team members that can accurately interpret requests and effectively communicate with others. Writing, speaking, listening, and persuasive skills are all standard communication abilities.


Programming skills


If you work in a software engineering or data analysis role, programming is one of the significant aspects of these roles. Short-term courses in Pune have three to four months programs for quick upskilling. 


Leadership skills


Every company wants to hire leaders rather than unenthusiastic candidates. The reason being leadership skills enable an individual to take greater responsibility and better decision making. Whether you’re running a company or contributing to a project, your leadership skills can help you encourage employees and ensure that tasks are completed on time. Active listening, dependability, providing and receiving feedback, and patience are all standard leadership abilities.




Creative problem-solving skills let individuals make decisions and deal with challenges in a constructive and positive manner. It both serves technically and practically in real-time problematic situations. Possessing the knowledge to tackle such problems smoothly and responsibly makes you stand out.


Best Short-Term Courses in Pune


1. Digital marketing course


Digital marketing is one of the top short-term courses in Pune. Many institutes in Pune offer digital marketing courses for all experience levels. Digital marketing is booming in India because the government promotes digital India initiatives. It has been seen that big businesses and companies are starting to use social media channels and websites to improve their customer footprint. Hence, the demand for digital marketing specialists skilled in marketing tactics has skyrocketed. 


Social media marketing or digital marketing is more accessible and affordable than traditional marketing. Brands realize that it’s pretty important to build a brand on all social media channels in the current age of eCommerce shopping and online transactions world. Social media and a functional and interactive website increase the brand’s credibility and authority. 


Pune is home to many digital marketing institutes that provide online and offline training programs. These courses usually can take around 3-5 months to complete. In addition to training, you get internships and job assistance to start your career in this field. However, the story of digital marketers doesn’t end there. One can do freelancing and sell these services. A promising career choice considering the current work from home flexibility. Some notable institutes are IIM Skills, Digital Vidya, SourceKode, Seven Mentor, and more.


2. Web designing course


In the current decade, global demand for web designers is predicted to grow at a rate of 13%. It will be a wise decision to pursue a web designing course. It provides exciting career options and lucrative job roles. Web designing is the art of constructing aesthetic and interactive websites that serve various purposes for any brand. Creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills are major skill requirements for anyone planning to tread this path. 


But why would companies hire web designers? Because websites serve the primary goal of audience retention and driving organic traffic through SEO and other marketing strategies. Quality traffic aids in more sales and customers and gradually builds brand authority. In other words, an excellent website user experience results in greater conversions. This benefits the businesses.


For instance, imagine you land on a poorly designed eCommerce website to buy a smartwatch. But the moment you visit the site, you’re completely lost and unable to find your product. I guess you would immediately leave the site. But in the case of a well-designed website, it improves your user experience, and you might as well end up buying.


Institutes offering short-term courses in Pune for web designing are Apponix academy, 3RI Technologies, ECTI, Technobridge, and so on. You can complete these courses and apply for internships within 3-4 months. 


Check these web design courses- Top web designing courses available in Pune


3. Programming courses


The demand for efficient and high-quality programmers is increasing as the IT industry grows. However, there are quite a lot of programming languages available. Is it necessary to master them all?? No, not really. You can start your career in IT with a single programming language. But as the career or job demands, you can learn other useful programming languages. Usually, a person with good coding experience can learn other languages faster. The individual only has to learn the syntax, and voila can start coding.


Institutes offering programming courses are Seven Mentor, 3RI Technologies, Sai Coding, etc. Essential skills required to become a good programmer are problem-solving, analytical, testing, patience, communication, and leadership skills. Programmers don’t just include sitting in front of a computer and coding all day.


A programmer writes code, some more code, executing the code, fixing errors, debugging, testing and re-running the code. But that’s not all a programmer does. A programmer also sits with business owners to discuss the challenges and products to develop.  


4. Data Science, Artificial Intelligence courses 


AI and machine learning technologies are the future of the tech world. No wonder why job professionals prefer to upskill in ML and AI technology. ML and AI roles have significantly higher earning potential, and demand is constantly rising. Short-term courses in Pune specialize in machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence trained by industry experts.


