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5 Best Graphic Designing Courses in Pune with Placements

The global graphics design industry’s market size will be $43.4 bn in 2024. There is a shortage of graphic designers, and India needs more than 62,000 designers additionally for the packaging, communication, graphic, and other sectors. So, considering this immense latent potential of graphic design to rise, let’s look at the best graphic designing courses in Pune for your fruitful graphic designing career.


List of the best graphic designing courses in Pune


Graphic design plays a pivotal role in the brand-building process. It facilitates brands to communicate effectively and send persuasive messages through visuals, brand colors, and design schemes to potential customers. As a result, businesses are ready to invest in better graphic designers who know all the aspects of designing. So, we see a rise in demand for graphic designing courses in Pune.


A smart graphic designer does not use stock graphics or templates but instead creates designs from scratch that align with the company’s goals and services. Graphic designers are in charge of creating graphics that accurately reflect the brand’s message and standards as per the trends.


If you haven’t made up your mind for graphic designing, you may be open to other rewarding options:


Importance of Graphic Designing


Unique Identity

Graphic design helps to build a unique and strong brand identity. The use of similar colors and typography consistently can help create a strong brand association. Further, this brand uniqueness also optimizes marketing efforts across all channels. For example, a company’s logo is the primary link between the company and potential clients. The logo is their unique identity. Hence, graphic designing becomes an essential part of building a brand.


Mode of communication

Graphics can act as an effective communication medium through colors, typography, images, and proper layout. The advantage is, one does not have to write long paragraphs anymore to express. Simple, straightforward short text with the right images can send strong and clear messages to viewers or potential customers. Because of this, graphic designers do proper research on how to create graphics that can quickly grab people’s attention. 


Social Media

Businesses have understood the importance of creating a personal brand on social media platforms. When a social media profile uses a particular set of colors, typography, and design, people remember that brand for longer and associate themselves if the content resonates with them. Graphic designers must create custom-branded graphics and create a cohesive branding strategy.



While shopping, what catches people’s attention is not the features or benefits of a packaged product but appealing packaging. Graphic designers can only make the appeal and attention-grabbing design. The packaging design is created with the target audience’s needs and tastes in mind. Packaging must leave a lasting impression, and professionals who understand branding and visual hierarchy design it.



Whether it be a website, product, or social media, one of the easiest ways to persuade your potential customers is through a professional design. Professionalism makes the brand stand out as a responsible and trustworthy brand. A great design has all brand aspects and colors used consistently on all media channels. Consistent branding builds trust and brand awareness.


Responsibilities of a Graphic designer 


  • Determine requirements after studying design briefs
  • Provide suggestions to the client and explore strategies to engage the target audience.
  • Demonstrate designs to the client to decide for the final product
  • Then create the graphic that the client has requested.
  • Take client’s approval on your prepared draft
  • Be open to any revisions on the draft
  • Collaborate with marketing and sales teams
  • Cross-check for errors before delivering
  • Staying updated with the latest trends to remain relevant in the industry.


Which companies hire graphics designers?

  • Corporate branding
  • Manufacturing
  • Entertainment
  • Video production
  • Internet and software development 
  • Advertising


However, to become a certified graphic designer, one has to take up design courses that help develop necessary skills. And at the same time, a professional build a strong foundation. With this in mind, let us explore the best graphic design courses.


Best Graphic Designing Courses in Pune:

1. MIT Institute of Design

MITID has been the leading provider of design education in India since 2006. Furthermore, the institute has a legacy of developing students’ careers in the design industry. It offers B.DEs and M.Des. degrees for graphic designing courses in Pune. An institute to count on for your design career. The institute has an alumni strength of 1000+ students who have successfully transitioned to graphic design. The trainers and learners have been awarded for their fabulous work at national and international levels. The bachelor in design degree is a four years program, and Masters’s in design is a two-year program.


B.Des Programme

Course syllabus in brief:


Semester 1 and 2

  • Design overview
  • Fundamentals of design- color
  • Geometry
  • Principles of design- materials
  • Analytical aspects
  • Basics of design- Colour II
  • Solid geometry
  • Three dimensionalities of form, space, and structure
  • Advanced image processing 
  • Problem-solving


Semester 3 and 4

  • Drawing
  • Basic typography
  • Composition, layout, color palettes
  • Digital methods-publishing
  • Basic photography
  • Communication theory
  • Basics of moving images
  • Digital art
  • After effects, premier, audition
  • 3D structural study
  • Contextual photography
  • Calligraphy


Semester 5 and 6

  • Signs and symbol design
  • Publication design
  • In-design
  • VFX and motion graphics
  • Information design
  • Storytelling, Story Boarding 
  • UX design
  • Packaging design
  • New age media


Semester 7 and 8

  • Communication campaign
  • Design for brands
  • System thinking
  • Graduation project

Further, to check a more detailed course curriculum, you can visit their website for B. Des. and M. Des. programs.


Course fees:

B.Des program: INR 17.65 lakh

The institute has already placed students in Adobe, Ashok Leyland, Book My Show, Cognizant, HCL, IBM, Infosys, Naukri, Unilever companies. 


Contact details:

Phone: +91-20-67652300

Website: www.mitid.edu.in


2. Symbiosis Institute of Design


The Symbiosis Institute of Design was established in 2004. In order to provide impart quality education, SID provides one of the most comprehensive graphic designing courses in Pune. Primarily SID offers undergraduate degree courses in Industrial, communication, fashion design, and fashion communication.


In fact, Symbiosis Institute of Design provides world-class facilities for students. The graphic designing course offered by SID is under the communication design discipline. Hence, Graphic Design students at SID study various visual art languages in graphics to improve both the functional and creative ways of communication.


Greater emphasis has been placed on using various applications for design visualization and production. Students express themselves by combining symbols, phrases, fonts, and images to create visual statements.


Design education is imparted through theoretical and practical sessions in classrooms. In addition to the lectures, group discussions and case studies are also conducted. Along with that, industrial and cultural visits are organized by SID for students to get actual industry experience.


 The faculty members at SID are highly trained professionals, and regularly they keep updating themselves with the latest design trends and technological advancements.


Course fees: INR 16.20 lakh   

 Duration – 4 years B. Des degree

 Placement: symbiosis Institute Design has a dedicated placement cell for the eligible students. Former students have raved about the job placements at SID. Some great companies like Infosys, Deloitte Whirlpool, Autoline industries, Book My Show, Glitch Media, and more have hired students.


Contact details:

Website: www.sid.edu.in/


3. International School of Design


 INSD, situated in Kothrud, Pune, stands for its premium quality design courses. As a matter of fact, it has courses in animation, fashion designing, graphic designing, interior designing, jewelry designing, textile designing, and other design courses. The institute’s animation and graphic designing courses in Pune are a comprehensive four-year full-time program. As a result, the course starts from basic concepts to advanced modules. The course seeks to develop and nurture students’ creative and analytical thinking. Modules provide a solid balance of theoretical and practical approaches.   


Course outcomes:

Students pursuing this course can begin their careers as graphic designers, typographers, storyboard artists, illustrators, motion graphic artists, packaging Designers, layout designers, etc. 

There are three courses available: two B.Des programs spanning four and three years, respectively, and a two-year PG program.


Course Brief:

  • Fundamentals of design 
  • Basics of Drawing
  • Graphic design
  • Colour theory
  • Typography 
  • Illustration
  • Branding 
  • Advertising
  • Packaging product
  • Digital publishing
  • Media strategy
  • Advance multi-platform design
  • 2D animation
  • Video and Sound editing
  • UI/UX
  • Case study
  • Project
  • Industry projects
  • Internship


Similarly, the International School of Design offers two short term courses:

  1. One year Advance course
  2. Six months certification program


Another key point to note is that the institute has recruiters from Dhruv global, AU Finja, Benetton, Fine Edge, Marks & spencer, Skyler, to name a few.




The Zee Institute of Creative Art gives practical training in animation, both 2D and 3D. ZICA is a prominent name in the list of Design schools. ZICA has 30 centers across India. The institute has trained many students over the past seventeen years. ZICA promotes each student’s artistic and aesthetic skills rather than just the program, which is updated regularly.


Learn graphic designing from this renowned design school with a rich legacy and impeccable track record in building careers. The course offered is a 12-month course with the course curriculum below.