Consider this if you want an exciting career that pays better than other occupations. New exciting challenges knock every day. Machine learning will give you a high level of job satisfaction while growing in your profession. The domain of ML and artificial intelligence is ever-evolving, ensuring that you don’t get bored with your career. 


The short-term courses in Pune offer AI and machine learning training and prepare you job-ready within six to seven months. These certifications aid in transitioning from other fields or salary hikes in your current job. It does, however, have a steep learning curve, and intensive training and consistent practice are necessary to succeed in this field.


AI and ML have their use cases and applications in healthcare, automobile, agriculture, robotics, space sectors, and more. Lately, healthcare has been extensively using these technologies to treat patients. Treatments which were once impossible are now possible with the help of ML and AI. Even Covid-19 related research and vaccine developments used AI technologies.


5. Trading courses


Trading in India is often considered challenging. However, trading without proper knowledge can be dangerous. There is a higher possibility of losing money without prior knowledge. Hence, learning technical and fundamental analysis aid in profitable trades and earning money from the stock market.


The boom in the Indian stock market led to many startup educational institutes offering short-term courses in Pune. They impart trading knowledge and teach about personal finance. Trading is not easy money, and good technical analysis can give you profits. If you want to be a profitable trader and limit your losses, you need to have the right expertise. 


A quick disclaimer, these courses offer you stock market knowledge but not tips. They teach you to cut down losses and increase profits. However, you should always research from your end and pick short-term courses. Don’t fall for false promises and fake courses and never use tips. 


6. Content Writing course 


Content writing is one of the in-demand short-term courses in Pune with good career prospects. It’s a great skill to learn and earn through freelance or content writing jobs. Content writers can offer services for blog writing, ghostwriting, social media caption writing and so on.


Many people have myths about content writers. These myths include content writers only writing articles, working on SEO, or anyone can do this job. But these are far from the truth. Like I mentioned before, content writers provide various writing services under which SEO writing is an aspect. Great content writers can write well-researched content in simple words without using jargon. 


IIM Skills offers a content writing course with the sole aim to nurture and help students become content writers. It’s a well-structured course covering all aspects of content writing. You will learn best practices to follow and write plagiarism-free content pieces.  


You can learn content writing through a course, but regular practice can improve writing. It’s not two-day learning. As you keep writing daily, no matter long or short-form content, it helps to fine-tune your writing. Conversely, content writers can also learn technical writing to increase their earning potential.


7. Graphic designing course


Graphic designing is a broader niche for web designing, UI/UX designing, photography, etc. Unlike content writing, this is more of a creative field. Your imagination and creativity play a vital role in graphic design. Part of a graphic designer’s job is to entice users with good design and build user-friendly apps, websites, etc. 


The entertainment and gaming industries require creative graphic designers. Graphic designers help brands build strong brand authority and customer base with their enticing designs. While this is true, software used might be expensive for any beginner, but it’s worthwhile learning this skill. The digital revolution in India has boosted the need for businesses to invest more in Apps, websites, social media channels. As a result, they hire more designers who understand the various aspects of design.




1. What are the short-term courses available to pursue?


Short term courses to pursue as beginners are:

  • Graphic designing
  • Web designing
  • Content writing
  • Technical writing
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media management


2. Where can I learn Search engine optimization?


IIM Skills offers SEO training covering basics to advanced topics. It is a four weeks course with two months of paid internship. 


3. Is it worthwhile to take a short-term course?


Before picking any short-term course, ensure they provide internships and certifications. In most cases, institutes also offer placement assistance. Yes, short-term studies are worthwhile to learn from provided, above all conditions are met.




Short-term courses in Pune are a great way to upskill and grow your career. These courses are great investments of both time and money. Since the job market has become competitive, many courses available are affordable. Working professionals have the flexibility to learn.  As per your goal and experience, choose these courses. These short-term courses will benefit you.

I am a software engineer turned content writer. I am an avid reader of books on marketing and self-help. In my leisure time, you can find me overthinking my life or finishing the guitar lessons that I have been skipping for a few months now. I know it's about time.

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