Course syllabus:

  • Fundamentals of drawing
  • Colour Theory
  • Photography
  • Typography
  • Perspective
  • Logo design and magazine cover
  • Colour correction
  • Digital paint
  • Image editing
  • Packaging designs
  • Poster design
  • Working with after effects
  • layout design
  • Prototyping, collaboration tool
  • Design for printing, advertising
  • 3D design


Students pursuing this course can aim for profiles like logo designer, multimedia developer, marketing designer, illustrator, package designer, etc. Placement assistance is available.


Who can apply for this course?

  • Freshers
  • Woking professionals
  • entrepreneurs




MAAC is the Media and Entertainment education arm of Aptech Ltd, established in 1986. The academy provides courses in Animation, VFX, filmmaking, gaming, web design, graphic design, and more. The course modules include all the major concepts required for any job. Especially, the practical approach of the course aids in delivering a maximum hands-on experience for students. Moreover, MAAC is certified by the international VFX and animation council for its selfless and unconditional devotion to prepare students to excel in the design space. 

Among the top graphic designing courses in Pune, MAAC’s digital media and design program is advanced training. Further, the job-oriented training has been divided over four semesters provides the necessary expertise. 


Course highlights:

Semester 1 and 2

  • Fundamentals of design
  • Image editing
  • Page layout
  • Concepts of web design
  • Sound editing
  • Video editing
  • Web animation
  • Front end design
  • Interactive design
  • Minimalistic design


Semester 3 and 4

  • Responsive web design
  • The advanced front end design
  • Animation
  • Desktop, the mobile front end design
  • Interactive digital publication
  • Essentials of PHP and MySQL
  • Content management system
  • Framework integration
  • basics of 2D animation
  • Digital storyboarding
  • Digital 2D animation


Some Software covered :

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Audition
  • InDesign
  • Dreamweaver
  • Premiere
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

The course duration is 384+ hours. Further, the career options that the student can apply for after the course are communication designer, graphic designer, web designer, media content manager, visualizer, UX designer, APP designer, 2D animator, packaging designer, advertising Art director, template designer.



MAAC students alumni are from HMX, ZEE News, NDTV, TATA Elxsi, Accenture, gameshashtra, Sumo Digital. So you can expect to be in the right hands when it comes to placements and interviews.


Contact details

Phone: +91-9975030227, +91-7757006220

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.maacjmroadpune.com




1. Is graphic designing easy?

Anything at first will always seem challenging, but regular practice and consistency develop design thinking and graphic designing skills. Graphic design can be complicated at first, but once a student grasps the numerous theoretical ideas of color, typography, page layout, design schemes and puts it into practice, it should become second nature.


2. What is a certified graphic designer?

 Graduates who have completed the graphic designing course learning all the crucial design aspects are awarded certificates. Of course, this adds credibility to an individual’s resume.


3. What are the prerequisites of a graphic design course?

A keen interest in design and a creative mind are required to learn graphic designing. Regardless of whichever course you choose you just need basic computer knowledge.


4. Do graphic designers get paid well?

Yes, graphic designers are handsomely paid. The average salary in Pune is INR 3 lakhs, and the salary ranges between INR 1.1 lakhs to INR 6 lakhs. With experience and expertise, there is a possibility to grow. If you want to know the top jobs available for graphic designerscheck here.



These colleges and training centers offer graphic designing courses in Pune. Pune is a hub of design schools and training centers. At times, deciding which course to take can be difficult. So, in this article, we looked at some of the greatest courses to assist you in choosing the ideal one. Graphic design is an enthralling profession. To be a great graphic designer, you must be consistent and remain on top of ever-changing industry trends.

Graphic artists have a lot of opportunities in India, especially. On the other hand, any certified individual can start working as a freelance graphic designer for Indian and worldwide clients. With so many chances, graphic artists are in a win-win situation. Businesses and corporations have started to embrace the digital era. So they are hiring digital marketers, content strategists, content creators, graphic designers, animators to create a positive impression on the target audience and increase brand awareness. 

Start your graphic designing career with the one which caters to your needs from this list of graphic designing courses in Pune.

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